A Scorpio Mystery

 Dear friends, today I ramble with you into a mystery from the deep and of the deep. This mystery has been on my mind all my life in one form or another  and I sense that now is the time to share it with you. If you enjoy this post, please consider supporting further posts on Patreon.

A Mystery

Eskimo Nebula NGC 2392 (Gemini)

It will take me some time from now before I have laid out all I have to share because this mystery is of a scale that will require 4 more articles after this one to conclude presenting. It is of a scale that requires more than a lone individual to fathom; in fact the scale of this mystery is so great and so significant that our entire future and the future of all life on this planet rest on solving it. Furthermore, solving this mystery will not be easygoing. It will entail sacrifices and courage of a kind with no parallel in human history and it will be dangerous. But solve it we must if we are to survive and emerge from the chrysalis into a new and more whole world.

In the beginning I want to say, from my heart, that I hope we can do it together; indeed, I plead with you to try with me. That I know that what we will find at the heart of this mystery is something so beautiful that it is worth having at any cost to ourselves that it may call for. And I want to say this: that I feel after a long time of reflection that motivation is critical – the only way for us to do it now is to do it not for ourselves, but for all the other creatures we live with. It must be this way because they are the ones who can show us the way to the heart of the mystery, a heart we have only wandered away from and by instinct know the way back to. We will find that the answer has been right in front of us all the time. It will stun us with its simplicity. But we will never find it if we are motivated only or even principally by human self interests. We must do it to save everything else from ourselves: then we will rediscover that self and our power will lead us to the solutions we seek.

The mystery is this: who are we?

To be clear, I am referring to the human race as a whole, not individuals. What does it mean to be human? Extending from this we have all kinds of profound existential questions

How did we come to be?

Is there a God?

Are we mortal?

Are we alone in the universe?

Where are we going?


Questions which are perhaps even more tantalizing and almost certainly have relevance but tend to distract us from the central question: who are we? What can be agreed on as essentially human? And just to be even clearer, I am not talking about the kinds of things that can be enshrined in law such as human rights, instead I am referring to the more nebulous qualities that make us unique as a race because we all share them in common. Can we even agree on a single one? Remember, we are talking about everybody alive today, even better if it applies throughout all of human history.

It is my sense that if we really reflect – and I mean very deeply with all of our awareness, not merely intellectually – we will find so much more than we ever dared imagine at first. Initially it may be difficult to find even one trait we all share, but in the end it is revealed that our differences are far less significant than what we have in common; the differences are mere nuances on the surface of our commonality. And yet we have fixated on these differences to the extent that we have lost sight of what we have in common. I suggest to you that perhaps the greatest of all these qualities is our common capacity to love unconditionally and to act compassionately towards all that lives regardless of all the differences that a healthy human race should have. It is a potential that is there as a trait which only needs to be groomed and nurtured. Perhaps it is cleaving to this which can lead us away from the precipice of disasters that now loom before us. I do not know. But I do know there is a way already there within us and that we can therefore recognize it.

In recent years during my work exploring astrology I stumbled upon what I believe to be a significant clue to this mystery, or rather a set of four clues. I am going to use the next four articles in this series to present and investigate these clues one at a time. I believe these clues do not answer this question but instead equip us with the tools we need to do so. Figuring out what they mean will both empower and change us. Yet each one also comes with a cost, as each one requires us to give something up and to solve a dilemma.

I wish also to state that it is my understanding that there is no definitive or absolute answer to this question and that there are at least two main reasons for this. One is that there are no definitive answers to anything because everything is literally infinitely complex – answers are just more questions in disguise. The second is that what makes us human is, like all things, in a state of flux. It changes. What it means to be alive as a human now is not the same as what it meant 10,000 years ago, or 5,000, or even 500. The shift is gradual but it is there because the priorities of our eras and the way cultures approach them are fluid things. In fact, the further back we go, the further back in time I project my mental awareness, the more meaning this questions holds for the people alive at the time.

