Timing and the Archer

This will be my last post for 2015. At this time I am working on a long post about the discovery of Neptune, another long essay on house systems, an exploration of Gemini and an article on how The 26 Keys can be applied to shamanic visionquest and magical pathworking techniques. In addition, I have a message from Pluto to deliver. I am hoping that all of those things will manifest in 2016, but it is set to be another very busy year for me, so no promises!

My last post for 2015 is a sharing on Saturn in Sagittarius, which began a 2 year transit this year and has been dominating the news, leading to a ‘year of the refugees’ and a controversial hard line being taken against immigration by a presidential candidate, among other things. This material comes from my notes and will be especially useful (hopefully) to anyone with Saturn in Sagittarius (hello love!) but should also provide food for thought for anyone working with either Saturn or Sagittarius, or for people who are interested in recent events.

I wish you all well on your journeys for the end of one year and the beginning of the next! May your path onward lead you true…


The heat of the Fire sign of Sagittarius itself is generally good for Saturn because it lifts his spirit lending him a genial glow while grounding the spontaneity of Sagittarius, but with Saturn there are always weighty issues. First there will be issues concerning acquiring appropriate long term goals and the taming of the spirit needed to meet them. In youth, Saturn in Sagittarius can feel a lot like a wild horse having a bridle placed over its head. Freedoms enjoyed as a very young child are gradually but rudely stripped away and replaced with responsibilities. At first, it kicks against the imposition of reigns and does not want to be held back or directed by another. It stands too firm and rigid against any pressure that sways it from a hasty and spontaneous course and thereby makes many rash mistakes and impetuous judgments about situations when young and inexperienced. There is a rigid ‘know it all’ attitude that time irons out as experience builds. Once time passes the wild spirit passes out of play and it begins to temper its enthusiastic spirit in a more disciplined and controlled way accepting that greater caution is advised before charging ahead. The passage of time then becomes a means of teaching how to pace and plan ahead realistically. This Saturn is about first acquiring the right target, the bulls-eye, and then not racing to it but gliding in a paced and steady way that never deviates from its course but instead incorporates new paths into an old traditional road.

The relationship with education, knowledge and the traditions of culture and its customs are all being highlighted by this Saturn. We can find them restrictive or they may provide a valuable structure to life. Relationships with elders (or adults when young) have an instructional, teaching purpose to them and we are eager to learn on all levels.

Fear of judgment, fear of dishonesty, fear of imprisonment and bondage and fear of boredom and dullness can become major players in life, taken too seriously and too pessimistically. Saturn in Sagittarius is also fearful of being crippled and immobilised, made inert and lifeless at a physical, emotional or mental level, and all these fears can become dense enough to cause health issues, typically wear, obstruction and contraction, dryness and erosion in the hips and thighs, the liver and the muscular system.

With Saturn in Sagittarius our ideals and our restless aspiring often leads to a serious pursuit of philosophy, religion, law or higher education in order to provide a sense of structure to life which is based on some form of higher wisdom. There can be potent karmic connections to the orthodox schools of thought in these areas – Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other established ideologies which focus on a sacred book or writings are prevalent themes. The development of strict moral codes or adherence to a systematic set of ideals provides a sense of meaning to life over long unfolding periods of time, and we make slow but solid progress by conducting our self according to a narrow path lit by principles of honesty and a search for truth. Learning to trust in the process of adventuring through life is one of the key teachings that life offers but we must beware becoming dogmatic, blinded by idealism, too rigid in our expression of our philosophy or the concepts that underlie it, too afraid that trust is not enough. Strict principles must also be adaptable or they fall into useless dogma that will mire our travels in a paralysing code of conduct.

