Astrology, Form & Awareness

Hello again! Today I have a post which was inspired by a private question put to me from a student in South America a few moons back.


For the European Ash Tree

Basically, he wanted to ask me how the chart of an adept or someone who is enlightened applies to them, if it did at all. I asked him if he would not mind me taking this on board as the subject of an article, and he agreed. The reason why I wanted to treat the subject this way was because answering it actually opens up a huge area of astrology that very little has been written about – the way in which astrology interacts with form and awareness. In the process of reflecting on these matters a great deal of illumination can be cast onto astrology itself, what it is and what it is not, and we wade into big philosophical areas like the nature of awareness itself.

To start with and to place the problem in simple terms, think about this – while the astrology of a thing does describe its essential qualities and its emerging pattern through time and space, it does not tell us what a thing is. If I place a chart before an astrologer and ask them to tell me what it is the chart of, it cannot be done by astrology alone. A dog, a home and a book can all have the same astrological chart as a human being, but there will be no way to tell if it is a human being or not. This aspect of the nature of a thing – its form – is not embedded in the map. 

Another factor not present in the map is the quality of the awareness that inhabits it, a factor that is intimately connected with form on one level, because form determines what is perceivable, and thus what we can be aware of. For example, a rock does not have human eyes, and so its awareness of the visible world is not human. That does not mean it does not see – sight is not dependent on eyes, as if you close them you can still ‘see’ things with the mind – but it does mean that the capacity to see is different, almost alien. Rocks may even have sensory apparatus that we have no idea exists at all, because it is so far removed from human perception and form.

This problem – that form and awareness are not present in the astrological map – is one of the main limitations of the art and many people do not even understand that it is there, and thus expect things from astrology it cannot deliver. Indeed, the fact that they are not there has been employed as an argument against astrology for many centuries. Yet it is not a flaw or a design failure in astrology, instead it is part of what has enabled it to thrive and evolve in human cultures because it accurately reflects the objective reality, which is that form, awareness and astrology are three separate forces that interact together in infinitely unique ways. The genius of astrological symbolism is that like the sky it can encompass all forms and all types of awareness present upon the Earth. Thus, identical twins can have identical charts (for practical purposes) and almost identical bodies, but never identical awareness and this difference will cause different expressions of the same astrology. It will adapt around awareness and what it makes of perceivable experience, factors which are shaped by and shape astrology but do not arise from it.

To illustrate these issues further it will be easier if we start looking at broad groups of things that astrology can apply itself to in different ways. For this purpose I have chosen youth, animals, plants, objects, notions, events and enlightened awareness as the subject matter for exploring the relationship between form, awareness and astrology. I will discuss each of them in turn with the aim of raising important questions for you to ponder on and also with the aim of helping astrologers look at their charts in new ways.



From a hermetic standpoint at the moment of birth the individual physical, astral and mental body of the newborn emerges from the body of the mother still connected to her on the mental and astral planes. The mental body of the newborn separates from her with its first breath, and the astral body – the entity described by our astrology – remains connected and does not begin to form its own discrete body until the umbilical cord is cut. Therefore it is really the cutting of the cord that we should note as the moment in which the astrology commences, but this is almost always immediately following the emergence of the infant and so the time difference is often irrelevant. From the human perspective, this is when time and space as we know it begin. The awareness and form of the infant is immediately changed, and they begin to develop as separate individual entities, with their own astrology. Before this momentous change there is only the astrology of the mother, and that astrology is deeply formative because it helps to build our body – it is there in the knitting of our cells together, all the way back to the meeting of sperm and egg.

The first weeks of life the awareness is only becoming aware of itself and the form it inhabits. It is ‘settling in’, learning the ropes again, and the astrology is in a  similar way ‘settling in’. This is an extremely important and formative time for the awareness, a fact that is recognised in the practice of astrology through progressions. The philosophy of progressions is basically that the transits of the first months of life act to imprint the awareness for the rest of its life, and that this imprint will slowly emerge in an outward way as the awareness catches up with everything that happened to shape it in this critical period. This is extremely important information to deeply reflect upon, because it reveals a great deal about the mechanism behind astrology. It also goes some way to explaining the traditions of some ancient cultures with respect to how newborn babies were treated. Furthermore, it reveals that newborn babies are extremely sensitive to the transits of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, the faster moving planets (which have the more powerful impacts as progressions) – these transits are all about that struggle of the awareness to become aware of what the hell has just happened to its form, again. The awareness becomes aware of different increments of time as it grows older, starting with the lunar periodicity and gradually grasping the flow of time as it relates to the other planets, moving inexorably towards the point at which it grasps its power to act and imprint its will upon the environment (Mars), its power to choose.

During this settling in period the awareness is very much concerned with learning how to control its physical body as fast as possible, and it is observing and absorbing everything it can about the physical world, and so the astrology it is newly exposed to is almost all about that struggle of coming to terms with being in the flesh and floating free in the world. The dependence on others who show love and care for it in this time helps to build an awareness that it is okay to be born again, and so this time can have powerful impacts on future health because the awareness will develop a basic attitude to being in its body.

Many people wonder about the thoughts of newborn babies since they have no words for anything. The awareness therefore does not have any reason to judge anything, a cause of great concern for parents since time began because the pretty flames are oh so bright and funny looking. There is a dangerous phase for the form here, because once the awareness learns how to inhabit and operate the limbs but before it has learned to take care, everything is a potential threat. Therefore there is a shift in how the astrology expresses once this basic mastery of form is found and held, a shift that has to be swift, and so the awareness encounters its astrology in a more personal way for the first time. Fire signs tend to get burned here, because basic affinities now begin to present themselves to the awareness – for example, at this point I remember developing a love of bath-time, because of the water (Water is the strongest Element in my astrology). Aspects begin to emerge in our awareness as well – the conjunction with Moon and Venus in Scorpio in my astrology, for example, began to emerge in my awareness as an affinity for the company of women when my mother always bathed me and my younger sister together. Later in life I noticed that I was not uncomfortable or self conscious when surrounded by women, and on the whole nor were they.

