Activations of 2017 (part 1)

Greetings, and welcome back to Journeys.

My last pair of articles this year are about next year – here you will find an outline of the major transits of 2017 and a summary of who they will be affecting and how. I check out the lay of the land and pass on some advice to people practicing The 26 Keys. All visuals in this article enlarge with a click. If you like this free work, please show your support for further work on Patreon.


I like to look at the major patterns of the year graphically because a year is a big chunk of time and I find a visual representation helps to give me a bigger picture. A years worth of astrological data is a lot to sift through so it helps to use a general picture. The best tool I have found for this so far is the graphic ephemeris supplied by Solar Fire. In this article I will use this tool to present information and then talk about it from the perspective (mainly) of someone practicing the work set out in The 26 Keys, but there will also be some insight into how it can be used to practically mobilize our collective astrology at certain times. What you will not find in this article is much in the way of predictions regarding world events in 2017, although you may use the graphic ephemeris to draw your own conclusions by applying the information contained within it to ongoing happenings. What the graph shows are the transits to transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto along with their sign and degree positions, as well as the cycle of lunations (New and Full Moon and solar and lunar eclipses).


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The degrees of the zodiac from 0° to 30° are shown along the left-hand side. Also on the left-hand side, and sometimes at the top and on the bottom when a planet changes signs, you can see which planets are in which signs. In this way you can see when the various planets interact, because their lines cross over one another. If you also know the order of the signs of the zodiac, you can also quickly figure out which aspect the two planets are making. You can also see which degree of the zodiac this activity is happening in. And the fact that you can see all of this information visually for all of the planets at once allows you to see the major intersections where and when planets are interacting and weaving together in a very complex or more intricate way than they usually are. Note for example that we are seeing a lot of activity in the lower portions of this graph, which relate to 20 to 30° of various signs. This means that people with objects in 20 to 30°are more likely to have significant activations this year. This is especially true of objects in the signs Aries, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces, the signs which have objects moving through 20 to 30°. This graph can be very useful in the practice of conduction, especially (Electro)Magnetic conduction, because it shows all the Full (F) and New Moons (N), as well as where in the zodiac they occur, and the fact that you can see when and where these occur also allows you to see how they are interacting with the other planetary cycles and their interactions. This can be very telling information when combined.

Missing from this graph are the faster objects, including Mars. That deeper and more intricate layer is beyond the scope of this article, but worth examining if you want to see greater detail or attain a more precise timing for something you are planning. In the sections that follow I will outline and comment upon each of the activators from the graph starting with the slowest, Pluto, and ending with the fastest, Jupiter. There is a large amount of information to pass on in each case, and the first part of this article deals with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, with part two looking at Chiron, Saturn and finally Jupiter.



As the graph shows, Pluto is operative in Capricorn between 17° and 19°. Therefore, if you have any keys at all at those degrees or nearby to them (say about 4° away at maximum) you can expect a strong influence on Pluto over that key throughout the duration of 2017. Many of us will be able to find Pluto doing something to one of our temple keys rather than to our world keys. This is because while not everybody has a Light, planet or other solar system object in Capricorn, almost everybody has Capricorn ruling over a certain temple in their chart (and in some house systems this will always be the case) and so there is at least a chance that Pluto will be activating one of the temple keys. This advice applies to every section of this article – temple keys are more likely to be involved. This means if a world key is involved, its usually more significant.

In summary, the basic information relating to Pluto’s activity in 2017 is that everyone with any kind of Capricorn key between about 17° and 19° of the sign has an opportunity to turn that key through conduction of the Pluto activation. Windows of opportunity will enable those with any key nearby to those degrees to also work with a Pluto activation of that key. We can also note that the graph shows us that there is a Full Moon taking place at the same degree as Pluto in early June. This Full Moon will not be in Capricorn but in Sagittarius, and thus not in significant astrological contact with Pluto in Capricorn. Even so, this may be an exceptionally powerful time for any conduction of any key at or near Capricorn 19°. It may also signify important happenings for anyone with any kind of object in that area of the zodiac, with Pluto representing an intense transformation or rebirth and the Full Moon brightly transmitting this into the astral awareness. This will likely be even more the case with the July Full Moon, which is in Capricorn and only 1° away from Pluto.

Adding a bit more detail to what we can glean, Pluto’s movement through 17° to 19° of Capricorn also influences and affects everything placed between 17° to 19° of the other Active/Cardinal signs, which are Aries, Cancer and Libra. Pluto is creating a lot of intense or compulsive challenge for any key placed at any of those degrees, all year long. However, it is not recommended that you attempt any kind of conduction of these activities, because they easily grow out of control and blow up in your face. Instead, it is advised that you note this potential and prepare for it by assessing your needs for transformation in the area concerned by that key, because 2017 will probably force some kind of transformation there anyway and it will be better for you to know in advance what really needs to change so that circumstances can be consciously rejuvenated. Aside from this, keys at 17° to 19° of the other two Earth signs, Taurus or Virgo, receive a subtle but powerful assistance (making things unusually easier) in any transformative work with those keys, while keys at 17° to 19° of Scorpio or Pisces are supplied with a regenerative stimulus that can be profitable in many ways if channeled with respect and care.

