Truly, Madly, Deeply: Pluto in Scorpio

Today’s journey leads into the heart of the Sacred Flame…


Iterations of Pluto in Scorpio occur over a cycle of about 248 years, the time it takes Pluto to transit through all 12 signs. He will spend a varying range of time in different signs because his orbit is not resting in the disc of the solar system (the ecliptic) but instead is inclined towards it, bisecting it at an angle of about 17°, and furthermore it is not circular like the other planets but elliptical like an egg.

When in Scorpio he takes about 13 years to go pass from beginning to end of the sign, and on the scale Pluto measures things this is very small. Also, we should note for the entire time he is inside Scorpio he is also within the orbit of Neptune, thus closer to the Earth. This is extremely telling, and goes a long way in explaining his resonance with the sign. It means this generation are far more aware of their Pluto stuff than most of the rest of us are. 

So what we are dealing with here is one of the smallest tribes as far as Pluto counts things, but with Pluto size definitely is not everything, despite what some would like to think. He is a tiny world, packing an enormous wallop. Consequently, despite their minority, this tribe will ultimately be quite vocal in expressing their connection to Pluto. In fact, they will insist upon it. 

Pluto in Scorpio (997 – 2242)

  • 27th Nov. 997 – 20th Oct. 1010 (Excluding 3rd Apr. – 23rd Sep. 998 and 21st Dec. 1009 – 11th May 1010)
  • 21st Dec. 1243 – 27th Dec. 1256 (Excluding 2nd Mar. – 8th Oct. 1244 and 30th Dec. 1255 – 25th Apr. 1256)
  • 28th Oct. 1490 – 18th Aug. 1503 (Excluding 8th May – 14th Aug. 1491, 24th Jan. – 23rd Mar. 1502 and 10th Nov. 1502 – 16th Jul 1503)
  • 6th Dec. 1736 – 7th Oct 1749 (Excluding 4th Apr. – 2nd Oct. 1737 and 10th Dec. 1748 – 7th Jun. 1749)
  • 5th Nov. 1983 – 10th Nov. 1995 (Excluding 18th May – 28th Aug. 1984 and 17th Jan. – 21st Apr. 1995)
  • The next occurrence is in 2229 and will last until 2242.

Resonant events from these periods:

aachen-1137799_1920997 – 1010: Millennialism (expectation of an impending Day of Judgement); Islamic World in its Golden Age; fourth largest volcanic blast of the present geological epoch (Changbai Mountains); Mount Merapi volcano erupts, covering all of central Java with volcanic ash and destroying a Hindu kingdom; Mt. Vesuvius erupts; brightest ever supernova observed and recorded worldwide (it is in the constellation Lupus and provides enough light to read at night on a New Moon); Charlemagne’s vault opened“He did not lie, as the dead otherwise do, but sat as if he were living. He was crowned with a golden crown and held in his gloved hands a sceptre; the fingernails had penetrated through the gloves and stuck out. Above him was a canopy of limestone and marble. Entering, we broke through this. Upon our entrance, a strong smell struck us. Kneeling, we gave Emperor Charles our homage, and put in order the damage that had been done. Emperor Charles had not lost any of his members to decay, except only the tip of his nose. Emperor Otto replaced this with gold, took a tooth from Charles’s mouth, walled up the entrance to the chamber, and withdrew again”; Battle of Pinhoe (Vikings pillage England repeatedly in this era); Leif Eriksson establishes Viking settlements in North America; St. Brices Day Massacre (Danes are ordered killed by English King Aethelred, resulting in significant loss of life); Aethelred gives a fortune in silver (36,000 pounds) to the Danes for two years of peace; epidemic hits Greenland; extensive plague and famine in North Africa; Brian Boru becomes High King of Ireland; Battle of Shanzhou (Liao against Song Dynasty); gunpowder invented in China; what will later be called Shanghai is founded; Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem destroyed by a Caliph; The Shahnameh is written; Beowulf is written.