Once the awareness has basic control over form and then is through this potentially dangerous period the application of astrology to its development changes again to resemble something much more akin to the adult experience. From about the age of 3 or 4 (after the first Jupiter square Jupiter transit) the awareness begins to grow into the world in a way that makes the astrology behave as it does with adults, with a couple of exceptions. First, the outer planets have less to work with because they operate with complexes of awareness that have not had time to fully mature. This means the natal and transiting influence of these planets cannot manifest as readily in psychological issues, and are left to manifest themselves in the external environment. They will often show as things going on in the lives of parents or other people around them and changes in their situation like going to school for the first time or being selected for a team. All of these events will present opportunities for psychological complexes to form which the outer planets will riff off of in adult life, they are busy building those complexes at this stage, so how the awareness responds to these external developments takes on great significance. The task of parents – which is to enable and support this psychological growth – is given a bit of a kick in the groin here because they have to nurture something to emerge before it has emerged, and have little clue in what is seeking to emerge. This is where knowledge of the astrology can really help because it shows what is seeking to emerge. Since this is a major factor from the age of about 4 to puberty and throughout the turmoil of adolescence, many errors can be avoided this way.

At about the age of 7 there is a change in relation to how the awareness perceives the passage of time. Before this stage time is experienced first as an eternal now (newborn) then gradually as ‘time goes by’ the awareness changes to perceive it passing in different increments analogous to the planets, but even at the ages of 4,5 and 6 the awareness of a child experiences time differently. Once the first Saturn square Saturn passes, however, the awareness starts to become aware of time in a way that is adult oriented, and so it perceives time passing at the same rate as its parents do. The universal way this shows is in the awareness thinking of itself as ‘nearly 10’, which is double figures for the first time. At this point the astrology of Saturn also starts to petrify and concrete itself into a specific form, one that will take work and effort if it is to be changed later in life. So this is another major point of interaction between form, awareness and astrology in terms of our childhood. It is here that we encounter our first truly hard lessons about reality, if we have not already.

Once the Jupiter return happens at about age 11 or 12 or sometime thereabouts, puberty will be in full swing and at this point the tasks our awareness is grappling with through its encounter with astrology are made clear, often painfully. The sexual awakening of awareness transforms its experience of astrology once again. This is the stage at which (normally anyway) our awareness has expanded to encompass what the outer planets signify, and we begin to be directly astra-mentally affected by them. Its at this point that major issues become undeniable and we experience the scope of our astrology, our awareness having grown into it for the first time. The form of the body undergoes a major change to reflect this.

Beyond this point astrology interacts with form and awareness to continue to develop a harmonious expression between all three factors, but a final critical stage awaits in terms of the interaction between astrology and awareness. This is the Saturn return at about the age of 28 or 29, the point at which we become aware we are about to hit 30, and so we become aware of the brief mortality of form in a real way. It marks the point at which we have finally attained a mature experience of the way our awareness interacts with our astrology, having encountered it enough to understand our real failings and our achievements. For most of us, this is the point at which awareness can more effectively begin to shape the way our astrology behaves. From an astrological perspective, this is the end of youth and the beginning of adult life. Of course, this is only for human form and human awareness – other creatures have different lifespans and a different awareness to explore them with.



The animal realm is filled with diversity, but we can recognise universal features within that variety – most of them reproduce sexually, they must consume other organisms to survive, they are multi-cellular entities and they can move independently and at will. Science excludes human beings from this classification, but we are animals too. The essence of an animal is that it is a thing invested with a life force, an anim-ating power, which is different to that invested in a plant because it has greater astral independence.

Obviously, the huge variety of form in the animal realm denotes a huge variety of awareness and therefore a huge variety in the way astrology interacts with it all. However, if we ignore this variety and just clump them all into one group, and also indulge the distinction between animal and human awareness, some broad differences between ‘us’ and ‘them’ do emerge. However, because of these differences between human and animal awareness things that happen in the animal world are not as they appear to human perception. We make far too many assumptions in this respect and continuously make the mistake of interpreting animal behaviour in human terms. This fact becomes glaringly apparent to magicians when they learn how to move their awareness from form to form. The differences are not all subtle or psychological either – they are biological, astral, and mental and range from the more trivial things like the way animals perceive through their skin to more fundamental things like how they perceive time. For example, in one of my journeys with a gnat we were crossing a meadow and it began to rain lightly. We perceived the raindrops falling far more slowly than I was used to, as if caught in bullet time in a film, and we could easily move around them to avoid getting hit. This was just the natural way we perceived time passing. In another, more emotionally powerful experience, I was with a gazelle as a lioness separated her from the group and took her down to feed herself. What we experienced together was not the horror that it always seemed to me from the human perspective, the horror of being hunted and then eaten alive, but instead part of something sacred in the awareness of the gazelle and the lion. There is fear, but it is temporary and does not define the experience. There was an intimate form of understanding and respect between the two that I simply cannot communicate to other human beings with human communication like this, nor would I try out of respect.  

Given this reality, one which we are woefully ignorant of, we have to be very careful about applying human concepts through astrology when considering the animal realm. What is clear and visibly so is the fact that it responds to the Lights differently than human beings, with the animal realm being quite neatly divided between those animals which act in the day and those which act at night. Human beings of course are diurnal creatures by nature and for reasons of health, but they have evolved to the point where they can choose to be active at night, even as a species if they so wish, whereas with most animals this would have to override powerful instincts and could only usually arise if survival was threatened.

It is this concept of survival that also distinguishes humans from animals – for animals, survival is more of an instinctive priority because they have not built supermarkets backed up by a global food industry to feed themselves. The survival instinct is much sharper and more developed in its sensory capabilities, it has become far more jaded in humans and the instinct is suppressed somewhat because it is perceived as aggressive and dangerous when unleashed. All of this changes the way the awareness of the animal realm interacts with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and especially Mars. We frequently think that humans have more control over the instincts that arise from these factors of astrology, but the truth is far more complex and far more beautiful, and it is more that humans are more detached from them. We have to grow into them, while the animal realm does not. However, the fact that survival is of more instinctive priority does not mean that individual animals are only out for themselves – this is again a human conceit, a projection. Animal psychology is actually much closer to plant than human psychology, which I will come to.

The Sun and the Moon have powerful physical effects on the animal realm. This can be seen in the effects that the tides have on ocean life, the activity of the forest in summer as opposed to winter, the times of mating and all kinds of physical behaviour. Within the constraints of habitat the animal realm embraces the Lights on a physical level far more completely and instinctively than the human awareness does. This gives them a powerful and innate connection to the raw forces of life itself and numerous magical abilities of which human beings know nothing but which other animals are naturally aware of and even co-operate with, including telepathy (for example, bees), kabbalistic utterance (ants), evocation (birds) and even alchemy (clams). It is just yet another human conceit that only human beings can master these things.

