Cazimi, under the sunbeams & combust: the conjunctions of the Sun

Hello again, and welcome back. After some correspondence with a friend  this week I decided to start publishing my own database on astrology. This database has been built up over the last 13 years using the interpretations editor of my computer software.  It has been systematically added to over that time with all of my observations and discoveries and I use this as my raw material when writing an  astral vision of someones birth chart.  It is now so huge that in places I can no longer add to it, the software having reached a limit to its capacity. It represents every aspect of my personal experience with astrology and so in the time intervening between writing my next entry I will be posting bits and pieces of this database for people to use, ignore or think over.  Today I give you some of my thoughts on the general nature of conjunctions with the Sun.

corona of the sun

The corona of the Sun is so bright that any planet within about 8° of the Sun will not be seen at all. This is called being ‘combust’. Even beyond that point and up to about 17° away the brightness of the Sun is still overpowering and the planet is faint. This is called being ‘under the sunbeams’. If a planet is right at the core of the Sun, within 0° 17′, then it is utterly consumed and this is called being ‘cazimi’.

So there are really three kinds of solar conjunction – cazimi, combust and under sunbeams – each of which has a somewhat different effect. Planets ‘under the sunbeams’ are said to be mildly debilitated, with this weakness increasing the closer they come to the Sun. So conjunctions between 8-17° still count as conjunctions with the Sun.[1] Closer than 8°, the weakness of the planets is said to increase to a higher degree, which is called being combust.[2] This is considered a more serious weakness implying a restriction of power and strength, as the fierceness of the Sun burns away the principle of the planet. Finally, when in the very core of the Sun at 0° 17’ or less, a planet is cazimi and is briefly strengthened by its contact and union with the solar principle, being reborn and re-forged in its own depth of being and these are conjunctions finding a true alignment between the inner self of the individual and the principle of the planet. They are often described as bestowing some kind of brilliance or genius.

This seems rather unfair since it means that there are no strong solar conjunctions except those which are almost exact, until you realise that the mainstream writings on astrology have a political philosophy which evaluates strength and power purely in material terms. A ‘good’ chart is one that makes us rich easily, ensures our perpetual emotional bliss and provides us with all that we want. The view is materialistic. But with the conjunctions to the Sun, the attachment to materialisation itself is dissolving.

Thus, what is being made combust is the detritus and silt of the planet, the outer material crust which interacts with the physical material world in which power and strength are measured very tangibly and crudely. The power of these planets is not destroyed it is simply being transferred to more spiritual and intangible realms which are sourced within. This transference is made by the fusion of our conscious awareness to and with what the planet represents, by the casting of our inner light upon it in a dazzling illumination of its entire realm and a command of that realm in our own being. The dross burns away in the light of awareness and we see the principle of the planet with brilliant illumination, but within ourselves.

Cazimi, then, leads to the most enchanted state wherein the essential meaning of the planet becomes truly inseparable from our spirit. If the planet is in a superior conjunction with the Sun (on its far side) then the effect will be stronger, because superior conjunctions represent a ‘Full Moon’ stage of the planetary cycle.[3] A cazimi Venus, for example, could easily be a nymphomaniac or ‘sex addict’, for example. It could also be a person with near supernatural charm, grace or insight into the world of feelings. Under the sunbeams a planet is warmed and vitalised and somewhat or completely invisible, meaning it is commanding and infused with our inner light but somehow ‘on the fringes’, lacking in conventional status. It becomes ethereal, alluring, unusual and dreamy. Combust planets are unorthodox and often willfully defy external direction because they are confident in their own inner unique grasp of the planets essential meaning. They are either aloof from or disinterested in the material agenda of the planet concerned but will still display its power radiantly and forcefully but somewhat enigmatically and individually.

Short answer: when a planet becomes non-visible because of the Suns light it becomes less physical and more astral in focus.

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[1] Since Mercury is very often within at least range of being under the sunbeams, the vast majority of people live with something similar, whereas with Venus there is frequently more distance and thus objectivity. This is part of the nature of Mercury – thought is more tightly bound to consciousness than emotion and it is thus more difficult to gain objectivity on its operations.

[2] Astrologers have not concluded whether conjunctions which take place at the end and beginning of signs, causing the aspect to be out of sign’, still count as a combustion or even as conjunctions, but my experience is that they do.

[3] Note that all planets except Mercury and Venus always form superior conjunctions with the Sun, as only Mercury and Venus can form inferior conjunctions. The inferior conjunction is therefore connected with the integration of the poles of the personality, thought and feeling, with the light of our being.  If we were living on Mars, then Earth could also form an inferior conjunction with the Sun, and so on.

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  1. Thank you, brilliant article! One question, if my Mercury is 20 degrees Gemini and retrograde and my Sun 17 degrees Gemini, are they in inferior conjunction?

    • Cazimi is a property of the Sun, which it imbues to any object it meets. Yes, then; but there are two slightly different forms of cazimi. One involving objects we can see with the naked eye, another involving objects we cannot. Those we can see are enabled to create physical causation for their effects. Jupiter, for example, can bring about the rise of a powerful figurehead by directly influencing the physical world around that person. Uranus, on the other hand, must evoke a physical effect through the accumulation of an astral or mental causation – its method of bringing the powerful figurehead to prominence is one of altering the way masses of people think and feel, eventually creating the arrival of the figurehead. These are subtle, magical more than astrological, distinctions, but they alter what happens to the object during cazimi. Non-visible objects become mentally focused and lose their astral focus. Physical objects instead lose that focus and instead focus more astrally. Thus, cazimi asteroids basically return to their essential meaning, their significance has been reduced by the combustion process but their meaning is being reborn, re-energised and is therefore exceptionally clear (if you know how to perceive it).

      • “Thus, cazimi asteroids basically return to their essential meaning, their significance has been reduced by the combustion process but their meaning is being reborn, re-energised and is therefore exceptionally clear (if you know how to perceive it).”

        Mmm, I’m not sure I understand that very clearly. So their significance diminishes yet their meaning is strengthened and energized? How would a combust 1388 Aphrodite (within 1 degree of orb) manifest and how would it differ from a cazimi 1388 Aphrodite in a natal chart?

        For example, I have a combust 763 Cupido and from my own experience I possess many of the qualities that asteroid confers but I don’t feel like I simple “am” that energy, it rather feels as if the asteroid is a slave to my Sun, and the Sun is exploiting the asteroid’s qualities and talents for its own purpose. It’s very different from just “being”, like, I am a Sagittarius and that energy feels completely natural to my Sun as it is completely innate. This is the only example I have on asteroids, though.

        On planets. I knew a girl with Venus Cazimi and that person was extremely liked, and I mean extremely… Was very popular and well loved by almost everyone, she seemed to exhibit almost all the positive qualities of Venus. The other 2 Venus Cazimi people I’ve seen are from the media, Oprah Winfrey and Thalia (most popular latin female popstar), and the thing that I’ve noticed about the three is that there is indeed an almost supernatural charm thing going on. It’s as if their charm has a halo effect on others and it all seems so natural, and so innate, and they are loved by many people. There’s an “it” quality to them as well.