1243 – 1256: Mongol expansion into Asia and Europe; First Council of Lyon (which excommunicates and deposes the Holy Roman Emperor and begins the doomed 7th crusade); building of the present structure at Westminster Abbey; the 3rd and 4th Great Khans of the Mongul Empire are enthroned; Kublai Khan in China; forced expulsion of Muslims from Valencia; Shams Tabrizi, instructor of Rumi, mysteriously disappears; future Bedlam ‘hospital’ founded in London; last remaining Catharists in southern France are being massacred; one of the largest historical rock slope failures known in Europe; Roger Bacon publishes the formula for black powder (gunpowder) in England; the Great Interregnum; the German cities of Lübeck, Wismar, and Rostock enter into a pact to defend against pirates of the Baltic Sea, laying the groundwork for the Hanseatic League; Albertus Magnus isolates arsenic; Florins – the first gold coins in Europe – are minted; Stockholm is founded; Tripitake Koreana completed (Buddhist scriptures written on 81,000 blocks of wood); Nichiren Buddhism founded; Pope Innocent IV authorizes torture of heretics, leading to torture gaining widespread usage throughout Europe; purgatory first named and clarified.

Black_Powder_Close_Up1490 – 1503: Christopher Columbus lands in the Americas on four journeys, forcibly subjugates the islands, enslaves the Amerindians and lays the basis for a system of land grants tied to the Amerindians’ labor service; the first African slaves shipped to America; Golden Horde defeated and their capital sacked; Askia Muhammad ascends to power and eventually makes Songhai the largest empire in the history of West Africa; Jews are expelled from Spain unless they convert to Catholicism; Treaty of Tordessilas (Spain and Portugal agree to divide the world outside of Europe between themselves); Islam becomes dominant religion in Indonesia; Battle of Zonchio sees first use of naval cannons on ships; Fall of Granada ends nearly 800 years of Muslim control in Spain and centuries of Reconquista; Pentateuch first printed; Ensisheim meteorite weighing 127kg falls on eastern France; Elizabeth Tudor born; first hurricane ever observed by Europeans; House of Medici expelled from Florence; first published description of the double-entry accounting system; First Italian War; Aztec forces conquer and sack the Zapotec city of Mitla; Suleiman the Magnificent born (he becomes the longest reigning Great Sultan); earliest record of distillation of Scotch Whiskey; world first dry dock at Portsmouth commissioned; Intercursus Magnus commercial treaty signed between King of England, Hanseatic League and other European powers; the Catholic Monarchs issue the ordinance of Medina del Campo, creating a money system based on the copper maravedí (in the next three centuries, this system dominated international payments and was used in almost all parts of the Americas and large parts of Asia. It is the basis for a number of modern currencies, including the US dollar); effective extinction of wolves in England; Michaelangelo begins work on David.


1736 – 1749: Tropical cyclone in Bengal kills 300,000 people; an estimated 9.3 earthquake in Russia results in 60m high (200ft) tidal waves in the Pacific; the first city paid police force emerges in Philadelphia; the direct male line of the Medici family is extinguished; ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ is designated the patron saint of Mexico City; Methodist movement launched after John Wesley has spiritual experience; excavation of Herculaneum, a Roman city buried by Vesuvius in AD 79, begins; Nader Shah occupies Delhi in India and sacks the city, stealing the jewels of the Peacock Throne, including the Koh-i-Noor; War of Jenkins Ear; massive eruption of Mount Tarumai in Japan; Batavia Massacre (about 10,000 Asians killed by Dutch East India Company); ‘Rule, Brittania!’ first played; a plot to set fire to New York City by slaves is allegedly discovered; ‘Conspiracy of the Slaves’ uncovered in Malta; first Europeans visit Alaska; Anders Celsius develops his own thermometer scale; election rigging leads to resignation of British Prime Minister Robert Walpole (considered the first PM) after nearly 21 years of rule; Goldbach’s conjecture formulated (one of the oldest and best-known unsolved problems in number theory and mathematics); Lopukhina Conspiracy results in grisly punishment in Russia; rebellion against Spanish rule in South America by Juan Santos Atahualpa; Great Comet of 1744; Jacobite rising in England causes terror and panic in London but ends with their beheading (the last state execution of its kind in England); Istanbul burns for 5 days; the first venereal diseases clinic opens (at London Lock Hospital); France declares war on Britain and the conflict is global;Fanny_Hill_1910_cover ‘Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure’ (widely known as ‘Fanny Hill’) erotic novel published; a fire in London causes over a million pounds of damage; ruins of Pompeii are rediscovered.