It should also be noted that because many animal species reproduce at fixed times of year (usually the spring) and because biologically they have fixed gestation periods, many species will have the Sun in one to three possible zodiac signs rather than 12. Basically, the pool of zodiac signs that the Sun can be in is often biologically limited in the same way that for humans the pool of signs that Mercury and Venus can be in is astronomically limited (due to their proximity to the Sun). The Sun signs which a species of animal usually belong to are determined by how long it takes to give birth after conception and when in the year conception occurs, factors which many of them have no control over. Humans escape this and thereby gain diversity of Sun signs by mating at will, another way in which they have detached themselves from the seasonal instincts that once guided their behaviour (obviously, domesticated animals or animals whose breeding is controlled by humans are also exceptions and this is worthy of deep reflection because it shows how powerful human agency can be). It is for this reason that the Moon and its sign becomes more significant in terms of most animal behaviour than the Sun sign, but it also means that the aspects to the Sun take on greater significance because these will vary considerably from individual animal to animal within the same species.  These aspects will often be noted instinctively by other members of the species through the social interaction that occurs within that species in the wild. Mammals identify with Earth signs, aquatic life with Water signs, Fire signs are analogous with desert and microscopic life and Air signs with flying animals, but this identification is again often about social roles and how well an animal performs within its own habitat.

The more physical relationship with both Lights extends itself naturally into a changed relationship with the signs, which act as the signals for modes of behaviour to be more physical in turn. This deeper and more physical relationship with both of the Lights, which act as the centres of awareness throughout most of the animal realm, also leads to a deeper and more immersed awareness of Mercury, Venus and Mars. There is less room for animals to manoeuvre around the instincts these factors of astrology supply them with as a result, less ability for example to rationalise their behaviour to themselves or to suppress their emotions. They are more accepting of what they feel when they feel it and less self pitying when they fall ill. However, this lack of wriggle room around these factors does not in any way equate to a lessening of the quantity of the connection that animals feel to these principles, only to a changing of its quality. Our patronising attitude to animal intelligence would get a cold flannel in its face if it knew what animals are capable of thinking about. There is a good reason why animals were chosen as the primary symbols for the zodiac, one I encourage you to meditate upon.

Jupiter and Saturn have an influence over the animal realm that is more concerned with their evolution and their ability to adapt to the worlds changing environment. Through Jupiter the animal kingdom learns about its own commonality, its complex and magnificent abundance of biodiversity and how each part of the animal realm has a role to play in that scheme. Through Saturn it is put through trials designed to improve its survival rate or to weed out the animals that have had their time. Here is where animal awareness learns about the trials of life – the essential things it must grasp in order to make it – and this guidance is provided directly by the Greater Self of the species to each and every one of its children, at the right time. Saturn does not have much to do with time in the awareness of the animal realm because it moves so slowly that for most animals life is over before Saturn forms any major aspects to itself. Instead, Saturn and Jupiter have a more collective role in guiding a species or community and the passage of time is generally perceived through the influence of Mercury and the Moon. However, there are many exceptions here.

The relationship between the outer planets and the awareness generally present within the animal realm is perhaps the most striking and significant of all, but the one I find the hardest to describe – most animals have a healthy, functioning collective awareness that changes the game at this level of astrology completely. Through Uranus, a species knows its own nature and its own role in the ecosystem of life, and it can communicate across species. Through Neptune, an animal gains access to what we would call extra-sensory perceptions which go beyond their often superlative physical senses. Through Pluto, a species knows that it is part of the great cycle of life, death and rebirth and that it will always be so. The transits of these planets can bring experiences that are in some way about the development of these things. They are not so loaded with the complexes and intense psychological factors that accompany human transits by these worlds, but they can still bring traumatic events. As with all things connected with Chiron, we are data inadequate, but I have always found him with animals, which is natural given that he is part animal. I have discussed my findings on the centaurs and their relationship to the animal realm in The 26 Keys, and have nothing further to add to that at this point.

Outside of these broad and very general observations, massive diversity takes place – birds for example have a particular relationship with Mercury and the Moon, both of which enable their navigation through electromagnetic currents and the equipment to interpret them, while fish share that affinity with the Moon but have more of a connection with Venus, since she is the resonance of the ocean itself, the tactile rippling of the universe upon their skin. Astrology has a vast and exciting area in front of it in the exploration of this field. In essence, the most important difference astrologically is that the animal realm has a relationship with a planet that the human race has almost entirely lost but once had, the planet Earth, and it is from this that the deeper relationship with the Lights and everything else stems.



As I said in the previous section, the plant realm generally has less astral independence than the animal realm, by which I mean that its astral awareness is intimately bound to its environment – a tree, for example, has an astral awareness that is spread throughout its environment, extending far beyond its physical form, and which is a part of a collective astral awareness emanating throughout the entire forest. It is in this way astrally aware of far more than its body and its immediate environment, it has less astral independence from the other forms around it. This is most often displayed in a plants inability to move its physical location and so to it being dependent on a specific environment, but it has far deeper consequences which are heavily occulted from human eyes. They are all part of an ecosystem with a shared awareness that quite literally roots them to that spot. However, plants greatly compensate for this limitation by being able to move their non-physical awareness around and have unsurpassed facility in this in terms of terrestrial life.

The sensory apparatus of plants are vast and highly developed, despite what may appear to human perceptions. Having no eyes, no ears, no nose, no brain or nervous system and very few recognisable features, plants are often supposed to be, well, vegetables. However, the truth is far, far more incredible, in fact most people would find their minds stretched so far that they would have to reject the truth as ridiculous fantasy. I accept that in the following section you may find some ideas that you have to reject, but I ask you to consider not rejecting them completely, just leaving them aside for another time and further consideration. People have little problem accepting the spiritual and magical power of some plants, such as those used in shamanic work, but for some reason they see these as exceptions, and I ask you to consider why only a handful of plants should be considered sacred. Of course, some people may not have any problems accepting what I have to share here, and those people have probably ‘been there’ as it were and do not need any further proof.

Plants are sentient creatures. Their lack of brain activity or a nervous system does not prohibit sentience. The first baby steps in realising this are currently being taken in the field of quantum biology, which studies the harnessing of quantum mechanics in the plant realm. At the end of this message you can find a link to a .pdf of scientific research published in 2012 which examines this question. Shamanism will take you further and faster though, because science is not even scratching the surface of what is going on. The plant realm is extremely complex, its communication is sophisticated, its awareness is highly developed, it has memory, it has intelligence, it has thought and feelings, it experiences pain and it can scream and it has cognition of us and the rest of the world. The structure of plant forms, however, makes all of these faculties very different to the human equivalents and when you add to this our own incredulity at these facts it becomes easy to figure out why we have not realised they are there.

