Activations of 2017 (part 2)

Warm greetings, and welcome back to part 2 of our look into 2017. This time we look at Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter over the course of the next year.
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For ease of reference, here is the graphic ephemeris from part 1:


The three lines we are studying in this text are the blue, black and brown lines. Notice how much more dynamic the curve of the blue and black lines are, representing Jupiter and Saturn, compared to the less dynamic curve of the brown line, Chiron. Notice also that both Jupiter and Saturn change signs in 2017.



Chiron in Pisces moves between 21° and 29° of the sign throughout 2017, but it retrogrades at 29° of the sign midyear and so emphasises 24° to 29° of Pisces. This is therefore the last full year of Chiron in Pisces we will have for about half a century. A new generation of Chiron in Aries is about to be born but it does not begin this year. So if you have a key at 21° to 29° of Pisces, but especially between 24° and 29°, then you have a Chiron activation of that key in 2017. If you have any key at 21° to 29° of the Reactive/Mutable signs Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius then there are challenging turning points ahead for your key coming from Chiron. This may represent a healing crisis, or a challenge with respect to some kind of quest related to the key, or possibly a struggle to integrate your experience in that area of life. If instead or additionally you have any key at 21° to 29° of the Water signs Cancer or Scorpio, then there is additional healing energy flowing that way in 2017 which can help you overcome any pain connected with that key. Chiron is also being instructive toward these people and sharing with them spiritual teachings relating to their emotions. Additionally people with any key at 21° to 29° Taurus or Capricorn receive a stimulus or arousal to that key from Chiron throughout the course of the year. This stimulus is slightly more challenging than the one presented to the Water signs, but has the potential to become more substantial because of what the Earth signs do with it.

The Virgo New Moon of September occurs pretty close to an opposition of Chiron in Pisces. This can be a time in which a need for physio-emotional healing is diagnosed or a healing seed is planted in the astral or body of a subject. I have already mentioned the semi-sextile between Chiron and Uranus which takes place in signs which are contra-antiscia. The only major interaction that Chiron makes with the other activators in 2017 is a sequence of squares with Saturn in Sagittarius which it begins in late December 2016, but there is also an inconjunct with Jupiter in Libra that plays out twice as well, in mid February and late September (there is an interesting intertwining of Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron and Uranus in Active and Reactive signs at the end of 2016 which continues to unwind throughout 2017). The first of the two Saturn/Chiron squares in 2017 occurs April/May and the second occurs in the beginning of November. Saturn square Chiron is also indicative of awkward moments in a healing journey, like Chiron semi-sextile Uranus. If you are working with these planets or a key involved in their activities next year, especially in April, May, October or November, you may have to expect greater challenge. If that is what you want, the challenge you are likely to get depends on your astrology a great deal, but in general the interaction by square between these two is about the wisdom of the more difficult and arduous path, the path which needs greater discipline and persistence and endurance being ultimately the path yielding the greatest healing. The Sagittarius-Pisces backdrop of the square can bring instructive breakthroughs, especially in any kind of exotic meditation, but its Reactive nature can make this elusive to pin down.

The Sun is annually at Pisces 21° – 29° from about March 11th to 19th, so anyone with a birthday in that period in any year (or even a birthday a few days either side) is having a Chiron activation of the Sun key in 2017. Here the emphasis on the Sun key is on healing it or fixing it where it is broken. A diagnosis may be supplied to enable this. The task with Chiron is to accept the diagnosis even when it really hurts and to then reflect upon its teachings and remedies before applying them. The Pisces nature of this experience may involve feelings, especially sadness, yearning, pity, sympathy, compassion, empathy, mercy and forgiveness. At the collective level this group can both help to spread or radiate healing into or from the collective or to heal the group so that it is fit enough to take on its quest and make the most of its activations, or it can act to instruct them (often in a merciful or compassionate course).

The basic collective astrology of Chiron in Pisces for 2017 is as follows:

There are no living generations of Pluto in Pisces.

Chiron is not activating the keys of any people who have Neptune in Pisces because Chiron in Pisces has always been ahead of Neptune, never behind it. This makes an excellent example of a point I have been making before, namely that the zodiac sign positions of the slow moving planets in relation to one another strongly impact the shaping of specific generations – the human story. This generation of Neptune in Pisces people will not have any Chiron activation until they reach their late 40s and early 50s. Had Chiron been just behind Neptune in the zodiac, they would all be getting that activation in their youth instead.