Another thing we can see visually is that Pluto is only significantly interacting with Jupiter next year, since the only other line that crosses his is Jupiter’s. Jupiter-Pluto interactions are often about wealth or power, the energy of extreme and intense faith, overpowering, overwhelming or over complicated situations. They also bring great opportunities for spiritual regeneration and renewal. We see that Jupiter is in Libra at both of these times, and that therefore their interaction is a square aspect. We also see that the critical degrees and times concerned with this square are 19° at the end of March and 17° at the beginning of August. Looking more closely, we can note that the August square closely coincides with a lunar eclipse, while the March square follows just after the first New Moon following the January solar eclipse (annular, not total). The crossing points of the various curly lines on the graph below are world events, astrologically speaking, and so they tend to represent things happening in the news. When there is a nexus or co-incidence of different crossing points we are looking at very complex interactions and, very likely, more significant events. Interaction between Jupiter and Pluto tends to be explosive and incendiary or to lead to a gross exaggeration or rapid acceleration of things which seem out of control. The square between the signs of Libra and Capricorn is very difficult for diplomacy or lasting agreements (echoing an opposition between Uranus and Jupiter discussed later in this article) and will often involve legal and judicial structures, establishment structures, political bodies and entities, law and order, social justice or injustice and the urge to regenerate arising from conflicts in these areas amid widespread cultural polarisation and tension as powerful forces take control and force transformations. It’s important that we understand here that this interaction between Jupiter and Pluto is not new to 2017, and that it is in fact parts 2 and 3 of a sequence which began in November of 2016.


While this is interesting, I feel it is more important to point out certain things that make it relevant to the practice of both conduction and collective astrology. If you have made the choice to undertake a conduction of a Pluto activation in 2017, having a key you want to transform at or near 17° to 19° of Capricorn, then the interaction between Jupiter and Pluto at the end of March and the beginning of August 2017 requires extra caution and restraint of some kind on your part. The tendency of Jupiter at these times to cause an exaggeration or an over-extension or possibly overoptimism during these times is extremely challenging and may need to be accounted for. Things tend to balloon alarmingly as lofty, utopian ideals are in a turbulent mix here, and you may be doing your own personal interaction with that and need to deflate expectations. Now is not the time to risk anything precious, either. These are just far more complex or tricky times to be conducting any Jupiter or Pluto activation.

In terms of using this graph in practical ways collectively it can easily identify when specific tribes can act with Pluto (in this case) as their activator. All you need to do is examine the history of Capricorn 17°-19° over the last 80-90 years. As an example of how this is done, examine the following:

Neptune was at Capricorn 17°-19° between January 1992 – December 1993 (excluding periods from July – November 1992 and February – July 1993) so that part of the Neptune in Capricorn tribe can act on their agenda with Pluto as an activator this year. All of these people have Pluto activating the Neptune key. This means everyone who is between the ages of about 23-25 has an opportunity to band together to work on their Neptune agenda and to channel the power of Pluto into it.

Uranus was at Capricorn 17°-19° between March – June 1992, December 1992 – February 1993 and July – December 1993, so that part of the Uranus in Capricorn tribe can act on their agenda with Pluto as an activator this year. All of these people have Pluto activating the Uranus key. This means everyone who is between the ages of about 24-25 and is born in these periods has an opportunity to band together to work on their Uranus agenda and to channel the power of Pluto into it. Note that people born in 1992 are being given lots of attention by Pluto in 2017 – he is activating the collective Uranus/Neptune conjunction of that period.

Chiron was last at Capricorn 17°-19° in 1953, meaning that the people who will be 64 next year – all of whom belong to the Chiron in Capricorn tribe – can act on their agenda with Pluto as an activator this year. All of these people have Pluto activating the Chiron key. One possibility here is that of working together to transform their healing potential.

Saturn was last at Capricorn 17°-19° in 1990 (January and February, then August – November), 1960/61 (March – June, then December 1960 and January 1961), and in 1931 (January/February and July – November) meaning that the people who will be 56-57 next year and on the verge of their 2nd Saturn returns can act on their Saturn in Capricorn issues with Pluto as an activator this year. Two other groups aged 27 and 86 stand beside them with a comparable and sympathetic activation. All of these people have Pluto activating the Saturn in Capricorn key and stand on the cusp of a Saturn return. One possibility here is that of passionately (obsessively?) working together to build or preserve something that will outlast them. Many others exist.

Jupiter was last at Capricorn 17°-19° in March, June/July and November of 2008. Thus, every child born in those times has a Jupiter in Capricorn key being activated by Pluto next year. This is a young group of people, so we have to outfit the astrology to their experience. These 8-9 year olds will feel a powerful influence shaping their developing relationship with Jupiter, it will be a profound year for them in terms of their relationship with Jupiter and will set the stage there for most of their lives in some deep manner. Some older generations exist who will be going through an adult version of this collective experience, and they are born in 1996 in April/May or November/December (thus about 21 years old in 2017), in December of 1984 (thus aged 33 next December), in December 1972/January 1973 (aged 44-45 in 2017), in January of 1961 (aged 56 in 2017), in January/February of 1949 (aged 68 in 2017), or in February, March, August, September or October of 1937 (to be 80 in 2017). Virtually all of these people have Jupiter in Capricorn at 17-19° (a tiny number may not, but will still be close enough to count). They can do much work together with Pluto as an assist or energizer in 2017, provided they direct their efforts at a positive goal related to the essential meaning of Jupiter in Capricorn. Pluto can also intensify the bonds between these tribal members, no matter the age gap. He can also help them access more profound wealth in terms of the riches of realising what happens when we pool our collective faith and wisdom together. What appear to be miracles can then occur.

