The Burning Path: Chiron in Aries

Hello and welcome back to journeys for April 2016 🙂 This month and for some months to come I am going to be publishing articles with a more specific focus than the ones I have been sharing this year so far. Hopefully, these will also be briefer and easier to absorb than the heavy dishes I have placed on the table recently. However, in the background I am continuing to cook up fattening feasts for later…its just my way of writing.

So, continuing in the direction established by my message on Saturn in Sagittarius I will be examining the slower moving planets in the signs, this month presenting some thought on Chiron in Aries and Uranus in Scorpio. Eventually I will cover all the bases for Chiron, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the signs. The article below is on Chiron in Aries, with the article on Uranus in Scorpio to follow. I will be covering the generational and personal dimensions of these placements but for Pluto and Neptune I will only be covering signs they have been in since the early 20th century and signs they will be in for part of the 21st – in other words, I am restricting my sharing to living influences, influences which are actually present in the chart of someone alive. Although you may not share the sign placement under discussion it will still be helpful to read about the expression of that planet in a particular sign (especially when it shares an Element or Mode with the sign the planet is in for you, or clashes with it by square or opposition) and particularly with respect to the generational dimensions the information on any sign can be very practical to any readers.


Art by iZonbi

I have presented a detailed message on Chiron earlier in this journal, ‘The Song We Have Sung For Ourselves’, and if you have not done so already I recommend you find some quiet time to absorb it as it enriches the current topic and clues you in on where I am coming from as far as my view on Chiron is concerned. The message I have published on Aries, ‘The Wisdom of the Pattern’, can also provide helpful meditation.

To summarise the message on Chiron, I find him to be an initiatory figure guiding us back to a healthy way of living, one which involves a restoration of our relationship with nature, including human nature. Along the way there is not only pain – for in order to heal we must confront our suffering – but also magic which becomes unlocked. In the eyes of Chiron, pain is a teacher, an inevitable consequence of choosing to grow.

He is a mediator figure, acting to bridge splintered viewpoints and to connect disparate realities, which means he cannot align himself with factions. He does not cleave to the rulebook, but he does not tear it up either. From an astrological perspective he is the remedy to the problem of reconciling the attitudes and situations represented by wherever Saturn is with those represented by Uranus – a clue as to how we bring those two very different factors together. This will be particularly true if he makes an aspect to them, but will apply even when he does not. Therefore to place Chiron in a proper context we must see him as a mediator between these two influences, a way by which we can successfully align with neither but satisfy both.

In the Aries message I suggested that the essence of the sign is a creative one which involves the interaction of awareness with the emergence of fresh, new patterns. The Aries process is one of initiating new patterns, of causing seeds to germinate, green shoots to sprout and buds to open. Within each form there is a will which directs the existence of that form, a basic self which causes it to move ‘forwards’ as a consistent pattern in a definite direction. This is the Aries force, it is the driver of consciousness and it is a propellant that arises from the awareness we have of being a thing that exists (in human existence, there is an addendum made by our culture: we are things that exist in competition with other things.)

Putting these together, the ‘restoration of our relationship with nature, including human nature’ indicated by Chiron in Aries is one of the awareness being the fuel-injected thrust of emerging patterns, the bringer of new eras of some kind. The pain to pass through and the magic it unlocks will involve being taught about how to birth new things into existence. And because naked enterprise is always a risky or even life threatening undertaking, these people have a sniffer on them that whiffs out threats as a means to test their mettle.