Like animals, plants have a more physical relationship with the Lights, in fact there is a unified awareness linking the plant realm with the Lights and everything in the sky. This extends even to the influence of stars, which many plants can track. This intimacy with the Lights is obvious in their behaviour – they open and close, grow and die, spore on the solar generated wind, germinate and flower, all while being bound to the wheeling of the Lights. Astrology has long held that the plant realm as a whole is under the dominion of the Moon, and the experience of the magician and the shaman concurs, but the influence of the Sun cannot be denied. However as I have shown in my article on astrology and health, plants can have planetary associations and often have more than one. The plant intelligence of the Earth is a complex tapestry of life.

The strength of the physical connection to the Lights in the plant realm generally exceeds that of the animal realm, meaning that the faculties that arise from this physical connection (previously touched upon in my talk about animals) are even more developed in the plant realm and form a core part of its awareness. This strength does not stem from size – a single blade of grass has a stronger physical connection to the Sun and Moon than the average human awareness does, for example, but trees in particular are adept in what we would only have to call magic, although their practice of it is of course mostly unrecognisable to us. This magic is employed not just towards individual survival but towards the survival of all the creatures that the tree befriends, who are legion. In many ways, the ‘psychology’ of plantkind is the exact opposite to the psychology of humankind – in general, whereas human awareness perceives its well-being and survival as dependent on the domination of other life forms, plantkind (and to a degree animalkind) perceives it as being dependent on nurturing other beings. This fundamentally changes the interaction between the plant realm and its astrology because the astrology becomes a tool for nurturing other beings through self expression.

Unlike many species in the animal realm species in the plant realm are not often as limited in their display of Sun sign characteristics, simply because seeds can sit, float, lodge, transport, freeze or fly for variable periods of time before they find a place they can settle. However, the reproductive cycle is still seasonal and the life cycle of a plant will forever follow a seasonal pattern. The ‘birth’ of a plant is also a very nebulous concept – does it happen when the seed is planted, when it germinates, or when it sprouts through the surface of the Earth towards the sky? My feeling is that it is the latter, but I have not had much opportunity to study this. However, most charts for plants – and there are so very few! – will likely use the first option, as it is the one that human hands can control. This fact alone speaks volumes about the relationship we have with the plant realm.

So plants are more akin to humans than animals in terms of the variety of Sun signs their individual species naturally display, a fact that is often overlooked. Animal behaviour is (generally) much more rigidly controlled and delineated by biology in respect of the Sun sign (there is a fixed mating season followed by a specific time gestating before a birth), while plant and human entities are ‘wild’ and can grow anywhere in the zodiac. However, the plant realm is still relatively limited in its display of Sun sign characteristics because its closer physical relationship with the Sun and Moon conducts its behaviour through the seasons. Human beings have loosened even this bond in their awareness, largely through farming methods. We used to have to follow the seasons much more closely than we do today, and in this time we had a closer relationship to plants.

The intellect of the human awareness has long permitted it to issue commands and instructions to plantkind, orders which it must obey even when they countermand or even destroy this natural connection. This enslavement and interference is now at a  critical stage. Our generation is not directly responsible for what has already been done, but it will be directly responsible for what happens next. If the seasons are changed by human interference, as is happening globally today, the relationship that the plant realm has with the Lights, especially the Sun, will be forced to change in a traumatic and unnatural way, and the consequences of this for all life on Earth will be catastrophic and traumatic change as well, the plant realm being the nurturing intelligence that it is, intimately and devotedly invested in the well-being of all Earthly life. If we try to fix this problem by tampering with the genetic code of plants so that they serve our needs better, we will only exacerbate and aggravate this problem by forcing further traumatic and unnatural change upon them. The solution is instead to regain the connection that the plant realm once offered us when we were closer to it – the spiritual connection to the Earth, the ultimate plant. It is to learn to respect this intelligence of plants again, and to work with it in restoring the ecosystem. The fundamental problem that causes the terrible state of affairs in the natural world today is the lack of awareness the human race has of the spiritual. Plant sentience is currently working at full tilt towards awakening this realisation (and memory) in human beings, and one of the primary tools they have to communicate this to us is astrology, so plantkind is currently focusing its astrological power in this direction. It has its own form of conduction, one far more sophisticated than the method I have written about, and is able to work directly with the essential meaning of celestial events. If you have ever had an encounter of some kind while sitting under an ancient tree, or a similar experience wandering in the woods, you will understand what I am saying.


‘The Thinker’, an ancient Olive tree from Italy (click to enlarge)

The form of a tree and the forms of the most ancient or gigantic plants are strongly influenced by both Jupiter and Saturn, while the smaller plants like the flowers and the grasses have life cycles that connect more to the Lights and inner worlds, Mercury, Venus and Mars. In many cases, Mercury not only symbolises communication and mental awareness (or its equivalent) but also the ability to propagate. This is because plants are in many cases asexual reproducers and in cases where there is sexual reproduction the lack of mobility means they must rely on messengers and intermediaries to propagate. So in the plant realm generally Venus and Mars have less (but not nothing) to do with reproduction, while Mercury has more.

All plants have an innate awareness of their surroundings as humans do. They have equivalent senses that allow them to see, hear, smell, touch, taste. What plants experience as hearing is transmitted more through the ground than the air, while their sense of sight and touch relies on electromagnetic signals (and other fields and waves) that pulse through them and within the environment. Think of the atmosphere and the soil as an ocean filled with a jelly like fluid in which things can be sensed like fish sense through water, and you have a basic idea of how plant awareness experiences the world. It is far more complex and information dense than the senses of a fish in the ocean, however. My description is woefully inadequate!

The relative lack of mobility that plants have means that their relationship with Mercury is shifted towards an internal focus which gives them great facility with moving their mental awareness – their spirit – around. Trees do this most visibly when they change form during the seasons. During the winter season, the mental awareness of the tree is in its roots, practically hibernating. As light summons it back to the upper world from the underworld during spring, it returns to the trunk and branches of the tree and begins to push itself outward, blossoming and leafing again. In the summer, the spirit of the tree is present throughout its entire form (and in strong healthy trees, for several metres all around it), and it offers this to nature as fruit or other offerings, while as autumn approaches it sheds the light it has gathered from the Sun as a nourishing, breathtakingly colourful blanket for the Earth and its creatures, before it retreats into the roots and the underworld again. The tree we see is in effect a shell which another creature, what we can only call an animal, builds and lives inside of akin to a snail. We only see this animal when it moves inside the form it has made, while at all other times the tree appears immobile.