What’s also interesting, and potentially very powerful, is that we can also say whose Sun key will be activated by Pluto in 2017. The Sun is between 17° and 19° at the same time every year, starting at around January 6/7th and ending around January 8/9th. This means that anyone born on or near to those days in any year is having Pluto activating the Sun key. If you have a birthday on or near those days, no matter how old you are, major life transformations are either already with you or are coming and there is potent Plutonian power radiating from you next year. This will be a very profound once in a lifetime transformation the like of which you have never experienced before. It may be scary, requiring you to call upon hidden reserves of courage and willpower, and it may lead to losses of things you do not want to relinquish, but whatever you have to let go of is part of what needs transformation. If any of these people also belong to any of the groups mentioned above – i.e. they are 8-9, 21, 23-25, 27, 33, 44-45, 54, 56-57, 64, 68, 80 or 86 years old in 2017 – they can act as power sources for that groups activities. They can act as power generators for any kind of Pluto focused work, in fact, but especially in these cases. These individuals can lead and focus collective activities related to Pluto in 2017. They are forces to be reckoned with who bring regeneration and rebirth, but they may also become destructive.

All of this is worth thinking over very carefully. It’s not something astrology is used to showing us, not something we are used to seeing. But now it does, and we do, and it comes because of the discoveries of the modern planets. It wasn’t possible before then in any way like the way it is now. And my question is this – what could happen if people realised these opportunities not only through working with their own clans, i.e. as all the Jupiter in Capricorn people can with Pluto in 2017, but by working truly collectively with all the other people receiving Pluto activation in the same year, on some collective goal that resonated with Capricorn, or on some goal for which they join forces with any other group mentioned in these articles to achieve?

Are you with me? Astrology is only just beginning to reveal these possibilities to us. With that said, after a handy recap, on to Neptune…

AGE GROUPS MENTIONED IN THIS SECTION: 8-9, 21, 23-25, 27, 33, 44-45, 54, 56-57, 64, 68, 80 or 86. If you have a birthday in 2017 in which you turn this age, there may be something to help you in the above text.

BIRTHDAYS MENTIONED IN THIS SECTION: January 6th – 9th (in any year). Year of major life transformation. Not for the faint-hearted, so stay cool. Try to perceive the need for near total regeneration or rebirth and go with it. If your birthday is just before these days or in late December you are coming out of such a transformation (and so may able to counsel others going through it) and if your birthday is just ahead the situation is beginning to build up and will affect you more strongly next year or the year after. Every Capricorn person born after January 9th should be preparing for this activation to arrive before the mid 2020s.



In 2017, Neptune moves between 9° and 14° of Pisces. It only spends a few weeks of the year at 9°, but I will count that degree in anyway because of the windows of opportunity described in The 26 Keys (by account of that, we could add a few more degrees nearby on either side, too – I am just being focused and specific in this presentation). So if you have any key at 9°-14° of Pisces, prepare for it to be Neptunised! Anything nearby that on either side is also being enchanted by this planet.

The foggy square between Saturn and Neptune that showed up everywhere in 2016 is lifting in 2017. Note that in the graph Neptune only interacts with Jupiter through the year, three times, but for the first two times (mid May and early July) Jupiter is in Libra – no major aspect to Pisces, so many astrologers will not attribute much significance to it. The inconjunct between the two can bring complicated or awkward ideological issues, however, and tends to clumsy or confused diplomacy. Jupiter enters Scorpio in October, however, and then moves fast to make a Watery trine with Neptune in Pisces in early December – a major aspect. Note also that as the year goes on, the degree position of the Full Moon in the zodiac draws closer and closer to the degree position of Neptune, until finally it occurs in sync with Neptune just as it forms the trine with Jupiter, at the start of December. This Full Moon, though, is in Gemini and so is in a square to Neptune in Pisces, which could overstimulate and cause subjective distortions arising from overstimulating. This is still a good sign that working with any Neptune activation next year builds towards a major climax at the end of the year, and with the Jupiter in Scorpio (highly occult) trine providing an easy and probably fortuitous outcome at that. So this is tremendous news for anyone with a key at Pisces 9°-14° (or nearby) who is seeking initiatory progress or enlightenment. In fact it’s great news for anyone working with a Neptune activation of one of their keys next year. Things start to get lucky with that following the entrance of Jupiter into Scorpio. And all of this is especially significant for anyone with any key at Pisces 11°, because its where that end of year climax is taking place. So, if your birthday is on or nearby March 2nd (March 1st in a leap year), then you also get a spotlight from this Neptune effect. Intuition, compassion and psychic receptivity are on course for a boost, but watch out for that over-thinking, subjective distortion, vacillation, second-guessing and doubt stemming from the Full Moon in Gemini. Fact check your intuitive information without sewing these seeds.

People with birthdays (in any year) on or between February 28th – March 5th have a Sun key being activated by Neptune in 2017. This is a year of visions, dreams and fantasies for these individuals, and so people who benefit from these or enjoy them (writers, artists, musicians, poets, etc.) will be more attuned to it and make more conscious use of its effect. Others may grow very confused. No matter who you are the muses are not going away, no matter what you do. It will be better to find a way to channel them into something, or they can create confusing delusions of self identity. Meditation and psychic development can truly come alive for these people, too, and at the collective level they can be both power sources for the activities they join with and ideologues and icons for it. They have the right qualities, time and place to express the collectives imagination in these cases, as well as to subtly influence it. This Neptune activation is another once in a lifetime event – a major refinement of the Sun key (the individual self awareness, the awareness of what makes us uniquely who we are) is taking place.

