Between the Lights

Hello, and welcome back to journeys for another month 🙂 This month I’ve been asked to talk about something I briefly mentioned last month in my article on Magical Timing – the interaction between the Sun and the Moon in ElectroMagnetic conduction.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with my work, I propose a method of working with astrology which is based on interactive relationship and personal exploration. It has been my experience as an astrologer that the most significant and meaningful encounters with astrology occur when people have their own direct experience which they are able to relate to, and not when I give them some information from a chart using my expertise and experience. There is a world of difference, for example, between someone who comes to me asking about what the shape of the road ahead looks like out of curiosity or worry and someone who has been digging into astrology themselves and has stumbled upon a transit or a progression that suddenly makes sense of what they are going through. The latter has had an experience, often one which has unsettled a mechanistic worldview and called assumptions about life and the role astrology plays in it into question. It’s also enlightening in a way that a lecture with lots of astrobabbling involved can never be. Over the years I have created a series of tools with the intention of empowering people to have these kinds of experiences, even without the guidance of an astrologer. These tools have been collected in my book “The 26 Keys” and have been made freely available through an online practical manual that you can download here.

The essence of my approach is a magical one which allows people to gradually shape the form that astrological influences take within their lives. For example, let’s imagine that you have an astrological pattern which means that every year during a certain period your patience runs thin. You get tetchy and easily angered and frustrated. First of all, the tools in my book will allow you to quickly identify this pattern and the period of the year in which it falls to you to deal with it. Then, once you have identified the pattern and the period of the year in which it occurs more dramatically, you can use the tools that I have set out in my book to gently shape the influence of that pattern so that your anger and lack of patience subsides and is replaced by something more positive. The technique is capable of shaping both internal and external manifestations of astrology this way i.e. it is just as capable of changing your character as of changing your actual life circumstances and the events involved in them.

The core of “The 26 Keys” is the method I call conduction. This method is built around a simple natural law – namely, that whatever your astrology is and wherever your planets are it is all activated on a monthly and yearly basis by the Lights, the Sun and the Moon. This is because once every month the Moon orbits the Earth which means that it orbits the entire chart you are born with once every month, touching every part of it in every possible way. Similarly, the Sun activates every part of your astrology once every year because the Earth revolves around the Sun once in that time. This means that the Lights form an accessible, stable and rhythmic core around which we can build an interactive practice with all of our astrology.

To illustrate this, there is a day every year – the same day every year – when your Sun (the one you were born with) is being directly astrologically influenced by the present day Sun. The Sun in the astrological sky will be in the same place as it was when you were born. This day is called your birthday. It is a day in the year when attention centralises and focuses itself upon you and your life, traditionally with some kind of celebration among your family and friends. The moment when the Sun returns to the same place it was in the sky when you were born is approximately the same day every year, give or take one or two days for leap years and other discrepancies (nature rarely if ever gives us nice, whole numbers to work with). Similarly, as the Moon orbits the Earth she makes a pass of every place in the chart once every month, but because she does not exactly take one month but about 28 days to orbit the chart (and because months are not equal in the amount of days they have within them), this cycle is less orderly than that of the Sun’s around the chart, or more accurately the order is not as apparent when mapped to our clunky and awkward calendar system. The word should really be moonth, not month.


However, as I mentioned last moonth, the interaction between the Sun and the Moon also gives rise to the various phases of the Moon wherein she displays different amounts of sunlight at different times. It’s important to remember and understand that this display of different phases of light is the same wherever you are upon the surface of the planet i.e. it has no relationship at all to spacial or geographical position on the Earth. The New Moon is a New Moon at the same time wherever you are on the planet. This means that for all of us at the same time there is a time when the Moon is waxing (increasing in light and appearing to grow fuller) and a time when it is waning (doing the opposite and decreasing in light and appearing to grow darker). The waxing Moon period is a time when the astral influences are growing in activity and life, while the waning Moon period is a time when the astral influences are settling in activity and life and coming to rest so that a new seed can be planted. It’s exactly like the oceanic tides. This occurs on a monthly basis. However, it is the Sun which casts this light upon the Moon, and so it is the position of the Sun in the zodiac which determines which signs the phases of the Moon can be in for any particular period of year.

