What Happens Next? – An American Crisis (part 2)


In the second part of this months special report on the future of the USA, I present an in depth look at the astrology of the future President and Vice President, laying out the astrological territory around them for the next 4 years.



As explained in part 1, there are two times for Donald Trump. I am presenting both charts below so that you can compare the two for differences and similarities and make up your own minds as to which one seems the most accurate and representative of his personality and life experiences. I will be using the later time (from his birth certificate) in the four years of transits and progressions, so if the earlier chart is the right one then all the transits and progressions will happen earlier than the periods mentioned, and much that is connected to the temples changes. The parans do not change, nor do the heliacal stars, but the pivoting stars do (as shown below). Additionally, I give you the sensitive points listing for the later chart.


Early time

Notable distinguishing points: Uranus in Gemini on the midheaven, Sun in 11th, Moon conjunct Tail in 5th, Mars in the 1st and Venus conjunct Saturn in the 12th, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in 3rd.


Notable distinguishing points: Ascendant very near sign boundary (could be Virgo rising), Sun in 10th, Moon conjunct Tail in 4th, Mars on the ascendant, midheaven in Taurus, Venus conjunct Saturn in the 11th, Chiron and Neptune in 2nd, Jupiter possibly in the 3rd. Note that this chart requires a birth time accurate to seconds, as Virgo is about to rise (those who scoff at that notion should consider that Trump has never had a drink or smoked at any time, and claims he has never taken any narcotic drugs, is extremely fastidious with his personal hygiene, and is so anxious about germs that he hates to shake people by the hand – only ridicule seems more disturbing to him).

This (later) chart shows a powerfully placed Mars (in its own Face and Egyptian bounds) rising in Leo (heated up like a supernova if the time is right) with a chart ruling Sun in its own Face in Gemini in the 10th temple in a triple conjunction with the Dragons Head and Uranus. This triple conjunction is in a trine with (a stationary) Jupiter and Chiron conjunct in Libra as well as being sextile the rising Mars, which is itself in a square with a Taurus midheaven. Venus is in Triplicity and conjunct a Saturn in detriment in Cancer in the 11th temple, with Mercury joining them but at a distance. The detriment of Saturn is being helped by the dignified Venus and by mutual reception by exaltation with Jupiter, but the square between Jupiter and Saturn/Venus presents a serious challenge to the emotional and financial life. Venus and Saturn are sextile the Taurus midheaven, while Mercury is square with both the Jupiter-Chiron conjunction and Neptune in Libra in the 2nd temple (the only retrograde object in the chart). This Jupiter-Chiron conjunction may be read as being on the cusp of the 3rd, and may thus relate to siblings, communication and mental/social perception. The Full Moon is conjunct the Tail (Trump was born very near to a lunar eclipse) in Sagittarius in the 4th temple, opposing the triple conjunction in Gemini, in trine with the rising Mars and in a sextile with the Jupiter-Chiron conjunction. Pluto is in Leo in the 12th in sextile to Jupiter Chiron and Neptune in Libra.


As with the USA chart, I present you with a toolbox of reports and graphs with which to investigate and apply the information in this chart. The ‘stars on angles at moment’ given below applies only to the later time. There are no such stars for the earlier time.




(I discuss the parans to his outer planets below)

As noted above, the earlier time (from his mother’s memory) does not give us any stars on angles at the time of his birth, but the later time does produce a pivoting star, Vega. In my view, the interpretation Brady gives Vega as a pivoting star in her software is an argument for this later time. Both times give him the same heliacal stars because heliacal stars are not affected by the birth time. The same is true of the parans to his planets and the Lights.



Trump has a lot of tricky aspects in the Mutable/Reactive signs, especially from 17°. He also has a lot of difficulty in Capricorn. Leo and Aquarius are strong signs for him up until about 24° wherein they get more troubling. However, 10° of the Fixed/Stable signs are troubled by Pluto. He has a lot of troubles between 17° and 22° of Virgo and Pisces. His powerful Mars is challenged at 26° of the Fixed/Stable signs, except for Leo where it is typically recharged (depending on what passes over it). It usually finds ways to get what it wants at 26° of the Fire signs and to solicit help in getting there at 26° Gemini and Libra.





Trumps progressed Moon is waning in its Balsamic phase in Cancer but will become a New Moon between late 2018 to 2019. This is an indication of starting a major new direction in life. The aspects of the progressed Moon do not indicate much trouble for Trump, but its significant that he will have a progressed Moon in Leo while elected to be in office. During the election his progressed Moon was conjunct his natal Saturn (remember that the Moon and Saturn exchange mutual reception by Face with each other in his chart) and at the inauguration it will be conjunct his natal Venus. It will enter Leo in the 2nd quarter of 2017, and then his character will begin to assert itself much more forcefully. It will remain so (and assuming the time is right cross over his ascendant at some point) then conjoin his natal Mars in Leo at the start of the 2nd quarter of 2019, until the progressed Moon enters Virgo in the start of the 3rd quarter of 2019. By the end of 2020 his progressed Moon is in a square with his Uranus in Gemini in the 10th, which indicates an undermined or ousted Presidency, assuming he is still there.

