Astrology and Health (part 2)

Blessings, and welcome back to Journeys! Today I publish the second part of my message about astrology and health, this time focusing on the potential for applying astrology to the remedying of problems and the strengthening of the bodies. If you enjoy this post and you have not done so already, please consider encouraging further posts by becoming my patron.


I want to start by reminding you of what I wrote last month about the nature of health being considered here because it bears repeating when we are thinking about how to treat problems:

‘Health’ is a massively broad and general topic, and even more so when it is viewed from the perspective of astrology which is far more accepting of the relationship between mind, body and feelings than modern medicine is. For the purposes of this writing I am defining health as the quality of life we experience. If we are content with the quality of life we have, we are healthy. Note that we can have missing limbs and still be healthy in this definition – it’s not about having a ‘perfect’ body, at least for the purposes of this writing. A perfect body is one you love being in and are grateful to have been loaned. If you are discontented with the age, state or condition of your body and cannot do anything about those things, you must wake up and realise that you can change the way you feel and think about it, preferably before you make other peoples lives a misery too. A positive attitude and a willingness to learn from the body as its caretaker is essential to most recovery. Whatever discontent or unhappiness there is in the quality of life impacts our overall health, so those grumpy feelings are actually in the way and must be dealt with.

 I am also writing this message from the point of view that the quality of life we experience is a direct result of harmony between mind, body and feelings (or soul, if you prefer). It is my view, born out countless times by experience, that when there is an emotional situation we cannot integrate or a worrying idea that nags us, this eventually manifests somewhere in the physical body. Our bodies can store stories that we have experienced, and when those stories are ignored or repressed, poor health results. These stories become localised in areas of the body which are analogous to the problem. For example, if you have an earache it may be that you have heard something you do not want to hear. The body gives us clues because it wants to be restored to a harmonic balance. Pain and discomfort is therefore interpreted as a beacon drawing the attention of awareness to the area that needs helping.

Please reflect on this as you read and consider the nature of the situation you are dealing with. If this is a matter that pertains to your bodies – physical, astral or mental – then be assured that you already have the solution at hand and you only need to reach the state of awareness that will cause your own knowing to emerge. If the matter relates to someone else, an animal or a human or a plant that is ‘sick’, the task is to perceive what you have to perceive about it, and to use that to enable the healing power of the subject. Every condition that can ail the bodies contains its own solution within it, even when that solution is physical death followed by rebirth.


key-512165_1920There is one law above all others that acts as the key to using astrology in matters of health, and that law is the law of analogy. It is an essential law in all uses of astrology, and so I should define it. It is sometimes called the law of correspondences and the most widely used definition appears in the Kybalion:

The Principle of Correspondences

‘As above, so below’

This Principle embodies the truth that there is always a Correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes of Being and Life. The old Hermetic axiom ran in these words: “As above, so below; as below, so above.” And the grasping of this Principle gives one the means of solving many a dark paradox, and hidden secret of Nature.

I would add to this definition ‘as within, so without’, because it is especially important in matters of health and it takes us out of the mindset which the Kybalion definition implies, which is of our reality being a mirror of something ‘above’ it (and vice versa). The relationship of correspondences is multi-dimensional, not vertically hierarchical, although some analogies express essential meaning more clearly or inclusively than others. For example, from the colour ‘red’, one can draw analogies to ‘Mars’ or to ‘blood’ or to kabbalistic ‘Geburah’, which are three very different things, but they correspond through the colour red. If you draw a Martian analogy with ‘red’, you by default draw analogies between ‘red’ and all other analogies of ‘Mars’, for example ‘iron’ (the traditional metal of Mars). Interestingly, if instead you draw an analogy between ‘red’ and ‘blood’ you also get to ‘iron’, because of the iron in the blood, and the colour of rusted iron. This is revealing the law of analogies as it pertains to a specific colour. So in astrology and particularly in health matters its this web of correspondences that you are looking for and seeking to increase your awareness of. Your mind must be able to converse in the rich language of this law and be able to perceive the correspondences that will bring about a restoration of harmony and wholeness to what has been diagnosed.


One thing that should be remembered and reflected upon with great depth is the fact that the law of analogies is truly infinitely open-ended. There is always a connection between everything that is, because everything that is, is One is. As I said, it is only that essential meaning is more clearly and inclusively expressed through some analogies than others (for example ‘red’ and ‘London bus’ is really only applicable if you know what a London bus looks like), and those things which do have strong connections by analogy are actually always expressing the same connection, the same analogy, which is that everything is One. Therefore the inventive mind can draw parallels between any two things, and so work with the law of analogy in a magical way, and if it knows what it is doing it will involve symbols which clearly express the resonance between those things, their language of Unity, and so bring wholeness and healing to where it is needed in the manner it is needed.

In part one of this message I suggested some ways in which a diagnosis of an astrological condition can be made, with the intention of sourcing it in a chart. At the end of that process you should have arrived at an idea of which area of the chart is most resonant with the problem that needs to be treated. So the next step is to understand the analogies of these factors and work with their essences to safeguard against illness or to restore equilibrium to the body when it is lost.

This is a truly vast area since the approaches are literally infinite, from talismans to the magic of the astral light, kabbalah, colours, stones, plants, sounds, animal magic, landscapes and natural phenomena, etc. Astrology can provide us with very specific but endlessly creative guidelines for working with our health, and here I can I only begin your potential exploration of this subject by outlining four simple but powerful approaches that can be used in any combination or apart, and alongside or separate from the methods I explain in The 26 Keys’.  The best results will come from using healing tactics at times appropriate to the keys you are trying to gain help with. Below I will summarise each of these approaches, but I want to be clear here that these  are not intended to be received as any kind of ‘gospel’ on treating health according to astrology; they are merely examples and serve as starting points for the development of your own health program.

The four approaches I will discuss are:

  • PERSONAL ALCHEMY (or character transformation – working through the most unwholesome or unhealthy chart factors which are at the root of ailments)
  • ASTROMAGICAL NUTRITION (or diet – consciously introducing and strengthening astrological principles in the body through the consumption of foods which naturally support it and help counter inherent weaknesses)
  • NATURAL WORLD MEDICINE (or plant lore – use of herbs and plants or other natural lore which carry planetary principles into form)
  • ASTRO-ENERGETICS (or bodywork – energising the body through conscious interaction with astrological principles)

These techniques are all very simple and require only rudimentary skill in creative imagination to practice, if any. On the other hand they are potentially very deep subjects you can completely immerse your self in, if you wish. And once again they are not the only approaches, I have just picked four huge ones to point out here.

First though, I want to give you some general advice on therapeutic treatment with astrology.



The first point to make is that you can treat by sympathy or antipathy, meaning you can try to undermine a problem and cause it to collapse (antipathy) or you can ‘massage’ a problem with the intention of soothing it into harmony. To treat with sympathy you select analogies which are in sympathy with the condition, for example, if the condition is related to Mars, you draw on the analogies of Mars (including the sign he is in). To treat with antipathy you select a contrary analogy, for example with Mars you might use Venus in antipathy, the idea being to balance an imbalance by strengthening its opposite (planets which rule or are exalted in opposite signs are in antipathy to one another, as are  Jupiter and Saturn and Sun and Moon), or you might draw on a planet in aspect to your Mars which can counteract it (usually this will be a strong planet in a square or opposition to Mars, but not necessarily).