        Now from what I’ve seen, people with Venus combust are also very charming (nowhere near as cazimi individuals though) but there’s no halo effect, no magic… and some can express the negative qualities of Venus. I’m not an astrologer and these are just my observations. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

      • “Mmm, I’m not sure I understand that very clearly” – yeah, it is a fairly arcane magical observation, rather than an astrological one. I suggest you meditate on what meaning and significance are, how they differ and how they interact. When you feel that something is significant in a certain way what you are sensing is its astral nature. The special way your mother laughed, for example. But what it means is different. Less personal. The sound of a mother laughing has an essential meaning (made up of the meaning of laughter, mother, sound etc). The sound of your mother laughing has this but it also has a personal significance, which communicates that meaning to *you*.
        And what combustion does is it de-emphasises the connection to significance as the essential meaning or pure spirit of what is being combust is emphasised. This does not ‘diminish’ their significance, it simply makes it more inaccessible to us, an intangible factor that slips beyond our awareness. The cazimi Venus people you mention were probably largely unaware of the significance of their own Venusian power on other people.
        Asteroids are essentially ‘slaved’ (I prefer bonded) to the Sun, as are all the worlds of our solar system, so your perception of Cupido is an accurate one. In my book I explain that asteroids are connected to the individual self (the expression of the spirit within the soul) and the Sun is the seat of the individuality. This goes some way to explaining your experience of the relationship between the two.
        The word ‘supernatural’ is an astute one in describing the power that cazimi worlds have over others. The ‘it’ these people have – and it comes in all possible planetary ‘flavours’ and combinations of them – is simply this: there is less (or no) personal obstruction going on between them and the expression of the planets essential meaning, its spirit. What we see in them is just a brilliance that is also within everything.

      • Thanks for the response, I understand this a lot better now. One more thing, how can we determine if a conjunction is superior or inferior? I know what it means, that in an inferior conjunction the planet appears to be in between the sun and the earth, and in a superior conjunction the planet is on the sun’s far side. But when a conjunction to the Sun happens or if we would like to know which type of conjunction we have in our natal charts, how do we find out if it’s an inferior or superior conjunction? And can asteroids and outer planets also make these types of conjunctions or is this only limited to Mercury and Venus?

      • Ahh, where’s the delete and edit button, dammit lol. I read the notes too late. Okay, so let’s say either Mercury is at 9°53’15” Leo and the Sun at 9°53’45” Leo, that would technically be an inferior conjunction and also cazimi. The same would be the case with a superior conjunction even if the Sun was only a few seconds behind the planet. But what would a literally exact conjunction be considered? For example, Mercury 3°20’25” Scorpio and Sun 3°20’25”. Would that be considered an inferior or superior conjunction?

        • I think you may have misunderstood the nature of inferior and superior conjunctions, and suggest you re-read that part. It really has to do with the physical position of Mercury in its orbit around the Sun in relation to Earth – is it on the far side of the Sun (behind it from an Earth perspective, so the Sun is between us and Mercury) or is it in front, and thus inbetween the Earth and Sun? It is actually possible to tell apart inferior and superior conjunctions from looking at a chart, but it is not easy for beginners and may require you to run time forwards and backwards to ascertain the status of Mercury.

      • Yes, I was confusing superior and inferior conjunction with morning and evening star. It was all new to me.

  2. Thank you for your insight. I have in the 6th House of Sagittarius …

    1.29 Vertex
    8.37 Mars
    10.56 Sun
    13.35 Neptune
    24.53 Mercury
    26.32 G. Center

    What are your thoughts on cazimi, combust and under sunbeams in when part of a stellium?

    • I would consider the stellium a single object with any cazimi worlds being the core of that entity and delineate from there. Obviously, the sign (if singular) is important. However, it must be remembered that stelliums are fairly common given the proximity of the inner worlds to the Sun and the Suns apparent daily motion. So if you add in things like the vertex and the G.C. and asteroids, you are maybe muddying the waters too much and perhaps stretching the definition of stellium (which is ok, because what you have is a stellium, really, its just not a strong one). I advise sticking to the modern planets (including Pluto and Chiron) and the two major angles. I have Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and the MC all in one sign and separated by a total distance of 22°. This is a strong stellium including worlds which are combust and under the sunbeams, and I can only vouch for what I wrote above as it is written from that experience. My practical experience with cazimi is limited to the 20 years I have spent observing it in other people.

  3. Ive been absorbed with the thought of our world going into full illumination, with the people following. the moon has been very large. some nites are much “lighter” than others. Do you have any comments on what is currently going on and how to work with it? God Bless.

    • I would suggest exploring this question through Magnetic conduction, as described in my book. What is currently going on is (astrologically speaking) always available to be explored this way. There are some pretty powerful activations going on at the moment. Aries, Capricorn, Scorpio and their opposite numbers, Libra, Cancer and Taurus, are in the thick of it. The essential thrust of these influences is to create pressures which lead to big changes, something new that is born through pain and effort.

  4. I have Venus in Virgo in exact Cazimi (1 minute) to the Sun. However, my Venus is also Retrograde and the 8th House. How do you interpret the gifts of the Cazimi Aspect with the challenges brought by the Retrograde Aspect, Virgo position and the 8th House.

  5. Dear AI, I think its important to stress that nothing in our charts can truly be understood without context which means it needs to be seen as a part of the whole. For example, what kind of Venus is it?; what is the Sun sign?; what is the Moon sign? etc. Most importantly, what is the overall message of the chart?
    In general then, with nothing specific to hang it on, a retrograde and cazimi Venus is felt as an extremely powerful and inwardly focused emotional connection to whatever Venus represents in your chart. This brings an ability to work with internal resonance – the power of attraction, repulsion, harmony and other things to do with astral frequencies.
    If you would like to talk with me in more detail about this, it is better to write to me privately so we can discuss the details rather than generalities.

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  7. Hi, I have sun 19Deg 52′ 34”
    Mercury 18Deg 36′ 52” in Capricorn so it is combust. What does that translate to in terms of my ability to communicate with clarity and organization? Or how does this affect how others view me? Would planet charity work to mitigate some negative effects?

    • Leaving Capricorn out for now, it actually enhances your ability to communicate. It brings to mind the phrase ‘someone who knows their own opinion’. The symbol for the core being, our individual spirit, is given a robust mental focus. Capricorn is then the way you will express that. Where it creates a difficulty is in being able to distance yourself from your own opinion, thoughts, ideas etc. So in that sense there is a lack of objectivity on what other people think, say etc. Depending on their perspective, others may then see you as ‘wrapped up in your own head’, ‘opinionated’, ‘smart’, etc.

      • Thank you for your reply! Why is there such a huge amount of info that says when mercury is combust, it weakens the planet’s dominion as in this case, communication and timing? I actually stumbled on your blog because I was actually looking at planetary talismans but was told that mercury pentacles or talismans will not be good for me due to mercury being combust and afflicted in my natal chart. But mercury is in Capricorn and I thought it is afflicted if in fall or detriment. Anyhow, I really hope I can use mercurial talismans/pentacles even with it being combust….