So long as we remember that a generation, astrologically measured, is dependent on which planet we are looking at and the length of its orbit around the Sun (i.e. generations of 11-12 years for Jupiter, 28-30 for Saturn, etc), we can see that Chiron is measuring ‘bigger’ generations than Saturn is, since his orbit clocks in at about 50 years. The sign of Chiron shows the Elemental focus of Chiron for an entire generation of people as the average time Chiron spends in a single sign is about 4-5 years, however this average does not apply in practice due to the eccentricity of the orbit of Chiron, which is not circular but highly elliptical, so he spends 7-8 years in Aries and Pisces but only 1-2 years in Virgo and Libra. Therefore unlike the other generations that can be measured from the outer planets, Chiron actually has a bias to certain signs, a feature we do not find in objects with circular orbits. This means that the quantity of Chiron in Aries and Pisces is disproportionate and that the collective awareness ‘bulges’ at this end of the spectrum. It shows therefore that the overall collective human awareness is biased towards seeing these ways of Chiron as ‘normal’. This means these placements of Chiron are culturally adopted and gain prominence in our awareness of Chiron itself, but it also means that the less common signs (Leo through Scorpio) are made more capable of initiating breakthroughs in the mass consciousness.

The pattern of Chiron in Aries from 1800 and up to 2100 is outlined below:

Chiron in Aries (1800 – 2100)

  • 9 Apr 1820 – 5 Mar 1829 (not including 7 Oct 1820 – 8 Feb 1821 or 7 May 1828 – 11 Nov 1828)
  • 4 Jun 1868 – 4 Feb 1878 (not including 31 July 1868 – 22 Mar 1869 or 5 Nov 1869 – 13 Jan 1870 or 5 July,1876 – 31 Aug 1876 or 20 Apr 1877 – 13 Dec 1877)
  • 31 Mar 1918 – 25 Mar 1927 (not including 22 Oct 1918 – 28 Jan 1919 or 24 May 1926 – 20 Oct 1926)
  • 1 Apr 1968 – 28 Mar 1977 (not including 18 Oct 1968 – 30 Jan 1969 or 28 May 1976 – 13 Oct 1976)
  • 17 Apr 2018 – 14 Apr 2027 (not including 25 Sep 2018 – 18 Feb 2019 or 19 Jun 2026 – 17 Sep 2026)
  • 3 May 2068 – 23 Feb 2078 (not including 3 Sep 2068 – 4 Mar 2069 or 28 Apr 2077 – 21 Nov 2077)

Note that a new generation of this tribe are about to appear. Note also the chronological pattern here: in our era he revisits the sign approximately once every 50 years starting in a year ending in either an 18 or 68, and he first enters Aries around March, April or May and finally leaves it about 9 years later in February, March or April in a year ending with a 27 or 77/78. In total he spends about 8 years in the sign each time, taking into account the times when he is not in Aries because he is moving backwards and forwards between signs (as shown above in the brackets). As this section of the pattern shows, this behaviour will change only slowly over many centuries so it is worth noting and remembering. For numerologist minded astrologers, this is certainly interesting. Chronological patterns like this are of course not uncommon in astrology, but many astrologers would be surprised at how interesting and consistent they are from a numbers point of view.

Everyone born in these periods is part of an individual cohort, a tribe or group that has the designation ‘Chiron in Aries’. This tribe comes back to the world in a new guise every 50 or so years, but they are not always the same individuals (this is not about a family of souls incarnating again and again, but about a garment that is cyclically worn by a continually changing collective of different souls). While living together they will ‘see eye to eye’ because of this on a broad spectrum of issues that affect the world – Chironic issues. Every person alive belongs to a number of different groups or cohorts that express a particular shared way of approaching the world, and this is one of them. From the magical point of view it can be regarded as a spirit that is periodically incarnated as part of the Great Work.

These tribes will all generally ‘click’ with one another on the matter of what pains them and how they encounter healing for that pain, and they will share a quest, a call to bold and decisive Aries action. They will also resonate harmoniously with all those who have Chiron in Leo or Sagittarius, but find they encounter healing crises quite often with Chiron in Cancer or Capricorn people. An emphasis on any of these signs which does not include Chiron also carries the same resonance, but (unless it includes Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) it is not essential to the issues of collective astrology and represents how more personal and individual astrological factors interact with collective ones, a hugely complex area where as far as I know little to nothing has been said but which is beyond the scope of this message.