During the four years that he is elected to stand in office his progressed Mars will be making a sextile to his natal Pluto which will come to exactitude in the first quarter 2018. In the same quarter the progressed Moon in Leo will be conjunct his natal Pluto. Leading as it does into the progressed Moon reaching his Mars in the first half of 2019, this is likely to be the point at which according to the progressions he is at his most forceful and authoritarian – just as the above mentioned New Moon takes over.

His progressed Venus will be conjunct his natal Jupiter in the second quarter 2018. It will then form an exact trine to his natal Uranus in the 4th quarter of 2018. Progressed Mercury in Leo will also make a sextile to Chiron in the 4th quarter of 2018.

The transits show Pluto in Capricorn squaring Trumps Jupiter in Libra throughout his first year in office (especially in the 1st 3rd, and 4th quarters of 2017) and in opposition to his Saturn throughout 2020 (especially in the 1st 3rd, and 4th quarters). Neptune in Pisces brings challenges throughout 2019 in the form of squares to his Uranus in Gemini in the 10th, especially in the 2nd and 3rd quarters and from there on until the end of the first quarter of 2020.

The transits of Uranus have to be regarded in two phases – those relating to Uranus in Aries and those relating to Uranus in Taurus (which begins in the middle of the 2nd quarter of 2018).

The Uranus in Aries transits support him throughout the 1st quarter of 2017 with a trine to his natal Moon and a sextile to his natal Sun, but the 2nd quarter brings squares to his Saturn-Venus conjunction. However, he finishes that season with a trine to his natal Mars, and Uranus then retrogrades to trine it the second time in the 4th quarter. This is followed by two further squares to his natal Venus taking him into the first quarter of 2018 wherein Uranus makes a third trine to his natal Mars.

Once Uranus enters Taurus in the second quarter of 2018, however, it offers very little support until the second quarter 2020, where it offers him a sextile to Mercury. But during the 3rd quarter it retrogrades over a square with his Pluto before swinging back to offer him a second sextile with Mercury in the fourth quarter of 2020. 2021 will bring him another sextile with Mercury and another square with Pluto.

Throughout 2017 Chiron in Pisces produces a square with Trump’s Sun and a trine with his Saturn (quarter 1) followed by a trine with his Venus (quarters 2 and 4). There is a third trine to his Venus in early 2018, then Chiron is in Aries and he becomes trouble making for Trump with oppositions to Neptune in the middle of 2019 and the first half of 2020, followed by squares to his natal Mercury in the middle of 2020.

Saturn in Sagittarius is a major player in trumps astrology for the first year in office because he forms opposition to his Sun three times, in the 1st, 3rd and 4th quarters of the year. Saturn also makes three trines to Mars, one each in the 1st, 2nd and 4th quarters of the year. But when Saturn enters Capricorn at the end of 2017, Saturn becomes very difficult for Trump to navigate. Starting with a series of squares to his Neptune and oppositions to his Mercury which fill up the whole of 2018, Trump then has to face squares to his Jupiter throughout 2019 followed by oppositions to his Venus–Saturn conjunction early in 2020.

Trump had a Jupiter return in 2016 that stretched all the way into 2017 (one of the indicators that tipped me off to him winning the election) and Jupiter will be throwing a lot of support his way this year –it stations near a trine with his Sun which it makes two times in quick succession and then retrogrades back in Libra to sextile his Moon and trine his Dragons Head (1st quarter), trines his Uranus, conjuncts itself and Chiron (2nd quarter), makes both of those conjunctions again, trines Uranus and sextiles the Moon again, and finally finishes this run of exuberance or eminence with a third trine to the Sun at the end of the 3rd quarter. This sequence of retrograding Jupiter back through Libra to its own position reaches back into the astrology that surrounded Trump at the height of his popularity in the months leading up to the election. Jupiter then squares Trumps Venus-Saturn (almost like hard breaking to avoid being smashed against a wall…) and enters Scorpio (a personal hooray for me here!). Jupiter is trine to Trumps Mercury and then square his Pluto at the end of 2017.