Aside from this, the graph also shows us Neptune going stationary and turning to direct motion mid-June, and stationing and then turning to direct at the end of November just before the aforementioned climax in terms of Neptune occurs. This indicates that generally speaking all the fables of 2017 are coming in with the tide until mid June, at which point the stories and themes of the year enter a retrospective period until the end of November and start of December, and then they continue to unwind in a forwards direction carried by the momentum of the meeting with Jupiter and the Full Moon.

Neptune’s movement through 9° to 14° of Pisces with an end of year emphasis at 11° also influences and affects everything placed between 9° to 14° of the other Reactive/Mutable signs, which are Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. Neptune is influencing keys in these places with distortions and illusions that need to be seen through before the vision of what is possible clarifies and reveals something enlightening. This confusion may cluster, compound or substantiate around the Full Moon of early December. A workable strategy in this case is to spend 2017 figuring out what may need to be sacrificed as too idealistic or wishful in that keys area of life. We can also say that Neptune will be helping keys at 9° – 14° of the other two Water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, helping conduction of those keys by supplying an easy to integrate flowing of empathy and imagination, potentially leading to psychic development. Additionally, keys at 9° to 14° of Capricorn or Taurus will be receiving a stimulus from Neptune all year that helps to open the imagination to new possibilities.


As far as the collective practice is concerned, we can note the following:

There are no living generations of Pluto in Pisces. Nobody has Neptune activating the Pluto key in 2017.

Neptune entered Pisces in April 2011 and finally leaves it early in 2026. In other words, all the souls being born now are part of this tribe, still being born. This tribe is stocked full of imaginer’s, dreamers, musicians, mystics, peacemakers, poets, empaths, psychic sensitives and potential drug addicts (pharmacy drugs as well as recreational substances, although by the time this theme shows up the drugs under consideration will be very different to the ones we have today). Most of this tribe feel a yearning for a clean, vibrant life on and in the ocean, too.

Uranus was last in Pisces starting in March 2003 and finishing in March 2011. This means that the movement of Neptune in 2017 is activating part of this tribe. The core of the population being affected in this way are born between April 2005 and December 2007, excluding August 2005 – January 2006 and March – November 2007, with those being born near to these periods also experiencing a strong effect. Therefore, we are talking about 10 to 12 year-olds (with a still notable effect on all those from about 8 – 14 years of age). For these children and teenagers there is likely to be a strong empathic response to 2017, with their feelings being both complicated and deep, perhaps confusing or scattered or difficult to pin down as well. They may sense conspiracy theories and deceptions in multiple arenas and should not be dismissed if they voice their concerns. Those children who are in the habit of doing meditation will gain the most from this period, as it will stimulate all of their empathic abilities and perhaps lead to a psychic development. Other children will have many questions about the various possibilities before them which they perceive, and may need to navigate through a maze guided by a vision. Collectively, it is the task of adults who are nurturing these children to understand that this is a critical time in the development of both their imagination and their concept of human society and an opportunity to enlighten them about compassion and empathy. Children born between February 28th and March 5th (give or take a day or two ) in any year at all but particularly in the period 2005 – 2007 are especially attuned to this years movement of Neptune, as it will also be activating their Sun keys, as explained above. The mystical potential of these souls is piercing all the veils in 2017, and the key to it all is again empathy and compassion. If spiritual interests do not apply the development of the imagination and appreciation of music will be enriched.

Chiron initially entered Pisces in April 2010 and will not completely leave until February 2019 (2018 is his transition year between Pisces and Aries). It was at 9° to 14° of Pisces between May 2012 and January 2015, excluding July 2012 – February 2013 and March – September 2014. Therefore, we are looking at an even younger generation of Chiron in Pisces people here. They are only about 2 – 5 years old. It’s very difficult to say what Neptune activation of their Chiron key will signify in 2017, but we can say for certain that it has something to do with Pisces. It’s possible that this will be a formative year in the development of the imagination or empathy. It’s also possible that they may become more sensitive to pathogens in the environment or additives and chemicals in their food. An older generation of Chiron in Pisces (March 1960 to January 1969) – who may now be the grandparents or great uncles and aunts of this younger generation – may hold some of the keys. The core of the population in this older generation of Chiron in Pisces having activation by Neptune were all born between April 1962 and January 1965, excluding August 1962 – February 1963, and March – October 1964. They will be 52-55 years of age in 2017. For these people we can expect 2017 to offer them ways of using the imagination to put pieces of things together, spiritual healing experiences, mystical, initiatory or magical experiences often being accompanied by visions or dreams, and overall seeking or yearning for something intangible. The Chiron key typically encourages a collective piecing together of different perspectives to create a whole and Neptune applies insight and imagination to that.

Saturn was last in Pisces between January 1994 and April 1996, wherein it occupied 9° to 14° of Pisces between March 1994 and March 1995 (excluding September 1994 – January 1995). So here we are looking at a generation of Saturn in Pisces people who are about 22 – 23 years old in 2017. All of them have a Neptune activation of the Saturn in Pisces key. There is an older generation of Saturn in Pisces souls (March 1964 to March 1967) joining these younger ones in 2017, with Saturn then at 9° to 14° of Pisces between March 1965 and January 1966, excluding May – August of 1965. These people are all about 51 – 52 years old in 2017. The final surviving generation of Saturn in Pisces (February 1935 to April 1937) have souls among them with Saturn between 9° and 14° of Pisces born between May 1935 and March 1936, excluding July 1935 – July 1936. These people are all about 81 – 82 years of age in 2017. Together, these three generations can bridge the gaps in 2017 with the help of Neptune – they can apply greater imagination to the agenda of Saturn in Pisces, or evoke into concrete form the practical application of its enormous potential for empathy and compassion. There is great potential for each of these generations to grasp something about how to practically apply and use the spiritual truths that bind us all together – the universal need for peace, for example. Fear and phobia may need to be faced where present and can be dissolved.