Obviously, its a good idea to know which approach will work best, and to do that you need to know how the dis-ease has been caused. The cure is determined by the cause. Really there is no formula for this, and a sympathetic remedy is most often sufficient because a condition contains its own remedy, but the guideline is that if it is caused through sympathetic resonance it is treated that way, and if it caused by antipathetic resonance it is treated with an antipathy. A problem will arise from sympathy if it arises from a powerfully dignified planet such as one in its own sign or in exaltation, or if it comes from a sextile or trine involving a health sensitive planet. Conjunctions are sympathetic unless they arise from planets in antipathy. A problem also arises from sympathy if its nature stems from the area of the body naturally corresponding to the planet or sign that is the astrological root of the problem, for example if the problem area is Saturn and the bones or skin are affected, then it arises from sympathy and should be treated with Saturn remedies, or if it is migraine and it arises from Mercury in Aries, then it is sympathetic and should be treated with Mercury and Aries remedies. If a problem stems from a planet in a sign of its fall or detriment, or is not in a sympathetic sign and is positioned at the end of many squares and oppositions (natal, transit or progression), or if it involves an aspect from a planet which it has a natural antipathy with (see below), treat it with antipathy. If a condition arises from a frail and under-energised or weak area of the astrology, you might also give it sympathy to strengthen it, and if it arises from a blasted and over-energised area, you might give it antipathy to reduce the supply and direct or store the energy elsewhere.

 Here is a handy list of the natural antipathies of the planets which I use:

 Traditional Planets

Saturn is in antipathy with the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and with Aries, Cancer and Leo.

Jupiter is in antipathy with Mercury, Mars and Saturn and with Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn.

Mars is in antipathy with the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and with Taurus, Cancer and Libra.

Venus is in antipathy with Mercury, Mars, Saturn and with Aries, Virgo and Scorpio.

Mercury is in antipathy with Venus and Jupiter and with Sagittarius and Pisces.

The Moon is in antipathy with the Sun, Mars and Saturn and with Scorpio and Capricorn.

The Sun is in antipathy with the Moon, Venus and Saturn and with Libra and Aquarius.

Notice how relatively neutral Mercury is in this scheme, and how loaded with antipathy Mars and Saturn are, the two ‘malefic’ planets.

 Tentative Suggestions for Modern Objects

Uranus is in antipathy with the Sun, Venus and Saturn and the signs Taurus and Leo

Neptune is in antipathy with Mercury, Mars and Saturn and the signs Aries and Virgo

Pluto is in antipathy with the Moon, Venus, and Saturn and the signs Taurus and Cancer

Chiron seems to be in antipathy with Mercury, Jupiter and the signs Gemini and Pisces.

Take these tentative suggestions as food for thought and consideration. Nobody has had nearly enough time to settle this matter yet.

Thus if the diagnosis leads to a Mars in Aries who is in a conjunction or sextile with the Sun, go with sympathy based treatment and use the Mars or Sun remedies, while if it stems from a Saturn in Leo with an opposition from the Sun in Aquarius, the problem is about Saturn being in an antipathy steeped resonance and the treatment should then be drawn from the antipathies of Saturn. The matter is often complex and nuanced, so when in doubt, apply sympathy because as I said conditions contain their own remedy, but if this fails to show an immediate response, try antipathy instead.


That’s the first point. The second point is that from your diagnosis in part one you should already have a lot of information about the astrological makeup of the situation. You might have determined a particular Element as too weak or too strong, or a temple to be involved in the condition. Before you begin with any treatment you should give careful consideration to all of these findings. A good way to do this is just to list them and look at them all together on a piece of paper. Do any themes emerge, and if so what is the chart itself suggesting as a remedy? If there are many oppositions to the Moon and they are natal rather than transiting, is there a transit or progression that is perhaps triggering a strong reaction? What is the time span of that influence? If that Moon is also receiving a trine from a strong natal Jupiter, is that aspect enhancing and aggravating the problems of the condition by sympathy (unlikely but possible) or could it be drawn upon to supply relief, and if so what does the symbolism suggest? If you actually know which area of the body is affected, look at the analogous place in the chart – what stands out immediately, if anything? As an example, if the person involved is having heart issues I will immediately think of the Sun and Leo and if I do not find a natal influence that could account for problems with the Sun or Leo I will start looking for a transit and then a progression. If I do not find anything in those areas (which is rare – I almost always do find what seems to be most obviously involved to be involved), I will start to look for another potential source, because if it is a major issue it will always be represented by a major factor somewhere. The point is your initial diagnosis is a starting point, and at this stage you want to be opening your mind to healing potential, not narrowing it based on a preliminary finding. At some point though you have to formulate a response to the condition, and that is where my four approaches come in. Again, these four techniques are just four examples, there are many ways to proceed, and each person needs to find their own particular handle on the situation. I know very little about traditional Chinese medicine, for example, but it could easily use the diagnosis of the chart and apply it to the methods it uses.



The first method I will put forward is one that most astrologers and magicians already do very regularly, because both are committed to a path of self initiation. This is intentional self transformation and to my mind it is THE healing technique. In this method of treatment the goal is to understand the root of the problem being experienced and enable a transformation of character that leads to a transformation of life. The astrologer will understand this as the magic through which the symbolism of the chart can stay the same but change its shape, it can evolve (being a living thing) and the person working with it can influence the shape of its expression (Mars in Aries does not have to be insensitive or brutally antagonistic, for example). The magician will understand this in terms of the process of finding an equilibrium of the Elements in the soul or astral body – the essence of health – through the intentional transformation of the personal character so that it is a pristine expression of the true and individual self as it moves through time and space.

There are literally volumes written about this matter in astrology today, and much of it is worth reading. Astrology has a great deal to offer those walking a magical path of initiation, especially in terms of healing potential and the equilibrium. Many deep and insightful thinkers have written on the nature of the transformative power of astrology and its capacity to inspire and even ignite meaningful change in life and character. Sadly, far less has been written about the matter from a magical perspective (see Rawn Clarks ‘A Bardon Companion’  for the most comprehensive and freely available coverage that I have read) – the trappings of magic today often focus on the acquisition of magical skills and ignore the fact that the character has to be magically transformed before those skills can be used magically. So to the magicians reading this I would confidently say that next to your own introspection there is no greater asset to your magical equilibrium than a knowledge of your own astrology. It is, without a doubt, the most reliable, accessible and effective tool in the field of personal alchemy that I know of. It enables preparedness where there is often none. I have lost count of the times when I have known way ahead of time that I was going to be experiencing a transformation at a particular point in my life, and most of those times I have also known how to prepare for it, what the gist of it would be – and not just for myself but for those I know. Without its light I feel like I am setting off into a dark jungle at night with no preparation. I am in no way special in this respect – every practicing astrologer reading this will also be nodding their heads. In the matter of health of course, prevention is often said to be worth a lot of cure.