In 2018, Jupiter offers nothing terribly significant until the 4th quarter where we see a trine to his Venus-Saturn conjunction and a square with his Mars. Jupiter in Sagittarius from the end of 2018 brings Trump a sextile to his Jupiter-Chiron conjunction as well as an opposition to his Uranus in Gemini. Jupiter then conjoins his Moon and retrogrades close to the opposition with his Sun, looping back to conjunct the Moon, oppose Uranus, and sextile Chiron before looping back again and doing the whole thing in reverse until the third conjunction with the Moon and opposition with the Sun in the 4th quarter of 2019. Before leaving Sagittarius Jupiter makes a single trine to Trumps Mars.

The start of 2020 sees Trump with a Capricorn Jupiter in a square to his Neptune and in opposition to his Mercury, followed by a square to his Chiron and opposition to his Venus-Saturn conjunction, which it retrogrades over and spreads throughout the year. Trump will have Jupiter opposing Venus and Saturn six times in the 2nd and 4th quarters, and retrograding over a square to his natal Jupiter in the 3rd quarter.


For anyone who knows how to read an astrological chart Trumps chemistry is strikingly descriptive of the person we know. Astrologically speaking, his success comes from his channeling of his Gemini and Leo qualities, his ability to communicate and to perform, and his high self esteem. His display of Mars in Leo on the ascendant is a textbook one, almost cartoonish in its exaggeration (being famed for his hair, for example). The negative qualities of this Mars are very easy to identify – bragging, arrogance, contempt, rudeness, tantrums, misogyny, dominance of competition verging on a warlike nature and extreme narcissism (it’s interesting to note that here the evaluation of psychologists also concurs with that of astrology very snugly, basically exactly – Trump is a case study in narcissism). I don’t want to be unfair to Trump or to Leo however so I will point out that Gemini is friendly and Leo is an extremely generous sign and Trump is known for his generosity (Russell Brand says that when he visited Trump’s penthouse Trump gestured with his arms and said “Take anything you want”), his charisma and warmth is also notable, and he is good at taking command and placing himself in control by surrounding himself with a loyal court of followers. My own personal analysis, however, is that Trumps generosity is just part of the mechanism that gets him the attention he wants, for which he has an insatiable appetite, that his charisma and warmth extends only to an inner circle of admirers and that when you criticise him it quickly disappears.

One of the important insights this chart gives us, I feel, is that this man is basically an entertainer, sometimes even a clown. He might put on a dignified and noble face to the world, but behind it there is a humorist poking fun at it. Misreading Trumps sense of humour seems to me to have played a major role in the media’s one dimensional assessment of his character – when Trump says people should be taken out on a stretcher for protesting at him, or when he says Mexico will pay for the wall, there is a wily and cunning part of him that is pushing people’s buttons, deliberately intent on provoking a reaction. This he uses not just to entertain his loyalists but against his enemies to make them look foolish or to be caught with their guards down, and in this sense he is an extremely adept pedagogue with a deep understanding of human psychology. He is such an adept at wielding Mars that he knows how to turn other peoples rage to his own advantage (he did this in the election last year, utilising outrage against the ‘pussy grabber’ tape to fuel his followers belief in a media led conspiracy against him). He knows how to put people on the wrong foot, how to make them nervous and edgy by keeping them frustrated, cross and uncertain of his intentions, he has an innate instinct for identifying what other people want, what will make them angry, what will make them laugh, and what will humiliate them. He is also extremely proficient at assembling a team of people, at cherry picking human resources and using his charm and persuasion to get them to do what he wants them to do.

The chart shows his wealth is connected with Mercury and Neptune who are both in square with one another. This is evidence that there is some fire to the smoke that he is not as rich as he appears to be. It is also a sign that the Trump brand could suffer a severe devaluing as a result of his political career. If the time is actually earlier than the one I’m using here and Jupiter is in the 2nd temple then Jupiter and Chiron will also have an influence over his financial resources and wealth, but Mercury throws squares in that direction as well. Given his daring nature and his draw towards life or death risk (see below) it seems likely that he not only works the system (as he admits not paying taxes and considers that makes him smart) but also is prone to unnecessary financial risks and getting sorely stung by any poor decisions he makes. If we look at the 2nd temple as a place of self worth and self value rather than as a piggy bank, the emphasis here also boosts his self esteem even further and the squares start to look like an overestimation in that department.

His Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer is a very sensitive spot that appears to resonate with his Moon/Dragons Tail in Sagittarius in the 4th temple (his brother Freddie died of alcoholism aged 42, a tragedy that profoundly affected him). If Trump has a soft, caring, sensitive spot (as his wife claims, and why not trust her), this is where it’s at, and its largely about family and the feelings he has for his parents, wife and children. Probably the greatest honour he can bestow upon someone, in his eyes, is to consider them part of his family. It certainly makes astrological sense that Trumps Venus is heavily contained by a disciplined, moody and vulnerable Saturn. It strikes me that this conjunction has a lot to do with why he likes to stay in his tower and is very attached to his private jet. Venus has no parans here, but Saturn is showing us an architect of new directions out of chaos and a person who takes simple ideas and builds them into functional items and projects.