Jupiter was last in Pisces between January 2010 and January 2011, with Jupiter at 9° to 14° of Pisces in February/March of 2010. Previous to this, we find the following:

1) Jupiter in Pisces February 1998 to February 1999, with Jupiter at 9° to 14° of Pisces in March and April 1998.
2) Jupiter in Pisces February 1986 to March 1987, occupying 9° to 14° in March and April 1986.
3) Jupiter in Pisces March 1974 to March 1975, occupying 9° to 14° from April to June 1974, August – October 1974 and again November 1974 – January 1975 (due to a retrograde).
4) Jupiter in Pisces March 1962 to April 1963, occupying 9° to 14° from May to August 1962 and again in January/February 1963 (once again due to retrograde).
5) Jupiter in Pisces April 1950 to April 1951, occupying 9° to 14° January and February 1951.
6) Jupiter in Pisces May 1938 to May 1939, occupying 9° to 14° in February/March 1939.
7) Jupiter in Pisces January 1927 to January 1928, occupying 9° to 14° in February/March 1927.

In 2017, the age groups of all of these people will be about 7-8, 19, 31, 42-43, 54-55, 66, 78 or 89-90 years old. So if someone is having a birthday in this age range in 2017 and they are born in any of the periods connected with 9° – 14° Pisces listed above, then Neptune will be activating their Jupiter key in 2017. Being born in these age ranges and near to these periods also brings an effect. On a purely mundane level, all these people will be more prone to dream big in 2017 (both consciously while awake and unconsciously while asleep). The activation of the Jupiter key by Neptune can bring a great deal of hope, faith and inspiration, optimism, idealism and spiritual growth. It elaborates the poetry of the fable of life. It adds to meditative enlightenment or initiation, quantitatively and qualitatively. In the negative it can evoke spiritual dogma, elusiveness, willingness to believe in an illusion or escape into pure fantasy, and it can make us lazy and wasteful or opportunistic with the imaginations entertainments. As with all things connected with Jupiter, any effect multiplies and enlarges or expands when these individuals find one another and work together. One of the more powerful ways this kind of activation can be used by a collective is in the seeking of a vision of hope or truth. This example, however, is just one among too many to list. Astrological seekers among them may also find clarity on Neptune’s connection to Pisces.

AGE GROUPS MENTIONED IN THIS SECTION: 2-5, 7-8, 10-12, 19, 22-23, 31, 42-43, 51-52, 52-55, 54-55, 66, 78, 81-82, 89-90. If you have a birthday in 2017 in which you turn this age, there may be something to help you in the above text. 

BIRTHDAYS MENTIONED IN THIS SECTION: February 28th – March 5th (in any year). Year of vision and imagination, potential drowsiness or dreaminess or psychic awakening. Major assistance for all meditation, increased emotional receptivity. Major encounter with Neptune which can involve vivid dreams, receptivity to music,  disillusionment, escape into fantasies (such as VR), nebulous yearnings and a loss of boundaries. Individual self awareness may melt, dissolve or become mysterious. If your birthday is just before these days you are coming out of such a transformation (and so may able to counsel others going through it) and if your birthday is just ahead the situation is beginning to build up and will affect you more strongly next year or the year after. Every Pisces person born after March 5th should be preparing for this activation to arrive before the mid 2020s.



Uranus is now beginning to explore the third decan of Aries (20°-30°), and 2017 is the last full year of Uranus in Aries. Over the course of 2017 it moves from 20° to 28°, turning retrograde at 28° of Aries in August to place extra emphasis on 25° to 28° in the last quarter of the year. Any key at 20° to 28° of Aries will receive Uranus activation in 2017, but keys at 25°-28° will get an extended activation beginning in August. Uranus interacts with the Full Moon cycle in February (when it is 1° away from a trine with the lunar eclipse), in the first half of March (but the Full Moon in Virgo does not make any major aspect to Aries), but has a 3° separation from opposition to the April Full Moon in Libra. These are all times of strong Uranian influence. The New Moon dallies with Uranus in Aries in 2017 in August when a total solar eclipse at 28° of Leo brings the Fire (this is the only total solar eclipse of the year and it will be visible across all of North America, while at the same time being on the ascendant and Mars of President Trump). This shows that 28° of the Fire signs but especially Aries or Leo receive a dose of Uranian eclipse energy in 2017. For many with any emphasis here this will actually be lucky in some way, or lead to a new appreciation of freedoms. The New Moon in Libra on October 19th will be in a tight opposition to Uranus in Aries, while the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 18th will be within reach of a trine. The New Moon in Libra opposition on October 19th can cause breakups and disagreements which lead to divergent paths, and to confusion in diplomacy or relating which arise from the mysteriousness of a partners position. It is an opportunity to re-balance scales and reset negotiations when they are constipated, and can also help with starting new relationships. The Sagittarius New Moon trine with Uranus (December 18th) is much better for making fresh starts that don’t involve messy breaks, and for moving forwards with projects (especially when they are related to Uranus, Fire or the Moon). It is also quite romantic but wild and difficult to tame, embodying a gypsy heart, so it may not be able to help form long term bonds. Additionally, it doesn’t have the same power to firmly end formerly disruptive associations or to reset things.