Returning to the pattern, these periods in our history can reveal clues about the nature of Chiron in Aries, but because of his small size these clues will often be small too, and therefore either subtle or involved with the details, not the big picture. It will therefore be difficult to track them. We must also note that until 1977 he was not in our collective awareness, and so may have had no notable impact on awareness at earlier times (but later we will be able to retrospectively look back as we are doing now and perceive it, its just that at the earlier times we had no chance of doing so). Additionally, he tends to concern himself with the kind of details that history does not adequately record. However some telling themes will show themselves in historically recorded events and these are what we need to find. Below are some of the events from these periods I have found which resonate with Chiron in Aries, with greater emphasis placed on the period just before he emerged in our awareness. Some of them may surprise you:

  • 1820s: Discovery of Antarctica, ‘American Indian Wars’ (Native American genocide), death in exile of Napoleon, arrival of internal combustion engines and electric motors, implementation of first police force, premier of ‘Faust’ and Beethoven’s 9th symphony (his last complete symphony and widely considered his greatest work).
  • 1868 – 1878: Cro-Magnon man first identified, ‘American Indian Wars’ reach bloody climaxes, the Long Depression bites in Europe and America, Queen Victoria becomes Empress of India, blue jeans and barbed wire are invented, the samurai class is abolished in Japan, moons of Mars discovered, Tolstoy publishes ‘War and Peace’.
  • 1918 – 1927: End of World War One with society being faced with the desolation of those who witnessed it, Hitler becomes leader of the Nazi Party and ‘Mein Kampf’ is published, death of Lenin triggers divisive power struggle between Trotsky and Stalin, Hirohito becomes Emperor of Japan, first television images transmitted and the first ‘talkie’ movie is made (‘The Jazz Singer’).
  • 1968 – 1977: Moon landings, Woodstock, assassinations of JFK and MLK, start of ‘the Troubles’ in Northern Ireland, creation of ARPANET (genesis of the internet), ratification of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, deaths of Morrison, Hendrix, Presley and Joplin, The Killing Fields genocide, discovery of Australopithecus afarensis (species of human that lived 3-4 million years ago), launch of Voyager space probe, global energy crisis, first genetically engineered organisms (bacteria and mice), first outbreak of Ebola virus, birth of Apple computing, the first face lifts attempted, resignation of Nixon, popularity of tattooing and piercing, ‘Mohawk’ hairstyle, end of Vietnam War, ‘The Godfather’, ‘Jaws’, ‘The Exorcist’, ‘Rocky’, ‘Superman’ and ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest’, in literature the arrival of Stephen King.

Phobos, a moon of Mars

One of the significant themes we can see emerging here is that of new horizons being breached or penetrated by heroic pioneering efforts, often with immediate consequences and being exploitative of a power source found there. The discovery of the Antarctic and the moons of Mars, genetic engineering of bacteria and mice, the lunar landings, the Voyager project and the breakthrough of television signals and ‘talking’ pictures are clear examples of this. These major events (like all events discussed here) are not solely or even chiefly the purview of Chiron in Aries – they emerge from multiple concurrent astrological effects – but the fingerprints of Chiron in Aries are upon them. Chiron in Aries is a trailblazer tribe bent on meeting excruciating, potentially painful but always adventurous encounters and challenges head-on. The temple position and aspects of Chiron will shape and focus this potential in more specific ways, as they will for the other themes identified below.

Hardship, struggle against adversity, desolation of the will and the spirit and struggles for survival are present – the long depression of the 1870s, the horrific aftermath on youth of World War One and the similar aftermath of the Vietnam War all testify to this, among other things. Something in this combination invites extreme challenges to the will to live.