1983 – 1995: Beginning of globalisation; the Reagan and Bush senior era and the early Clinton era; ‘War on Drugs’ begins; ‘video nasties’ and the ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ controversies (overall concern about obscenity and the influence of the occult and violent entertainment); Mitsui Miike coal mine explosion; El Nino weather effect wreaks havoc worldwide; Reagan declassifies GPS for public use; history’s first embryo transfer from one woman to another, resulting in a live birth; AIDs epidemic forces changes in sexual behaviour; the first untethered space walk; Brighton Hotel bombing; famine in Africa sparks Live Aid; Hubble launched; detection of exoplanets around other stars begins; dark matter and dark energy discovered; first confirmation for black holes emerges; assassination of Indira Ghandi leads to deaths of tens of thousands of Sikhs; Human Genome Project begins; DNA begins to be used in criminal law; Bhopal disaster becomes worst industrial accident in history (at least 23,000 resulting deaths); Hong Kong’s future is signed over to China; Thatcher embarrassingly ousted from power; a Soviet cruise missile plunges into a Finnish lake; crack epidemic starts in Los Angeles but quickly spreads everywhere; mobile phone networks are launched; Bradford football stadium fire; Heysel stadium disaster; discovery of the ozone hole over Antarctica; Jupiter observed being hit by a comet; Bangladesh cyclone kills 10,000; remains of Josef Mengele exhumed in Brazil; wreck of Titanic located; the Schengen Area created; 8.1 Richter scale earthquake rocks Mexico City (10,000 or more killed); Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupts, killing an estimated 23,000 people; Brixton riots; apartheid ended and Mandela released and becomes President; Cold War ends; collapse of communism; Berlin Wall falls; Chernobyl meltdown disaster; Exxon Valdez disaster; Gulf War and its oil spill; Siege of Sarajevo; Rwandan genocide kills at least 500,000 in 100 days; Srebrenica massacre; Space Shuttle Challenger disintegration; extreme drought in the US; Loma Prieta earthquake strikes San Francisco; Northridge earthquake devastates Los Angeles; race riots in Los Angeles; Mount Pinatobo erupts after over 600 years of inactivity; Oklahoma City bombing; IRA agrees to a truce; Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’; ‘Return of the Jedi’; ‘Threads’; ‘Aliens’; ‘The Silence of the Lambs’; ‘Schindlers List’; ‘Ghost’; ‘Platoon’; ‘The Last Emperor’; ‘Fatal Attraction’.

Overall, what we see here are themes connected with volcanic eruptions, things long buried being exhumed, explosive events involving fire, death being loosed upon the environment, the history of race relations, atomic and nuclear power (or possibly just dangerous power sources, such as gunpowder), breathtaking displays of power or cruelty, the history of money and banking, sacking and theft, the history of communism, coal mines and jewels from within the Earth, the creation of occult networks (including mobile phone networks, which we cannot actually see), developments in which perception of the universe deepens and the history of sex and sexual diseases.

We are a bit short of good examples and experience with Pluto in Scorpio. Little is known about this generation since the living tribe are still maturing, with the eldest about 33 and the youngest about 21, and the previous appearances of this pattern occurred before we knew Pluto was there, but luckily the influence of Pluto in Scorpio was something I spent some time with from the late 1980s until he entered Sagittarius, and I grew very familiar with him during the period he traveled through the sign and so I have some observations to share from that experience, as well as from subsequent work alongside Pluto.

First of all, it seems that there is no more resonant a sign for Pluto to be in than Scorpio. Pluto loves to hide things. He likes to slip things between the lines. And Scorpio loves a secret, and loves even more to discover them. Furthermore, Pluto loves to cloak things in mystery, and Scorpio cannot really resist that either. Pluto provides intensification, and Scorpios are passionate creatures who do not recognize mortal limitations. So there is a definite resonance between Scorpio and Pluto which is akin to rulership. This gives this cohort an intense and compulsive passion for probing and revealing things that have been cloaked in fear, secrecy, denial, lies and darkness. It makes them the tribe to watch if we want to learn more about what Pluto represents.