Most plants have this ability to move their awareness around, not only internally but externally, into other forms in the world. Shamanic experience often reveals this as a kind of ‘shimmering’ or radiant glowing that appears to be in constant motion around the plant, as if it were made of bright water. They are naturally immersed in the astral world, the world of spirits and astrology itself, the world of resonance where things attract and repel one another, and most of their sensory input comes through this medium rather than through a physical medium like ours does. I used to hear them holding their breath when we entered the sacred groves, waiting for the magic with us to begin. They are innately sensitive to significance, and often express their own in the relationship they have with the wind, which gives them a voice with which to speak with humans. This sensitivity to significance is a primary part of what defines their relationship with astrological Venus. It is part of what enables them to commune with other beings in the environment and to divine what it can do for them.

Uranus may have a connection to the way plants convert one form of energy into another, and it may also be connected to the way they use electromagnetic signals and other forms of conductivity.  It may also have a role in plant diversity. I do not know, because the matter is very hard to verify. What I have learned from personal experience is that this planet represents the collective awareness of plants, their awareness of themselves as an expression of all plants existing on the Earth in the present moment. Through this awareness they hold many things – memories and beings and knowledge – in a kind of storage for the Earth.

When a plant enters a period of hibernation or rest such as when a tree retreats in winter, its awareness can easily detach from its physical form and travel away from the physical dimension altogether, in effect astrally traveling through Elemental realms and other dimensions. This is what I will call the Dreamtime of plants, and the deepest terrestrial part of it is located in the centre of the Earth, although it also reaches to plant life on all physical worlds, everywhere and everywhen. In the Dreamtime of plants, new species are dreamed up, new forms of plant life are imagined and solutions to problems in the physical world are sought for. The most ancient of plant beings have been doing this for millennia while returning to the same forms and have acquired powerful spirits as a result. This, I believe, is part of how they interact with Neptune astrologically.

The relationship with Pluto as an astrological factor is also deeper than the human interaction, because of the way plant awareness embraces the cycle of eternal life that is birth and rebirth. Thinking of the ways in which plants continually transform substances they come into contact with – water, atmosphere, soil – one can see Pluto in their actions everywhere. We could also draw an analogy between Pluto (as monarch of the underworld) and the root system of plants. However, there is certain to be far more here than meets the eye. The awareness in the plant realm is full of deep thought on matters of profound significance to the continuance of life on Earth.

All this may sound crazy to you my dear reader, but what if even part of it were true, how sobering is that..?

And if that sounds crazy, wait ’til you get a load of this…



The astrology of objects – which for this writing I am defining as anything that does not fall into one of the other categories being discussed – is obviously a vast area that includes things as diverse as doors, clouds, cars, rocks, clothing and so on. The primary use of our understanding in this area is probably the creation of talismans and other magical tools, a subject which is best left for another time and a message of its own, but I have some general remarks about this subject that I would like to share for your consideration.

First of all, we can draw a general distinction between human-crafted objects and natural ones. In objects which have been crafted by human awareness the intentional structuring of the form of the object has caused part of its astrology and its awareness to be emphasised and brought forth. A significance has been crafted into the form of the object so that it has become a vessel for a specific essential meaning, and this acts to funnel the astrology of that object in a similar way. For example, consider a quantity of ‘dead’ wood, say oak. Normally, the oak (even when not part of a living tree) would be astrologically connected to Jupiter as one of its analogies. Now, imagine the same wood carved into a number of beads that are painted and formed into a necklace. What has happened to the astrology it now expresses? It has now become a thing of Venus, or Venus and  Jupiter if you look closely. If you had instead carved the wood into a spear, the essential meaning is completely different, it becomes a thing of Mars, or Mars and Jupiter. In this way, human will and endeavour is able to craft objects magically so that they express different capabilities of form and a different essential meaning emerges through that form.

The part we really do not understand often enough is that in this shaping and crafting of objects we not only craft the way they express their own astrology, we also shape their awareness. Remembering that form, awareness and astrology interact, how could it not be the case? If I were to change your form into that of an oak statue, your awareness would also change because it would be confronted with a new form to inhabit. The mistake we make is in assuming that objects do not have awareness, but they do. Everything is aware of itself as a thing existing, everything is aware that it is present, aware of its form. This is the ‘I Am’, what is sometimes called the Divine spark, that exists within everything that is and ever will be. It is all aware that it is.  This is the unifying awareness of the universe, not an exclusive property of only some organic life forms.

Thus, human agency is powerful in the realm of objects. It has extensive power over its form, awareness and astrology. The utilisation of this power over the realm of objects, as well as over plants and animals, is what puts human beings on a different footing with respect to nature. The key point we need to grasp again with great urgency is that the shaping process needs to be intentional and respectful. We collectively invoke this power to churn out zillions of mass produced objects every year, and in only a small number of cases will the creation of that object be an intentional (i.e. understanding that we are imposing a consciously guided will upon it) and respectful act (with thought and care) – it happens in art, in magic, in love and in rare instances where people still appreciate the awareness in all things. It used to happen all the time when we appreciated everything the Earth provided for us and took none of it for granted.

The form of an object plays a more important and varied role in the astrology it expresses, and thus in the shape of its awareness. A building, for example, can have several rooms, each of which can be a chamber for a different part of its astrology – the bedroom for Venus or Scorpio, for example. Direction – the position of the rooms in the building according to the compass points – could also play a role in which rooms ‘contain’ which planets. Contrast this with an individual fruit pie. Here we are concerned with the form of taste, with whether it is sweet or tart, the shape of the pie and the ingredients. Perhaps a clearer example is to contrast an emerald with a ruby, one of which has a form that communicates Venus, while the other communicates Mars. This will then emphasise that feature in anything astrological connected to it.

Note that it is to the human awareness that the astrology of Venus or Mars will be communicated to, and not only to but by. Astrology is an interactive language created by human awareness to perceive the ever changing flow of essential meaning and to navigate its significance, but it is not just a subjective language, it is also a universal principle which the symbolic language of astrology allows us to perceive and work with. This universal principle is that everything is interconnected, that it is all One object. This being the case every form contains an infinite array of essential meaning, a fact which human beings make use of in the crafting of tools, the magic of shaping both form and awareness. Some materials are more suited to some forms and thus functions than others, but all forms are contained within all materials, at least potentially.

Within the parameters of life on Earth, i.e. within the rules and regulations established as laws of nature in this material reality at this present moment (Saturn), certain forms are permitted to exist and others are not. Some forms are ‘alien’ or (as I prefer) exotic – they do not have a natural place in the order of things. A simple example of this is that the human form does not have wings. Leaving aside the observation that science may be on the path of altering even these limitations, the point is that they exist in the natural world and constitute part of its order.