musician-149789_1280Another prominent and related theme involves the death or loss of warriors, people who come to symbolise bravery, courage, a spirit of valour and a willingness to fight for what they believe – heroes of glory or boldness, not necessarily of virtue, however. Dangerous, villainous figures also emerge as part of the dark face of this resonance, and warrior classes are wounded, splintered or decimated. The end of the samurai class, the deaths of iconic figures in rock music, the end of Napoleon, the publication of Mein Kampf and the mass extermination of North American tribes underline this theme. Hand in hand with this theme come the stories that arise from people who take the warrior path to its painful conclusions and end up killing hundreds of thousands, even millions of people, or at least become aggressively divisive figures who bring militaristic or confrontational difficulty with them. The pattern brings us memorable moments in the lives of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Nixon, Thatcher and the police. Apart from creating fallen heroes and legends out of such icons, the influence of Chiron in Aries in their astrology is to transform them into champions who take bold actions and gain reputations for being divisive figures as a result. They, too, are blazing new trails into contentious or even plain cruel and heartless territory. Aries is a noble and generally honest sign – what you see is what you get, and its usually well intentioned – but it can become selfish and cruel very easily and the propensity for Chiron to break things generally and for Aries to break the rules instinctively leads in some cases to criminality and sadism


There also appears to be a connection to human ancestry and particularly bones, with two major discoveries occurring in the instances of the pattern given. It may be that Chiron in Aries acts to unearth the bodies of extremely ancient people and to help to put together the fragmented jigsaw of pieces that have gone into our evolution. These discoveries may also be reminders of a simpler and less complicated relationship with the natural world. The quality being brought to light here is the simplicity of awareness that exists in Aries, the ‘I Am’ or ‘I exist’. The time in which these bones walked the Earth was an initiatory state of awareness for the human race, a time in which our ancestors had none of the tangled thinking of modern humans and simply experienced being alive without seeking to do anything but be alive. This is a key magic that Chiron in Aries seeks to return to the human collective, and reclaiming it is indeed a painfully burning path.

A further theme is subtly connected with heat, ruptures and the harnessing of the natural laws of light – the combustion engine, television, electric motors and Ebola all have elements of Chiron in Aries in them. These and other inventions – barbed wire, face lifts and the police – have questionable and ill thought through consequences. Blue jeans are a bit of a puzzle until you consider the fact that many cowboys were born during the ‘Wild West’ era with Chiron in Aries and also that these were made to be sturdy trousers capable of resisting the high stress with potential for cuts and burns that factory workers put their garments through. I would also not be surprised to learn that there is some pattern connected to the use of colour in art history, particularly reds, but I have not researched this detail.

tattoo-990098_1920Looking a little deeper we can perceive an esoteric theme connected with certain ‘tribal’ styles, with the Mohican and body piercing trends of the 70s being connected by threads that intertwine with critical periods in the Indian Wars. This may be more than a coincidence as some of those wearing the fashion in the 70s may have been wearing it before. The interesting thing about tattoos, piercing and spiky hair is that they are all Aries in form, being either threatening, marks of bravery or honour, or seen as rebellious and dangerous by the status quo, and they most often adorn the head where they can be most intimidating and direct to view, and subconsciously put the viewer in mind of ‘being faced with pain’. This is one of the details we can identify that history generally glosses over.

While popular trends in films are principally an expression of Neptune they can also reflect other astrological factors, and we see imprints of Chiron in Aries occurring in the list above. Many of the films are threatening, harrowing and stressful experiences to watch, there is an air of violence and horror just waiting to explode that makes them tense and gripping to sit through. Others embody the Chiron in Aries themes more subtly. ‘Superman’ is an orphan exiled from his doomed planet and made to grow up as an outsider where his supreme strength makes him one of a kind. He literally arrives in a blazing trail. ‘Rocky’ is a boxing drama about a wounded but kind-hearted club fighter who takes on the world champion and… loses, but finds healing. oneflewover‘One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest’ is about a man who establishes himself as the leader of the inmates of a mental institution, aiming to teach them self determination by battling the fascistic head nurse in a clash of wills, ultimately succeeding in liberating their minds but being lobotomised in the process. ‘The Jazz Singer’ is about a Jewish kid who has to choose between his career and loyalty to his family and faith; it’s a question of honour, and initially he chooses his career and his family cut him off, but by the end of the film he has to face a tough choice and his decision finally brings healing to the divisions. ‘Jaws’ is perhaps the perfect example of the man-eating threats and dangers we perceive in nature, a theme very resonant with Chiron in Aries. Its not just ‘one man against nature’ but also the threat of being eaten alive. The unforgettable poster was just a giant head with teeth coming up underneath an oblivious swimmer. Yet its also a film about confronting fear face on in its own territory (the poster shows the natural consequences of not doing so).