Mars, however, is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, and he still is. Pluto’s rulership over Scorpio is not even a rulership, but we can think of it as a transcendent rulership if it helps. This means he governs the signs magical functions and takes its expression to potentially even deeper levels. If this Pluto finds himself conjunct another world (especially the Sun, Moon, Mercury or Venus) he will set it ablaze with desires and compulsions to probe deeper and further than anyone else with it. These deeper levels frequently focus on lifting out of us an inner light that is a source of protection in the times of our greatest need. For Pluto is the deep treasure buried in the graveyard of our unwanted power, knocking on the coffin lid it has been buried alive inside of.

Pluto in Scorpio compels a generation to dig deep into this place and bring what it finds to the surface. These people are undaunted voyagers into the world of the occult, the hidden power of their sexuality and the mysteries of death. Their attitude to these things differs from that of Saturn in Scorpio (1982/3 -1985) because it is far more emotionally compulsive, far less conservative or cautious, and far more willing to dive into the deepest end. It may still seek to control and suppress the emotional power like Saturn in Scorpio if the overall position of Pluto promotes it, but in general it is much more willing to surrender to being overwhelmed because instead of fear it gets a thrilling kick out of the taboo dangers. Sexually, if Saturn in Scorpio is sexual repression then Pluto in Scorpio is nymphomania. Saturn in Scorpio needs a plan for everything, Pluto in Scorpio sees that as futile. On the other hand, it is like Saturn in Scorpio in that it ultimately seeks to reveal the deepest laws of matter and the hidden dimensions of life in order to attain mastery over them.

Compared to Uranus in Scorpios (1974-1981) approach to sex, death and the occult, Pluto in Scorpio actually holds some of the answers that elude the Uranus in Scorpio tribe, because they have a fixity that penetrates and probes more deeply. Where Uranus in Scorpio goes with a more detached invention and experimentation in these areas, Pluto in Scorpio goes for saturation and towards being utterly consumed by them. Uranus in Scorpio also goes with the flow, adapting to major change more easily, while Pluto in Scorpio can resist it fiercely when it goes against what it wants, and generally has far more invested in things going a particular way. It is far more heavily invested in its emotional hungers and desires and far less distracted by whatever happens to be new. Pluto in Scorpio is not turned on by the perverse or turned off by the ordinary, but instead it is aroused by the hidden flow of power that moves between people when they fuck with one anothers emotions, negatively or positively.

They are fascinated by these three things because they are fascinated by the nature of power itself and this is such a deep fascination that many do not consciously recognise it. Yet Pluto does, and from time to time, he will be activated and bring these compulsions to the surface as increased appetite for hidden or forbidden knowledge, sex, or a brush with mortality. So few of them actually perceive that it is power that taunts them, and not its acquisition but the mystery of its nature. These experiences bring hidden lusts for forms of power, deep seated emotional pressure and compulsions to the surface and powerful Pluto activations should be used to deal with them by letting them out constructively, not pushing them down or cravenly satisfying their endless appetite. This also means that the tribe are magnetically drawn to things that make most people squirm, so we see a generation given to diving head first into ‘disturbing’ things like sexual abuse, Armageddon, death, the occult, madness and nihilism. The objective is to comprehend the inner power of immortality within us and this entails its capacity to be reborn, often with or through excruciating pain or an encounter with the deepest unknowns, the things that make us all feel deeply afraid or ashamed, and in this process more joyful aspects of life may be ignored, even negated and forgotten. The need to explore such things does not make these individuals a bad person but it can make them a pariah and needs to be admitted or it becomes toxic for all of us. The seeking for power needs to be transformed into a seeking for the nature of power itself. pompeii

For some, power is wealth. Pluto is the king of plutocracy, the keeper of the hidden jewels of the Éarth, and many members of this tribe will seek them. Riches are an insurance against catastrophe. Most of these people think that if Armageddon arrived, they could survive it if they had enough stuff. Even with great wealth, however, the heart is still vulnerable. Some members of this tribe recognise this and are not so keen on amassing money, instead seeking to secure power through loyalty and the avoidance of betrayal. They surround themselves only with those they trust, which are very few, but those bonds are tight. Sometimes, too tight. They can end up strangling and throttling their relationships simply because they are the perceived source of their power and so they do everything they can to dominate and manipulate them. This is like treating souls as commodities, which many of the wealthiest do anyway. Then there are those who see occult power as the way to get everything the way they want. Usually, they are attracted to darker arts and to power trips, but they also include many people genuinely seeking self transformation on deeper levels.

