The 26 Keys: Practice Manual (an excerpt)

Hello again, after a long break taking care of my Westie puppy I am re-emerging to share a pdf excerpt from my book with you. This excerpt contains all the information you need to practice, hence I have called it the Practice Manual.


The 26 Keys (image created by Florian Förster)


Contained in this manual are 71 pages from the ‘The 26 Keys’. These 71 pages contain all the information you need to know to begin your own practice. A contents list and short description for the Practice Manual is given below.

If you have absolutely no prior knowledge of astrology you may feel the need to read a few things about the signs, planets and houses, since this part of the book is not provided in the Practice Manual.

However if you are already familiar with astrology the implications of what to do with the Practice Manual should be fairly self explanatory. However, try not to let prior knowledge interfere with your own genuine experience – new things can be discovered this way, things astrologers may have missed – trust your own experience above what you think you know from books, lectures, astrologers, etc. No experience at all can be an advantage in this case.

If you download this link, please leave a note saying thanks in the comment space provided below, or on my Facebook page for The 26 Keys, so that I can evaluate interest. If enough people want it, I will publish a second free pdf later this year containing all the instructions for expanding the work with the keys, and if there is a really surprising response I may reconsider my decision not to e-publish the book. Let me know if this is something you would like to see and as always please also feel free to share any experience you have with the turning of your keys or to submit questions at either of my portals.

 UNDERSTANDING THE 26 KEYS – an explanation of the concepts involved
PRINCIPLES OF ACTIVATING PLANETS – on the essential meaning of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron as transiting influences.
WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY – on the span of time involved in the transits of the activating planets
AS AN ORACLE – cautionary advice on the limitations of using the keys as fortune telling devices
AS SYNTHETIC ASTROLOGY – an explanation of why the keys are free of such limitations when used as intended
CREATING THE 26 KEYS – Introduction
BABAJI’S MASTER KEY – an example master key from the chart of Paramahansa Yogananda
II. CREATING THE SOLAR MAP – the first conductor
BABAJI’S SOLAR MAP – Yogananda’s Electric conductor
WORKING WITH THE SOLAR MAP – beginning work with the first conductor
III. CREATING THE SUN KEY – creating your first turnable key
FORM OF CONDUCTION – 3 forms of basic approach and planet and temple conductions
MANIPULATING THE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY – 3 mechanisms which help to make short lived activations more accessible
EXAMPLE OF ELECTRIC CONDUCTOR – an example of the turning of Yogananda’s Sun key by Electric conduction
IV. CREATING THE MOON KEY – creating the 2nd key
V. CREATING A MAGNETIC CONDUCTOR – creating the 2nd conductor
CONDUCTION BY PHASE – Magnetic conduction by visual display of light
EXAMPLE OF MAGNETIC CONDUCTORS – an example of turning Yogananda’s Moon key by Magnetic conduction
SUMMARY OF TYPES AND METHODS OF CONDUCTION – Summation of your choices when designing a turning of a key
VI. CREATION OF ALL REMAINING KEYS – Completing the basic work by quickly producing the remaining 23 keys
PRIMARY AND SECONDARY FUNCTIONS OF THE KEYS – How to determine what the keys do for you as an individual
PLANETARY SYMPATHIES – On the connections of the planets
PLANETS AND THE FLUIDS – On the connection between the planets and the 2 Fluids
PLANETS AND THE ELEMENTS – On the connection between the planets and the 4 Elements
PLANETARY JOYS – On the connection between planets and temples

 Here is the link:

The 26 Keys-Practice Manual

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29 comments on “The 26 Keys: Practice Manual (an excerpt)

  1. Thank you very much! I was hoping for a “preview” of sorts before buying your whole book (instead of others I want, it’s a very long list…) Just browsing over things it looks very exciting!

  2. hello. a friend of mine told me about the book more than a year ago and more than once. i think now it’s time to read.
    thank you.

    • Thank you for posting and helping me measure the interest! If you have any questions, just let me know, and have fun and great success with your practical exploration of astrology!

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