Look over the list again and meditate on it further and you will perceive deeper facets to things which lie within the smallest details, and when you grasp these things its easier to identify further imprints of Chiron in Aries in history, because you understand the mindset you need to approach events with and have a piece of the pattern to match it to. There is still much work to do in researching the significance of Chiron, and it is all very interesting to find, it is illuminating. More could be gleaned from the lives of people born with Chiron in Aries, some of whom I have collected for you at the end of this message. What kind of pain did they suffer most from or inflict, what kind of healing experience did they create for it, what role did they play in the ongoing story of the happenings from history given above, in what ways did they refuse to align themselves with poles of opinion, what lore did they possess and what were they questing for? These kinds of questions will help to illuminate more of the Chiron in Aries themes, but for now we already have much to consider and so I will leave this task to you. Some of what follows is drawn from my study of these people anyway.

At the root of Aries is the concept of being, the consciousness that ‘I Am’, and so the focus of Chiron in Aries is in overcoming obstacles leading to self awareness and spiritual identity. The painful questions of Chiron in Aries, the questions which provoke the maverick quest and lead to the healing, are simply ‘Who am I?’ ‘Why am I here?’ and ‘What is my life for?’ As most people will recognise these are commonly held questions and wounds that need to be healed which are felt by a large majority of people, but not by all of us, and this is partly a reflection of the extra length of time Chiron spends in Aries.

Another common feature is the quest for true and genuine self confidence and self determination, the notion of being able to stand on your own two feet with no assistance, no dependence and no fear or frailty, vanquishing struggles to overcome insecurity and lack of assertiveness. This is the Aries spirit, the need to be able to stand alone and fend for ourselves against anything life has to throw at us. For this reason members of this cohort do not often stick around their family home and flee the nest early, never to fully return. They are courageous and become known for their bravery in tackling whatever life throws at them. However if they fail at being able to look after themselves or are thwarted or stressed enough to have to ask for help they take this as a sign of personal weakness and suffer an injury not just to ego but to the sense of self as a whole. Yet they can easily set this up by refusing offers of help when they are appropriate, which is more often than they start out reckoning on.


Faust, as imagined by Rembrandt

This painful need for self sufficiency and self determination can couple with the Chironic urge to be a maverick causing even more painful experiences – the urge to be one of a kind and not rely on anyone for anything can become the source of our failure as we forcefully insist on going our own way only to find that nobody is there when we arrive. We have pushed them all away through our sensitivity to being dependent on them for anything and it has left us with no reason to keep fighting anymore.

This is because this tribe need others in order to have something to fight for. With Chiron in Aries when we fight purely for ourselves it can quickly become toxic because we feel we have so much to prove. We need to prove our honesty, our integrity, our bravery and courage, our fighting spirit, our creative power, our ability to act and our willpower, as well as our self sufficiency and ability to thrive in life by always getting up to continue the fight. It is such a tall order to ask others to substantiate and verify especially when we insist on doing it alone and are so hurt by defeat and the need for patience. Yet when we fight on behalf of others and are wise about the battles we choose our focus is not on proving any of these things and so it becomes more vigorously and creatively expressed – in fighting for what we believe is right and doing it for someone else we naturally show them that we already have all the qualities we think we need to prove. And we become truly heroic.

body-painting-749223_1280It may be that for these individuals the sense of being or self has been violated in some way and they may fear asserting themselves. Shyness and a lack of sexual confidence can be seen moving like a shadow across this crowd. They may also over-compensate by attempting to be the first at everything. Physically they may suffer burns, head wounds, headaches or migraines, tooth loss, facial scarring or diseases of the blood that trouble them and provide painful learning experiences, although this is not often necessary – it arises from a need for the person to stop pushing so hard and pay attention to the need to heal their life, or just from being too impatient. In the case of facial scars (and tooth loss) the true healing is not in the removal or disguising of the scar tissue (or broken smile) but in a bold wearing or at least an owning of it as a ‘battle scar’, a thing with meaning and significance that forms part of your life story and denotes the presence of a survivor. This does not mean they should shun repairs or cosmetic surgery, as it may be necessary for their healing, it just means that the true healing lies in accepting the events that inflicted the scar as a meaningful and significant part of the life story. This will transform the pain into magical and healing potential.