        • Good questions! Here is a possibility to think about – astrology has a political bias inherited from its time advising heads of state and nations etc. The emphasis of astrology shifted away from spiritual matters to material ones. How much money will I earn?, when will I find love?, what is my best career path? – all these commonly asked questions arise from this bias. What is means is that our philosophy for evaluating planets is basically materialistic and right wing in ideology. And so what combustion and lack of dignity really signify is needing to find a way to do things that is not the usual way, the way recognized and encouraged by society. In essence combustion is immaterial (concerned with the astral and mental world) and poor dignity is unconventional, neither of which have much value to modern societies when compared to physical power and staying in line.
          As for talismans, given what I have just said, and even if Mercury is pressured by aspects in your chart, I see no reason for you not to enjoy their protection.

  8. I LOVE this article. In Taurus in the 10th, I have Sun (8,00′) Venus (11, 03′) Moon (11,30′) Mercury (24,11′), with Mars in Aries (28,54′) plus North Node (Aries 25,41′)and MC (Aries 18,06′). So with Venus & the Moon combust and Mars & Mercury under the beams, I thought these planets were “weak”, but your explanation feels so right. Would the stellium only be the planets in Taurus, or would it include Mars & MC? Is it weaker because Mercury isn’t as close as the other planets? Thanks!

    • A stellium can occur in either a sign or a temple or both. Its focus will then be with either a sign or a temple or both. So yours is a 10th temple stellium. If a stellium has no focal point being split between two signs and two temples, it loses some of its focus and becomes something more complex. The distance of Mercury does not weaken the stellium, not really, it simply changes it. Some stelliums are very tightly woven little orbs of intensity, others are like unwound pieces of string. The difference is basically in terms not of power or strength, but of our ability to discern the different factors involved. The space between your Mercury and the Moon basically equates to being able to consider Mercury apart and aside from the others, just as you experience when say Pluto moves slowly off the Moon and drifts for years before finding Mercury. In astrology, distance and separation (i.e. aspects) in the zodiac equate to perspective. If everything is all bound up on 1 or 2 degrees, finding perspective is going to be difficult, and you should maybe not even try to gain objectivity on the different forces individually, but instead experience their unique fusion. The benefit of a tighter conjunction is in its power to cause greater impact in life, but its weakness is in the lack of objectivity we can gain on the planets being fused together to generate the power.

      • Thank you! This is very helpful to me. If I understand you correctly, the focal point of this stellium is the Temple… so its greatest power is directed toward delivering the promise of that temple or house, which overrides, to a large degree, the role of the signs (yes?).
        This leads me to another question regarding this stellium: if we were to look at my chart from a Whole Sign House perspective, I believe that Mars and the North Node in Aries would fall in the 9th Temple, so there there would be a less powerful stellium in the 10th, with its focus on both sign and temple… and… I guess this would become what you were referring to in your reply as “something more complex”! I am a true beginner in all of this, and my understanding is that it is generally a good thing to look at the Whole Sign House as well – is that correct?
        Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom and experience with us – it is very much appreciated.

        • Yes, the focal point being a temple basically means that it is an arena of experience (house) and not a process of experience (sign) that is being ‘stelliumed’ (I just made that up! 🙂 )
          Ok, the whole sign houses question is an interesting one, and yeah in your case it adds complexity to interpreting the stellium, while simplifying the chart, lol 🙂 I am adding ‘house system’ to the list of subjects I will aim to write about in future, but for now I will say this about the whole sign house system – its the one I use when interpreting the part of fortune and when using a hellenistic approach to astrology. I dont do that very often. I use the placidus house system myself, and have never been let down by it. I find that it is more reflective of and resonant with the complexity of modern life.
          The essence of my advice on houses is that your choice of system is reflective of a philosophy as well as being a choice of mathematical and astronomical models, and you should understand what the philosophy of your house system is before you use it even if you do not understand the calculations and measurements it uses.

  9. Great article. What would you make of Venus and Mercury both cazimi at 18 degrees, Chiron at 3 degrees, north node at 0 degrees, and Saturn at 27 degrees..all in Aries?

        • I would wonder where Mars was. He would obviously be a key part of the picture too. The essence of what you describe speaks to me of someone with hugely significant spiritual work to do in expressing an Aries 11th temple life – make of that what you will, it is very broad, but it speaks to me of not ever losing hope and of putting great energy into building a network of social connections that successfully reflects the ideals you find in Aries.
          Planets in the 11th are our friends, astrologers often say. We take it to mean they indicate our friends. I am saying they, the planets themselves, are our friends in this case. So you have to show yourself worthy of that level of friendship…Like every friendship, the nature of the friend determines the nature of the friendship, and what it requires. I would encourage you to see your Aries/11th group in 3 parts, and to work at understanding them separately. The first part being Dragon/Chiron, the second Mercury/Venus, the third Saturn. I would strongly suggest you think of them as a formula that is resolved in the order I have given, becasue this is the order in which you experience them through activations.

      • Mars in Sagittarius 14 deg. 6th temple with the centaur perhaps ironically? Uranus in opposition to Chiron at 1 degree Libra 5th temple. In my budding study of Astrology, it is reading of Chiron/Dragon in my chart that lead me to your site. So far I am amazed. My past bears many similarities to that connection, death, being “orphaned” at a young age, witnessing great pain and suffering in others which hurt me more than my own. A strong polarity from my animal/human sides. I feel very much the wounded healer and attract those people who seem to need that from me in some shape or form. Romantic relationships have not always ended well, and combined with family relationship history it feels at times as though there is a wake of destruction behind me. Perhaps Uranus there on the dragon’s tail making me feel the upheaval behind me much more intensely? I have always felt I am here to do hugely significant work but it seems only now I am beginning to unravel what it is. Intuitively I am starting to sense that although I am a very strong “force of personality”, this lifetime may in large part directing those significant energies benevolently for others. In essence, despite such power to be all about me the key to fulfillment and peace is it’s not about me or what I “want” in this lifetime. It’s certainly been a theme with others in my life and the healer can’t heal himself. I am beginning to think perhaps by healing others I will find healing. I appreciate the insightful response and I thank you so very much. I’m learning a good deal from your writings. If at all curious, moon 6 deg. Capricorn 7th, Neptune 28 deg. Scorpio 6th, Jupiter 28 deg. Virgo 5th, Pluto 23 deg. Virgo 4th.