Pluto in Scorpio, in fact, is intensely transformative, and therefore deeply magical to work with as it provides an emotional connection that penetrates to the core, reaching into the nucleus, the depth point. Yet in my own experience with it I discovered that the accumulation of Plutonian energy must reach a certain ‘density’ and then hold this intensely accumulated density for a time before it explodes instantaneously and so releases extremely intense effects. It is orgasmic. For this reason it is easier to accumulate in very dense vessels like obsidian, which seems to be a good candidate for Pluto’s ‘metal’.

Serpiente_alquimicaThe transformative power of Pluto in Scorpio is regenerative; it exposes corruption and buried rot, unearths it, and forces a recycling and a rebirth of those energies to occur. In this sense it is symbolic of eternal recurrence, the Ourobouros serpent which consumes itself in endless renewal. This is a resourceful generation, but they mostly lack an awareness of how much internal power, especially emotional power, they have. They are largely unaware of the fact that this emotional power, though most often tightly controlled, still seeps through their containment and is perceived by others on a deep level as threatening and sinister – and by some as compelling sexual magnetism. This same raw emotional power also makes them prone to substance abuse because they feel they need something to take the edge off the way the world regards them. The firstborn of this generation were the kids who grew up having sex at very early ages, hanging around in shadowy bus shelters in hoodies and dark shades, staring out from behind bottles of Alco-pop and the haze of ecstasy comedowns. Later generations seem to have less of an edge to them, on the whole.

The transformative potential of Pluto in Scorpio is possibly greater than any other planet in any other sign, certainly in emotional terms, and it can lead to many total rebirths in the life, especially when its key is being activated and the connection to Pluto is personally felt. We do far better at these times by just letting Pluto take it away, because he sees better than we do and the rot in their core is not hidden from him. We can emerge from some of these experiences feeling like a completely new person, but we will have to guide that state from the astral to the physical realm. Pluto in Scorpio can only reach as far as the astral realm to create causes, and must influence the physical plane from there. This must be remembered when working with its principle. It must accumulate an intense astral charge and release it all at once in order to impact the physical world. So we can learn to recognise Pluto by the tension building up in the astral around things.

Pluto in Scorpio is also very obsessive and emotionally fixated, making it prone to feel jealousy, employ manipulation and magnetise turbulent relationships; the emotions can be intensely felt and at the same time tightly controlled, so that no-one can see the volcanic feelings that lead us to plot in silence, fixated with an intense passion upon the fulfillment of our will. This obsessive need to keep the emotions under tight control is a product of the awareness that emotions are the power to have over other people, and this deeply known truth, alongside Pluto in Scorpios own skill at manipulating emotions so that nobody notices them doing it, leads this generation to feel that they must keep them well hidden away. They are hiding from one another, scared of the exposure their own gaze will bring, the darkness that will be reflected in their eyes. They don’t want us to see what they know they are capable of. What we are all capable of.

But, they cannot hide. To live with Pluto in Scorpio is to accept that one day your emotions will explode because even those with this influence who do not hide their feelings from others must at times still experience a surging within the emotional body that brings to the surface many long buried and forgotten emotions, often with mysterious origins that cannot be explained to others, as if they were just happening – because in the astral realm, they are. Pluto in Scorpio allows us to hide away the intense emotions that we feel, but they do not go away. They simply wait like a Scorpion for the right time, for the pressure to reach that accumulation of density that will release the intensity so it can be felt not just by us but by everyone in the vicinity. And with Pluto in Scorpio, the origin of these feelings can go back literally eons. This happens without our conscious awareness because what we feel with Pluto in Scorpio, what moves through us, triggers a reaction in these profoundly deep levels of astral being, and the resulting surge is simply too much for the moment it is felt in, it is so overwhelming that it must be buried deep in the astral body and experienced in increments so that it does not cripple us.