If we go by the parans alone then the Moon is the source of many of his troubles, with a paran to the star Algol plaguing his life or other people’s with personal tragedies. The involvement of the Dragons Tail in this picture points to the consequences of actions taken in a former life, in other words to karma. Linked to this nodal axis is Jupiter and Mercury, which as I have pointed out are in square aspect to one another and bring him financial mismanagement or confusion, or just deception (probably including self deception). If we consider Jupiter to be in the 3rd temple instead of in the 2nd, then Trumps karma is more about siblings, or being opinionated and using his persuasive power over people. Whatever the case, his Sagittarius Moon is showing a forward thinking, positive minded, empowered person with a daring streak – all qualities which further enlarge and exaggerate his Mars in Leo qualities.

Trumps astrology, especially with respect to Mercury and his Gemini factors, also shows someone with a passionate love of gathering knowledge and information about things or people from all over the place, someone interested in the stories and the ideas that come his way and which things and people hold. Note that this is also in resonance with his Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer, a conjunction which has a fondness for memories of the past. A lot of Trumps success in business can, I think, be traced to these qualities. So can his phrase ‘make America great again’. He is able to turn these stories and information sources into valuable commodities and useful clues regarding the behaviour of other people. They also empower him in his task of picking people to fulfill functions and roles in his court. The same parts of his astrology also make him a powerful orator who enjoys engaging with the public and I believe that Trump will be breaking with tradition as a President and continuing to hold the rallies that he held in the run-up to being elected. In fact this is the part of the job that I predict he will enjoy the most. I feel that it is likely that he will resist and restrict access by the media to his administration and will instead take a more direct hand when he wishes to speak to the people.

His Mars is almost unassailable on the surface – it thrives on challenge and continuously maintains faith in his own drives. This is why he rarely gives an apology for his actions, and why it seems he can blame everyone but himself. I doubt that this is the true Trump – I think it is another performance and that Trump is secretly highly vulnerable, very strict and unforgiving with himself and actually quite insecure. The ascendant is very often just a mask we wear, a kind of bluster that we adopt to interact with the cutting edge of the world, it protects our inner, private life. That inner, private life is most clearly shown in this chart by the Moon in the 4th and the conjunction of Venus–Saturn in Cancer.

The way in which Trump has decorated his penthouse apartment at the top of Trump Tower in New York City is classically Leonine – gold, sun worship and opulence drip from every surface. I’m reminded here not just of a rapacious Mars on the ascendant in Leo but also of that Pluto in Leo in the 12th temple, so descriptive of hiding oneself away in a kind of fortress which may easily turn into a prison (or rather, a gilded cage). Trump may also have a spiritual side sourced in this Pluto, and in this respect its interesting to note a paran of Neptune with Ankaa (not provided in the information above, because Starlight does not provide birth chart interpretations for it) which suggests being drawn to the mysterious, and a love of ritual as well as a love of the theatrical. In her book “Star and Planet Combinations” Brady suggests that this paran is about seeking to control the emerging story of life or seeking to see beyond death. It strikes me that this is less of an occult interest and more about being connected with the attempt to immortalise himself by putting his name everywhere he can. This may also connect with what she tells us about Neptune in paran with Murzims – “Confusion with the truth; one who is an intuitive thinker; a person who has a religious message”. Pluto itself is in paran with Antares, the heart of Scorpius, which (from the same book) Brady says not only inclines him to be magnetically drawn to power struggles and drama but also to have life-and-death experiences as a result. His sexuality also seems to be connected with Antares and its drive to engage in power struggle and drama. Despite its lack of aspects in the chart, this Pluto is no softy, and its modern rulership of the 4th could be pointing to someone with a very tight control over his home and family life and the narratives or stories that come out of it. In the eyes of a modern astrologer, then, Pluto is probably most concerned about protecting the integrity of the Moon in Sagittarius in the 4th, much more than it is the fuel for Mars.

Given this information and the above interpretation and looking at the transits and progressions, its possible to forecast that Trumps Presidency will bring unwanted and probably deeply unfair attention onto his family and kin and that this will be one of the personal bugbears of the years ahead for him. Every time his Moon, Venus-Saturn and possibly his Pluto come under stress his concerns for them will be high. We can also assume that hard aspects to these places signify events and moods connected with his deep unpopularity in his hometown, NYC. There is strong evidence that for Trump criticism from people or institutions in NYC triggers parental issues. I have the feeling he has at least one big regret about becoming President, and that is that his mother was not alive to see it.