For example, when the Sun is in Aries there will be a New Moon when the Moon is in Aries (the same sign as the Sun and therefore with no light upon her face) and a Full Moon when the Moon is in Libra (opposite to Aries and so with the full glare of Sols light on her face). This means that for the season when the Sun is in Aries (roughly 1 month of the year beginning in late March) the Moon can be waxing when it is in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, or Libra, and waning when it is in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, or Aries. This is easier to visualise when we lay out the continuum of the zodiac in a linear strip as follows:

Aries – Taurus – Gemini – Cancer – Leo – Virgo – Libra -Scorpio – Sagittarius – Capricorn – Aquarius – Pisces – (return to Aries)

Wherever the Sun happens to be in the sequence (which is determined by the time of year it is) determines the waxing and waning phases of the Moon. The potential waxing phases will be all the signs (including the Sun sign) to the right, up to and including the sign which is opposite the Sun sign (7 signs). So, for example currently the Sun is in Scorpio, which means that starting from and including Scorpio itself all the signs to the right up to and including Taurus will be signs the Moon can be waxing in – reaching the end of the line you start over Aries continuing to count until you reach the sign which is opposite the Sun sign. Similarly, everything to the left of the Sun sign (including the Sun sign) up to and including the sign opposite the Sun sign will produce a waning Moon. For ease of reference in this article here are the oppositions between signs

Aries and Libra oppose one another
Taurus and Scorpio oppose one another
Gemini and Sagittarius oppose one another
Cancer and Capricorn oppose one another
Leo and Aquarius oppose one another
Virgo and Pisces oppose one another

So what we are looking at here is a natural dynamic that exists between the two Lights which determines which signs the Moon can be waxing or waning in during particular periods of the year, and since it is the Sun which sheds the light upon the Moon (and the Sun’s cycle is more orderly and predictable when placed upon our calendar), these periods will have roughly the same timing every year. For example, the Sun is in Aries in the last week of March and the first three weeks of April. During that time, there will be a Full Moon in Libra. Also during that time, the Moon will be waxing in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Libra. It will also be waning in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Aries. Although the exact date in March or April when the Full Moon in Libra occurs will be different every year, there will still be a Full Moon in Libra within this period once (at least) every year.

This pattern of interaction between the two Lights is one of the things that becomes clear with enough experience and proficiency in ElectroMagnetic conduction. It’s usually one of the first things that leaps out according to my experience. When we pay enough attention to it, it begins to reveal subtle things about our conduction activities that we could not have seen otherwise.

For example, let us imagine that you have an activation from Jupiter to your Moon key, and that this activation happens in June, July and August of 2017. Now, in June, July and August every year the Sun is moving through the signs Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. If your Moon key happens to be in one of these signs, then you will be able to conduct the activation under a waxing moon for a large part of this period. Or, if your Moon key is in one of the signs opposite to these signs, then your conduction can probably begin under a Full Moon. There are many nuances involved, many intricacies to understand and perceive in this mechanism, and they are different for every chart.


One of the easiest ways you can begin working with this mechanism is by noting where the Full Moon’s in a sign are going to fall in your chart, particularly in terms of the temples/houses. For example, if you have Aries on the 1st temple, then the Full Moon in Libra which occurs during the time the Sun is in Aries will fall somewhere in your 6th or 7th temples. In other words every March and April you have a Full Moon that happens in the 6th or 7th temple. If you then look to your 6th and 7th temple keys and see that in March and April of the year in question there is a window of opportunity open over those temple keys, then you have a powerful opportunity to work with ElectroMagnetic conduction because you will likely be able to begin your work starting from Full Moon and end it with a Full Moon. However, this will be a waning cycle – you will start with a Full Moon which will gradually get dimmer and darker until it disappears halfway through the cycle, then it will begin to re-emerge and fill up again until it reaches another Full Moon at the end of the cycle, probably in the next sign on from the last Full Moon. Therefore, it can stir great feelings up at the beginning of the cycle which you then have to process – the growing darkness signifies growing introspection and looking inward, and there is a return of the strong feelings at the end of the conduction  wherein you can see what has changed.

On the other hand if during the year in question there is an activation of your 12th or 1st temple key during March or April, then the opposite is true. In that case your conduction will begin sometime around the New Moon and the Moon will be seen gradually growing in light until it appears Full about halfway through your cycle after which it will begin to dim and darken until it disappears at the end of your cycle again, usually being in the next sign in zodiacal order from the previous New Moon. In this form of conduction the energy begins in a seed form giving you the opportunity to shape it and inform it as it grows towards fruition, and then releasing it to do its work and to reflect upon what you have done during the latter half of the cycle. Thus, very different but complementary tactics are required depending upon the time of year in which you begin your conduction. This is especially useful information for magicians, especially those working with volts. A little meditation will reveal tremendous application of this law in magical operations.

