The Beautiful Life Giving Power of the Sun

Dear friends, welcome back and today I have some more on the nature of the Sun to share with you. If you enjoy this sharing, please consider supporting further posts on Patreon.


“In all things, great and small, I see the Beauty of the Divine expression”.

 The Sun is a symbol of what is eternal, natural and essential in us; it shows what we are expressing of the Beauty of the Divine through the individualised radiation of consciousness. The influences that come from it permeate everything in our life and radiate through it. They are central to our existence and our consciousness.

Quite simply, the Sun is the most vital body in the solar system because it gives off the most energy and so it follows that it is the most vital body in our horoscopes too, the stellar nucleus of its energy source. The Sun is the central influence in our birth charts and in the Tree of Life, for it is the radiant bringer of light and warmth to all things. The Sun in our chart therefore symbolises the raw life force, our individual spirit and the source of the scintillating vital energy which is the essence of our life breath, our being, the core around which our other aspects spiral and entwine, a nucleus of self, but this is not truly the original source of life – that lies beyond it.

For obvious reasons everyone will understand the Sun is stronger in the day, just as the Moon is stronger in the night. These two bodies are the leaders of the planetary sects and they and their signs express the qualities of the pure Electric and Magnetic Fluids. The Sun will therefore be a stronger influence when we are born in the day and it is in one of the Electric Fluid biased or diurnal signs, those of Fire and Air. This means then that people born in the day as Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius often have the strongest solar natures. Other people, such as those born in the night, may display more of their lunar sides as the Moon may be stronger. This is a very broad generalisation as other chart factors will play their part and shape this fundamental influence.

Unlike the other accretions of energy we call ‘planets’ which are analogous to a series of specific functions in the whole human being (for example, Mercury has chief functioning through the brain and nervous system, the Moon over all fluids and rhythmic cycles, Mars the pumping of blood, hence heat), the primal and vital energy of the Sun – individual consciousness itself – is an orb or field of pure Light distributed or radiated throughout the whole being, making every cell, every bone and every organ a living thing. So the Sun equally permeates its commanding force throughout each of the bodies, physical, astral and mental, but it has a strong connection to the physical organ of the heart and its astra-mental nature. Just as the Universal Light (conscious self awareness) radiates through every created thing from the highest to the lowest, so too the physical Suns light and warmth radiates outwards from its core in all directions, equally, at once, as we also radiate the essential energies of our Sun sign throughout life and the bodies, in all areas and in all directions at once without even trying. In other words, the Sun sign is always ‘on’, it cannot be switched ‘off’ at any time, and it comes naturally to us, being the central diamond of Light within the individual Self, the radiation of spirit as consciousness.

To understand how this works, think of the way the planets in the solar system are organised in spirals around our star, the Sun. In the same way as these planets draw vital energy and remain in stable orbits around the massive Sun, so the various distinct and separate parts of the self – the feelings of Venus, the will of Mars, etc – are organised and revolve around the Sun within us, its light and life energy imbuing every part of the whole and vitalising them. Only Earths Moon is not bound to the Sun in this way, but she must still turn around it through her bonding to the Earth, and so starlight shapes her face.

This is by no means a uniquely human condition – it is universal. This arrangement is found even on the microscopic and microcosmic levels of cellular and bacterial life, such as in the spiral helix of DNA and the nuclei of cells. All things are alive as the central light of consciousness for their unique point of orientation within the universe. They are all their own Sun, their own centre of creation – the infinite revolves around infinite centres. All things are in motion around a centre, and all things are a centre around which things are in motion. This centre is consciousness. This perpetual equilibrium of all the infinite parts of the creation in spiral motion around an individual centre is a crucial element in the universe for without it the orbits of all cells, planets and moons would dissolve and decay into chaos, and there would be no order of things, no Creation and no life itself at all, in fact. Knowing this centre we know the source of all life, light and the individual beauty of the eternal Self in all things, the source of all strength, endurance, and the eternal beauty and divinity of the infinite uniqueness of being. Consciousness is eternal. Yet even though the Sun sign is a significator of our resonant being, the centre of our total individualised spirit or self consciousness, basing astrological judgement on its position alone (as is popularised by the modern approach) is akin to saying “all French people are great cooks” because French food and ingredients are generally considered refined.