        • Thank you for this open sharing Greg. Yes I am thinking that the Uranus/Tail joining is the main factor in why you feel all that wreckage behind you. But it is doing more than just making you feel it more intensely, it is communicating something about circumstances from your previous lives, or perhaps just one that you are working out. This life would have ended suddenly and shockingly in some way and you would then be working out all the untold consequences to that story. And a significant part of it is definitely with the healing quest and finding a way to turn it into a practical skill that helps other people (6th temple stuff).
          Also I am seeing your Mars as the ruler of the 6th and placed inside it with Chiron as a strong indication of needing to be a champion of healing. This really fits with your sense of being here to do something significant. And I am picturing the chart in my mind and seeing interception of Sagittarius in the 6th, which if I a right would indicate needing to go through Scorpio before reaching the Sagittarius potential. So that resonates with the path of destruction too.
          I do sympathize and resonate with your task! and I wish you well in finding your way through it.

      • Your mention of Sagittarius possibly being intercepted spurred me to read on the subject and it explained a great deal concerning my chart. Actually Aries 11th, and Libra 5th are intercepted and Leo 3rd and Aquarius 9th are duplicated. Fascinating, thanks again.

    • While reaquainting myself with significance of cazimi, I found this interesting article, and then your post, Greg, noting that by similarity in planetary position, we are surely born on same day/year/etc. (except my Sun-Mercury-Venus in 8th house). Wouldn’t it be fascinating to compare notes? (

  10. Oh my! Thank you so very much for the most enlightened and informative article upon this most difficult to research subject. I would absolutely love it if you could take a little of your time to clarify a few questions I have regarding CAZIMI.

    Can Asteroids be Cazimi? And are the latitude & declination of vital import? Can Uranians be Cazimi, and other “hypothetical” points? Can Arabic Parts be Cazimi? Is the zero degree 17 minutes the best guide for CAZIMI or as some mainstream astrologers say does it stretch to a full degree or even beyond?

    What I marvelled at in your explication is its concrete grasp of the mechanics involved. Your descriptions left behind the notion of Astrology as numbers and points in a chart and took me to the idea of a person looking at the heavens. Thus CAZIMI’s historic import was more fully revealed.

    Can you recommend any masterworks by contemporary astrologers who explain and make ancient astrology and astrological techniques easier to grasp?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Do you have books available or youtube videos. I remain amazed. CHEERS – Poet Stanley Gemmell

    • Hi Stanley, happy to have given you some valuable information. In answer to your queries: anything with a physical body that orbits the Sun can be cazimi (so, no to P.o.F). The P.o.F. (like the nodes/Dragon) are already in a kind of cazimi state, although it is not cazimi. Latitude and declination alignment will greatly sharpen and intensify the cazimi state but are not necessary to produce it. Experiment with orbs and find out what works best for you, that is how I came to the 17′ conclusion.
      Astrology was, before the advent of horoscopic (natal) charts, a visual magic. We need to re-learn how to look up from the tables, computer reports and charts.
      Im afraid I dont have any books to recommend here on that subject, although I have tried to do some of that in my own book. I suggest you just dive in and try things out. My own education is very scattered and draws upon a variety of sources, mostly my instincts and my experimentation. I do have a Youtube channel with my partner you can look up, and will probably put astrological stuff up there eventually. Currently it hosts several hours on the topic of stones and their magic and the first in a series on how to build a magical tool called the Radiator.
      It is here:
      and this is its FB page:
      At this point it has been inactive for a while but that is only temporary.

  11. Interesting quantity of comments and questions about this subject, anyone care to say what else there is interest in? Is there some topic that baffles you or that you dont quite understand? Please let me know!

    • I would be interested in the subject of Whole Sign Houses. My understanding was that it comes from looking at the sign on the cusp of the 1st House and making that the sign for the whole house, and then each subsequent house follows with the next sign, so that each house has only one sign and there are no intercepting signs/houses. Then someone else told me to look at the sign on the cusp of any given house and that becomes the whole house sign for that house, but that doesn’t make sense to me since my chart has a couple of instances where the same sign is on the cusp of two houses, so some signs would not be represented in the chart. Which is it – or can it be both?And is it important to take whole sign houses into consideration when looking at a chart?,,, Or maybe the topic is really about the effects of intercepting signs…Actually whatever wisdom you can impart in this area would be great!.

  12. I so appreciate this article. It gives me new hope for my conjunct planets. Can you give me your insights on the following stellium in my 10th House? (MC 10.06 Aries)

    North Node: Aries 25. 41′
    Mars: Aries 28. 54′
    Sun: Taurus 08 .00′
    Venus: Taurus 11. 03′
    Moon: Taurus 11.30′
    Mercury: Taurus: 24. 11”


    • Hi Carol, sure I can share something about that. You may already have heard a lot said about this pattern and your choice of career path etc. Its probably valid but I would like to talk about the spiritual implications for you. There is an attachment to keeping things the way they are, loving the simple and quiet life, in your Taurus nature. The combust Moon/Venus synthesis makes this incredibly pleasurable to the soul. Its like there is a strong inner gravity that ties to keep things going the way they always have, or to hold everything together. From it comes tremendous endurance, practical acumen, etc. But, the nodal structure with Mars is clearly indicating a need to bust out of this comfort zone and do something exciting and possibly even thrilling. It is basically an antidote to stagnation and inertia and needs to be cultivated in order to reap the benefits of all your Taurus emphasis.

      • Thank you. My interest in Astrology lies primarily in its spiritual implications, so I am glad you turned to the soul issues. I have been feeling a lot of inner conflict, and I can see now that it is coming from that “tug” to break out, and at the same time, the desire to keep things stable and steady. I have been looking for a way to reconcile these two perspectives – to transform these seemingly conflicting aspects of self into a positive force. I still don’t know how I can do this, but awareness is the first step, and you have provided that awareness. Thanks!
        PS – if you are wondering why I am sending you two different messages regarding this stellium, it’s because I didn’t see your reply to me on Sept. 25th, nor did I see my post, so I thought it never made it to you (Merc Rx? 🙂

  13. Thank you for your wonderful article. I am new to astrology and learning as I go along, but I notice in my chart from that my sun is conjunct mercury, which I thoughs looked like a most important aspect. I do not know about the orbs for this placement, and am still learning. I would like to see if the placement I have is cazimi, combust or under the sunbeams. I am going to place my details below, my apologies if I am off about my conclusion, but its seems I might be cazimi.

    Sun in Gemini 23″ 44′ 4′
    Mercury in Gemini 16″ 52′ 37″ retrograde Dom.
    Sun is in the 4th house and mercury in the 3rd but looks very close to IC

    I will look over the article more and comments, its great to learn from so many others details and experiences. Many blessings to you from the Emerald Isle!!

    • Hi Ashley, blessings back to the Emerald Isle from Germany, it is very dear to my heart! and welcome to the wondrous and magical world of astrology! 🙂 The answer to your question is that your Mercury is combust, not cazimi. It is basically not visible at all in the sky and is several days away from being cazimi.

      • Thank you for getting back to me, this is exciting..I feel honored to get an answer. So at least now I know combust. You mention in a couple of days mercury will be cazimi, is this because of mercury retrograde, and how it effects my own chart or just in general. I would be curious to learn more about retrograde planets in a chart, I have four in total, mercury, and then uranus, neptune and pluto. Throughout my life, everything is redo, or write on paper, put on computer and then print, but the knowledge and knowing is deep, so I trust that my downloading center for my soul is just clarfying what information I am getting and how to clearly let it be known. I am late bloomer, but I have to say astrology has been a guiding force on this journey, and I am ever grateful for guidance.