Objects are firmly bound by these restrictions, their form is shaped by them directly and naturally (assuming human agency does not intervene). This does not mean that they are immobilised by these laws or incapable of transformation. A body of water, for example, is able to evaporate, condense, freeze, boil, and form into creeks. It only means that objects observe these natural laws as they apply to them and cannot normally break them, they cannot assimilate any exotic essential meaning to shape their form. However, through magical procedures and through alchemy it is possible to introduce exotic essential meaning into a suitably prepared form, and thus create magical objects. These forms of shaping – especially those involving the introduction of truly exotic essential meaning that has no natural place within the terrestrial scheme of life, such as the Philosophers Stone – can utilise astrology to gradually shape form in a specific direction, bringing about the introduction of a specific essential meaning. Again, this is a using of the power of human agency over form, awareness and astrology as it pertains to the realm of objects. Such procedures must still obey natural laws in order to achieve their results and they must satisfy stringent obligations in order to be successful, and they always have consequences for the humans who oversee them.

The truth is that objects are the temporary bodies of notions, and this is where it gets really crazy…



From the human perspective the realm of notions is strongly connected with Mercury, and so we would tend to think that when we have a bright idea for the first time the chart for that moment will have a prominent Mercury (also Uranus in modern astrology, but only as a means of arrival for ideas, or for ideas that break the rules). In this way we assume all ideas to be the same, that they all ‘come from Mercury’, when the reality is that all of the dimensions of awareness we associate with astrology have their own ideas, their own notions about experience. The way I think of it is that this too is Mercurial – the variety and adaptability of Mercury is being displayed – but that with Mercury things only really become fascinating when we look closely at the details, when we see the contrasts and distinctions, so it will be more helpful to think of notions as being part of every planets makeup.

The form of notions is primarily mental and astral and lacking a single physical form – it can be present in every flag for a particular country, for example, but will rarely be present in only one flag. Thus, the form and awareness of a notion is not bound by physical laws as stringently as everything else I have discussed so far. As an idea it is largely independent of physical form for its existence, and its awareness of itself as existing is thus independent of physical matter. Instead, it is dependent on established physical forms for its physical expression, it requires some kind of agency in the physical world to apply itself to the physical world. This might all seem stupidly obvious until you think about what it means given what I have said about the universal immanence of awareness – that there are self aware beings in the astral and mental realms who seek to gain influence of one kind or another in the physical world.

This alarms a lot of people, mostly because they know what kind of thoughts and feelings they themselves have been privately having and what it would mean if those things were alive and aware of them. We are also culturally afraid of ‘spirits’ for various reasons, with only a few surviving cultures with the precious wisdom to  still live alongside this world and interact with it daily. An important understanding of these cultures is that the astral and mental worlds are not bound by the laws of time and space as our physical realm is, and that this enables form and awareness to behave differently. Within the astral realm, where the substance equivalent to physical matter is significance, time is strangely different but still recognisable as a phenomena, while in the mental realm time is only now and eternity (all nows). The astral is intimately bound to space because it is anchored to a physical form, but the mental is not bound to space (except when bound to a temporary astral awareness) and has a different relationship to time. So the mental realm, which is the primary dwelling of notions and their spirits, is largely immune to the effect of astrology, having neither an astral nor a physical form – a notion has no ‘birth’ chart until a physical form conceives of its existence and gives it a birth into the physical world. Note that I said largely, because the mental realm is still affected by astrology, however the effect is abstracted and involves passing through a medium, the astral, seeking physical expression.

Hence the term ‘medium’ when applied to clairvoyance and trance states, the human awareness being able to act as a conduit through which the mental and astral planes can seek form and voice. The concept is more widespread than most could give credit for – we are all ‘mediums’ for these beings, all of the time. Some schools of spiritual initiation and meditation recognise this, and the task is then to clean the mind of illusion so that pure essential meaning shines through bringing visions of the beyond which are not subjectively altered by the dirt on the glass of our awareness. This is a function of Neptune, and it applies to notions as a factor in how clearly they express universal awareness (the realisation that it is a unified-verse, a song of eternity for all things). For human beings this function of Neptune is what brings this planet a mystical and psychic reputation, and it also attaches all the means to reach altered states such as hallucinogens and dreams, but for notions there is absolutely nothing in the way obscuring direct perception of the beyond, no need for hallucinogens or altered states, there is simply a direct perception of the boundary of individual awareness (I am this idea) as well as what lies beyond it on the physical, astral and mental planes (I am the multi-verse of ideas). This is also why the chart for three very different but significant ideas that happen at the same time in the same place to three different people will apply to all three situations. Insignificant ideas lack astrology because astrology illuminates the meaning of things through their significance. Given the nature of astral reality, which is fluid because it is rich in the shifting currency of significance, astrological symbolism has to be fluid as well.

This fundamental difference (that notional awareness perceives its own eternal and multidimensional nature) means that notions not only express their astrology clearly – that is, without intentional obfuscation as human awareness may (meaning a lie or misdirection will reveal itself) – but also that they clothe themselves in it more completely since they must arrive in physical form through its medium. In doing so, however, they will express themselves in all their puzzling complexity, and the awareness of the notion itself will ‘see’ clearly through the mental and astral realm, it will have a range of vision that sees beyond its own limitations and Saturnine laws of what is real and what is not real. They must still follow the laws of materialisation that Saturn has authority over, and this will be reflected in the role Saturn plays in the chart for the genesis of an idea, and being entities that exist beyond space and time as we know it they will need a physical vehicle to sustain that effort, but they are still better at navigating through their worlds than we are, and they express this innate potential in their charts by revealing their complex connection to the world of symbols.

In fact this navigational power is how they find us, with astrology relaying notions through the astra-mental planes to the minds who can act as transceivers for these beings. The quality of human awareness determines the quality of the beings who are drawn electromagnetically to our own sphere of notional awareness. This is a principle underlying divination, the evocation of spirits and the ability to navigate in the astral and mental worlds. It is also the principle that makes horary astrology effective, a query or question being a notional entity.

In terms of form notions are composed of meaning, with complex ideas having complex forms composed of many parts as one would expect, while more abstract ideas take on a more pure Elemental form of one kind or another. Ideas also have an Electric, Magnetic, Neutral or ElectroMagnetic Fluid balance as well as an Elemental balance, and this determines the form of awareness present within the idea. The physical body of a notion is really the whole of its physical incarnation throughout all of time and space, it is a collective of individual forms in exactly the same way the spirit of a human being is a collective of its incarnations. Notions which have acquired enough meaning take on an astral body through the acquisition of significance, and as an idea inflates with greater and greater significance it gains power over the physical world (human beings are busy doing this while gestating and building their bodies). This enables its long term survival and relevance, its ability to display more of itself and what it perceives beyond itself.