In turning to astrology as a tool on the path to healing you have already made a choice to seek personal alchemy even if you do not realise it – the problem you are experiencing will involve a transformation of your character, one you may or may not like but one which you should try to embrace as a necessary medicine or as part of the process you need to go through. This can be a chaotic process which you cannot control if the situation involves one of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. A breakdown of the old order and its static patterns may then be necessary (and you might actually enjoy that, so don’t fret ahead of time). This is part of what makes these factors so difficult for many people – the resistance to them happening and the resistance to the lack of control they suddenly find in the situation. If this factor can be removed or neutralised or at least accepted and made a part of the journey, it will help considerably with these powerful influences both immediately and increasingly so further down the line. This holds true for any influence and situation which we find to be a problem, but with health matters and with these planets it is particularly relevant. It literally erects a barrier in front of healing through personal alchemy.

faerie kingdom

Here is the nub of it: by alchemically transforming the chart, by the raising of the awareness of its potential, through the actualizing of the essential meaning of the chart and the releasing of its energy, the bodies are always healed. Look especially to the planets, aspects, signs and Elements you have diagnosed as being involved in your situation, but also to all the problematic and disruptive energies – the squares, oppositions and any other areas where you identify the most critical work to be done. Look then at the whole of the chart, ignoring nothing and relating it all to the issue. If you are trying to help someone else your goal is to identify the root cause of the persons problem astrologically and then to suggest ways in which they might start thinking of the situations it represents differently, in ways that bring them closer into alignment with what their chart expresses when it is a healthy expression. Seek to identify what it is that is trying to emerge through the situation, what message it is expressing about life or circumstances, and then look for the next step to forward that process, engaging with it lovingly and patiently. In effect, seek to transform the experience of a problem into one of opportunity using the astrological symbolism to guide you.

You or the patient are your own best guide in this and in what needs to be done, but the keys provide you with powerful tools with which to maximise the effect of the work. Conduction can be employed around an activation of the problem area and the situation thus engaged with consciously. You could use the information about antipathy and sympathy to select an appropriate conductor for the key, but most of the time you will be using the Magnetic form of conduction because of its convenience and periodicity. This is fine, but be aware of the Moons antipathy towards the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Scorpio and Capricorn. She is not an effective conductor in treating a sympathetic condition arising from these things, but she can be a highly effective antipathetic conductor for their treatment.

bottle-984337_1920It is also possible to magically contain and store the healing energy of planets and signs in objects for use at a later date, either for oneself or other people. However great care must be taken when storing things for other people that ones own astrology does not imprint itself too strongly on the result and this means that using ones keys is unwise. In this case it would be better to use only the transiting planets for the conduction and to time the charging of the object for an auspicious moment when the Moon (and/or Sun) interacts well with the planet or sign that is being sought.

In practice it is also unwise to begin or end a cycle intended for healing under the void of course Moon, whether you are using your own keys or the transiting worlds. The only time I would advise this is for when you wish to banish something. The astral world is at rest during these periods and things do not ‘take’ so easily, instead they can be encouraged to loosen their grip.

The waxing and the waning of the Moon can also have a significant effect on any health problems we experience, and the passage of the Moon through certain signs while someone is ill will often show a clear pattern of things worsening for them in certain signs while improving in others. This is all extremely valuable information that can help with personal alchemy, with getting to the root of the issues and with being prepared for the times of crisis (which means literally ‘turning point’).

In getting to the root of the problem, remember that it can be physical, astral or mental, and apply the remedy that is appropriate in the same way as for sympathy and antipathy – for example, you may have a planet in antipathy that is resonant with the pain of being born without legs. Here the root is physical and so the application of the antipathetic remedy must also be physical. Problems which have a mental root are often the easiest to remedy, given enough counseling or meditation, while problems with an astral root have more to them that needs unpicking, unraveling and going through but they all eventually yield and shift. Problems with a physical root are often the hardest of all to fully remedy, and in some cases it is impossible, but in most cases it is possible with enough time and effort being made to see a meaningful improvement in the physical symptoms that show. If in doubt about the root causes, apply an astral remedy. This is because the astral acts as the intermediary between the mental and physical bodies, and so has more facility to affect them all. Just be aware that astral remedies need time and periodic application to bring about physical changes.

Astral remedy, is, of course, the prime agent of personal alchemy, and it is here that the modern world of the magician has something in return for the astrologer – the writings of the Czech magician Franz Bardon contain concrete information on exactly how a character trait can be transformed. He advises first grouping the character traits into two ‘mirrors’, one Black Mirror and one White Mirror, which reflect the virtues and vices we perceive in ourselves after due internal refection. In other words the first step is looking within, and identifying the quality that is present within us that we need to transform, and what to transform it into or with – and it is about knowing the self, about proceeding from self awareness. Astrology obviously can add a lot of objectivity to this process and it facilitates a lot of detailed analysis, but the real magic is with your own inner reflection. 

With this knowledge we can then lay in wait, as it were, for the negative quality to rear its ugly head, and then through an act of will arrest it and step in with what we seek to replace it with. The key knowledge here is that it is only in the moment of the quality rearing up that we can transform it, and we need to know what we are going to do with it when that happens. It is always a part of ourselves that we have to change in order to trigger healing through personal alchemy, but we have to grasp it in the now moment, because that is all there is. This is especially important for problems that have a physical component like addiction, which may need to be arrested in the now moment many times before they vacate it. 

In this process, we may find that there are ‘shells’ or ‘Russian dolls’ in the soul of the personality that continually reveal new faces and entities dwelling within us, and often we will come to realise that some of these parts of us are responsible for many ills in our lives. We must not shun the haunted child or the guilt ridden adult when this comes to light. We must instead seek to understand why they are still there – what positive and constructive purpose did they once serve but which has now become decrepit and negative for our lives, and how can that original intention be reinvented, changed and updated? Again, what is seeking to emerge through the forces that shape our lives at this time of change, and how can we take the next step in that process ourselves? These are the steps towards healing ourselves on any level.

magic-1129363_1280Another way to cause character transformations by magic is in the simple practice of ‘charging’ the water and the food that we drink. Bardon presents this in the first step of initiation, so it is for people with no prior experience of magic. The method employs the Akasha principle which is universally present in all that exists. You simply wish the desired effect into the food and water with all of the creative imagination you have, binding it to the matter, and dwell upon this while consuming the substance, imagining that you absorb and transfer this quality to yourself as you eat or drink. Another way is through the practice of conscious breathing – another ‘first step’ magical technique – which involves not only concentrating on inhaling the quality we wish and exhaling the quality we desire to release, but eventually doing so through the entire body via the pores in the skin, using the creative imagination.

Observant readers may have noticed that Bardon gave four methods for transforming the character, one for each of the 4 Elements:

  • Fire: using the will and overpowering the emergence of the trait as it happens
  • Air: conscious pore breathing
  • Water: magic of the chalice
  • Earth: magic of the Eucharist

So there is a direct correspondence between these four rudimentary magical skills and the Elements of the signs in astrology, one that can be drawn upon when formulating a treatment, but the advice I would give is that all four should be used together to produce the most dramatic result in terms of personal alchemy. If you apply all four of these methods consistently (i.e. you are determined and do not switch the goal posts on yourself by changing the intention) it is my experience that you cannot fail to induce a healing transformation. Additionally, some information in the next sections of this message may be helpful in shaping the treatment, particularly in respect of food and drink. It is my experience that the four magical methods given by Bardon are extremely effective in causing character transformation to ‘stick’ and so I strongly recommend all astrologers investigate them using their knowledge of astrology – there are many, many things for the field to discover in this area! These four skills can also be applied to the turning of keys and all of the advice that follows and can produce very powerful remedies this way.