        • ‘A couple of days’ was a very rough figure of speech, it might actually be a week or more away in the case you describe, it is impossible to say without the full birth date.
          I will add retrograde planets to a list of things to share with you later, thank you 🙂

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  15. Thank you so very much! The various competing astrologies I believe to be constructive rivalries (Celtic Lunar, Vedic, Mayan…) I believe with the help of smart phone apps – and this experientially from my yard snuggled with a dear one, we were looking at the constellations and I FELT what it was which excited me in your article – Astrology stopped being about charts and about that red star near the tree behind my driveway which I always thought to be Mars but which turned out to be Aldebaran the star I was born under! [Stanley Gemmell May 30, 1972 1:05 AM Atlantic Standard Time (+4GMT) in Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico] To even have the rudimentary understanding the ancients possessed – Ptolemy only worked with 7 heavenly bodies, I think… would be a dream. It always seemed so confusing when laboriously explained but sometimes it clicked. OH PLEASE WRITE THAT BOOK. The book that gives the contemporary stripped down essence of astrology. An article on Horary simplified, I corresponded with Olivia Barclay in the 90’s via the web before she passed, Horary is mystical. Predictive astrology based on transits, again, the PRINCIPLES involved you elucidate a masterful grasp, it is such a joy.

    My question. In the astrology of constellations as opposed to signs, and I imagine the ancients went more on if a heavenly body passed thru or near a constellation rather than their arbitrarily divided 30 degree intervals, are Ophiuchus and Cetus viable? Have any books been written regarding them and in particular Cetus which is more problematic? Is Heliocentric astrology the voice of the heavens, and sidereal astrology the voice of the earth while regular astrology the voice of mankind?

    Forgive me if my queries are too numerous and chaotic. Thank you so much for your kindness!!!!!!

    • Your story about Aldebaran makes me smile and has brightened my day 🙂 Astrology would benefit enormously from getting back to the place you describe, of looking up from charts and reports…and experiencing, feeling, and being instructed by that. It is the ancient way, which included taking note of things like clouds, birds, wind direction and so on as properties of the heavens. I am not suggesting astrology goes back to that, only that it adopts the spirit involved by looking up again.
      As for writing a book about a modern approach to the ancient practices…I’m 2-3 years ahead of you, its already done and published 🙂 You can order it from Amazon or using the links on this page. In essence, the approach in this book is an echo of an approach that far pre-dates Ptolemy – an experiential approach where you learn as you go through direct observation.
      An article on horary simplified is a tall order, because you are correct horary is mystical/magical, but I will add it to my list. I direct you in the meantime to Deborah Houldings pages at Skyscript.
      More on predictive techniques using transits? Easier to simplify and also added. Anything specifically in that area?
      All the starry constellations near the ecliptic can actually become backdrops for planets and even the Moon (which is not so bound to the eclipic). A chart I worked on recently has Pluto in the Serpent of Ophiucus, for example. This contours the natal expression of the planet. On Ophiucus and Cetus and indeed on stars in general, I direct you to the work of Bernadette Brady as a starting point.
      I would not distinguish the heliocentric, tropical and sidereal approaches to the zodiac the way you have suggested. The differences between them are more esoteric than that. More than this I am not prepared to say, as it is a matter for your deeper reflection.
      No forgiveness for your questions is necessary on my part 🙂 I sincerely thank you for your interest in astrology and for taking these journeys with me, but it is probably better to take these discussions out of the already busy commentary on this article 🙂

  16. Wow, nice stuff here. Was looking for combustion information and stumbled upon your article. I have sun saturn very tight conjunction in libra 7th house. Sun at 2 14′ 29.85″ and saturn at 1 38′ 10.11″. Can you tell me the effect of this conjunction? Does the effect changes as sun is debilitated. Also does combust saturn shows all negative results?? Like fear, low self esteem, laziness?

  17. Hi,
    I think my previous comment never got published so writing it again here.
    This is very nice article about combustion cazimi. I have sun saturn conjunction at libra in the 7th house. Sun at 2 14′ 29.85″ n saturn at 1 38′ 10.11″ my question is what are effects of combust exalted saturn by debilitated sun. Does this conjunction produce more heavy results like depression fear or late success after much struggle? Also would the career suffer more setbacks as saturn is 10th and 11th lord. Awaiting ur response, as i am researching a lot on this placement in my chart and hoping you would be able to provide satisfactory explanation.

    Thank you

    • Comments must be approved by me (to avert being awash with spam) and that sometimes takes me some time to notice and then do 🙂
      Thanks for your interests and reply, I always appreciate hearing from people who drop by here. Also, thank you for the compliment on this writing.
      We need to pick this knot of yours apart one bit at a time. Exaltation is about the potential for the planet to express its higher nature. In Saturns case this occurs in Libra thanks to his connection with balancing serious karma. Exaltation also results in a more socially accepted expression of the planet (high dignity is about the mores of culture and society and how it likes to take its planets, in other words it is about the conventionally accepted and respected way of doing things with a planet).
      So there is your Saturn in Libra, reaching for his exalted nature, trying to be calm, patient, tactful, polite, to follow the rules, to win the long game by being kind and co-operative, always with an eye on keeping the karmic meter at 0. Then, he combusts – he loses his physical form, meaning he cannot be seen, and is therefore a more astra-mental reality for you, he goes on inside you at a level where he is fused to your own awareness of being alive and being who you are. He becomes more real as an inner state, less real as an outer one. In other words, you gain much greater mental and emotional awareness of the things just described, but you may lack the ability to implement them so practically (in relationships, for example). You must learn this, it becomes necessary for you.
      The depression, fear, inadequacy, sense of failure, etc. – all the things associated with an unhealthy Saturn – can then arise when you do not work consistently at this task.
      You may experience all the Saturn related themes in connection with this task too – as 10th and 11th ruler and placed in the 7th, Saturn has a blend of all 3 to work with. But can we see exactly how it will blend from just this information? I think not, because it could be about the friends of your marriage partner offering you career opportunities, marrying someone who is also a friend and your boss, repeatedly being let down or learning a hard way concerning your hopes for both love and professional success, etc – any combination of themes from these 3 temples. But whatever it is Saturn is all about necessity, he perceives exactly what *really* needs to happen, and when.
      In short, the answer to your question is no it does not necessarily portend anything negative, and exaltation or high dignity does not ‘cancel’ or become ‘cancelled by’ combustion, because the two things are not contrary.

  18. I have Pluto cazimi. 0° 17′ conjunction exact. Both 29° Libra conjunct Saturn(Scorpio) and mercury (Libra). Cazimi square Leo ascendent. Saturn opposite moon. Mars/ Venus conj. Square Jupiter/Uranus conj.
    A walk in the park 🙂

  19. My Sun is in Virgo, 2°14’24” in the 4th house; Pluto is in Virgo, 2°02’01” in the 4th house… Would this be considered cazimi Pluto? Thank you.