Trumps volatility, unpredictability and guile, many would say his hypocrisy, contrariness and lack of trustworthiness, is strongly sourced in his Sun-Uranus conjunction in Gemini, while his flexibility with the truth and principles of honesty are sourced in his Moon in opposition to them. This configuration is what makes him such a slippery customer, and one given to extreme and erratic changes. He himself is never really sure what he thinks in the final analysis as he is always still gathering more information. The placement of this Sun–Uranus conjunction in Gemini in the 10th temple causes much of this volatility to flow into his career and professional life, his public role as President. His position and personality will be in flux whenever the Lights are being stressed by square or opposition, and interviews he gives at these times will be more provocative than usual.

It is in my opinion his divisive nature, volatility and changeability that should really concern us as far as the astrology of the US chart is concerned. Going into a complicated and troubled Pluto return, having a President with a superheated Mars will do nothing to calm the storm. There is almost nothing in his astrology that can sufficiently unite the American people to the degree required by what is coming – he is a conqueror and an agitator. As we have already seen, his astrology will instead unleash that storm and energize it. He may have exactly what is needed at the beginning of the process – a power to shake things up and ignite the transformations, whatever they end up being – but he doesn’t have what it takes to finish it by bringing the country together.

However, there are reasonable doubts as to whether Donald Trump will stay in office for a full term, with many predicting that he will be impeached, overstep his bounds or simply grow tired with the job. The impact on his family may also sour him. The strongest astrological evidence that I see for him leaving office is the progressed New Moon beginning in late 2018, preceded by the Saturn opposition with his Sun in 2017 culminating in early 2018. The start of that progressed New Moon is also the time of a final Saturn opposition with his Mercury. If this transit of Saturn is going to result in him leaving office the early signs of it will show up near the inauguration, then in July, and then in October of 2017. The two most likely times for him to go would then be the 4th quarters of 2017 or 2018. Beyond that, he also has an extremely bumpy ride in 2019, and 2020 is putting enormous strain upon his Venus-Saturn conjunction. 2018 could be a critical year. It seems that if Trump can get through the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2018 he will have the rest of that year without too much trouble until the 4th quarter, but 2019-2020 are set to be very difficult on a number of levels.

So what of Mike Pence, the man next in line to the office? Interestingly, there is support for the idea that Trump will leave office late 2017 to late 2018 in his astrology.


We once again have no time of birth for Mike Pence – the time of birth used in the chart here is a time that was rectified by another astrologer (see astro.com for this information). I’m not familiar with this chart to the degree where I am comfortable using this time, so will mostly be ignoring it and focusing on the data we can glean from it without an accurate time.


Like Trump, this chart shows the Sun in Gemini and Mars in Leo. The New Moon is either in Gemini (up until about 1pm) or Cancer (from about 1pm on). If the Moon is in Cancer it has a strong opposition with Saturn in Capricorn (if the Moon is in Gemini the opposition is not taking place in opposing signs). The Sun is conjunct a setting Mercury (6°) and both are in sextile with Uranus in Leo. Separated from Uranus, Mars is closely conjoined with a bright Hesperus Venus in Leo (Venus did not change signs that day, and can be safely considered to be in Leo despite being placed very early on in the sign). The Venus–Mars conjunction in Leo is in a trine with Jupiter in Scorpio (but again, this is an ‘out of sign’ aspect), and a square with Neptune in Scorpio, while Neptune is in trine to the Moon (made stronger if Moon is in Cancer). Saturn is sextile to Neptune in Scorpio, trine to Pluto in Virgo, and square the Dragon which has its Head in Libra and is in a sextile/trine with the Sun (the sextile being from the Tail). Chiron is in late Aquarius, square with Jupiter in Scorpio and in an out of sign trine with Neptune in Scorpio. The centaur is also trine with Mercury, and if Pence is born before 1pm, in trine with a Moon in Gemini.

Overall the chart is very Fixed/Stable (but somewhat lacking in Cardinal/Active if time is before 1pm), and fairly dependent on Saturn trine Pluto for its Earth. Fire and Water rate highly (Fire and Air instead if he’s born prior to 1pm). Mercury, Venus and Mars are all too Electric and hot (with Mars becoming superheated like Trumps, just without a time to see if it is emphasised further), while the Sun is in a sweet spot gaining much support from the Electric Fluid. Mercury is strongly placed in its rulership, as is Saturn. If Pence is born after 1pm, his Moon in Cancer is also in its rulership. Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron and Neptune are retrograde. Eris is conjunct the Dragons Tail, Makemake is conjunct Venus, and Quaoar is trine the Sun.