I have given some concrete advice in this discussion of personal alchemy but in essence this technique is the simplest and broadest and can be summed up in one phrase – self development makes us more whole.



Food is fuel, but it is more than this, it is also what our bodies become on a cellular level. Food is not merely physical either – it is also astral and mental, as many dinner parties throughout the ages attest to. Its not just that eating has an astral and mental component, a shared experience and ritual element, but also that our astral and mental bodies require as much nourishment as our physical bodies do, only they do not feast on matter but instead on the richness of significance and meaning.

Everything we eat also has a specific physical, astral and mental structure that we consume when we consume it. This structure is composed of how it was produced as well as what it is. Life is continually feeding on life and continually feeds itself to other life. One of the most important transformations in this habit we can make is in becoming conscious of what we are eating and what it is doing to our bodies. We need to become aware of our diet. ‘Diet’ is often perceived to be a bit of a dirty word these days, it is loaded with negativity as a thing that we do when we don’t want to look the way we do or when health problems force it upon us, however it is really just a way of caring for the body and only becomes destructive if we take it too far.

The balance of the Elements will often show a predilection towards certain tastes and eating habits, as well as showing ways the natural balance of the Elements can be changed through dietary change:

  • Fire obviously is analogous to hot and spicy foods, and tends to eat quickly and ‘on the go’, with little thought. When Fire is strong it tends to burn through the energy supply in food leading to exhausted conditions, while when it is low the combustive process of digestion is weak and the body finds it hard to fight off infections. Low Fire should take in more foods that are warming, spicy and piquant, while high Fire should cut them down and introduce fuels that burn slowly and are colder.
  • Water, on the other hand, often likes its liquor and oils, dairy products, its seafood and moist, watery foods, and it tends to habits of eating which are based on emotional factors, with moods strongly influencing diet. When it is strong the body has a slower metabolism and the system is flooded and sluggish, while when it is weak the process of filtration through the kidneys and the elimination of toxins is also weak. Strong Water suggests a less sugary and fatty diet with more beans and steamed vegetables and a low Water content in the chart suggests physical water intake be increased and foods which are watery such as melon and cucumber as well as dairy products be emphasised.
  • Air is an Element with a diet that tends to snack and to eat irregularly, often liking to make it a social occasion and enjoying foods which have variety and a newness to them. It tends to like frivolous and snack foods, light meals with thought put into them and gassy, frothy, bubbly things that melt in the mouth. It also likes raw foods sometimes. When it is weak it weakens the nervous system and can affect respiration, and when it is strong it can bring hypertension, insomnia and overall restlessness to the body. The foods for a strong Air to be brought back into balance are light but substantial foods with a rich energy content like nuts and vegetable juice while those for a weak Air need to have a kind of kick to them like mustard, garlic, onion or ginger.  
  • Earth is a slower eater and is usually either into comfort foods, heavy and rich foods and sweetness or alternatively has a taste for fruits, nuts and grains (things which can be grown and farmed by hand and hard work). The habits are often to eat at regular times and also to keep the diet static and without change – Earth likes the status quo to be preserved, and so it also often enjoys traditional, well established foods over any fads. As with Water the metabolism is slow, but with Earth the problem is often compounded by a lack of lubrication. Weight gain is often a dietary issue. Strong Earth can be brought into balance by abstaining from heavy, stodgy and rich foods and instead eating plenty of fruit, soups and light vegetables, while weak Earth can be bolstered through the common diet of meat and vegetables, especially potatoes, as well as dairy products like cream, butter and cheese.

foodiesfeed.com_cooking-shrimps-with-spinach-outsideThe signs also have very strong connections to particular foods. Cancer and Virgo have the strongest connections to digestion and eating, with Taurus running a close third. Happenings in these signs can affect the appetite and the things we crave very directly. On a literal level, the zodiac being named mostly after animals and human beings across the globe basically having a diet that involves eating every animal that there is, even the scorpion, many of the zodiac signs correlate exactly with food. This is not a good way of going about it though, since a diet of scorpions or insects (for a Scorpio diet) does not sound appealing to many people (although some Scorpio types may well get a kick out of it!), and I really don’t think we should be eating any more lions at this stage. You can look further afield for the foods that are  analogous to signs – for instance,  Taurus is not only analogous to beef but also to cows milk, common orchard fruits (especially green apples) and even chocolate. With a little reflection, you can come up with some more food analogies to the signs. Just look at what you eat, why you enjoy it, think about where it comes from and how it has been processed. Taurus, for example, is not just about green foods and beef, it has the connection to Venus that brings a love of sweetness and thereby it governs the pleasure and the comfort we gain from eating – every item of food is a specific kind of pleasure, but its generally all pleasurable, and that’s the Taurus part – and its also about farming methods which are largely done by hand, without agricultural chemicals, and which require considerable patience and physical labour by someone to produce. Remember that the signs are processes, they are more like adjectives than nouns. This is how you can lead your mind out of the stereotypes into genuine inspiration.

If you are stuck with this, you could fall back on the zodiacal salts. The signs of the zodiac are analogous to the 12 physical cell salts which make up the biochemical balance and structure of the body. These essential minerals govern the physical balance in the body and each has a specific biological action when in excess or depleted. Each is present within us in differing degrees, and they are held in relative proportions:


  • Aries – Potassium Phosphate (Kali Phosphoricum)
  • Taurus – Sodium Sulphate (Natrum Sulphuricum)
  • Gemini – Potassium Chloride (Kali Muriaticum)
  • Cancer – Calcium Fluoride (Calcarea Fluoricum)
  • Leo – Magnesium Phosphate (Magnesia Phosphoricum)
  • Virgo – Potassium Sulphate (Kali Sulphuricum)
  • Libra – Sodium Phosphate (Natrum Phosphoricum)
  • Scorpio – Calcium Sulphate (Calcarea Sulphuricum)
  • Sagittarius – Silica (Silicia)
  • Capricorn – Calcium Phosphate (Calcarea Phosphoricum)
  • Aquarius – Sodium Chloride (Natrum Muriaticum)
  • Pisces – Ferrum Phosphate (Ferrum Phosphoricum)

The rising sign salt is often especially beneficial to health but may be excessive in which case disorder in the body will result through over-stimulation. The same may be true of the salt corresponding to the sign of the ruling planet. The sign which controls the affairs of the 6th temple can show which of these salts is most likely to be lacking in the body or is not properly assimilated from food or is destroyed or used up quickly. Planets in the 6th temple can also indicate situations affecting this chemical balance (whether by natal or key activation influence). The sign containing the ruler of the 6th temple can also behave this way. Additionally, the Sun sign can also be used as a general indicator to show which of these cell salts we are burning up at a greater rate of combustion. Other salts of which we may need more are those represented by the Moons sign, Chiron’s sign, or any sign which has 4 or more planets in it. Probably the most important ones are salts for the rising sign, the 6th temple sign, the sign of the 6th temples ruler and Sun and Moon sign.