They may also become a pioneer of a new path or an enterprise that ventures into new territory, one that has dangers or at least thrills to offer as well as painful battles that involve creatively stitching sundered crafts together. This is my Chiron tribe, and ‘The 26 Keys’ is itself an example of this theme. Many individuals born into this cohort are trailblazers who need the thrill of being the first to land on a moon or live on Mars, or perhaps thrill at the challenge of being dropped onto a jungle with a plastic spork and a TV crew. Such daredevilry has the added appeal of satisfying their need for the challenges of self sufficiency, since when we are in unexplored territory there is little or nothing to rely upon but the self. Yet the need to do something new can become divisive and over-emphasized, it can become combative through its insistence on a fresh approach and its instinct for confrontation as a way to solve a deadlock. They can insist on getting their own way so often and in such a way that their every action becomes a wound they inflict on other people, because it belittles them. In the most extreme cases the ego becomes so deprecating of other people in reaction to its own insecurities that it becomes repulsive and unable to hold onto any allegiances, even within its own government. Ironically, this can be the impetus to push further on the self directed path into bold new territory, as the fact that they now stand alone liberates their freedom to act more forcefully and assertively. This brings a vicious cycle in which the person is their own worst enemy and is privately tormented by how lonely they are, sometimes until an act of betrayal removes them from their position. Margaret Thatcher (born in 1925 and rising to power under Chiron in Aries) is a modern icon of this phenomena.

There is a need to recognise that for these people healing comes through Arien stress inducing situations, that there is something in them that thrives on pressure as it unlocks their healing and teaching potential. The tribe is a magnet for adrenaline pumping gauntlets of fire. They take on giants in unarmed mortal combat and are undaunted by the titanic odds against them. They pursue glaringly dangerous objectives and are often fatally drawn to kick against immense, monolithic forces. This arises from an innate instinct of the will and so it needs to be given a consciously chosen direction in which to act. This tribe of warrior-healers need to choose the fights that can bring healing, not the fights that bring only destruction and bloodshed, and they need to act spontaneously, not talk about the implications of their actions. The need to act is absolutely vital for their healing, healing will not just land in the lap with Chiron in Aries, you have to be willing to get up off the floor and fight for it, for in many ways this is the healing. Wallowing in self pity is often an instinctive response to disappointment and the thwarting of efforts for these people, and it means they have lost sight of their incredible strength of purpose. They need to be given a quest, a thing worth fighting for again.

The wound of Chiron in Aries is basically an existential one – the tribe are besieged by the need to fight for something but they cannot fight that battle until they know who they are, who or what they need to fight for, and what their own personal weaknesses are. The instruction of the heroes of legend by Chiron was varied, but one component that was always involved was the teaching through demonstration of the fatal flaw or weakness which the warrior possessed and needed to be accepted and countered. Ego would often intervene in this process, so the task for Chiron was often to puncture or wound the ego so that it could deflate and perceive its own potentially deadly flaws. So for these individuals the path to healing and wholeness involves becoming aware of their own innate power, the power of being the whole self able to act against formidable foes, without assistance if need be, and possibly having the ego wounded in the process.