That strong Saturn in Capricorn is shown here being bolstered by a powerful array of stellar forces. Both the Moon and Mars are without parans. This analysis helps us to weigh up the balance between the Moon and Saturn in terms of their opposition (it clearly helps us to conclude that Saturn has the upper hand). Additionally, given the strict discipline and adherence to rules so endemic to Saturn in Capricorn, we see a more devious side of Jupiter in Scorpio that is gifted with bending those rules. His Sun in Gemini is unusually focused for a Gemini Light, thanks to touch of the sharp thrust of El Nath, the star at the tip of the Celestial Bulls horns, and the usual Gemini volatility is tamed by the drive to represent himself with integrity lent to his Sun by Aldebaran. His Sun also seems to resonate with Jupiter in Scorpio through the deep desire to transform supplied by Ankaa. This is a man who wants sweeping changes. Brady does not give natal parans for Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Starlight, but she covers them in ‘Star and Planet Combinations’. Pence has three, for which she writes:

Uranus rising/Hamal culminating: “To enjoy public events; to be motivated to work for public goals; to admire large architecture.”

Pluto rising/Acumen culminating: “One’s strengths are one’s weakness, and one’s weaknesses are one’s strength. To look for solutions where others think there are none.”

Pluto rising /Zuben Eschamali on nadir: “A person who can inspire others towards a desired goal; to be able to motivate others to do one’s work.”



Without knowing the time of birth, the biggest stress in this chart comes from the squares between Venus-Mars and Neptune. If the time is accurate, then the Moon-Saturn opposition is also difficult. Saturn square the Dragon is also quite problematic when activated, as it often forces a serious but burdensome choice between what seem to be two evils.

Pence has very helpful astrology in Gemini and the second half of Aries and Libra. He has problems at 5° and 10° of Cancer, with the rest of the sign being fairly easy for him. His Sun is challenged at 16° of the Mutable/Reactive signs (except typically for Gemini) and (if the time of birth is after 1pm) his Moon is challenged in the first 5° of the Cardinal signs (except typically for Capricorn). The squares between Venus–Mars and Neptune are energised and challenged in the first 5° of the Fixed signs.


Pence progressions.JPG




His progressed Sun is in Leo and is conjunct his natal Uranus in the 4th quarter of 2018, and at the inauguration he will be exactly at a progressed New Moon phase. The New Moon and a retrograde Mercury both progress to set the stage for the progressed Sun, almost simultaneously crossing natal Uranus in the 2nd quarter of 2017, before becoming sextile his natal Sun (3rd quarter 2017) and Mercury (4th quarter). 2018 looks much trickier, with a square to natal Jupiter in the 1st quarter and opposition with natal Chiron in the 2nd. His progressed Moon then enters Virgo in the 3rd quarter and passes over his natal Pluto before making a sextile to the natal Moon. At this stage his progressed Dragon reaches an exact square of his natal Saturn. Then in the 4th quarter the progressed Moon sexiles Neptune and trines Saturn, just as the progressed Sun reaches natal Uranus. The major progressions of 2019 show only a square between progressed Moon in Virgo and natal Sun in the 4th quarter. In 2020 progressed Moon squares his natal Mercury (1st quarter) and then sextiles his Jupiter in Scorpio (2nd quarter) before leaving Virgo for Libra. At the very end of the year his progressed Moon then squares its own natal position.

Unless his ascendant or midheaven are involved and we don’t know because we don’t have the time, Pluto in Capricorn is leaving Mike Pence alone until 2020, when he will be in a sequence of sextiles with Jupiter in Scorpio (1st and 2nd quarter, leading to a 3rd in 2021). Neptune in Pisces does not significantly engage his astrology until the second and third quarter of 2018, whereupon it begins a series of five squares to his natal Sun that do not begin to dissipate until the beginning of 2020. This could be a serious challenge to his health or his character. The chief points in the sequence occur in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2018 and the 1st and 4th quarter of 2019.

Uranus in Aries only brings a sequence of three sextiles to his natal Chiron beginning in the 2nd quarter of 2017 and extending through the 3rd quarter, before returning in the second quarter of 2018. Uranus in Taurus is far more active with his astrology. First it brings a series of squares with Venus, trines with Pluto and sextiles with his Moon from the 2nd quarter of 2018 through to the 2nd quarter of 2019 (with the squares in the 2nd and 4th quarters of 2018 and the 1st quarter of 2019). Then it brings a series of squares with Mars, oppositions with Pluto and trines with Saturn (2nd quarter of 2019, 4th quarter of 2019, 1st quarter of 2020).

Chiron begins 2017 in a square with his Mercury but moves on to make a trine with Jupiter (1st quarter). It then retrogrades back to trine his Jupiter a second and third time (4th quarter 2017). Chiron then leaves Pisces in the 2nd quarter of 2018. Chiron in Aries starts off making a trine with Pence’s Venus and squares with his Moon (2nd quarter 2018, 3rd quarter 2018, first quarter 2019) and then brings trine’s with Mars and squares with Saturn (2nd quarter 2019, 3rd quarter 2019, 1st quarter 2020).