    • Thanks for the confirmation… I ‘discovered’ this aspect recently after a very difficult interaction with a Scorpio individual and was trying to understand the genesis of this difficulty (most Scorpios ‘get’ me cuz of my Plutonian tendencies, this one appears to have some very challenging natal aspects)… And yes, I do relate to it… Since I was a very young child I have always been drawn to the dark, and alternatively, constantly striving to transform myself whenever challenged and disappointed by life’s events, as a way to rise above them and to work to refine my compassionate side…

      Interestingly, I was born within hours of Tim Burton (although I was GMT) who has quite artfully and publically displayed his macabre inclinations… I prefer to keep my attraction to the dark very, very secret (with the exception of this post, of course!)…

      • I was born with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and the midheaven bundled into Scorpio, with Pluto in the 8th. My relationship with the dark has always been there. I know what you mean and why when you say you prefer to keep it to yourself. But really, love, screw them all! lol. What you have is a rare and beautiful thing. Life is for living the way you live it. We are all capable of eternal rebirth into brighter beings, but knowing what is in the dark is part of what makes us shine.

        • I love love people with stelliums, even the darker ones. Im surroundes by scorpio/pluto people. I seem to attract them ( or visa versa ). The past 3 guys In my life all had Scorpio stellium. 7th, 10th and 4th/3rd house. Technically the latter is not a stellium as it is straddling house, sign and IC. He was my best friend for 20 yrs. He just died from an accidental overdose. He was borderline genuis with major family issues internally. Saturn was transiting his stellium conj. IC. The man I am with now where I am finally so happy was born a day after me. We have twin charts but for the moons and houses. He is not Pluto cazimi however. I love the intensity and fearlessness of stelliums or Plutonian’s in general. I find people with so much energy bundled up have so much to give once they learn to harness it within themselves. They are with all honesty the most beautiful people I have ever met…. Also the most dangerous. Call me masochistic but there is something so refreshing about being brought to your knees, stripped naked and building yourself back up again metaphysically speaking. Quite humbling. I’ve learned to embrace it cause it comes whether I want it or not.

          • By now I think anyone who has a close relationship with a Scorpio resonant person would agree that life has been hellish for them for the last couple of years. Especially those with emphasis on Aries or Capricorn as well. In many ways, its all over. Time to start again. A lot of them have been left to fend for themselves in the important battles, they have been left feeling isolated in the hell. A lot of them have really genuine reasons to feel sad and sorry for themselves. And its rare for them to find someone who can actually cope with what they feel, so your guy is lucky.
            My message to Scorpio for the day: stand by, Pluto is about to arrive in full colour…and this guy is the friend you have been searching for all your life. Let go, and move on.

  20. I have saturn and sun at 1.35 and 1.51 in libra (11th house). “Best thing” is i have Venus and Mercury in Virgo (10th house). Again another debilitated and exalted planet!

    • Sympathies are complex. Think of the complexity of the resonance you feel with certain people in your life. Sometimes we can feel comfortable with a certain behavior within us or in others, while at other times feel quite the opposite. Sun is not really ‘bad’ in Libra, as I am sure you know. What happens there is that the focal concentration of the solar nature is equally divided and made dependent upon other perspectives for insight into its own, which is an expression of solar nature that is not conventionally accepted as ‘good’ for the solar nature. It is our cultures and ideas that make things this way. In our perspective, the solar nature is very much about being independently successful and in charge of ones life – its autonomous and self sufficient, and the ideal in society is to be a person who doesn’t need to lean on anyone else and is successful in their own right without needing anyone else. Libra Sun looks at that and laughs, because its just not the way life is for them.
      Likewise, Saturn in Libra is not all good. Part of what gets exalted is the principle of truth and justice, which then tends to take on suffocating, inflexible Saturnine rules. Dogmatic and judgmental restriction can then easily replace fair minded and patient examination of the two sides to any argument.
      Note also that Mercury in Virgo is in both rulership and exaltation.
      All sympathies, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ express beautiful complexities like these.

  21. I have Sun 12º 27′ and Saturn 12º 10′ both in Taurus. 17′ difference is on cusp of Cazimi? What’s it mean to be right on the edge of Cazimi?

    Sun and Saturn are also within 1º of the IC (11º 30′), strengthening the bond further.

    What is also interesting: Uranus is at 5º 19′ Libra, exactly a 144º Biquintile to the Sun/Saturn alignment at the IC.

    It’s a lifetime project 😉

  22. Combustion relative to the nodes and a Solar eclipse wouldn’t differ in any way, Correct?

    Mercury 2’53
    Juno 3’50
    North Node 11’50
    Moon 14’17
    Ceres 16’12
    Sun 16’35
    Venus 26’41

        • Sorry it took me a couple of days to unearth this comment and reply to it , wordpress can be glitchy. The SN does not indicate mastery of anything – quite the opposite in many cases. What it really represents is over-identification. Lets says that the Moon conjunct SN is in Taurus in the 2nd. This would be an indication of way too much attachment and identification with material things. An imbalance would have been created towards too much Moon, Taurus and 2nd temple in life. The NN is the correction to that, but it feels far less familiar and even uncomfortable for us to go in that direction. So if Moon is conjunct NN, she is showing the way out of bad habits.

        • Sorry it took me a couple of days to unearth this comment and reply to it , wordpress can be glitchy. The SN does not indicate mastery of anything – quite the opposite in many cases. What it really represents is over-identification. Lets says that the Moon conjunct SN is in Taurus in the 2nd. This would be an indication of way too much attachment and identification with material things. An imbalance would have been created towards too much Moon, Taurus and 2nd temple in life. The NN is the correction to that, but it feels far less familiar and even uncomfortable for us to go in that direction. So if Moon is conjunct NN, she is showing the way out of bad habits.

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  24. I have a friend who has a strong stellium of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Pallas in Scorpio and combustion in the 7th house (but Uranus is in Sagittarius – which is weaker in the stellium and maybe under the sun’s beams instead of combust?).

    From my interpretation, it’s clear that partnerships is challenging in this person’s life in general, then in regards to communicating ideas and rewards. Especially since her ascendant is ruled by Venus, Venus is in it’s detriment and in the 7th house. I’m struggling with understanding what are the internal and external dynamics of this stellium. Everything I have read about combustion would lead a lot of folks to interpret this person as being screwed and that they need to stay away from one to one partnership. This is the only interpretation I’ve read that leads me to believe this this person just won’t see the material manifestations of their power in this lifetime and that they’re amazing from within.

    what does this mean to you? I would love to read your thoughts.