Without a sense of optimistic trust in the universe this tribe are left stranded and afraid of progress, adrift in a world that has no higher order to guide it – whether that is a system of law, faith or belief. Developing this sense of a concrete purpose to life is going to be very important to these people during the long journey of achieving their most important objectives. In fact they probably did not need to begin this process by acquiring a philosophy, they likely came in with a well established set of ideals and ethical behaviors that they did not really learn, an innate philosophy born of experience which they are seeking to restructure and express in a way that is not so unstable, rigid, brittle, abstracted from modern experience or delusional. So Saturn in the Archer designs life so that we demonstrate practical trust in ourselves and in our intuition, but not rigidly because we must also commit to a restructuring of our intuition and self expression, involving a hard look at what we want to achieve and/or how we express it. Often we have become stuck on some kind of need for status or material recognition which exists only on the horizon like a mirage and need to break out of the cycle of fruitlessly chasing things.

There is also often a fear and a lack of ability to handle disapproval or censure from others, especially those we perceive to have a strong intellect, and to feel resentful if spoken about or thought of critically because our personal reputation is too important to us. Self righteous intellectual or spiritual pride may interfere with happiness. Another common fear of people with Saturn in Sagittarius is of telling the naked truth – they often hold back from full disclosure because they are afraid of being taken as fools, and many are not above cheating and deceiving when they see it as being in a noble cause, but they feel heavily burdened with guilt when they know they are being less than honest. Deception and lies can eat away at them gradually, aging and slowing them with burdens. Guilt about what they feel responsible for is often something they need to confess when things are going wrong.

These people often cannot help but pass judgment on themselves and find themselves at serious fault. They usually have a rigid hold over an internal vision of who they should be and never quite measure up to their own standards. They are trying to build a code of honour and integrity and a structure that reflects some overarching truth, and in the process of seeking an enduring and concrete form of moral behaviour they put themselves through many tests and self interrogations, but they should not be so harsh on themselves or they will lose their own self respect.

Most people with Saturn in this sign will embark on some kind of mission or quest which takes up their entire lives, seeking for truth in ever further territory from where they began. Some even turn this onto others, and become preachy. They have found The Truth, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar or a fool. This is never a good thing from Saturn’s point of view and will eventually come home to roost because any allegations we fling at others are really sourced in our own behaviour which we are denying. The thing with Saturn is, he is the bottom line. The buck stops here, and eventually, if we have been cheating, Saturn will force our hand. We cannot completely escape from the consequences of our own past actions or the imposition of limitations and flaws. It may take time for such things to come to our awareness, but they will crystallise, it is a law of nature. Therefore, we must always be ready to listen to what Saturn has to say about what is and has crystallised, and what is beginning to, both by his birth influences and by activations of his principle in the keys.

This attitude of fear or rigidity in trusting the instincts and of passing judgment on ones own identity blocks this tribe in many ways, not just in terms of perception and knowledge comprehension but in physical terms it blocks their vital energy levels and leads to collapses from spiraling paths of decay. It blocks their understanding of who they really are and what their flaws really are, because they see them everywhere as a broad and general crack running through everything. It blocks progress and true understanding in their professional life because it becomes rigidly affixed to high browed notions that have little or no root in real experience. It blocks complete sharing in relationships because they are afraid of never measuring up to their own high bar. And because of the associations of Sagittarius with traveling and foreign cultures and the link between Saturn and restrictions and delays, holidays or relocation to other countries may present difficulties, especially with bureaucratic and authoritarian obstacles such as passports and visas. It is probably not advisable to visit the more far flung locations associated with such a Saturn except for professional purposes or when seeking a closer encounter with Saturn.