Don’t worry you won’t need your chemistry books . The 12 biochemical salts are commonly available as tablets often used in homeopathy (although the minerals themselves are not homeopathic), but I think it is far better for nutritive purposes to use natural sources found in foods. To get you started, here are some common sources of natural foods containing the relevant minerals for these signs, along with some of their biological actions:

  • Potassium Phosphate (Aries): is a nerve nutrient which sharpens concentration and helps maintain a calm and contented disposition. Any condition rooted in nerve degeneration or with nervous symptoms can be remedied with this salt. A lack of this salt can lead to depression, a lack of pep and insomnia. It is naturally available in Brazil nuts, whole wheat, milk, yoghurt, seeds, fish, tomatoes, brown rice and lentils, walnuts, olives, onions, spinach, banana, figs, pumpkin, lettuce, cauliflower and broccoli.
  • Sodium Sulphate (Taurus): This mineral regulates the amount of water in the body, the transition of fluids across cell walls, and proper blood pH. Sodium is easily absorbed in the small intestine and stomach and transported through the blood to the kidneys where it is filtered out of the body. Sodium is important for proper digestion in the stomach, nerve function, and muscle contractions. It also helps keep the blood soluble, and aids in the elimination of carbon dioxide from the body. It is found in asparagus, beets, cauliflower, cabbage, turnip, horse radish, spinach, cucumber, onions, pumpkin, raw nuts and fresh cranberries, celery, alfalfa, bell peppers, brown rice, Echinacea root, eyebright herb, goldenseal root, green leafy vegetables, horsetail grass, liver, a mother’s milk, soybeans and whole grains.
  • Potassium Chloride (Gemini): This salt plays an important function in the blood where it is involved in the creation of a substance called fibrin, a clotting agent. Thus, a lack of fibrin is a cause of haemophilia. Apart from this the mineral has many effects on the circulation and the activation of cell platelets. A deficiency of this substance can lead to problems being made manifest through the circulation of blood to various organs of the body. It is also connected to processes which keep the airways of the body unclogged. For foods rich in this salt eat asparagus, carrots, spinach, apricots, tomatoes, brown rice, almonds, celery, green beans, plums, apples, peaches, raisins and oranges.
  • Calcium Fluoride (Cancer): This salt helps to keep blood vessels, muscles and connective tissue supple and elastic and is involved in the surface of bones and enamel. Its use is indicated in homoeopathy when there are problems with circulation, varicose veins or muscular weakness, etc. It is readily available in wholegrain bread, whole milk, fish, oysters, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, carrots, lettuce and cheese.
  • Magnesium Phosphate (Leo): Is a constituent of muscles, nerves, brain, bone, spine, teeth and blood corpuscles. It helps to create the white fibres of the muscles and nerves. It uses water and albumen to form the transparent fluid, which nourishes the white threads and fibres of nerves and muscles. The deficiency of this salt allows the fibres to contract, causing spasms, cramps, convulsions and other nervous phenomena. It is a remedy to be thought of in all maladies having their origin in nerve cells and in the muscular tissue. It is particularly indicated in lean, thin, emaciated persons of a highly nervous temperament. A patient with deficiency is always languid, tired and easily exhausted. For foods naturally rich in this salt add whole wheat and rye products, almonds, cashews, walnuts, sunflower seeds, figs, lemons, apples, peaches, coconut, rice, seafood, beets, asparagus, and egg yolk to the diet. Consuming a wide assortment of green vegetables, beans and whole grains daily ensures you will meet dietary needs in this area.
  • Potassium Sulphate (Virgo): This salt carries oxygen to the cells, regulates oils in the physical body and is essential for muscular contraction. It therefore aids the excretion through the pores of the skin, assisting kidney function and digestion. If lacking in the body it shows as dandruff, poor digestion, gas, a yellow coating on the tongue, congestion and coughing which worsens in the evening, yellow mucus and yellow crusts on the eyelids. It is found rich in cauliflower, lettuce, cabbage, onions, celery, Brussels sprouts, lamb, lean beef, oats, whole wheat bread, almonds, tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • Sodium Phosphate (Libra): The Libra salt balances acids in the body and thus aids digestion. It is the remedy for an excess of lactic acid or an excess of sugar in the blood. If lacking in the body it shows itself as abdominal region upsets, diarrhoea, headache in the crown of the head, eyes being glued together in the morning and pain after eating. It is found in high concentrations in strawberries, apples, raisins, almonds, peas, corn, carrots, spinach, beets, radishes, tomato juice, wheat, brown rice and oatmeal, cottage cheese, eggs, buttermilk, citrus fruits and their juices, lentils, asparagus and parsley.
  • Calcium Sulphate (Scorpio): This salt is a blood purifier which discharges toxins and cleans out accumulations of organic matter in the blood and tissues. Its deficiency is therefore often visible as acne, boils, secretions of pus, catarrh and other kinds of suppuration. It is the prime ingredient in the repair of tissues and resistance to infectious diseases. The nose, mouth, throat, esophagus, reproductive organs, and intestinal pathways need this mineral for healthy functioning. A deficiency opens the way to colds and sinus infections that hang on forever, skin eruptions which do not heal, and infertility. Foods high in this salt are onions, asparagus, garlic, watercress, mustard, leeks, radishes, figs, black cherries, prunes, gooseberries, lettuce, cabbage, turnips, egg yolks, celery, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, milk, radishes, tomatoes and coconuts.
  • Silica (Sagittarius): This mineral – quartz – contributes to a healthy nervous system and acts on the organic substances of the body like bones, glands, joints and skin. A deficiency can make clear thinking difficult because it is used in brain tissue. In homeopathy it is also used as a remedy for ulceration, tonsillitis, scrofula, swellings of the glands and foot sweats. Lack of silica can make sores and receding gums more common, and also shows itself in lifeless hair and dull skin. Sources of silica can be obtained from the skin of fruits and vegetables, raw salads, green peppers, figs, strawberries, pears, apples, potatoes, oats, the husks of grains, whole-grain cereals and egg yolk.
  • Calcium Phosphate (Capricorn): This is the bone-cell salt, the most important for the skeletal system. It restores strength to the body and is helpful in recovering from illness as well as being good for the bones and teeth. It is found naturally in enriched yogurts, milks and cheeses (particularly concentrated cheese such as swiss and ricotta), artichokes, collard greens, taro, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, walnut, almond, potato, whole wheat, brown rice and figs.
  • Sodium Chloride (Aquarius): This salt is responsible for the distribution of physical water in the system (the salts for Taurus, Libra and Aquarius act on the water content of the body as follows: the Libra salt creates the water through the splitting up of lactic acid, the Aquarius salt distributes it, and the Taurus salt regulates it). Since its action distributes moisture its deficiency shows itself in dryness of the openings of the body, overheating, itching around the head and problems with elimination. It is also a good remedy for any tiredness and nervous exhaustion. It is found in onions, celery, ocean fish, lobster, oyster, tomatoes, almonds, apples, oranges, lemons, spinach, peaches, pecans, lentils, sauerkraut, egg yolks, radishes, Swiss chard, Roquefort and goats cheese.
  • Ferrum Phosphate (Pisces): This salt – which is known more commonly as iron – has an affinity for oxygen which it attracts and carries throughout the body. It therefore gives strength to the blood and so also the tissues, bones and organs of the body. A deficiency leads to a higher temperature, low blood pressure, anaemia, inflammations, poor resistance to infection, insomnia, fevers, congestion and raised pulse. Conditions ending in ‘-itis’,( e.g. arthritis) are considered inflammatory. Foods that are rich in iron are liver, lean beef, lamb, egg yolks, oysters, kidneys, whole-grain cereals, barley, dried beans, beet, spinach, onions, lettuce, raisins, dates, apricots, peaches, grapes, apples, lemons, oranges. parsley, strawberries, radishes, cucumbers, almonds, prunes, plums, figs, mushrooms and lima beans.