When the window of opportunity is a very wide one, for example when the activator is Pluto or Neptune, then you have a lot more leeway and freedom in choosing the moment you will begin conduction, and therefore a lot more freedom in choosing which of these different paths your conduction will follow. For Jupiter and Saturn, choices will be more limited and you will have to look at the overall timing of your conduction more carefully. Chiron and Uranus offer a balance between great flexibility and narrow focus in terms of ElectroMagnetic conduction. Basically, if the activation has a window of opportunity that lasts longer than one year or approaches that length of time, you have unlimited freedom in designing the shape of the ElectroMagnetic conduction. This means that persistent collective activations – for example, Neptune activating the Uranus key – lend themselves extremely well to ElectroMagnetic conduction.

The differences are very subtle and not binding, but in general beginning a conduction under a waxing Moon will ensure that overall whatever you are doing will be evoked into some kind of visibility, either physically, emotionally or mentally. A waning Moon at the start of the conduction is more suited to banishing and to internal transformation and realisation of the inner landscape. Of course, you could start your conduction at any phase of the Moon, not just the New or Full Moon, but starting at the New or the Full Moon adds a great deal of power to the conduction – think of this as putting an ‘!’ on the conduction. Starting at another phase of the Moon – for example, the waxing Crescent – will still shape the overall conduction according to waxing or waning shape. For example, you might start your conduction during the First Quarter Moon, when half of the Moon is visible and it is increasing in light towards a Full Moon. This would lead to an overall waxing shape to your conduction as described above.

This brings up the point that the Full Moon is not really “more powerful” than a New Moon – the casting of light upon the face of the Moon does not give it more power, but instead makes that power visible. When that power is invisible, it is not weak or missing. It is mysterious. The Moons quality is being subtly shifted, but not the quantity of its power. Starting the conduction from a different phase of the Moon guides the conduction to take subtle paths that resonate with the nature of that phase as described in pages 406-409 of my book.

When you look at this in slightly more detail, especially when you start actually practically working with it, you begin to realise that these waxing and waning shapes to your conduction also affect the way that the Moon interacts with other objects in your chart during the conduction. For example, you will discover that during a conduction which is undertaken beginning with a waxing Moon there is a very different effect when the Moon comes to (for example) Mercury then there is for a cycle begun under a waning Moon. The phase the Moon begins the conduction in and the phase it is in at the time it passes a part of the chart both shape things. The placement of various other objects in your chart, the planets and the temples, express different nuances under a waning Moon than they do under a waxing Moon cycle. Additionally, a conduction that by chance happens to begin with a Disseminating Moon will carry that perspective throughout. It’s not that you learn different things, but that you see them from different angles. One of the important things to take away from this, then, is that you should check the phase of the Moon for when you begin Magnetic conduction. At more experienced levels of practice you can also look at the Moons phase for the times she reaches each of the temples and objects in the chart.


Extending from this comes the realisation that no matter where you begin your ElectroMagnetic conduction from, i.e. whether you started as a waning or waxing cycle, there will be a point at some stage during which the cycles switch from waning to waxing or vice versa. So even if you do not plan to start your activation around a New Moon or Full Moon it is still very helpful to know where the New Moon and the Full Moon will be in your chart during the course of your conduction, because it is at these stages that you can begin to notice the subtle shift that occurs from internal to external and from invisible to visible and vice versa. There are powerful astral mysteries to be unveiled in these stages. Also, the practitioner will begin to realise that every planet in their chart has a kind of encoded occult meaning which reveals itself more during a waning period, while during a waxing period the conduction is more about opportunities presenting themselves to the engaged awareness.

The practice of conduction involves following the sequence that the planets in other objects in your chart lie in terms of zodiacal order. This order is largely unique,like the birth chart. So for example if you have the Sun in Scorpio, the Moon, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius, and Jupiter in Capricorn, during the course of a conduction centred on your Sun, you will first bring the conduction to the Moon, then to Mercury, then Venus and then Jupiter, and then on to the next object in zodiacal order. Since the Sun and Moon never go retrograde, the order and the time interval between objects is always the same.

The sequential order of the planets and temples as they are positioned in the zodiac then produces a string or conduction code for every part of the chart. This is a useful tool to have in ElectroMagnetic conduction because it is the core code around which all conduction from that key is based, it is a kind of musical score for that key in terms of conduction work. It is also very useful to have because it helps you to understand where the waxing and waning phases lie for each period of the year for that key. The easiest way to see this conduction code is just a look at the Electric conductor or solar map, noting the order in which objects flow from any one starting point. The master key can also show you this.