As with Jupiter the connection with Saturn can be bolstered and fed through interaction with anyone born in the same ‘tribe’. With Jupiter, contact and working in tandem produces a greater fruition, prosperity and abundance, but within your Saturn tribe the effort put in determines whether something enduring will be built or the flaws inherent in the weakest link will bring about failure. Below is a recent piece of this pattern with its near future:

Generations of Saturn in Sagittarius (1900-2100)

February 7th 1897 – 16th October 1900 (not including the periods 9th April – October 27th 1897 or 21st January – July 18th 1900)
December 2nd 1926 – 29th November 1929 (not including the period 15th March – 4th May 1929)
January 12th 1956 – January 5th 1959 (not including the period 13th May – October 10th 1956)
November 16th 1985 – November 12th 1988 (not including the period 13th February – June 10th 1988)
September 17th 2015 – 19th December 2017
February 21st 2044 – 22nd October 2047 (not including the periods 25th March – October 31st 2044 or 24th January – July 10th 2047)
December 5th 2073 – 3rd December 2076

Well known individuals who come from this tribe include Charles Darwin, Maya Angelou, Mohandas Gandhi, Chris Carter (“The Truth Is Out There”), Carrie Fisher, Madonna, Michael Jackson, George Gershwin, Noel Coward, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Napoleon II, Heinrich Himmler, Ernest Hemmingway, Louis Braille, Martin Luther King, Fidel Castro, Abraham Lincoln, Grace Kelly, Paul Cezanne, Frederic Chopin, Alfred Hitchcock and George Peppard.

If you belong to this pattern by birth, people in these groups are the people you grow up with, not just in your childhood but throughout your life as whenever Saturn is in Sagittarius he will be wizening each and every one of you, aging you at different stages of life but at the same time, you are maturing together with these people on the same wine rack, you are each pressed from the same kind of grape. When Saturn is in any Fire sign you are each given greater support in building, persisting, handling responsibility or any other Saturn issue. When he is in a Mutable or Reactive sign, pressures and challenges generally increase. When you combine efforts with other people born into the same tribe of Saturn at such times (regardless of how old they are) you can make great progress in almost any area of life if you are prepared to work hard together.

Often the focus of Saturn in Sagittarius, especially before maturity at the age of 30, is a restless seeking for answers and information, questing across every continent of concept and through valleys where notions course like rivers, wandering seemingly forever in search of some illusive and broadly defined truth. With Saturn this quest is often provided with a map, a general lay of the land that is followed either instinctively or given via instructions. In other words, instructions are provided. Saturn is where we have the most rules and the most regulations, and Sagittarius is part of the informative processes of life, so the discipline early on, the rule to follow, is to gain an education, knowledge and a broad pallet of experience. The eagerness to distinguish and establish oneself as a free and philosophical thinker is taken profoundly seriously and certain teachers may become heroic gurus who present you with the challenge of breaking away from your own idolisation of  authority and establishing your own path.

Politically and socially, Saturn in Sagittarius represents a group who are progressive and often attempt to concretely redefine the law or direct the concept of justice. They are motivated by responsibility and often seek it. They often have firm and inflexible attitudes towards religious issues and the matter of state education. They tend to believe that institutions and governments can be made to be positive and constructive factors through the education of the human spirit in its inherent integrity, nobility and moral fiber, that if individual human beings are more honourable and trustworthy it results in a more enlightened administration. Education is often seen as an unassailable right and its denial or impoverishment produces anxiety and fear. There is also a more active xenophobic meme in these generations, or at least a reluctance to physically travel beyond the native land. Any distrust of foreigners shows itself in authoritarian figureheads. People are set adrift amid great hardship and experience closed borders. 

While each individual in this clan has a different set of moral codes they will all be engaged in building them, first by gathering information from experience and then by trying to arrange it into a broader context. They will then try to practice this ethic. This gives them the freedom to construct a moral code of behaviour which is not fettered by traditions and customs but which is truly felt as an honest and integral aspect of being. Many are drawn to religious iconography and symbolism even when they are not religious because the precepts of moral behaviour embodied by the symbols of religion call to them but they refuse to be chained by them in other respects (Madonna being a good example). These are indicators of past life patterns working themselves into present life experience; this generation is steeped in involvement with the karma of religions. Therefore, old religious and sectarian issues often make their presence more firmly known and part of reality.