Planets are also analogous to foods and food groups (especially plants – see below), with Mars (hot and spicy) and Venus (sweet and fragrant) being the obvious ones. This can be especially important in cases where an aspect is at the root of a health disturbance, which is most often the case. Venus in opposition to Jupiter, for example, can be addicted to sweet things, especially if Taurus is involved. In these cases you want to formulate a dietary response that counteracts whatever you perceive to be the astrological root of the matter, either by sympathy or antipathy.

By gently and naturally introducing more quantities of these cell salts into your diet using your intuition as a guide you can compensate for the bodies natural needs and any identified deficiency. These foods could also be tuned and charged in the Akasha as per step 1 of ‘Initiation into Hermetics’ to increase and target their healing effects, as mentioned earlier. By repetition and through the law of attraction on the mental plane your imagination will eventually draw to you the dietary result that you have intended, within realistic restrictions (i.e. it will clearly not re-grow severed limbs, etc). This result can be connected with the zodiacal sign you are working with or perhaps a specific illness.



Where we can best employ the signs of the zodiac to delineate an astrological approach to diet and nutrition, we benefit more from a use of the analogies of the planets to supply us with appropriate natural medicine in the form of herbs and the magic of plants. This is because the plant kingdom is ruled astrologically by planetary forces (with the Moon as the focal centre of life) and the signs generally rule over Elemental processes or beings, which express themselves as substance more in minerals and salts. However there are notable exceptions to this, such as the fact that stones and metals come under the purview of planets rather than signs (contrary to ‘New Age’ ideology which holds that there are stones for every sign).

This is a huge field about which many volumes could be written. Natural world medicine includes herbal remedies, flower remedies, animal magic and alchemical solutions (tinctures, stones, etc.) and all forms of healing which draw upon the bounty of the natural world. These are most effectively applied in consultation with a specialised and experienced practitioner, but here I will provide some guidance to consider, concentrating on the use of simple herbal remedies that anyone can prepare at home.

aroma-906137_1920Every plant is a living being with an awareness of your astral being that is as clear to them as your awareness of their physical being is. In other words, they have eyes that see our souls. These eyes are compassionate, empathetic and respond to the pain in other beings with a nurturing instinct. Furthermore they are all able to open within us the equivalent astral senses so that we can communicate with them more directly and perceive something of their world. Therefore the astral-emotional interaction you have with them is a vital channel of communication and one that can be cultivated in many different but equally magical ways. However, and this is critical, this relationship must always be one which is based on a profound sense of equality. This being the case the plant kingdom is capable of yielding powerful restorative and regenerative remedies.

In terms of procedure the most effective remedies of this kind are grown by hand, preferably planted from seed or seedling at the time of a New Moon for the specific purpose for which they are intended, fed with magically charged water and harvested with a specially prepared ritual knife (ideally a small dedicated silver blade) under the light of a Full Moon, and then magically treated so as to further awaken their healing properties. Most can then simply be taken in a tea or ingested – although for obvious reasons you should always research their effects beforehand! 

Below you will find a collection of the plants and trees associated with the planets, along with a description of the kind of remedies the plants of each planet bring to the body. The more recently discovered planets have less in their inventory, because to gain these analogies they have to siphon them away from the traditional planets and there is really no reason to do that.