The last time Uranus was in Pisces it first entered the sign in March 2003 and finally left the sign in March 2011. In that period, it occupied 21° to 29° of Pisces in the period April to September 2008 and then again in February 2009 through to March 2011, except between May and August 2010 when it was entering Aries and then returning to Pisces. These people will all be between the ages of about 6-9 in 2017. For the older generation of Uranus in Pisces we must go back to April 1919 through to January 1928, with Uranus at 21° to 29° of Pisces in the period May to August 1924 and then again from March 1925 to March 1927, with a final short period between November 1927 – January 1928. These people will be about 89 – 93 in 2017. All of these people are having Chiron activation of the Uranus key in this year. The potential has to be regarded differently for both ends of the spectrum. For the young, this can be a time in which they are becoming aware of the pain involved in being part of modern human society. Their awareness of suffering, especially emotional suffering, may be receiving an overload from the media they are exposed to or from their peers. Some of them may begin to show sensitivity to electrical fields that can manifest in health problems or sleep problems. Others may have questions about things that they perceive to be broken and how to fix them. For the older generation there are also likely to be emotional challenges but of a different nature. These people may find it difficult to integrate the way people care for one another in a modern society, or find it hard to understand a perceived lack of caring in human society and possibly need to struggle with feelings of isolation and loneliness which can bring about depressive or suffering emotional states. For the young, the positive potential of this activation is an awakening of empathy for the suffering of others, while for the old the positive potential of this activation is an ability to communicate to others what is wrong with human society as well as the pain or isolation that they may be experiencing. For both young and old there is also the possibility of a spiritual awakening involving the discovery of a new quest and ability to apply healing to a collective.

Chiron was last in Pisces from March 1960 to January 1969 (with periods from August 1960 to January 1961 and April – October 1968 in which it is not), occupying 21° to 29° of Pisces in the period April to August 1965 and then again from February 1966 to April 1968, with a final visit between October 1968 and January 1969. These people are all about 48 – 52 years old in 2017, and they are all having their Chiron return. Chiron return can be painful and difficult for our health, with Chiron in Pisces tending to focus on emotional health. However, it also brings relief from pain and suffering, especially when it has overshadowed us throughout the course of our lives. Collectively, these people are all being initiated into the final stages of maturity which relate to being able to teach what they have learned through hard-won experiences. It is a time in which the soul is being challenged to integrate everything that has happened to it and to heal those things which it cannot integrate. The objective here is to make the life and self awareness whole again after decades in which it may have been fracturing. By the time we reach the age of our Chiron return, a life has taken many twists and turns and so has a personality and this period is an initiatory one in which we are able to perceive the whole of that process in an acute form. It prepares us for the 2nd Saturn return, so how we handle this trial goes a long way towards the final form of that looming report card. Chiron return is very healing when shared, and so finding ways to communicate with others going through this process is often very helpful.

For generations of Saturn in Pisces the historical record gives us:

1) May/June 1993 and then January 1994 to April 1996, with Saturn occupying 21° to 29° of Pisces during April to September 1995 and January to April 1996. These individuals are all 21 – 22 years of age in 2017.
2) March 1964 to March 1967, with Saturn occupying 21° to 29° of Pisces during March 1966 to March 1967. These individuals are all 50- 51 years of age in 2017.
3) February 1935 to January 1938, with Saturn occupying 21° to 29° of Pisces during May to August 1936 and then again from February to April 1937, and then finally from October 1937 to 4 January 1938. These individuals are all about 79 – 81 years of age in 2017.

These three generations of people born during Saturn in Pisces are all having Chiron activate the Saturn key in 2017. This can also be a challenging activation, especially emotionally. The potential to dwell upon misery or suffering is higher, and there is a gloominess that sometimes needs to be cheered up. The youngest generation have just entered their 20s, and may find this more difficult since they lack experience with Saturn. The middle generation are in the buildup to their second Saturn return, which this activation may play a role in shaping. The older generation are a few years away from the Uranus return, and a similar shaping may take place of that time through this earlier activation. The positive potential of this activation comes to the fore when members of the three generations work together, because it is then that the older generation can share their insights into what has not worked in the past, which will help the younger generations to avoid making mistakes at these critical times, while the younger generations can draw upon greater empathy and capacity for emotional sensitivity to help the older generation. However, they may not be able to cheer each other up and for that should probably turn to outside assistance.