    Sun 25°10′ Scorpio
    Mercury 24°04′ Scorpio
    Venus 28°37’Scorpio
    Jupiter 21°49′ Scorpio
    Uranus 4°18′ Sagittarius
    Pallas 29°56′ Scorpio

    • Your friend is a kind of relationship genius, that’s what it means to me – a one of a kind who has yet to realize just how different the rules she plays by in relationships are. For her, I would expect that there is a huge insight into the way other peoples relationships work (and why they don’t) and its perceiving these truths that isolate her. Scorpio is always being attacked for the truth it perceives. and for the intensity with which it sticks to that perception. It might help is she stops *looking* for someone else she can relate to and focuses on her relationship to herself. The magic of the 7th temple is the magic of mental transference – what we call ‘walk in my shoes’ but it is really the ability to transfer her mental awareness to another entity. The combust planets (including Uranus – sign boundaries do not really weaken it, they just change it) show her means and level of access. Its a gift that society does not even know is there, for the most part. Its a combust gift, hidden in the radiance of her spirit. The lack of vision is in other people, not ourselves – we are not rendered out of touch with a combust planet – far from it!

  25. Hi
    First I want to thank you for your great articles!
    I think I have a cazimi Saturn also and a stellium in Virgo in the 12th house:
    my sun is at 16°57′ in virgo 12th House
    Saturn is at 17°12′ in virgo, Mercurius 14°13′ in virgo, Venus 21°14′ Virgo, NN 7°51′ virgo, Lilith 6°56′ Virgo and the ascendant is 27°59′ in Virgo.
    My moon is in the 8th house in Taurus.
    How would you interprete this stellium, what is his function ?
    Thank You

    • I am wanting to know where the South Node of the Moon is. Because this chart has a lot of unfinished business it is working through and that will involve a lot of deep introspection. There is probably a rigid unconscious perfectionism and a drive to have everything ‘just so’ that undermines conscious intentions. Without actually seeing the chart, what that information tells me is that the strength is in knowing how things fall apart, how they unravel and come to ruin and how those conditions can be avoided or improved, and they are also in bringing trance or meditation states into physical manifestation in great detail, i.e. specific outcomes can be attained through a trained creative imagination. Part of the inner magic of Virgo and the 12th temple is the ability to discern significance and the forms it will take, especially when that significance is to do with self liberation or the healing of chronic conditions (chronic because they have causes that are not identified by material science and its methods, but which could be if the methodology and practice was changed).
      The 8th temple Moon also stirs this pot, doesn’t it? Its all pointing to a deep and probably tangled connection to the Earth Element. I would suggest focusing attention there for a while and seeing where it leads, as I get the feeling you would benefit from a broader perspective than signs and planets.

      • Hi
        The SN of the moon is in the 6th house in Pisces at 7°51’…
        As for the perfectionism undermining the intentions you’re totally right altough it’s getting better, now that I’m 36 years old and my self-confidence is finally growing 🙂
        Concerning meditation and bringing it in the physical:
        it was a really big exploration going from drugabuse to a complete alienation to the way I’m in now: after a long study of my unconsciousness and now becoming a shiatsu-taotherapist and a energetic psychotherapist I think I did find the bridge between the element earth and the astral energy. After years of introspection, what will be continued, I almoust feel ready to use my learning and experience for the exploration of the unconscousness of others…
        So I read your reply as a confirmation that I made right choices…
        Thanx a lot!

        • You sound as if you are doing *amazingly* well at navigating the trips and traps, definitely! The addition of the nodal axis (thank you!) just put everything I already said in big bold letters. Its amazing how often that happens for me now, at this time I seem to be unconsciously entangled with the Dragon since I tend to delineate the chart according to its position without knowing what that position is, and I thank you for that insight!

  26. I find that planets about 6 degrees approaching to 5 degrees past the sun are absorbed…they imbue the EGO (spirit) with a gift, but they are debilitated in other areas they normally rule or represent. Mars is so like the sun, he seems to be an exception to the negative effects of combustion.

    • I don’t think those effects are negative. I think their enormous potential is not visibly acknowledged and so its societies issue. For the person this can really suck ,sure, but its not their problem. I think the negative effects in combustion are specific, they relate a lot to specific uses of astrology in different ways. For instance, it means something different in a horary compared to a natal procedure.

  27. Hi,in composite chart sun conjucts jupiter and n node and mars under 1 degree,also moon conjucts venus in 1 degree.compust make the conjuction less important?thank you

    • No, not less important. Just less tangible and less material in focus. It will then (in general, not always) tend to show itself as chemistry in the relationship generally known only to the couple (or group) and a few close insiders.

  28. Thanks,great !i care about us as a couple,i dont care to show our relationship ‘s dynamic to others anyway!Also i guess that wide conjuctions to sun ,9,10 orbs wide should count since close orbs are getting burned in a manner of speaking.Right?

  29. Hi AV: Wondering if you have any thoughts of someone having conjunct to Sun: Pluto, Venus and Uranus? The last two are neck and neck with Sun in Leo… 9th H. West /10th H. Vedic. Rather unique I’d say. Interested mostly in take on Uranus’ role. Thanks.

  30. Nick Cave has a 0’10 Cazimi Mars in Virgo, which is also tightly conjunct his MC & in about a 1 degree trine to his Vertex.
    I find this interesting as he’s acknowledged as one of the worlds most powerful living poets / musicians.
    Another supremely talented musician, Fela Kuti, has a combust Mercury in Libra, in 3 degree orb to his Sun & both are tightly trine his Jupiter in 5th…….
    My best friend has a 2 degree Neptune / Sun conjunction. He’s one of the most pure creatives i know [amongst a lot of talented people] but he is completely uninterested in making commercial use of his talent. He just puts his energy where he finds most intellectually stimulating. So your explanation of combust being a bit removed from the mercenary makes sense to me. Thanks!

    • Great examples! You can see within each of these individuals something *extra* ordinary that expresses itself in the cazimi planets. They are on fire!! And thank you for sharing that about your Sun/Neptune friend, this is exactly what I mean.

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  32. Does Cazimi/under the beams etc apply to the Moon? Does the new Moon for example, become ‘immaterial’ etc, as for other planets in the article? Thanks in advance

  33. Requesting your excellent insight Sun 28Gem34′ , Venus 28Gem42′ . This is fairly well aspected in the 8th house. I can’t quite get my head around an interpretation.

    • I would start you off with something like “a deep and profound light of being cast upon compulsive emotional patterns, illuminating how to cope with their change through loss”.

  34. Hi,

    I have Sun at 4Aqua53’33” and Mercury at 5Aqua8’23″r in the 8th house square Mars at 3Taurus6’56” in the 11th house. What is your interpretation of this?

    • Hi 🙂 I am never confident judging a piece of a chart without its context, so please take what I say with a large pinch of salt. In general, what we have here is a drive to express individual uniqueness through the intellect and through social communication (the Sun/Mercury Aquarius part) which is powerfully inspired (cazimi) and yet which in some way stirs up an antagonistic reply or response or causes you to encounter tussles (square Mars). Traditionally, its a caution against sharing, loaning or lending money with friends or community projects.

  35. Capricorn Lagna: Virgo (9th house) -> Ven (5*) + Sun (14.15*) + Mer [retro+Exalted] (16.04*) + Sat (29*). Do we have a cazimi mer here? What happens? Thanks.