molten-1084181_1280A strong characteristic of this generation is some kind of profound alteration of sexual practices and attitudes. Take note that the last occurrence of Pluto in Scorpio led to the sexual revolution in the 18th century, a major transformation during which sexual attitudes underwent profound changes, albeit mostly for white heterosexual males. These shifts frequently coincide with the outbreak or spread of some virulent sexually transmitted disease, a disease which acts to shape and direct the changes in attitudes. In 1494, the first outbreak of syphilis is reported in French troops besieging Naples; from this centre the disease spread across Europe killing at least 5 million people – a massive loss of life for that era. In the 13th and 14th centuries the world was left reeling by the spread of the Black Death, which killed at least 200 million people – 30 – 60% of Europe’s population were killed. Today we have HIV, also Ebola, SARS, etc. and we may be facing something similar about to happen again in the lifetime of this Pluto tribe. This is an intensely sexual generation driven by powerfully ravenous lusts and deep emotional impulses, feelings which they must not condemn but instead find a healthy, natural, non-violent way to express. They need to find a way to express the transformative power of their sexuality, its potential to regenerate them astrally by allowing potent and intense feelings to emerge. Simply sating the soul in sexual gratifications will not achieve this end, it will make them jaded and debauched instead. Again, it is the nature of power they seek, not the ecstasy of power itself. Additionally, they are faced with a need to take casual sex far more seriously than before, thanks to HIV. These themes will continue to emerge through this generation leading to a major transformation of rotten or torpid attitudes to sexuality, a deeper probing of what causes things like pedophilia and the relationship between sex and violence. Everything that has been ‘closeted’ around human sexuality is going to be dragged out into the daylight for all to see, and it will fall in the hands of this generation to transform these situations into more enlightened ones, or to at least begin that process.


Another strong characteristic of this cohort is a deep and intense sense of hopelessness in the face of powerful forces and events – looking the devil in the eye or gazing long into the abyss, they easily have it gaze back into them too. This would be problematic enough, however this sense of hopeless despair is complicated by an astral fixity that is titillated by the truth it perceives, a nature which grips that truth too firmly and can become self righteous and overly impressed with its own cunning and insight. It can become so emotionally convinced that what it sees is the hidden truth that it becomes highly resistant to help, especially when its feelings are hurting.

The need for revenge is strong in this tribe. There is a psychological inability to accept being victimized, a volcanic need to strike back to even the score. They will often justify a rampant cycle of escalating violence, hatred, vengeance or self righteousness by citing themselves as the first victim of an attack. It seems lately to be emerging that there are a number of suicide bombers in this tribe, too. Turbulent personal emotional situations can send them over the edge of what is deemed normative, but on the lighter side if the calamity belongs to someone else the composure and cool insight of these people can be a blessing to the crisis.

Pluto in Scorpio people will often experience psychic perceptions. Almost every day, in fact, these people use a very low level form of magical focusing to get what they want. The emotional body and power of will, when set on something you want, is capable of secretively manipulating others and events towards its end. It is so intently bent on having what it wants, that it simply but subtly gives others no choice, warping things in a way that manipulates them. This is not something they are encouraged to explore, except to notice it and gain control of it so that they do not manipulate others to do what they want. It can then be a powerful transformative tool.

Pluto in Scorpios fascination with death is also exceptionally deep, but again most of the generation are unaware of it except as a more intense level of fear that the world is uncontrollably ending. There is a need not just to understand death, but to confront it and move or at least peer through it. This generation is the first generation to inherit a world where the problems and threats to human existence outweigh the factors supporting its survival. They have, since being children, not only had to contend with a future overshadowed by the threat of nuclear war, but of HIV, environmental collapse, and countless other potential sources of mass death. Deep, deep down, they feel with certainty that we are all heading for Armageddon, and they really feel that way more than Uranus in Scorpio natives. Here we find a major source of all their emotional intensity and extremism. If the world is ending, if these are the end times, then why not have sex, drink, take drugs, disregard laws, blow yourself up for a deity and do whatever the hell you want? Or perhaps go the puritan path and seek some kind of salvation for your sinful soul by shunning all temptation as ‘taboo’? This is of course only the more negative reaction to this awareness, even though it is an understandable one, there are other ways of handling it which are not destructive or self reproachful. Pluto in Scorpio needs to accept that each moment is thereby made more precious by such inevitability.