This generation also tends to measure its members successes according to realisable and realised aspirations, it attributes respect and recognition and status to those who distinguish themselves by pushing back frontiers but who do so without lapsing into idealism and impractical dreaming. Each member of the clan is given an individual capacity to cause high minded ideas to assume concrete form and they measure themselves according to how noble an idea they can realise. Serious weight and consideration are given to the overall purpose and direction of life as Sagittarius is continually questing for something wild and elusive, a tangible connection between the human and the natural world, the ‘right way’. Thus, Saturn in Sagittarius has the potential to become a rock of principled behaviour and gives the possibility to direct ones own and other people’s actions as arrows along specified channels, thereby to excellence in business management and all forms of administration. It understands that the key to good business and project management is often in the directing of activity. However Sagittarius is philanthropic and generous and will tend towards a more altruistic kind of magnate. Success of any kind can cause it to puff up with moralising pride and self assurance, but it is often motivated by a genuine urge to help the needy or to do something good. There is also a commitment to practice what we preach and this makes the individual more trustworthy.

The gifts of this Saturn include gradually building a sense of form, discipline and a depth of concentration which enable us to see how long term dreams and visions can become realities. He gives persistence and flourishing creative peaks later in life after a long journey and imbues dignity through the ability to take a broad and often humorous view of experience. The individual will go through grades of testing and initiation in the temple wherein Saturn is found, encounters which lead them further along a predestined path. What they learn is absorbed thoroughly and can be put to  broad practical use if they are willing to restructure it, and they likely will achieve some degree of prestige, honour and recognition through diligent effort in this respect. Saturn is most rewarding to those who work hard at its agenda and harmonise with its principle, leaving resistance behind completely. Work with him, which requires effort and time, is ultimately our most rewarding personal journey on Earth.

In its essence, this Saturn shows that we will need to develop a structure for our life which incorporates broad and somewhat general levels of knowledge and information and is therefore welcoming to the exotic or things outside of our experience. It is looking for the rules of the order of being and nature and this sets us on a winding, adventurous path, a road that goes ever on and on, but ultimately always leads back to us, to our aspirations and our rules, our understanding, not that of some ultimate answer to everything. However in order to reach this place we have to assemble the necessary lore and acquire the necessary discipline to make it practical. We have an awareness of how established sources of knowledge – institutions like universities and people like teachers – can benefit this process but our Achilles heel is our reliance upon these support structures; in many cases we hold back pursuing the goals we have because of a gnawing sense of insecurity within, an insecurity which revolves around the question of what life ultimately really means, what the arrow point of it is, who we can trust and our idolisation of those whom we perceive to have the truth. Challenges also arise because we are afraid to settle down, equating an anchor with a hangman’s noose, and we therefore move on from situations too impetuously, fearing that if we do not we will whither and age. Once we have faced these challenges, we will feel more secure in life. However, this process will only take shape over time and cannot be rushed.

NOTE: This article will be updated in the future so that it is in keeping with the format of later articles in the series.

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5 comments on “Timing and the Archer

    • 5 times … and I actually did die, just not physically. But because I was, shall we say, astrologically aware, I knew what was happening and could engage with it on a healthier level. I am not sure I will tell the whole story of what happened to me personally, it is too intimate and involves many other people. But I will pass on the message I was given from Pluto to pass on. One of the most important things I learned was how the techniques in The 26 Keys, when used properly, are *very* effective at being able to navigate through the most traumatic kinds of situations we can imagine and in the case of Pluto can lead to a very deep form of interaction with the planet that is not as destructive to our emotional well being. In essence, I learned how Plutonian torments become Plutonian empowerment.

      • oh, i agree with you, yeah as it went very in the gut would be very senseless try to express in words what is meant to be experienced. I’ll not live naturally to have the same in mine but in the future it is meant to pluto (also saturn) to pass on my 8th, bet its gonna be awesome. wish i can use these keys to heal something in the world in the future with pluto. now tell me, it had any physical effect on u, like crazy healing?

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