Saturn in Sagittarius in 2017 finishes off oppositions with Pence’s Mercury which it began in late 2016 (at the time of the election). There are two further points of exact opposition in the 3rd and 4rth quarters of 2017. Saturn in Sagittarius will also make three sextiles to his natal Chiron (in the 1st, 2nd and 4th quarters of 2017). Saturn in Capricorn is where it gets interesting, since it will be approaching his second Saturn return. This occurs in the first quarter of 2018, and then again in the third quarter and fourth quarter. As the lead in to this Saturn return, Saturn makes a trine with Pluto and an opposition with the Moon (1st quarter 2018) and then a series of three sextiles of Neptune in Scorpio (1st quarter, 3rd quarter and 4th quarter of 2018) are intertwined with the Saturn return. Beyond this point Saturn only makes a square with the Dragon (4th quarter 2018) and a single sextile with Jupiter (1st quarter of 2020). In 2020, however, Saturn dips into Aquarius and brings three oppositions to Mike Pence’s Venus – two in the 2nd quarter and one in the 4th.

Jupiter in Libra is supportive in 2017 giving two trines to Mercury and the Sun and retrograding over a sextile with Uranus to do so before ending with a sextile to Chiron – all before the end of the 3rd quarter. In the 4th quarter Jupiter in Scorpio brings a square with his natal Uranus. It will almost retrograde to reach back at this square again (potentially triggering it in the third quarter Of 2018). Then, in the fourth quarter of 2018 he will have his Jupiter return followed by a square with his natal Chiron. Jupiter in Sagittarius brings a trine to his natal Venus-Mars (4th quarter 2018), followed by a trine to his natal Uranus at the start of 2019. For the rest of that year Jupiter is involved in a series of retrograding oppositions facing his Sun and Mercury, especially in the 1st and 3rd quarters of 2019. Jupiter then sextiles his natal Chiron and exits Sagittarius. Jupiter in Capricorn (beginning in the 4th quarter of 2019) brings an opposition to his natal Moon and a trine with his natal Pluto as well as a sextile with his natal Neptune and a conjunction with natal Saturn. There is then a square between transiting Jupiter and his Dragon (first quarter, 2020) followed by three sextiles to his natal Jupiter (1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 4th quarter 2020).


It’s very interesting to see that Pence has a Saturn return that coincides with Trump entering a New Moon phase and going through Saturn opposition Mercury and square Neptune, with a long Uranus square to Trumps Venus preceding and leading into it. One interpretation of this is that Pence becomes President in 2018, possibly after Trump becomes dissatisfied with the media impacts on his family. However, that year Pence is also having the long sequence of Neptune square his Sun begin, which could be taken as having the ambition to take that office and being disillusioned or finding that it eludes his grasp. There is stronger evidence for Pence taking the Presidency in 2020 with his Jupiter sextile Jupiter transit, but there is a lot of dissonance in the first half of that year and the start of 2021.

Mike Pence is clearly more disciplined and restrained than Donald Trump, and we see this in the differences between them astrologically. Although both of them have a Sun in Gemini and a Mars in Leo, the overall chemistry of Pence’s chart is much calmer in overall tone. Like Trump, he is a smooth communicator with a silver tongue who knows how to apply the charm (Sun conjunction Mercury in Gemini with a possible Gemini Moon as well), but he has a commanding and dominant side to his desires and feelings (see his Leo and Scorpio influences). Unlike Trump, however, there is a Fixity to his astrology and a less daring love of taking risks. Pence is also more of a satirist, holding things up to ridicule to shame them into improvement.

I think that his Moon is probably in Cancer because of his more reserved, cautious and defensive manner when compared to Trump, and because there is something less waspish and innately Cancerian about him and no other object can fill this role in his chart. He could have Cancer rising or on the midheaven, though. With the Moon in Cancer though, the opposition between the Moon and Saturn in this chart takes on much stronger form. This is an aspect denoting a disciplinarian and an authoritarian, or someone who was raised by such a person (or both). However, human beings being a bundle of contradictions we also see somewhat contrary qualities in the form of Venus–Mars in Leo squaring Neptune in Scorpio, Saturn squaring the Dragon and Jupiter square Pluto. These are all aspects which are more inclined to take risks, often foolhardy ones or ones motivated by ideological desires. These are the three areas of the chart to watch closely if you are one of the people concerned about the separation between Church and State – his Moon-Saturn, his Venus/Mars – Neptune, and his Jupiter-Pluto dynamic. He may be more inclined to bend the legal or intellectual rules when his Jupiter in Scorpio is being stimulated. His Moon is sensitive and vulnerable but thoroughly shielded – when the Moon is being stimulated, he is very cautious and defensive. Under Saturn, however, he tends to do everything by the book, undertaking his research and making careful notes. His Saturn is set against the tide by two stars, Bellatrix and Deneb Adige, and is powerfully enforced by an ability to garner respect through building words into structured argument.