The awareness of looming threats signalling an end to human civilisation as we know it, then, the perception of the profoundly self destructive course we have set ourselves on, is a major part of what drives this generation on the deepest level of being, it’s what makes them all so intensely emotional, and how they handle this awareness, whether they push it down and deny it, revel in it, or try to transcend it, is a large part of Pluto’s agenda with them. A generally fatalistic attitude shows through in those who are on the verge of making a transition from one way of handling Pluto in Scorpio to another. They are purging the emotional fallout not only of the awareness of the inevitability of their eventual deaths, but the seemingly inevitable mass deaths of hundreds of millions of human beings in an apocalypse which we have all feared and carried around within us. It’s never really just about what just went wrong, that is just a trigger. The penetrating perception of world events and the state of corruption that is evident to Pluto in Scorpio often leads it to conclude that all is lost.

What they may not consider is that in the degenerate society they were born into all was already lost and perhaps the only way to regain it all is a near total reboot of some kind. Those of this generation who embrace this may actually find a release from much of the internal pressure they are under, the acceptance of what they feel does not destroy them but empowers them to live every moment to the fullest and to actually feel that, despite its obvious dark side, there is a light – the possibility of a new beginning after a tribulation. They are no longer so tense and negatively compulsive because they are no longer unconsciously self destructive – they can learn to direct the destructive power of Pluto in Scorpio at things that need to be destroyed. For these people experience of Pluto in Scorpio is deeply transformative, it starts to bring up ‘demon’ after ‘demon’ for release from the pit, and with each one that is faced and unbound, a wave of transformation is set free that moves from the inside, from the deepest level, to the outside. For most others, however, the path is one of a slowly accumulating density of pressure, with cyclical purges as catastrophes trigger a deeper reaction in the individual or mass psyche, just waiting for the big one to occur everywhere, and they are filled with desperate impulses to escape or make it all go away. They experience powerful compulsions pushing them forwards, never truly realising that the source of these compulsions – for sex, power, money – are just the coping mechanisms they have for dealing with their inner feeling that everything is futile. Everything is not futile, but it feels that way for them until they face up to their inner demons.

Many of this tribe have incredible power or experience huge transformation which enables them to exercise greater power than they ever imagined possible. We can see among them the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty,  Mark Zuckerberg, Thomas Jefferson and PewDiePie (who gathered over 6 million subscribers on YouTube in the course of a few years). Its important to understand that from the astrological perspective, this does not equate to success. What equates to success is how much positive transformation is brought to the world.

This tribe can gain great assistance from people with an emphasis in Water signs or on the signs Virgo or Capricorn, and they can assist those signs with their potent insights into hidden matters, their enormous reserves of willpower and their emotional passion. Interaction with the Pluto in Virgo and Capricorn tribes provide enormous transformative arousal to emerge. They tend to experience greater and more intense conflicts with tribes or individuals connected to the Stable signs, often because there is a stubbornness or blockage in the way.

tumblr_static_ouroborosThe magic of Pluto in Scorpio is the sacred magic of eternal rebirth and eternal life. The tribe have a keen eye on the depth points immortal nature, on the fact that energy cannot be destroyed, merely transformed. The understanding of what this means to mortal existence changes everything, and this tribe have glimpsed into that truth, even though they may bury it deep. This is what makes many of them prepared to die for something they feel intensely strongly about. Yet sacrificing oneself for something deemed to be worth it overlooks the preciousness of the gift of life that we have. Our survival is indeed less relevant than the survival of all life on Earth, yet that is what we threaten with our removal. It is the serpent eating its own tail again, a situation this tribe must both beware and learn how to utilise as a positive power source.