The long-running square between Uranus and Pluto is now separating and reaches its furthest separation so far (of 11°) in August. Neptune does not interact with Uranus and Chiron only forms a minor aspect at the end of July, but one which then spreads itself over the last half of the year to tighten again at the end. This semi-sextile is also in signs that are contra-antisicia, though, so it could be significant. If so, it points to awkward stages in any healing quest, and to a need to consider necessary and different if painful options. Saturn in Sagittarius forms two trines with Uranus in Aries, part of a sequence which begins at the end of 2016. These two trines are exact in mid-May and the first half of November 2017, the first at 26° and the second at 25°. These trines are at least potentially adding a lot of stability to the Fire of Uranus in Aries, which is often spontaneous and erratic and difficult to direct. The assistance of Saturn in Sagittarius helps to focus and persistently channel the often unwieldy energy of Uranus in Aries. Conversely, the often pessimistically inclined narrow and targeted course of Saturn in Sagittarius benefits from a more freewheeling, less dogmatic or structured open door policy of Uranus in Aries. If you are conducting activations made by either Saturn or Uranus or working with Fire this year, this interaction is definitely worth bearing in mind as it offers much that is both achievable and exciting. However, Saturn and Uranus do not mix well together at all – that’s why they need Chiron to mediate between them – so there is likely to be tension even with an aspect like the trine, and especially when Fire is the driving force involved. To extract these positive potentials, then, such difficulties need to be prepared for.

Like Saturn, Jupiter is completing a sequence of interaction with Uranus in 2017 which it begins in late 2016. This is a sequence of three oppositions, the two in 2017 occurring in early March and late September. The first opposition is at 22° of Aries/Libra and takes place before a Full Moon in Virgo and the second is at 27° after a New Moon in Virgo. The opposition between Jupiter and Uranus can produce big surprises, big shocks involving things breaking down or falling apart. It is not a good omen for diplomacy or agreements which stick, and can involve surprises in that arena. It is basically a period in which growth happens in unexpected ways and with consequences that quickly grow out of control and lead to further unforeseen consequences. Radical and widespread changes are often being forced from some angle and are unavoidable. The Aries/Libra axis points towards creative powers, relationships, diplomacy, conflicts and an “us versus them” mentality driving things. So these are periods in which we must all expect some major upsets to the status quo no matter who we are, but this is especially true for people with keys at or near to 22° or 27° of Aries or Libra, or the other Active/Cardinal signs, Cancer and Capricorn, and particularly if such people are actively engaged in turning them. On the positive side this energy can be channeled towards making positive changes, but it has to do so without becoming unsympathetic to the views of those who see things differently, otherwise it manifests as a breathtaking ramping up of tensions. We should watch closely how this opposition manifests at the end of 2016 and try to discern what the overall theme is for the two later oppositions, on both a personal and collective scale.

The movement of Uranus in Aries from 20° to 28° brings challenges to everyone with keys at 20° to 28° of any of the Active/Cardinal signs. These challenges are, in the typical Uranian form, about needing to accept some kind of radical change being surprisingly thrust upon you or logically encountered as a result of our own past choices. In order to navigate such challenges we have to respond to the call for change by making actual changes – only thinking or talking about them just complicates it all, and there is a real tendency to do that, and with Aries this leads to impatient and demanding outbursts of selfishness. If you have been hungering for a change of some kind, a big one, then the good news is that if you have a key in this area of the zodiac that resonates with what you want to change then you can expect that to be on your doorstep in 2017. However, you must be careful not to leave a terrible wake of destruction behind you. The specific effect of Uranus activation obviously depends a lot upon the key that is being activated, but in general it strongly tends to accelerate the rate at which things happen, even if that is just the speed at which our panicked thoughts fly. This acceleration is sometimes part of what shakes things up or is what arises from things being shaken up.

Those who have a key at 20° to 28° of any other Fire sign – Leo or Sagittarius – will find that the acceleration provided by Uranus in Aries over the course of 2017 helps them to move forward rapidly in any conduction work designed around the turning of those keys. Uranus is offering these people assistance that often comes in the form of coincidental or lucky meetings or happenings, fortuitous surprises and new opportunities. It is offering a similar assistance to anyone with a key at 20° to 28° of Gemini or Aquarius. For these people there is an opportunity to integrate the new or the original and to multiply the pleasures.

The Sun is at Aries 20° – 28° annually between about April 9th and 17th, so everyone with a birthday in this period or a few days near to it either side is having Uranus activate the Sun key. This is a big shake up, and its time for you to accept greater freedom and independence in your life but without shunning the assistance of others. To do that is to throw the lesson of Uranus activation back in its face, to deny the intimate connection and interdependence of the individual with the collective. We rise or fall together in his lightning filled eyes. You may be forced to make changes or bombarded with an array of complicated choices, all of which radically revolutionise your character. If you have been feeling trapped, the moment of your liberation approaches but it not be what you expect. Much depends on your treatment of others and how much consideration you give to a tableau of opinions. At the collective level you are also able to bring change, radical change, especially if you are born in any of the periods highlighted in this section. You have the ability to present alternatives and to encourage the development of new ideas but also the potential to stir things up. Things can get easily out of control around you, though, so its best not to be a leader but instead to focus on inspiring the egregore. Mark it in your calendar – 2017 is the time to embrace new beginnings.


Opportunities at the collective level are as follows:

There are no living generations of Pluto in Aries. There are therefore no Pluto keys being activated by Uranus in 2017.