From an astrological perspective all of this means that the charts for ideas express their truth and their nature – but only for a temporary period of time, until another idea or enough significance comes along to supplant its influence over the physical world. Notional entities (including human spirits) have a temporary interaction with astrology that continually dissolves and reforms, each time expressing a new facet of the entities ‘I am’. However, while it is in possession of an astrological identity it seeks to advance its agenda in the physical world in co-operation with those who would help it do so, and it must be a pristine expression of the astrological hands that have given it access. If it is the chart of an idea that has flaws that the human awareness has missed, they will show up in that chart. This is a critical point to remember and is part of what makes astrology so useful in interacting with notional entities.



Events are in effect what happens when a notion gains enough significance to impact the physical world – they are an extension of notional awareness into the material world. We could also say that some events are astral rather than physical, for example when we realise something internally that changes our lives, but for the purpose of this discussion I am going to be considering them as physical happenings.

The astrological work in this area is well developed and consists of both mundane astrology and electional astrology as well as some horary queries. In mundane astrology the study of events is focused on political and social happenings while in electional astrology the topic is enterprise in general. Both of these are very old traditions of astrology with the oldest texts on astrology being about these matters rather than the interpretation of birth charts, which came later. Many of these texts are still lost or awaiting translation, and among them there may well have been discussions of how form, awareness and astrology interact to bring about events.

The astrology of events is different to natal astrology in some important respects, and these differences challenge some of the assertions of the natal astrologer. In mundane astrology, there is sometimes the question of when an event happens – in the more dramatic events (like 9/11, or dropping the first atomic bomb), a precise time can be known, but in some events a precise time is not only unknown but subject to debate. Secondly, the question of how long a chart is valid for is often presented – think of all the complex and rapid changes in Europe that have occurred in the last 30 years, for instance. There are so many significant moments that to be able to pinpoint a single moment as the ‘birth’ of any of it is fraught with philosophical complication.

It must be clearly understood when using astrology in this area, then, that the chart is not a birth chart and that it reveals a mere glimpse of something bigger going on, it is like seeing a giant, scaly fin crest the surface of the ocean as something enormous moves below. The study of the astrology of events can be jarring to the natal astrologer because it confronts the awareness over the assumption that a precise birth time is a vital piece of information. It suggests instead that what is being measured by a chart is not like a fingerprint but more like a map, a map of the significance present in a time and place. This is an important point to remember for the next part of this message on the subject of enlightened awareness.

Again, it is not possible to read the form of an event from its chart. The chart for a tsunami striking a city will have that symbolism, but you could not tell that it was a tsunami if the chart was placed before you. The form of an event cannot be read in the symbolism, only its essence, its meaning, and its significance.

The awareness of an event is a more complex entity, being composed of the awareness of all those who witness the event first hand, and also reflecting the awareness of all those who become aware of the event. It is a far more complex entity than an individual human awareness, more akin to a collective awareness, and this complexity fundamentally broadens the scope of its astrology so that it encompasses collective levels. This makes the job of the astrologer much more difficult, because there are many more ways for the astrology to take form.

Although events are momentary, meaning they happen and then they are no longer occurring, they all leave an impact and have consequences that vary with their significance and timing. In this way we can say the horror that was 9/11 is still happening, as we are still living with the consequences. We could say the same about many of the more horrific events of the 20th century. Horrific events tend to leave giant impact craters and send shockwaves echoing through history ahead of them. These shockwaves can trigger further events, leading to a chain reaction.  We have seen this recently in the Middle East, in India, and elsewhere. The ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto has poured this spice over the world for a number of years now, flavouring all the events that break the surface.

Thus, with events the outer worlds and the slower moving planets are of great significance, as aspects between them highlight global trends. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have become important players in this field very quickly. This is another manifestation of the collective awareness that is behind events playing a major role in their formation. When enough people have the same idea, and there is enough significance accrued by that idea, something happens. This happening reveals and releases the significance and it is this which is being displayed in the awareness of the chart for the event. Astrology is the wild card that gives an edge to one or another kind of thing happening.

As with the astrology of notions which births them, the astrology of events clearly expresses itself, without deception. It is incapable of presenting a false front – the symbolism of the astrology will display the essential meaning of the event, provided the event is significant enough. Insignificant events do not display much astrology because they lack the substance that astrology communicates. Significant events can still have an astrology that is difficult to decipher by human awareness, however, and make answering questions about the event subjective. Sometimes though, and more often than one would expect, the symbolism is very naked – the chart for the first plane hitting the Twin Towers has Libra rising with Mercury on the ascendant in a square with Jupiter, with Moon in Gemini opposing Mars, for example. There are so many parallels to the event in this symbolism, parallels that leap directly into the human awareness and leave little doubt as to what is being referred to. At other times, there will be ambiguity. The meaning of events is not often clear until time passes, while their significance hits us immediately and washes over us in ever decreasing waves until it dissipates. Astrological mechanisms drive this process. In the human world it becomes about integrating events into our collective story, our history, and making adjustments based on the consequences we experience. It is usually painfully short-sighted. The animal and plant realms have much better ways of integrating their individual experience of events into their awareness and this forms the basis of their collective awareness and their evolutionary development.



The human awareness is capable of interacting with astrology in far more versatile ways than any of the previously discussed forms of awareness – it can make adaptations and formulate responses to it ahead of time, it can change the way it manifests in form with greater complexity, and it can manipulate the way other awareness experiences it. However, the human awareness is an innately curious and loving but currently vain and aloof awareness that sees itself as naturally superior to other forms of awareness, and this blocks its perception of both itself and of nature and hence warps the potential it has in utilising its astrology. 

Once this nonsense is done away and the awareness clearly sees that all awareness is present and equal, and utterly undying, the humanity in us can really shine through, and this is what we call ‘enlightenment’. It is basically seeing ones own nature for what it is and through this seeing all of nature for what it is. The task of the human awareness as it interacts with its astrology is to keep in step with this ever emerging dance, as the universe is continually doing all this new stuff.

The spiritual maturity of the awareness determines the spiritual maturity of the notional entities which that awareness can interact with. The active, conscious intention to sincerely develop along a spiritual path of initiation immediately draws the notice of the Greater Self which then takes a closer hand in guiding the initiate. This immediately begins to change both the awareness and the way that astrology interfaces with it. The Greater Self begins to instruct the initiate in their own astrology even though it may never lead them to encounter astrology. It simply uses another symbol set to do so. A stage is reached in which the initiate can claim to ‘Know Thyself’, at which point instruction switches to how to best employ that Self in the world we live in.