Ultimately there is great power in this generation, power to regenerate or to degenerate depending on how healthily they handle their intense emotions and drive for profound and intense transformation. They need to accept their hurts and let them go while looking at the hurt they themselves cause, discover their hidden cache of emotional power and courage, direct it at a worthy cause in need of regeneration and rebirth, vanquish and banish the demons that stand in the way and cleave with conviction to the need to gaze upon the darkness without being gazed upon. There is much work for these people to do and by its nature it will often be thankless, since people do not generally want to go where it leads, but there are powerful magical treasures to be unearthed, and this world needs them more than ever. It needs their intense commitment to total regeneration, it needs their penetrating perception of the darkness within us, it needs their passionate commitment to life and it needs their insight into the nature of power, which is ultimately that it is not in money, or sex, or the occult, or any of the vessels it inhabits for us – it is in us. All the power that ever is, or was. It is therefore entirely in our power to change the world in any way we choose to, provided there is enough will to do so.

And with that knowledge, there should be nothing stopping us.

Pluto is in Scorpio in the charts of King Macbeth of Scotland, Gruoch (wife of King Macbeth), Moses de Leon (compiler of the Zohar), Marquerite of Navarre, Francis I of France, William Herschell, Bao Zheng, Suleiman the Magnificent, Henry I of France, Philip III of France (called ‘Philip the Bold’ for his combat ability), Edward the Confessor, Johann van Beethoven (the musicians violent, alcoholic father), Henry VIII of England, Anne Boleyn, Mary Tudor, Johann Carion, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Pope Leo IX, Pope Clement II, Pope John XXII, George III of the UK, James Boswell, Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II, Emperor Constantine X of Byzantium, Solomon Molcho, Mark Zuckerberg, Alessandro Volta, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Adele, Marco Polo, Paracelsus, King Kamehameha I of Hawaii, Thomas Jefferson, Mayer Amschel Rothschild (founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty), Shia LaBeouf, Evan Peters, Taylor Swift, Daniel Radcliffe and PewDiePie.

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  1. Why specially sun, moon, mercury and venus? ive seen saturn conjunct pluto in charts of powerful politicians in my country and people involved with occult?

  2. As a proud Pluto in Scorpio millenial born in 1992 I think that what Pluto in Scorpio brings is a generation of people fascinated by astrology and all things occult. I’ve seen so many articles in recent years wondering why millenials are so into astrology. The answer is simple: we’ve got Pluto in Scorpio! We’re naturally going to gravitate towards the occult.

    • Thank you Sims, and I completely agree, but there is something for me to add. After Pluto in Scorpio (1983 – 1995) we were handed over to Uranus in Aquarius (1996 – 2004) and Neptune in Aquarius (1998 – 2012). Just recently, I have started seeing these younger people come into a keen interest in astrology too. They are not as keen on the other occult sciences like magic, and have more of an interest in how our interconnected technology can be used with astrology, as well as other implications like whether or not AI or robots have birth charts. But they are also very curious about the subject and it has been very refreshing for me to interact with them and very exciting to see a new generation coming into the field with new gadgets to apply to it, like smartphones. It makes me wonder whether or not astrology is headed for a technologically led revolution where it loses its two dimensional map and becomes more of a holographic three dimensional map of the solar system.
      Time will tell! Stay proud of your Pluto!

  3. I have Pluto in Scorpio in the First with Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in Capricorn conjuct to Saturn as a focal point (It had 2 special events apparently, I was born during the first and the later one (Neptune conjuct Uranus in Capricorn) was the second). I’ve always felt a need to change things for the better and use my ability to transform society for the better due to rolemodels being for a change for good in the world instead of for ill. I also have a strong urge to de-taboo sex but urge people to do it responsibly and not be so reckless with it as it is good for the body if done responsibly. There’s a bunch of articles on the health benefits of sex online if you want to know them.

    I have tight sextile with the sun so that might be why I feel the urge to lol.

    • Thank you Donovan, this is an open and insightful comment. It seems to me you are born in the early part of the 90s, in whuich case the current situation is also a very tough Saturn return for you. I hope you are finding lots to learn in this experience and wish you all the best navigating through the months and years ahead. We need all of the people born in your time to supply us with the road map for our collective future, so feel free to share what you wish about that here.

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