So what are these clues? They are astrological in nature. To astrology, which has always been based on the hermetic precept “As above, so below”, the arrival of a completely different solar system signals that a new era of human experience is upon us. If our awareness of the solar system is understood as an act of perception then both hermetic science and quantum mechanics imply that the perception of these worlds reflects a change in our awareness. A new world opens a door into a new paradigm. Three new worlds, a bunch of orbiting comets, countless asteroids and even more further flung worlds imply a radical and probably hair raising shift. A rapid and complex new paradigm is emerging out there and down here. Figuring out what it all means is a daunting task that should be allowed to organically reveal itself as time passes. To a degree, and to their great credit, astrologers of the last two centuries have already done this with the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, although our understanding is still limited by its infancy. The newer discoveries, however, are more problematic and at this time almost universally utterly mysterious: what are we to make of Varuna, Ixion, Eris, Orcus or Sedna, to name but a few? Complications arise when we realize that we would have to wait thousands of years for Sedna to orbit once through the zodiac. We can’t wait that long to figure her out! Mythology has always been a starting point – the naming of these objects carries resonance and this significance can be explored using psychology, magic or some other means of exploring symbolism. So we can expect Eris to signify some kind of discord.

But there is another method for deciphering the astrological essential meaning of all these objects, one that was not available to any of the ancients. We are blessed with something truly extraordinary in the annals of astrological research: the charts for the moments we discovered these new arrivals. We have their arrival charts!

However, and this is very important, to interpret these charts requires a slight adjustment to our normal way of reading charts – they are not the charts for the birth of these planets after all! They are the charts for their birth or arrival in our awareness. They encapsulate the relationship we have with them as a species. The arrival charts also contain within them the blueprint for how the new world’s principle will emerge through time – they can be transited and so on after all – and in addition they have mysteries which are uniquely their own, an example being what to make of the position of Neptune and Pluto (then unknown) in the chart for the discovery of Uranus. It is a unique question in astrology and a careful consideration of these charts produces many such questions.

Because these charts are the charts for the arrival of these planets in our collective awareness each of them has something to do with our collective awareness. Another way of saying this is that when we are able to know these worlds are there, then we are close to or in a collective level of awareness, whether that is technologically or otherwise. This is born out in the time it takes these worlds to orbit the Sun and thus the zodiac – since they are so far out and thus remain hidden until a certain stage is reached they will only orbit slowly and so stay in places for longer periods and thus influence larger numbers of people being born. They influence generations of human beings as much as they influence individuals and they stay out of sight until life on Earth reaches a stage where it can perceive them as a collective.

Uranus discovery chartWhen Uranus appears, it shatters the status quo in every imaginable way by either forcibly and dramatically initiating the rapid creation of a collective awareness or revolutionizing one which already exists. A genie comes out of a bottle and can never be put back in, so life for everybody begins changing forever. This is powerful magic that does not stop but turns into a free-form rolling wave of change upon change leading inexorably to the disappearance of all artificial barriers blocking the flow of ideas that a collective awareness depends upon. In a genuine collective awareness – one that does not depend on tools as props such as that which previously existed in many native tribes – the development of mental telepathy occurs throughout the collective. This allows any individual to access the knowledge of not just the tribe but all of The People, so that for example a species of plant encountered by you for the first time but known to others elsewhere will intuitively reveal its uses, it will be recognized. For humans today this function is served by technological inventions – apps that store the information in portable devices.

Neptune discovery chartWhen Neptune appears the barriers dissolve further. Through the cracks which are created by the changes induced by Uranus come echoes and whispers from the beyond, contact with other dimensions and an understanding of the multiverse. We become aware of particle physics and the nature of time-space, parallel worlds, beings from other spheres, the mind-body relationship and ultimately the unity of the fabric of all life, its essential meaning. The changes are far more subtle and less obvious at first than those produced earlier but they inevitably seep into everything and result in extremely profound changes. And at this stage we are tempted to escape into a self created virtual world of our own making or to choose the more difficult path of bringing the ideal to the material world rather than setting it up elsewhere. We are also faced with mounting confusion as the world we knew gives way to an infinite panoply of them and we must become discerning in choosing which world we will manifest out of our visions.