  • Sun: The plants of Sol are diurnal flowers often coloured brightly (particularly with yellow or gold) and are often equally bright with aroma, they enjoy warm sunny climates, turn towards the sun or have heart shaped leaves and include marigold, sunflower, dandelion, clove tree, cinnamon, orange tree, bergamot, lemon tree, sundew, eyebright, peony, calendula, St. Johns wort, palm, heliotrope, crocus and rosemary. The Suns plants are heating and induce perspiration and can affect the circulation, heart, eyes, thymus and spleen.
  • Moon: The herbs and plants of the Moon are often more nocturnal in life cycle, white, pale and translucent in flower, have subtle but often sweet aromas and soft and juicy leaves or fruits, and they often like to grow in damp, watery places. They include the cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, melon, mushrooms, willow, linden, gourd, water lily, acanthus, papaya, wallflower, pumpkin, watercress, saxifrage, water chestnut and kale. Moon plants are cooling, moistening, enzymatic, promote fermentation and can help the eyes, thyroid (and glands in general), bladder, stomach, breasts, womb, ovaries, fluids of the body, the pancreas and the memory.
  • Mercury: The plants of Mercury are often small and have flowers of differing and varied colours and lack a strong scent (being neutral), and they tend to grow in sandy or barren spots and shed their seeds in cobs or husks. They include all kinds of acacias, the walnut tree and hazel trees and their nuts, bryony, fennel, the white and black mulberry trees, woodbine, myrtle, parsley, parsnip, oregano, valerian, coltsfoot and anise. Remedies drawn from these plants often have effects on the mind and the brain and can also have effects on the nervous system and menstruation, the speech, ears and hearing, arms, lungs, dexterity and agility, thyroid, heart and spinal column.  
  • Venus: The Venus plants draw the eye and delight the nose and are all sweet in flavour and smell, their leaves are smooth, soft, furry or curved, not often jagged or spiky, and seeds are often worn brazenly on the outside of the fruit. Examples include columbine, marshmallow, chick-pea, mint (all kinds), pear, catnip, peach, strawberry, raspberry, all kinds of orchids and roses, primrose, vervain, burdock, lily of the valley, white sycamore, mugwort, daffodil, coriander, terebinth and wild ash. Venus plants are diuretic (can increase urine flow) and benefit the kidneys, have an influence which can alter the course of an ailment for the better, are softening and smoothing (especially for the skin), can induce vomiting and are especially suitable for the throat and abdomen, the sexual and reproductive organs, the thymus gland, the harmonisation of the system and emotional problems.
  • Mars: The plants of Mars are often thorny, barbed, have spiked leaves, are red or bright orange in colour and taste sharp, caustic or hot, with fruits that are tart. They tend to grow in dry and harsh environments and to thrive through assertive and sometimes aggressive growth strategies. Examples of these include mustard, radish, snapdragon, peppers, garlic, onion, ginger, thistle, nettle, tamarind, bramble, rhubarb, fennel, blackberry, pineapple, cacti, pincushion, bryony, sarsaparilla, hawthorn, barberry, hackberry, chilli pepper and horehound. The tonics of Mars can be aphrodisiac and stimulating, blood purifying and strengthening, they can increase willpower and thereby aid recovery through determination, and are especially suited to treating the motor nerves, the gall, the blood and the sexual organs.
  • Jupiter: His plants are often leafy, large, bold, colourful, buoyant or majestic and their character is generous and hardy. Examples of these include canna, columbine, globe thistle, heliotrope, iris, lungwort, prunella, purple loosestrife, speedwell, tulips, annuals, biennials, grasses, annual phlox, bellflower, Japanese blood grass, snapdragon, strawflower and the oak, cedar, juniper and scarlet maple trees. The body parts suited to treatment by Jupiter are the adipose tissue, arterial blood and circulation (especially in the abdomen and legs), the ears, the ribs, purity of the blood, the liver, spleen, thighs and tonsils. His plant remedies can counteract spasms, are softening, stimulating and soothing, bolster the liver, can destroy or expel intestinal worms and can boost circulation.
  • Saturn: The plant remedies of Saturn are frequently poisonous and these should only be handled by an expert make sure you identify which are safe to use and how (a few obviously non-poisonous items are given here along with some very poisonous ones). They are often slender, pale, drab or plain looking and they tend to grow in abandoned and neglected places not fit for human habitation where they prefer the shade. They tend to produce many seeds, grow into, through or up rocks and display wispy, pale flowers that fade quickly. Examples include hellebore, snowdrop, ivy, rock jasmine, spinach, poppy, stonecress, coralbells, sandwort, gentian, sage, cumin, hemlock, mandrake, nightshade, vervain, fern, parsnip, angelica, yew, cypress, pine, hemp, boxwood and scotch heather. The Saturn areas are the skeleton, cartilage, spleen and skin and his remedies can be good for these areas. His plants have the power to contract or petrify things, they are mineralizing and sedative and encourage coagulation.
  • Chiron: As a new discovery Chiron has not revealed much of his occult anatomy. According to my information he has an affinity for genetically transmitted illness and for all kinds of sickness in general. He has also revealed to me that the centaurs are not analogous to species of plants but instead to the methods and ways that they are prepared, though he has given me little detail on this to date. He is also a powerful all-purpose remedy for whatever ails us. His wisdom is strongly inclined to natural methods which utilise any aspect of nature and so he has an influence over all forms of plant and animal healing. He is an especially helpful ally in awakening the spirits of plants. The sign he is in or planets in aspect with him may need a specific treatment. His remedies are holistic and promote integration.
  • Uranus: As a modern discovery and as a collective influence Uranus has few associations in the plant kingdom. It may have a connection to plants which spore in millions through the air, but I have found that instead of being personalised in specific plants, Uranus (like Neptune and Pluto) represents an aspect of the entire plant kingdom, which we can call the collective plant awareness (for more on this matter see my upcoming article on Astrology, Form and Awareness). This is the aspect of the plant kingdom which enables telepathy between individual plants and across species. Therefore remedies of Uranus drawn from the plant kingdom must somehow tap into this collective plant awareness. It simply means finding a plant or tree through which you can relate to all plants, and this is an individual choice. The sign, temple and aspects of Uranus are the map you need to follow here. These remedies can be wakening, stimulating, refreshing and shocking to the system.
  • Neptune: As above, but here the aspect of the collective plant awareness (CPA) you need to connect with is not its mental awareness of itself (which among other things houses its species information) but its astral awareness of itself and thus of all other plants, everywhere. The hidden reality here is that they all exist as a single plant, not as individuals, regardless of species. Thus, this is a far more emotive and universal level of contact that is required, and one that cannot be forced but must be gently and gradually yielded to as the plant reveals its essence. At deep levels of contact the dream-time of plants can become accessible for healing magic and it is through this awareness that native people were guided through the jungle to precisely the right spot at the right time to find a cure or a magical spirit in the plant realm.  Neptune also has some connection to kelp and other plants of the oceans.
  • Pluto: In terms of the healing properties within plants Pluto represents the Akasha of the collective plant awareness, which in practical terms can be thought of as the depth point of terrestrial plant life. This depth point contains the infinite variety of plants that will exist upon the surface of the Earth throughout the span of eternity. It is also the kernel and the core of their eternal being and so the source of their ability to propagate. It can often be found by starting with the placing of your mental awareness into the roots of the most ancient tree you can find, although it is not located in the physical roots. Pluto plants may be purgative and could also be said to have a connection to ultra-poisonous plants (things we simply must never eat unless we seek death) but this would siphon that analogy from Saturn

Note that each plant can be ‘ruled’ (this word is a misnomer, it is more like kinship) by more than one planet depending on its particular species, features or qualities, but one planetary force will usually be more prominent. As I mentioned last month, the same can be said of the parts of the body, with some areas such as the head being especially complex with many interlocking planetary rulerships (for example, the eyes are both Aries and the Lights). Also, the above is just a tiny selection of the plants and herbs with kinship to these planets and is only intended as a beginners guide.

chamomile-829538_1920All such natural remedies could be most simply prepared as a tincture, compress or tea according to the procedures commonly available in the field of herbal lore and taken daily, perhaps three times, until the treatment is no longer needed. The four Elements can be applied as an approach here too – if the planet concerned is in a Fire sign in your chart you might apply it with a hot compress or in a tea, if in a Water Element as a lotion or cold drink, if in the Air Element it could be vaporised or used  as an incense or perfume and if in the Earth Element it could be consumed as food or even worn in the hair or on the body.

The plants can be magically charged with the essential meaning of the planets (for example by astral light through conduction or through the vital energy and an intention to heal) as desired. You can also blend together a personalised astrological healing incense to work through scent on the subtle bodies underlying the physical. You will receive much greater benefit in all work with the plant kingdom should you use the method I have described (grow them yourself, planting at the New Moon and cultivating them when the Moon is Full) and you can increase the quantity and quality of the charge by working when the planet which rules their nature is rising i.e. on the eastern horizon of the place of planting and gathering, but you need to be able to calculate charts to do this or look the information up in an astronomical table.

light-384950_1280You could also use the Bach Flower remedies. Bach Flower remedies are harmless natural essences of flowers suspended in a tiny quantity of alcohol; these work on a subtle level i.e. upon the astra-mental body, and have very powerful but extremely refined effects that can eventually affect the physical cells. They are available commercially from many distributors and are relatively inexpensive. Each remedy is suited to a specific purpose and so you should select one that addresses your most urgent present need. Check the literature on these remedies and choose one that applies to whatever ails you at the time.

It should be repeated that natural medicine can make use of far more than just the plant realm; the animal kingdom for example also holds abundant and powerful natural medicine and only a tiny part of this is encoded in the signs of the zodiac, but beyond this example lies outside the scope of this work, as it leads into the domain of magic and shamanism rather than astrology. However the above mentioned planets and the animals associated with their signs and those of the health sensitive temples make good starting points. Don’t fear the ox, the scorpion or the ram, study them and seek to befriend and impress them.

Please note that all natural medicine is mostly preventative and should ideally be undertaken only with the assistance of a professional. Yet by combining this advice with your own self analysis and the guidance of a good healer you can create a very personal and individual health program which works in harmony with your astrology and the affliction to be treated. At the very least, diagnosis when things start to go wrong may be quicker with this information.



Finally, astro-energetics, by which it is meant physical exercise along with the loading of the body with astral light, is the fourth form of remedy and is potentially the most complex. There are basic and intensive approaches.