Its interesting that his Venus paran with Alphecca indicates being “intolerant of superficial relationships”. This might go some way to explaining his antagonism towards LGBT lives, he may have the attitude that those relationships are incapable of depth and commitment, and may therefore not have adequate argumentation when presented with the reality.

There is a lot of data here to digest and a lot of time to figure out where it all goes and what it means, but I hope this helps in beginning that process and invite you to check back here as future events unfold to learn about the astrology involved as this will help us all interpret it with clarity.


There are some interesting signs regarding the Electoral College vote. The vote is scheduled to begin on December 19th, with the vote being counted and announced on January 6th 2017. Take a look at the parans from Starlight for these days, for both New York and Washington D.C. –

This is Washington for December 19th:


And this is New York:


This is the Washington backdrop for January 6th:


And this is New York:


COMMENTS: Reflecting on this a bit it becomes clear that most of these could be an argument for both Trump being elected by the College and the shocking and unprecedented (but not unconstitutional) failure to elect him. We have seen the Uranus/Procyon, Neptune/Ras Algethi and Rigel and Pluto/Denebola parans at work in November, so it could just be indicating a continuation or sinking in of the events established then. Even the parans between Neptune and Capella in NYC on January 6 could also apply to Trump not being elected, since the controversy could arise from accusations against the resistance movement which is strong there. However, we are given a strong and direct clue by Pluto and Arcturus that Trump will prevail, since no other outcome matches that parans influence, but this paran is only strong on December 19th and has vanished by the time of the count on January 6th. We are also informed about a ‘new weapon, a new problem’ in the NYC data for December 19th. The parans in this case are difficult to interpret partly because they are so similar to the ones that watched over the election in November, and this is one of the important realisations to make about working with stars – they move ever so slowly. Its very difficult to discern, for example, whether there will be another shocking result or just a deepening impact of the first. The new parans add important new twists, or reveal new layers, and so it is worth watching them to see what they contribute. In the end, it is my understanding that each star emerges through each planet in a  different manner not just in terms of essential meaning but also in terms of form and method of manifestation. Stellar astrology only reveals itself through long term observation, so it is worth following a specific paran over a period of time and recording how it emerges and when.

8 comments on “What Happens Next? – An American Crisis (part 2)

  1. The best thing about this post (these two linked posts) is that it make concrete predictions, something most astrologers don’t do *beforehand* (Plenty of ‘astrologers are skilled in reverse fitting known facts, *after they have occurred* to planetary symbolism).

    But you give concrete periods to watch out for, and specific effects that are expected to happen in those periods.

    e.g: “Given this information and the above interpretation and looking at the transits and progressions, its possible to forecast that Trumps Presidency will bring unwanted and probably deeply unfair attention onto his family and kin and that this will be one of the personal bugbears of the years ahead for him. Every time his Moon, Venus-Saturn and possibly his Pluto come under stress his concerns for them will be high. We can also assume that hard aspects to these places signify events and moods connected with his deep unpopularity in his hometown, NYC. ”

    Very good.
    This is easy enough to verify by just observing Trump’s life till say 2020. And events falling into this pattern (or otherwise) will verify (or otherwise) the validity of the techniques you use to make these predictions.

    Technically there is much to learn from these analyses, specifically, the use of sensitive point lists, transits and secondary progressions as predictive techniques. I suspect a deep study of these parts of these two articles will highly reward the beginning astrologer.

    Good Work.

  2. analyzing Pence’s horoscope, you say

    “his Moon is challenged in the first 5° of the Cardinal signs (except typically for Capricorn). ”

    Why is Capricorn an exception? Isn’t 5 degrees Capricorn where the occupying planet conjuncts his natal Saturn and thus activates the Saturn Moon opposition?

  3. Can you describe how the August 21st eclipse will impact Trump and Pence? The eclipse clearly has a dramatic impact on the U.S. as well as both Trump and Pence. Thank you.

    • I do not expect the ‘Great North American eclipse’ to actually produce anything in August, although it may do – eclipses are often denoting qualities of periods of time rather than singular happenings.
      My own view is that the eclipse signifies a nest of deep trouble for both of them and the American way of life. I forecast a turning point in the overall path towards the Pluto return.
      There is also a darker possibility that the stress on Trumps Mars will cause him to go on an extreme offensive.

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