old-691069_1280The role of this tribe in the formation or birthing of a new paradigm for the human race is to be the creators or initiators of new projects. They are attuned to the potential threats we face and have an instinct for tackling the immediate pressures we are faced with. They are not long term strategists who can figure out who and where we will be in 50 or 60 years, but rather bold adventurers that see who and where we are now and can make entirely new paths to places we want to be. They possess the capacity to forge anew the collective identity, to cast it into the crucible and set it up for a new era, both by venturing into completely new territory and by painfully confronting its established ways. They often need disciplinary lessons in order to unlock their magical potential and must develop a hard skin in order to withstand the kinetic forces they generate and pit themselves against. The restructuring of the use of the will is often a key part of the initiatory path, as it must learn to want things that do not bring it pain or must come to understand that what it wants is not as important as how it gets what it wants. Patience is often required and in the temple hosting Chiron in Aries there needs to be a challenge which offers healing potential and a mending of any schisms in the magicians will (for example, the wanting of two different but mutually exclusive things).

These are incredibly strong people, even superhuman or superheroic in some respects, but their naivete is a potentially lethal vulnerability. They tend to have an innate and almost childlike trust not only in their own capabilities, which are not always sufficient, but also in the integrity and trustworthiness of other people. Both of these factors get them burned more often than they should, and yet because they see a new, better, and often more direct way for us they hold a key which teaches us that way. This tribe is notable for the scars and burns that life marks them with, they are drawn to battle and must choose their fights wisely. Wear those scars with pride, Chiron in Aries brothers and sisters, but do not let them define who you are, and choose the battles that will mark you carefully.

For other examples of Chiron in Aries see the lives of Judy Garland, Gene Roddenberry, Kenneth Williams, Aleister Crowley, Henry Mancini, Christiaan Huygens, Immanuel Kant, Louis Pasteur, Jules Verne, Mohandas Ghandi, Winston Churchill, Nancy Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Rock Hudson and Julian Assange.

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19 comments on “The Burning Path: Chiron in Aries

  1. I learned so much. Layer after layer Astrology is becoming alive for me and with a more personal relationship than before. Thanks so much for all! ❤
    Waiting Chiron in Taurus 🙂

  2. Thanks for these insights 🙂
    Good to know Chiron in Aries.
    Now I can understand a bit more of Chiron in Pisces too (my Mother is experiencing its return now)

    I vote for Neptune and/or Uranus in Capricorn

  3. Great article – thank you for this.

    Loved this: ‘must develop a hard skin in order to withstand the kinetic forces they generate and pit themselves against’. Very Aries – seemingly tough but actually quite feeling in a raw way.

    I’d be interested to know how this has shown up in charts for you. I’ve a few Chiron in Aries clients in the past week, and generally I’ve found it also revolves around the childhood and/or father. Primal levels of wounding regarding the self/sense of self/acceptance of self. I usually look to Mars to see where or how it might have played out.

    A public example I can offer is Bernie Sanders’ 10th House Chiron in Aries; Mars in the 6th. That connection I find quite easily (his dedication to serving/protecting the rights of others). With other charts I end up looking to the asteroids for more information/detail. (His Chiron is actually nearly exact Aesculapius, which made me worry for either his health/healthcare platform, both of which are being criticized…)

    I had another client this week with 10th House Aries Chiron, Mars in the 6th. She had a really, really rough childhood with seriously oppressive parents; in the workplace as a nurse she fought for client/worker rights. But has always had issues with being accepted at work, and accepting herself.

    Another also had 10th House Aries Chiron, Mars in the 6th. After being rejected by her incredibly conservative family, she dedicated her life to fighting for women’s rights in warzones. She’s also struggled to get accepted in a very masculine environment, and accepting various parts of her nature. She had Chiron on top of an asteroid that spoke of someone that was assaulted by a family member, and later exiled from her family because of it; sadly, this was very accurate.

    • Supercool comment, thank you. These are all whole sign houses aren’t they? Just so we dont get muddled, I use Placidus, which in many cases gives wildly different house interpretations.

      So, my Chiron in Aries is in the 2nd with Mars in Libra opposing it, conjunct Uranus, in the 8th. My father had a heart attack in front of me when I was 7 years old (Saturn square Saturn) while we are on a boat at sea in the Mediterranean. I had to rescue us. He lived a few more years until a week before my 13th birthday. His loss was devastating at a highly sensitive time. He taught me about death and the will to survive. It was not just in this way that he shaped my future life. When I was 4 I asked for adult books on occultism. I wanted to learn magic, and he did not stand in the way. He got me those books.