The basic approach is to work with either the sign on the 6th temple or the specific planet or sign you seek to heal with (wherever it is), trying to build a regular form of exercise which embodies its qualities. For instance with Taurus any form of exercise involving the green grass between toes, a fragrant outdoors in the nose or meadows on the eyes could work extremely well. Surround yourself with an internal and external environment which evokes the qualities of whatever you are seeking to heal through, and immerse yourself in it regularly. Anything which utilises the analogies of what you are working with while it keeps you fit will do – the main objective is to instruct the mental and astral body to be that quality so that they train the physical body to follow their lead.

cycling-828646_1920Therefore it is important while you exercise to hold your goal firmly in your mind and to imagine yourself there already. For example let us imagine you want to lose weight, and you have an issue with Venus in Taurus that you want to try and transform so that she will get on your side with this (you want that patience and persistence of Venus in Taurus to be an asset in your weight loss journey rather than succumb to the candy through its sweet tooth). One approach would be to do your exercises outside in a meadow and to really try and feel the pleasure of nature around you as you go through your routine while you focus on how amazingly good you will feel at the end when you assume the desired form. You picture this outcome in your mind as you exercise and will it to be drawn to you through your efforts in the present moment. This will get all three of your bodies working on the same goal together, and they will eventually adopt the shape you intend. Many exercise regimens fail because they do not get the astra-mental bodies on board. Make it fun!

This is the first method of healing bodywork with astrology that I suggest. Secondly, you can form a vital energy circuit, a map in time of the flow of your connection to the vital energy. All you have to do is collate all the annual dates in which a conjunction of the Sun (solarisation) with one of the 12 temples and the planets occurs. I call this a solar map or Electric conductor. One of these dates – the solarisation of the Sun – will be your birthday, but the others will often fall throughout the year. Typically, i.e. as a general rule, the high tide in which our connection to the vital energy is stronger because it is supported by the Sun are our birthday, the day when Sun solarises the Moon, the day when it solarises the ascendant or its ruler, and the day when it solarises Jupiter, Uranus or Mars. The days when the connection is usually hindered or diminished in some way are the solarisation of the 6th temple, 12th temple, Neptune, Saturn and sometimes Chiron. Other days can affect it (oppositions, squares, trines and sextiles from the Sun add further important detail) and much also depends on the overall structure of the chart, as you might have the Sun in the 12th temple where its vitality is only unconsciously delivered or perceived, or it could be inhibited by Saturn. During the solarisation of Mercury, the mind is stimulated, during the solarisation of Venus, the emotions. Solarisation of the 6th can sometimes diagnose or remedy things while the 12th tends to hide them from view and complicate them. Start a journal. Once you know when these times are and what happens, every year, you can formulate an  approach to the flow of the vital energy. Simply by actively following this path through the chart every year you will build up a circuit of vital energy that flows from the universe through your bodies and into your life. Just observe and follow how the Sun lights up each part of your astrology and how this influences the vital energy and overall health you experience, and then proceed to transform or channel it at will.


After that, diversify your dancing and use the Moon in the same way, following the same course but on a monthly periodicity (I call this Magnetic conduction). First, note the Moon for a couple of months, paying careful attention to the way your moods and your health intertwine. Note the monthly days in which the Moon passes over your natal Sun and ascendant, and observe how this affects your energy levels. Note the days in which both Sun and Moon impact your natal chart by conjunction (whenever there is a New Moon near one of the temple cusps or natal objects) as these can have very potent impacts on vital energy. Note how your experience of the solar map changes depending on whether the Moon is waxing or waning. If you can find the habit of staying on top of both of these simple cycles you can vastly and quickly increase the flow of vital energy into your awareness, which has an overall effect on your well-being. Using this information, you can then design an exercise and workout routine that takes advantage of the days when your efforts receive a boost and navigate successfully through or around the days when it is likely to go bust on you. If you know that Mars solarisation lights a fire under your lazy arse you can capitalise on it and make a bigger effort in that week. If you know that Neptune puts you to sleep and it coincides with your exercise plans, you can maybe counter it with something stimulant, perhaps some coffee, or you can avoid the situations that lead to your drowsiness. Don’t be shy about asking the Lights or the planets you encounter to help you with specific things, but don’t expect them to be handed out on a plate, it will take time and effort.

That is conduction as a tool in this area. The more intensive forms of bodywork healing with astrology are in utilising the conduction techniques for interacting with activations outlined in The 26 Keys to magically synthesise specific forms of temporarily available astral light into the body using the Sun and Moon as cosmic Fluid conductors. This is clarified in ‘The 26 Keys(and in the free material I have provided here) . Essentially, you identify which factor of the chart you wish to focus on (or heal), and construct intentional synthetic work around it. For a general focus on health, you specifically work with the Sun and Moon keys and the 1st and 6th temple keys as well as their world keys, with additional work turning the other planet keys connected with health according to your diagnosis. Collective healing work (work on healing within the human group mind) can be conducted using the Uranus key, especially its Chiron activations. The techniques underlying such operations are also explained more completely in ‘The 26 Keys’. This method offers powerful structure and variety and is recommended.


Using any combination of the information I have now given you can create an approach to the care of the bodies that is uniquely suited to your own needs, skills and purpose. Of course, a great deal more could be said than has been only outlined here, and you will find some research yields yet more information, for example, on the use of various herbs, or something I have not mentioned. I hope only to have opened a few doors for you in this sharing and wish you all the very best in all of your healing journeys through life.

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  1. The insights and instructions you gave here are priceless, as usual. I’ ve a lot of things to meditate with, as you know. You added wonderful tools to my ToolBag. Thank you so much! ❤

  2. In the simpler version of astro energetics, the concept seems to be to choose an exercise resonant with the zodiac sign *or* planet, exercise in an environment resonant with the zodiac sign, while holding a mental picture of the desired end point, with a focus on feeling the endpoint.

    In the given example, exercise is directly connected to weight loss, so I’ll try a different example – one involving a condition that is not directly influenced by exercising.

    So using another example from the article “migraine and it arises from Mercury in Aries, ”

    So here, one would take up regular fencing (my poor attempt to choose a mercural exercise, since fencing needs mental presence and precision) in an Arian environment (a volcanic area?), holding the mental picture and astral feeling of a migraine free life. Is this the correct way to use this approach?

    Thanks in advance

    • Its one way but you are being too limited in the way you handle the sign analogies. There is for example direction, with east being an Aries orientation. There is also a field of colourful spring flowers, a bonfire, any kind of arena or a sports hall. Aries is also an attitude, a way of approaching any environment – fearless, courageous and thrill seeking. You did pretty well picking fencing for Mercury though, it is far less Martian than swordplay and more chess like in its attitude. Try to think more like this for the signs. You have the basic idea right.

  3. Hi,

    The article is a rich food 😀

    How about using will and imagination to change 3 bodies? For example person got xxx condition he wills to cognize root of it, then via will and imagination either express root need intentionally or if he she finds need is obsolete he dissolves it in universal ocean aka Akasha. Then restore elemental balance via means available be it diet, food impregnation or any other harmonious way.

    Or simply unite 3 bodies with whole ‘temporarily’ so any things that don’t express Self drop by itself and re emerge 😀

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