There are no living generations of Neptune in Aries either, although one is about to begin arriving in the mid 2020s.

The only people who have Uranus in Aries and are getting a Uranus activation will have either just been born (and are thus becoming accustomed and given very early exposure to their own Uranian ways, but this will only happen to babies born after August – retrogradations are another important shaping of collective astrology to consider here) or are in their early to mid 80s and will be having their Uranus return. Uranus was last in Aries from January 1928 to March 1935. It occupied 20° to 28° of Aries between April 1932 and May 1934, excepting November 1932 – February 1933 and June – October 1934. This means that the people born between about April 1932 and May 1934 are all having their Uranus returns in 2017. They will be 83-85 years old. The Uranus return is a collective activation that acts as a capstone to a mortal life story. It shows us just how much things have changed since we came in – virtually nothing is the same – and yet (paradoxically, as is typical of Uranus) at the same time we begin to recognise the cyclical nature of history as we see the things we have seen before arriving again, only dressed up differently. At this time, it is important for us to try to integrate the changes that we have seen throughout the course of our entire lives, and this often requires the support of those who care for us. If we are unable to integrate the scale of change that we have witnessed, then we increase the onset of problems like dementia and forgetfulness. For some, however, there is a “second wind” of life, a feeling that we can begin again despite or perhaps because of our years. I once met a woman who took up skydiving and mountain hiking when the Uranus return arrived. Other people return to their infancy in other ways.

The last journey of Chiron through Aries began in January 1969 and extended through to March 1977. He was occupying 20° to 28° of Aries between June 1973 and March 1977, except for periods between September 1973 – April 1974 and parts of December 1974/January 1975 as well as May – October 1976. So everyone born in that time has a Uranus activation of the Chiron key in 2017. These people are all about 40 – 44 years old in 2017. The opportunity here is for these people to work together in building bridges and spreading healing through the collective awareness. The Aries influence in the backdrop of this key will make them want to take action and the action they will be seeking to take is likely to be varied and unpredictable but focus in some way on some aspect of their Chiron in Aries agenda. The Warriors are being awakened, with many of them already active (since Uranus has already acted upon many of the Chiron in Aries keys). For an example of this, take a look at the story of the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock. The awakening by Uranus of the Chiron in Aries tribe – going on now since 2011 – is reaching its crescendo and is a powerful factor in this story. There is more awakening and quest calling to come in 2017.

Saturn’s visits to Aries over the past 90 years look like this:

1) April 1996 to March 1999, occupying 20° to 28° of Aries for a brief period in July and August 1997 and then between March and June 1998 and finally October 1998 – March 1999. These people are all about 18 – 20 years of age in 2017.
2) March 1967 to April 1969, occupying 20° to 28° of Aries between May – November 1968 and January – April 1969. These people are all about 48 – 49 years old in 2017.
3) April 1937 to March 1940, occupying 20° to 28° of Aries between April and June 1939 and September 1939 – March 1940. These people are all about 77 – 78 years old in 2017.

These people are having Uranus activation of the Saturn key in 2017. Unlike the matching but different Saturn activation of the Uranus key, this activation tends to liberate pressures rather than increase them. It can signify a wave of rebellion against authority and any repression of the freedom and the liberty of the people. These groups find the means to be systematic in any resistance. If the increased demands affecting these groups can somehow discipline them or organise them into a structure, powerful and long lasting pressure groups can be formed. Uranus activating the Saturn key also acts to generate the potential for surprises or unexpected outcomes for the status quo, rather than inhibiting them as Saturn activating the Uranus key tends to do. Uranus activating the Saturn key can also make interaction with authorities more diverse and chaotic in general, or lead to an encounter with the established authorities of the collective human awareness (the law, the police, the politicians etc.).

The generational pattern of Jupiter moving between 20° and 28° of Aries going back 90 years is given below:

1) April to June 2011 (age 6 in 2017).
2) May/June 1999, followed by October 1999 to February 2000 (age 17 – 18 in 2017).
3) May 1987 to March 1988 – a long period due to retrograde motion (age 29-30 in 2017).
4) June to October 1975, followed by February and March 1976 (age 41 – 42 in 2017).
5) February to April 1964 (age 53 in 2017).
6) March/April 1952 (age 65 in 2017).
7) April/May 1940 (age 77 in 2017).
8) April – June 1928 (age 89 in 2017).

All of these people are having a Uranus activation of the Jupiter key throughout 2017. This can lead to breakthroughs and major changes in fortune, often unexpectedly, and it can stimulate the spread of optimism and hope as well as Aries virtues such as bravery, courage and determination. The ability to connect with others and to grow through it is enhanced and accelerated. Working together in teams, these people can make wondrous discoveries in 2017, if they are bold enough. There is great potential for them to awaken the power of faith and hope, and discover new ways to share.

AGE GROUPS MENTIONED IN THIS SECTION: 6, 17-18, 18-20, 29-30, 40-44, 41-42, 48-49, 53, 65, 77, 77-78, 83-85, 89. If you have a birthday in 2017 in which you turn this age, there may be something to help you in the above text.

BIRTHDAYS MENTIONED IN THIS SECTION: April 9th – 17th. Year of new beginnings, major reversals and/or surprising unforeseens leading to radical change. Can be highly stressful. Need to keep an open mind, try out new ways and remain flexible as well as listen to the counsel of those in your court. Keep plans adaptable – a rigid, Saturn like approach may just continually fail because it is not appropriate. Likewise, resistance to change will bring it upon you in a way that feels forced. Can be an exciting time if you are adventurous. If your birthday is just before these days you are coming out of such a radical change (and so may able to counsel others going through it) and if your birthday is just ahead the situation is beginning to build up and will affect you more strongly next year or the year after. This is the final group of Aries people to receive activation apart from a small portion to receive it next year. All Taurus people should begin preparing for a similar activation in the next 7-8 years.