Pluto discovery chartFinally one more world comes to issue the final test and to determine whether or not the collective awareness has got what it takes to survive, the one we call Pluto. His arrival signals that the end of the old world has come, the world before the arrivals began, and there is no going back. Once we know about Pluto we are either in a race to avert mass destruction not just of ourselves but of all life around us – which is the case when we are not living in a healthy collective awareness and resist the urgent need for collective change – or we are ready to take the plunge into the unknown, a reborn world which has been transformed and not merely destroyed by the havoc of the changes. His is a world of the deepest mysteries, the power of life and death, the secrets of immortality and the origin of our species, secrets which he sits upon collectively but is willing, at certain times, to share with individuals who do not know their price. So with Pluto we are suddenly in a game of Russian roulette, and he doesn’t blink, or sweat, not one drop.

In each of these three charts the Moon was in the first half of Scorpio. In the charts for Uranus and Pluto there is only 1 degree of separation between the two Moons. In the Uranus chart the Moon is at 14 degrees of Scorpio and prominently placed on the ascendant. In the Pluto chart Moon is at Scorpio 13 degrees and the Moon and Pluto in Cancer disposit one another, intimately tying them together. In the Neptune chart Moon is at Scorpio 06 degrees and so we might consider all 3 Moons to be conjunct if we used an orb of 8 degrees. This is a significant pattern. The Moon in Scorpio has got its fingerprints all over the discovery of the new worlds.

What does it mean? From an astrological perspective it is tantalizing and mysterious, but from a magical perspective it is a little clearer – Scorpio is the sign which, in cosmic terms, represents the birth of the astral plane. It is the sign which literally is the creation of astral life. What is being created is a new and deeper dimension of astral awareness in human beings, a collective awareness. It is a transformative act being played out on the astral plane from within the mental plane where it was initiated by our ‘discovery’ of these worlds. More than this, the Moon in Scorpio becomes powerfully sensitized to the creation of this collective awareness, responsive to it on a fundamental level.

Look again. There is another strong link between all three charts that I see. Did you spot it? Not the conjunctions of Mars, nor the closeness of the Moon to its nodal axis, both of which are telling, but the Moons North Node, the Dragons Head, is in the same sign as Chiron in each chart, and they are conjunct in two of them – Uranus and Pluto. Neptune has the Moon and Chiron in the same sign but further apart – 18 degrees – while in the chart for Pluto the separation is less than 5 degrees and in the Uranus chart it is less than 2; and furthermore, both the Uranus and Pluto arrivals display Chiron and the Dragons Head in Taurus, opposite the Moon in Scorpio.

Chiron discovery chartIt is clear that the Moon has chosen a focus through which the new situation will be born, an intermediary through which the meaning and significance of the collective awareness can emerge; that intermediary is Chiron, and he is literally the key. And just look at the position of the Sun in this chart…

So in the next articles ahead I am going to examine these charts and the implications of these new worlds, one at a time, drawing on my own personal experience and the consensus that has been reached by astrologers in the time we have had to study these matters. And I will begin with Chiron, the most recent arrival of the four whom I will discuss in depth, and end with an article on the implications of the numerous new worlds now know to exist beyond Pluto.

I hope as I said in the beginning that you will join me on this journey, not the journey of reading these articles, but the journey of answering that sacred question: who are we? I believe that astrology can help us in this critical time of change, and I believe looking at these charts can be part of that, but regardless of how we do it, we need to. The problems we face can be solved only if we unite behind tackling them and work together, and this is the essential message of all these new worlds.

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    • Ha! Yep 🙂 an infinite universe means no end to school 🙂 ever!! But don’t worry, interpreting any chart is a lot easier than it looks if you just relax and open the mind and heart, plus i have done some of the work already, you can copy mine 🙂

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