      By contrast, one of my closest friends in youth has a (Pisces rising) 1st house Chiron in Aries conjunct Mars and opposite Uranus in Libra. His father worked for the British royal family as a chief of security, so there was a notable degree of sternness and decorum to him because of his public role, a character trait that my friend shared, and they actually look very similar. My friend was also compelled by survivalism, he was interested in predators and the whole drama of life as a struggle against death. This fascination became a factor in panic attacks later on. When he was a young man, he had a number of sour experiences with girls who essentially used him (his Pisces nature framed this).

      My oldest friend has Chiron in Aries in the 5th with Mars in Aquarius in the 3rd conjunct the Dragons Head. Scorpio rises. His relationship with his father is a distant and somewhat troubled one, his father also being stern and a bit mean at times (he once came into the living room as my friend and I were talking by the fire after midnight, and told us to stop whispering and go to bed, because he had to get up early in the morning for work). My friend and I met while we were both working in the performing arts, and later he set off on a lot of globe trotting to places he had always yearned to see. Knowing him better than most I would say his Chironic journey has definitely been about art and seeking the fun in life, as well as embracing his unique way of thinking and opinions and taking a stand on them against his fathers will when necessary.

      The key thing is that ‘fathers will’ I think, at least in terms of explaining the resonance with Chiron in Aries. Its the masculine bias that we perceive in the will – that men are stronger willed, and make use of their will more efficiently – that defaults it in this way. Chiron brings broken things to be mended.

  4. Very, very interesting. And yes, I do whole houses, but it seems the meanings align. Also got another one last night – Chrion Aries in the 1st, Mars in the 9th opposing a not so nice vesta-nessus conjunction in the 3rd. Asteroid ‘Church’ on Ascendant. Grew up in a conservative fundamentalist Christian family, and was assaulted by one of the spiritual leaders…. Yikes! To be continued. 🙂

    • wow, those angles seem incredibly important for the asteroids… my best wishes to your Mars in 9th friend, maybe the thing to do is name one of the unnamed asteroids “conservative fundamentalist Christian programming blunderbuss” and make sure its one conjunct, say, Pluto. That oughta do it.

  5. I have Chiron in Aries in a 2′ conjunction with Jupiter in 5th & a 1′ square to Saturn in Cancer in 8th. It’s effects are obvious in my life – i’ve continually used my creative entrepreneurial ability to create businesses [organic cafe, renovating old houses / trading antiques – all Saturn in Cancer]. I’ve continually come up against massive unjust force from authority that i’ve had to battle single handed – including defending myself against powerful forces in the high court & physically defending myself from hired thugs. [corruption from finance industry & police was the worst situation]. That crucible of extreme pressure has made me very strong in myself & ready to fight on behalf of other people. I now put a lot of energy into activism on behalf of refugees….definitely agree that the Chiron in Aries wound is healed in the crucible of extreme pressure….

  6. I arrived looking/hoping for something on the fast arising Aries ingress of Chiron. I did however enjoy what I read. I do suggest not ignoring the Heliocentric which occurrs just before earth ingress to Aries. What will we collectively restore and what will we suffer in process?

  7. Thank you for your very important information on Chiron. I have Chiron retrograde in Aries.
    Much appreciation. ✡️

  8. Thanks for the info. I was born on April 10, 1968 – an Aries female with Chiron in Aries, which pretty much explains the personal and career trajectory of my life! It’s fascinating to look back on all that piled on suffering and non-stop attempts at resurrection and see it as an intimate connection with the cosmos. This thing called life keeps blowing my mind lately 😁 My 51st birthday next month… wonder what Chiron will bring me!

    • Hi! I hope he brings you a fulfilling sense of how all that struggle has born out strength within you! I too am seeing my Chiron return approaching, and this is what it feels like for me.

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