    • Again, I am stressing that you cannot understand a piece of a chart by taking it out of its context, but here are my thoughts, for what they are worth: obviously there is an Earth theme, so that has to be accounted for in everything said. Obviously, it is mostly about Reactive Earth/Virgo. Mercury is nearly 2 degrees away from the Sun, which by my article above is not cazimi, but combust. The Sun sees itself as a Mercurial being and cannot gain much objectivity on that, but at the same time it perceives deep into the Mercurial realm within it, and that perceiving is Virgoan. It sees the facts and the details of ideas in stark clarity but only at an internal level, there may not be facility communicating this to the world, or in some way it may not simply translate to external reality. It sees the infinite splendour of the idea world – the fact that ideas are infinitely faceted, and the Virgo sets about faceting ideas so that they scintillate with perfection. Throwing in Venus, but with some distance from this complex, gives a less intellectual and more sympathetic tone, so that the facts are not too removed from the way people feel. Add Saturn, and all of this becomes something that the chart must work at slowly, there will be issues coping with its reality in life, and there will be a seriousness and soberness that was not there before. I am reading a book about the faces at this time (36 Faces by Austin Coppock) and so I would also like to point out that the planets inhabit the three decanates of Virgo, each of which have a different spirit. The first 10 degrees (Venus) is a face of humility, the middle 10 degrees (Sun Mercury) is a face of productivity (i.e. of forging matter) and the last 10 degrees (Saturn) is a face of the fate of material substance (i.e. the fact that all material forms decay, even those which are at one stage deemed ‘perfect’).

  36. I have sun conjunct north node in Leo 7th house (within 1 degree). Can you please how this will affect my personality as I am not your typical extroverted outgoing Leo. Thank you very much!

    • Its not a combust NN, because the NN is not really anything physically there. What this conjunction implies is that you incarnate unfamiliar or uncomfortable with your Leo Sun and must become so. Which explains why you are not a typical Leo.

  37. Hi,
    This is a very interesting article, I was unsure of one thing, that may have been explained in a way I misunderstood. What happens if the combust planet is in its own sign. For example, Jupiter combust in Sagittarius. I have this sun is at 23 degrees and Jupiter at 25 degrees. They are both in Sagittarius, but in the 5th house. I feel like the Jupiter is trying to stay strong in its own sign, buy the sun is also in its own house and therefore is still strong.maybe they tire their own selves out? So much fire bound together. Maybe I don’t get to feel any of it and I am left with my Capricorn stellium next door in the sixth house with all my planets excluding the moon and Saturn.

    • Planetary dignity does not diminish through combustion, it just refocuses to become less physically concerned. In this case an example to help would be a case where Sun and Jupiter are at opposite ends of Sag, compared to Jupiter in combustion in Sag – in the former case the person might want to travel and see other cultures or make their food, in the latter to instead explore their ideas – religion, attitudes and beliefs.

      • WHat a great example (travel/food vs explore ideas)> I think I finally understand ‘lose physical focus, gain astral/mental focus’.

      • So, the planets still keep the essence of its placement? In the combustion, it internalizes exploration, instead of making it an outward quest? Just trying to make sense of what you’re saying. This is the first article I came across that speaks on combustion in such a different light, it’s nice to see a different interpretation that doesn’t characterize it as good or bad. I’m just finding that most things in astrology aren’t good or bad, but this is how some authors are able to explain it, in a “giving it to you how ‘it is'” conclusion. It’s the combination of perception and communication. Sorry for the grammar mistakes in my earlier post, I was typing so quickly on my phone without reading what I was writing. I’m glad you were still able to make sense of what I was saying.
        I was reading some of the comments you were replying to above and you mentioned you use the Placidus house systems default. I look at the all systems as well, but I use the equal house system to begin with. In the Placidus chart, Sagittarius is intercepted. This would also not have an effect on the combustion correct? Interceptions is something, I’m researching, so I have a main idea of them, but it’s not something I feel confident in explain to others who come to me about basic astrology. You wouldn’t happen to have any posts on the subject, would you?

        • Hi Nj 🙂 Yes, the planets always have their essential meaning, combustion does not consume it, it enflames it! It becomes brighter, hotter and more irreversibly bound up with our individual spirit. We see it within us very brightly, albeit usually not very objectively. At the same time it becomes intimately bound up with our self identity and so we perceive it everywhere in the world. So the division between internal and external is not as clear a division as it appears.
          Some help on understanding the interpretation of interception – think of the intercepted sign and any contents as a secret room within the temple. The discovery or revealing of this secret room is made through sufficient mastery of the sign on the cusp of the temple the intercepted sign is in (usually the preceding sign) and that signs ruler. Until then it remains hidden and essentially underpins experience in that area of life in a cloaked, concealed or mysterious way. A combust planet in an intercepted sign means the Sun is in there too, so it signifies a more elusive and difficult to pinpoint sense of identity that involves the combust planet, and a sequence of mastery that must be passed through in order to discover the true inner self.

          • Thank you so much for reply. Wow, that leaves me with so many questions, I guess I’ll start researching. Thank you again.

  38. Thank you for a very interesting article! Two questions, if you allow… You defined cazimi solely in terms of longtitudes. However, could also latitude differences be of some significance in this case? For example, I’m a cazimi Venus within 2’, but “vertical” difference is much larger, maybe only slightly less than 1°. I wonder also if you have some experience, what cazimi could mean in medical terms. For example, afflicted Ve is known for certain medical problems. Now it is cazimi, reborn, re-forged and indeed less material. Does it also mean, the corresponding internal organs would not be under pressure anymore?

    • Greetings, and thank you for your engagement with the subject. Yes, latitude tightens any aspect, and cazimi is basically an aspect. Medically, a cazimi object is being strongly affected by the Sun, whose action is towards dryness, redness and heat, but primarily the Electric Fluid (especially in the vital energy of the body). If the cazimi inclines to medical issues, they will be of this order. Usually other aggravating configurations need to be involved (for example an opposition with Saturn or Mars) and the cazimi needs to be placed in a health sensitive temple. In the same manner positive health conditions can be created as a result of cazimi purification. Everything depends on the awareness that is interacting with the astrology. So all of what you suggest is possible but not at all necessarily the case.

      • Very interesting, thank you for the reply! Hence if we want to treat an medical issue (supposedly) related to a cazimi, then it would be a false strategy to handle the cazimi object as disfunctional in the first place. Instead, a cooling therapy would be the first choice. That is, we handle the sun as disfunctional, even though it could be of a very good dignity. Would it be a correct interpretation?

        • Yes! What must be remembered here is that even a strongly dignified and well aspected planet can upset the equilibrium simply by dominating the chart. In other words, there is a positive and negative potential in all of it. What we see displayed in the symbolism of astrology is a script that illustrates what the life looks like when it is happy and successful AND what it looks like when the opposite is true and lessons are not learned. It is the individual awareness that wears the astrology that calls the shots.

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