So in the beginning, during initiation or whatever you want to call the process of becoming enlightened, the birth chart is about as valuable a tool as you can find, because it really does show you a map of the journey, all you need to do is decipher it (and that is the fun part!). Just be aware that it shows you what your life looks like when you are happy just as much as it shows you what it looks like when you muff it up. The awareness that is the driver of the astrology is a wild card that cannot be inferred from the chart – the chart of a cruel psychopath and a revolutionary philosopher can be identical, but the awareness of each one being different they will express the potential very differently. Therefore, alteration of human awareness causes alteration of how it experiences its astrology. The enlightened awareness embraces and exalts in this fact. 

That’s the key thing that changes for an enlightened mind – the astrology is consciously integrated as it happens, without self denial or other complexes delaying the integration. Whatever is revealed is revealed as self awareness, and the task is to accept what emerges as a part of enlightenment, the ongoing path. The interaction the human awareness makes with astrology as it is trans-formed through initiation goes through stages that unlock specifically designed symbolic challenges at specific times, all leading to a direct perception of a planets essential meaning. In effect, we begin seeing our Saturn or our Jupiter, and end up seeing the universal ones as well. Many schools of initiation, like my own, structure this emergence of awareness carefully, many of them following an astrological model that starts with the Moon and ends with Saturn. There are good reasons for this because the ‘ascent’ (for me it is more of a deepening) of the awareness through a particular stage equips it for the subsequent stages. However, modelling this precisely to the chart – i.e. using the Moons position to delineate the first stages of initiation – is misunderstanding that the whole of initiation is symbolised by the chart. The astrological Moon will, however, yield important clues about that particular transformation of awareness. It just wont be everything, that is the whole chart.

The vanity of humans often leads us to believe that we are the only species to be on a path towards enlightenment, when in fact this is completely the opposite to the actual truth. Plants can awaken too, and have qualitative differences in their awareness that distinguish them from other plants. Animals can also reach their own forms of enlightenment and they have nothing to do with understanding how humans see things. Such changes in awareness (and in some cases form, as animals and plants can undergo metamorphosis) will always change the experience of astrology by making the perception of the meaning of the astrology clearer to the awareness. Ideas also seek enlightenment in their own ways, and objects are similarly guided to states of perfection in terms of their awareness. In short, enlightenment is for everything and not just human beings.

A magician perceives the birth chart as an invaluable tool in maintaining the magical equilibrium with nature and life, as an asset in dealing with the world of spirits and as an important aid to alchemy and divination, among other things. There can still be struggles and problems arising from the astrology of the chart even though the awareness is enlightened to it and able to master its expression, because of the influence of karma and free will. Yet at this stage the surprises the chart holds are mostly connected with what the infinite reveals of it, not with the matrix as it was handed to us at birth. The transits and progressions that are made to a chart, as well as all other kinds of astrological effects that come into play later, still represent a significant challenge to the enlightened awareness.

There is no point at which the chart ceases to have significance for the individual, at least while we still breathe. This comes later with the astral death, what is sometimes called the ‘life review’, which follows physical death. Once this process completes the astral matrix dissolves and the astral awareness is untethered from the physical plane, so that it voyages to the mental plane and a similar process begins there that will dissolve the mental matrix and untether it from the astral. This brings the complete cessation of influence of that astrology over the individual. This entire process takes some time from the point of view of those on Earth and is often very arduous for the discarnate soul, which is why many cultures have traditions designed to help them, just as they do for newborns.

An interesting point to mention here is that our physical birth is not the only moment that can generate enough significance to apply itself astrologically – some astrologers use the moment of conception and there are even cases after birth occurs where a new awareness can enter the picture and inhabit an astrology it was not born with. Franz Bardon is one such soul, and this means that the astrology of his birth chart does not really describe who he is, but more what he had to deal with. He remains a mystery, at least astrologically. I suspect the Buddha may have been one too. In modern terms people sometimes call this a ‘walk in’ and it is a rare but real phenomena which throws a spanner in the astrologers workshop, but it still does not invalidate the astrology, it just changes possession. So these exchanges are always an agreement, a contract which favours both sides.

Regardless of its form, as awareness interacts with astrology with greater degrees of spiritual maturity the astrology adapts to it perfectly, using the same essential meaning as it always has but with important differences that arise from the lack of obstruction the awareness presents. The integration of astrological effects as they happen that occurs in an enlightened awareness opens up a dialogue between the awareness and the vast universe of awareness that is communicated by astrology. Every experience becomes a guide, a teacher of enlightenment and an instructor in the path. There is a Greater Self guiding all individual things that exist, a guardian of the wisest and most loving kind, and this is the reason why enlightenment is for everything. Yet it is always possible to turn away from the path, to ditch the awareness in a hole and bury it in ignorance again, and thus there are no guarantees that an enlightened awareness will always act that way. The moment it does, however, astrology becomes a powerful and often strict factor in correcting things.


In this message I hope to have given you reason to consider the way in which astrology, form and awareness interact – there are vast differences in the way different forms with their different kinds of awareness interact with astrology, but what they all have in common is that they all utilise their awareness to interact with their astrology as a way to maintain and in some cases transform their form. Astrology applies to all things upon the Earth and to all things brought forth upon the Earth, but it applies itself to specific forms in specific ways, using the species appropriate sensory apparatus of that form. The manifestation of astrology – the tangible and ‘real’ form it ultimately takes – is not readable from the chart, and nor is the awareness that inhabits it, only what both will have to deal with, the significance they must face. The final say in these matters is a matter of the choices we make that deem certain lessons and experiences to be necessary, and this is perceived by the Greater Selves who are the ones that design the final form our astrological influences take. This occurs across the vast spectrum of creation, even in places where terrestrial astrology does not apply, for as I said astrology is not just a language humans have created, it is an objective phenomena in the universe,  we simply use the sky to communicate it to our awareness. There are many other ways by which this can occur, and they do, somewhere out there.

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  1. In my perception it is a writing of Knowledge, Love and Responsability. I have a lot to meditate about something you wrote and some confirmations made me very happy. This writing is like a bright Star in the Universe of the Collective Awareness. Thanks dear brother ❤

  2. thank you for this exciting information, i keep on following your blog and am amazed by your insight. i also love your videos about stones with mr clark.maybe there is a podcast one day i think your approach is very unique and helpful in understanding the complexity of it all.specially this article.

    • Thank you! Yes i may be doing podcasts, I am especially interested in doing question and answer type sessions where I can engage with people directly and perhaps talk about their astrology. We will see how it goes, as I would need to get some equipment and some time!

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