I hope you have enjoyed this first part of my report on 2017, in part 2 to be published before the New Year I will talk you through the same details for Saturn, Chiron and Jupiter.

12 comments on “Activations of 2017 (part 1)

  1. Between this article, the ‘expanded solar map’ used in analyzing Trump’s (et al) horoscopes – it takes some careful reading to dig this out as a usable technique, but the effort is worth it, imho) , and the inclusion of Moon phase in “Between the Lights” you have greatly expanded the methodology of conduction from that of “The 26 Keys”, to directly include phenomena happening directly in the sky (vs against your natal chart)

    Good work David, and good writing! Happy Holidays, and have a great 2017!

  2. “, Pluto’s movement through 17° to 19° of Capricorn also influences and affects everything placed between 17° to 19° of the other Active/Cardinal signs, which are Aries, Cancer and Libra. Pluto is creating a lot of intense or compulsive challenge for any key placed at any of those degrees, all year long. However, it is not recommended that you attempt any kind of conduction of these activities, because they easily grow out of control and blow up in your face.”

    I am trying to understand. this.

    I don’t have a key there, but suppose someone did have a Moon key (say) in 18 Cancer. Further, let there be a Jupiter conjunct this Moon key in 2017 (yes I know Jupiter won’t be there in 2017, this is just to set up a question). If he has read only 26 keys, this looks like a wonderful opportunity for conduction of Jupiter to a light. But he isn’t aware of the square formed by Pluto’s position in the Sky because he is looking at only the natal chart conjunctions.

    Are you saying that he shouldn’t conduct this Jupiter conjunct Moon transit, because the Pluto square vastly amplifies the normally benign Jupiter on Moon and so blows it up? Is there a way to pull of such a conduction and somehow ‘fold’ the square in? Or, should all conductions with squares and oppositions from Pluto be avoided, just to be on the safe side?

    Thanks in advance,

    • I am warning people not to conduct the square or opposition to Pluto aspect. Some people will partly have figured how to do that from the advanced material of The 26 keys, and partly from their own experience.. I’m saying don’t. Additionally, be aware that there are difficult periods for any Jupiter or Pluto work (because of the squares).

  3. Got it. You *can* conduct the conjunction (Jupiter on Moon here) but it will be more difficult than it would be otherwise because of the Pluto square.

    Don’t conduct the square itself, though it is *possible* with the 26 keys advanced material, with Mars as conductor for e.g

    . That makes a lot of sense. Thank You.

  4. Wonderful! I really apreciate that area of astrology. Thanks!

    I am part of that generation that has Uranus and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn, and will receive Pluto activations at both Keys in 2017.

    In The 26 Keys you talk about how Neptune conjunctions to other planets can lift one of the seven veils of illusion…
    How does it work with other aspects? Trines, squares, oppositions…

  5. Hello David, I’m only a beginner in 26Keys, but really this is the best book of Astrology that I have read in my life.
    Relatively to Pluto Activations in 2017, in my Master Key I have:
    – Temple V at 21° Capricorn
    – Temple I at 18° Virgo – with a subtle powerful assistance
    – Temple VII at 18° Pisces – supplied with regenerative stimulus
    – Jupiter at 18° Aries
    – Dragon Head at 18° Scorpio – supplied with regenerative stimulus
    This means that I have all these Pluto Activation in 2017? Many compulsive challenges and a intense transformation along the Year?

    • Thank you and welcome 🙂 It is always a great pleasure to hear that others are enjoying my work. 🙂 Ok, so, what you have with Pluto in 2017 can be broken down into primary and secondary influences to work with. The primary influence (as far as The 26 Keys is concerned) is Pluto activation of the 5th temple key. You can do conduction of that influence using the method I lay out.
      Secondary to that, you can work with Plutos helpful influences towards your 1st and 7th temple keys, or your Dragon keys (both will be receiving help, the Head gets a sextile and the Tail gets a trine, which is the stronger form). How you do this is up to you and circumstances. By circumstance, if you have an activation of those keys happening in 2017 from any activator, or by progression, you can conduct that activation knowing you have help from Pluto. This will add intensity, depth and transformative power, as Pluto sees fit. Another way is to simply observe the Pluto potential influencing these keys and learn from that. You can also tap into this help from Pluto by doing Electro-Magnetic conduction around the 1st, 7th or Dragon keys. This will offer less powerful results than if you have an activation of those keys in 2017, but it can still be effective at channeling or shaping the essential meaning. Or you can incorporate the help of Pluto in any conduction once you reach the stages of the 1st, 7th or Dragon keys.
      Finally, you have a secondary influence involving Pluto interaction with your Jupiter key. This influence is a trickier one that I am telling you to be wary of. It affects everything that happens with Jupiter in the year ahead, but will be strongest for you when Pluto is at 18° Capricorn. That means any activation of your Jupiter key (say by a progressed Moon) will possibly be interfered with by Pluto. You will find the transformation wave going against you or out of control, or generally forcing difficult choices and routes. The same will also apply in conductions whenever you reach Jupiter.

  6. Guido says ” but really this is the best book of Astrology that I have read in my life.”

    I agree. Two Thumbs Up!!!

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