Each of your keys, whether it is a world key or temple key, will have its own individual conduction code. For example, here is Paramahansa Yogananda’s solar map:

1. Sun (15° 34′ Capricorn) January 5th
2. 6th temple (29° 52′ Capricorn) January 19th
3. 7th temple (28° 52′ Aquarius) February 17th
4. 8th temple (25° 10′ Pisces) March 15th
5. Mars (05° 40′ Aries) March 26th
6. Jupiter (16° 13′ Aries) April 5th
7. 9th temple (25° 07′ Aries) April 14th
8. Dragon’s Head (05° 03′ Taurus) April 25th
9. 10th temple/midheaven (27° 48′ Taurus) May 18th
10. Pluto (08° 11′ Gemini) May 29th
11. Neptune (08° 59′ Gemini) May 30th
12. 11th temple (29° 12′ Gemini) June 20th
13. 12th temple (29° 52′ Cancer) July 22nd
14. Moon (25° 35′ Leo) August 18th
15. 1st temple/ascendant (28° 52′ Leo) August 21st
16. Chiron (03° 37′ Virgo) August 26th
17. 2nd temple (25° 10′ Virgo) September 17th
18. Saturn (12° 35′ Libra) October 5th
19. 3rd temple (25° 07′ Libra) October 18th
20. Dragon’s Tail (05° 03′ Scorpio) October 28th
21. Uranus (10° 02′ Scorpio) November 2nd
22. 4th temple (27 deg. 13′ Scorpio) November 19th
23. Venus (17° 06′ Sagittarius) December 8th
24. Mercury (23° 17′ Sagittarius) December 15th
25. 5th temple (29° 12′ Sagittarius) December 20th

And this is his Mars key conduction code – compare it to the above and the similarity should leap out:

Mars (05° 40′ Aries)
Jupiter (16° 13′ Aries)
9th temple (25° 07′ Aries)
Dragon’s Head (05° 03′ Taurus)
10th temple/midheaven (27° 48′ Taurus)
Pluto (08° 11′ Gemini)
Neptune (08° 59′ Gemini)
11th temple (29° 12′ Gemini)
12th temple (29° 52′ Cancer)
Moon (25° 35′ Leo)
1st temple/ascendant (28° 52′ Leo)
Chiron (03° 37′ Virgo)
2nd temple (25° 10′ Virgo)
Saturn (12° 35′ Libra)
3rd temple (25° 07′ Libra)
Dragon’s Tail (05° 03′ Scorpio)
Uranus (10° 02′ Scorpio)
4th temple (27 deg. 13′ Scorpio)
Venus (17° 06′ Sagittarius)
Mercury (23° 17′ Sagittarius)
5th temple (29° 12′ Sagittarius)
Sun (15° 34′ Capricorn)
6th temple (29° 52′ Capricorn)
7th temple (28° 52′ Aquarius)
8th temple (25° 10′ Pisces)

So it’s really quite a simple process to lay out every keys code if you already have the solar map. Just to illustrate how easy this makes the suggestions in this article, consider that given that the Sun is now in Scorpio you can immediately get a visual picture of what a waxing and waning Moon covers in this Mars code. The start of the Magnetic conduction of this Mars key while the Sun is in Scorpio means the Moon is in Aries, and thus waxing. But by the time the Magnetic part of the conduction reaches Pluto in Gemini, it will have become a waning Moon. The conduction will start only a couple of days before the Full Moon. There will be a Full Moon at the time the Magnetic conduction reaches the Dragons Head and the midheaven, bringing those areas to light in the conduction. There will be a New Moon when the Moon reaches Scorpio, emphasising the mysteries and occult dimensions of the Dragons Tail, Uranus and the 4th temple. This same principle applies when you begin a temple conduction from the 1st temple.


Perceiving and understanding these principles is just the beginning of gaining a deeper understanding of your chart and the dynamics of conduction in your life – aside from these things which I have shared with you in this article there are many more nuances and intriguing insights to gain into astrological mechanics and the way they interact with experience waiting to be discovered by those who explore ElectroMagnetic conduction. The majority of them are best discovered on your own terms in your own practice and with your own experience. My sharing of this article is to gently encourage you to do so.

My heart wishes you peace, joy and wisdom in your journeys onward. 

4 comments on “Between the Lights

  1. Tremendous writing.
    This adds a new dimension to lunar (and solilunar) conduction.
    And, as always with your writing, very timely. This helps immensely, giving clear articulation to some of my dimly sensed perceptions.

    Much Thanks, I’ll be folding these insights into my practise right away.

    • Bless you for saying so 🙂 This material was considered for the book but never written due to the books size. I am glad to have given it words to be communicated with, and wish you every success imaginable with it.

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