In a cosmological sense the Sun is of a more refined and ‘higher’ state than the Moon, which as an Earthbound satellite collects the stellar light and arranges it into cyclical patterns – consciousness or the individual temporal mental body is the underlying source of personality and mood, the source of the soul. In astrology the central significance of the Sun sign is the elemental attunement of the spirit, the temporal mental body, because this is the impetus that gives the spark of life. This spark is perpetual (eternal) yet must still be sustained and nourished while enshrined in a living body. And in the physical universe it needs a soul to do that. Thus it is that in the Gra Tree we see the Sun as the path being projected down from the realm of Tiphareth into Yesod – it is the seat of the mental realm casting Light upon the seat of the astral realm, just as the spirit gives life to the soul. The soul will return this life to the spirit at the end of its time just as the Moon returns the starlight the Sun showers her with. More significantly, especially for magical practice, the Sun is shown in the exact centre of the Tree, signifying that its nature is pivotal to the magical equilibrium. So the Sun in astrology is a way in which we can keep both the spirit and the soul within us in a place of equilibrium and nourishment.


A living being – consciousness – is sustained by more than just food and maintenance of the body, it is nourished by personal feelings and thoughts and experiences gained while in physical form. The Sun sign is the clue we have to what truly brightens and enlivens our consciousness in the core of our being. The 12 zodiac signs – which are symbolised by constellations of Suns in the sidereal zodiac – encode the wisdom and secrets of human consciousness in symbolic form. As quantum theory suggests, the point of view of the observer is all important.

The Sun is a key to understanding the structure and form of the zodiac. We do not know how old the zodiac is, but some clues remain concerning its origin in time. It is often regarded by astrologers as nothing more than a mythological symbol set and in the modern day the tropical zodiac does not even have a correlation with the constellations of stars in the sky – a Sun in the sign of Aries will often be among the stars of Pisces, for example. However, the zodiac is more than just a set of symbols. Signs were once called “zoidia”, a word that signifies a living thing, a picture and the seat of a god. So each sign is really a living picture which is the throne of a godlike entity. The zodiac is a prism or rather the result of Light as it refracts through the spheres to reach the material world in form. By this I mean that human consciousness interacts with the zodiac which is a living Elemental being, and not just a collection of arbitrary lines that we placed on the sky. This zodiac describes the processes that earthbound consciousness goes through in its various expressions of the whole of being available to it for expression. It is intimately connected with the Suns creation of seasons in the year, most markedly through the solstices and the equinoxes, the onset of new seasons which mark the entrance of the Sun into the cardinal, initiatory or Active signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

For creation to occur there must be a polarisation, so that two things can interplay to create a third. The primordial source of all things bi-locates itself through the Akasha as an Electric and Magnetic Fluid from which emerge the 4 Elements, and from their interaction all things are created. The zodiac encodes this wisdom, and shows that the Sun and Moon are the principle roots of the Fluids in our geocentric solar system, but the secret has been hidden. In my book the 26 keys I reveal this secret and show how the order of the zodiac signs is bonded to the Lights as much as it is to the constellations of stars against which the Sun moves.

The Sun then is the primary generator for the Electrical radiation of the other planets, the ‘juice’ that gives them a positive charge. The Electric Fluid expresses itself more in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius (all the Fire and Air signs). These signs are thus ‘diurnal’, or ‘of the day’, and typically people with these signs as Sun signs will naturally identify with the Sun (i.e. they may have greater connection to Sun than Moon), thus with working in yearly cycles (Electric conduction) with the other Sun signs having more of an affinity with monthly work (Magnetic conduction) synthesised with the Moon (and also perhaps more affinity with the Moons position in their chart). Additionally if we are born during the day this also helps us connect with our solar nature and the Electric Fluid more easily (sometimes also giving an affinity with mental plane magic), with the reverse being true if we are born at night after the Sun goes down – then we have an affinity for working with the Magnetic Fluid and the lunar nature (and sometimes have greater affinity with astral magic). These are subtleties mostly lost to astrology today, but astrologers are beginning to wake up to them again.


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