The pattern of Jupiter in Pisces going back looks like this:

1) January 2010 to January 2011, with Jupiter at 21° to 29° of Pisces April-June 2010 and September 2010 – January 2011. They are 6 – 7 years old in 2017.
2) February 1998 to February 1999, with Jupiter at 21° to 29° of Pisces May-October 1998 and December 1998 – February 1999. These individuals are all about 18 -19 years old in 2017.
3) February 1986 to March 1987, occupying 21° to 29° in June – August 1986 and January to March 1987. These individuals are all about 30-31 years old in 2017.
4) March 1974 to March 1975, occupying 21° to 29° February and March 1975. They are all about 42 years old in 2017.
5) March 1962 to April 1963, occupying 21° to 29° from February to April 1963. These people are all about 54 years old in 2017.
6) April 1950 to April 1951, occupying 21° to 29° in March and April of 1951. This group is all about 66 years old in 2017.
7) May 1938 to December 1939, occupying 21° to 29° in March – May 1939 and October – December of 1939. They all about 78 years old in 2017.
8) January 1927 to January 1928, occupying 21° to 29° April – June 1927 and again from September 1927 – January 1928. This group is all about 88-89 years old in 2017.

All of these people have Chiron activating the Jupiter key in 2017. This can bring experiences related to the integration of greater faith in the power of belief. It can also be an instructive activation, Chiron being an instructor in various lores connected with the natural world, metaphysics and magic, especially alchemy. Working together, these people can have experiences which help them to “connect the dots” between seemingly disconnected fields, or be able to break down generalisations into more concrete and specific observations. They will have a heightened awareness of various flaws in the belief systems of both themselves and others. In collaboration these various groups may be able to teach each other a great deal about subjects which are considered abstract, fuzzy or vague. There is also an opportunity for them to develop their empathy through contact with the natural world and its denizens.

AGE GROUPS MENTIONED IN THIS SECTION: 6-7, 6-9, 8-9, 18-19, 21-22, 30-31, 42, 48-52, 50-51, 54, 66, 78, 79-81, 88-89, 89-93. If you have a birthday in 2017 in which you turn this age, there may be something to help you in the above text. 

BIRTHDAYS MENTIONED IN THIS SECTION: March 11th – 19th (any year). Year of healing and initiation. Self awareness encompasses the pain it is capable of feeling as a growth experience, and the potential for Pisces to suffer with others or to radiate their own painful feelings is highlighted and energized. Emotional sensitivity can therefore make you more vulnerable in this period while also allowing you to heal the pain of others through empathy. If your birthday is just before these days you are coming out of such a period of emotionally acute sensitivity (and so may able to counsel others going through it) and if your birthday is just ahead the situation is beginning to build up and will affect you more strongly next year or the year after. This is the final group of Pisces people to receive activation by Chiron. All Aries people should begin preparing for a similar activation during or before the mid 2020s, but with less emotional emphasis and greater emphasis on self determination and willpower. Those born at the cusp of Pisces and Aries (March 19th/20th) or in the last third of March should be readying for a similar activation in the next few years.



In 2017 Saturn moves through the last decan of Sagittarius, starting at 21° and leaving the sign in December to make it through to 1° of Capricorn by the end of the year. This means that if you have any key between Sagittarius 21° and 1° of Capricorn then that key has a Saturn activation in 2017. The 1° of Capricorn lasts only for the last half of December 2017 and I will be treating it as part of 2018, since Saturn in Capricorn is really a theme of 2018 and is a distinctly different influence compared with Saturn in Sagittarius. The only thing I really need to pass on there is that if you have any key at 0°-1° of Capricorn, it will receive Saturn activation at the very end of the year in December. The essential thing for all of us to understand is that throughout the course of 2017 Saturn is preparing to don the cloak of midnight and enter its realm of Magnetic power, and so he is ‘coming home’ after a long journey (Sagittarius, in the last decan). Things will start to look more and more serious and sobering as we move towards 2018, culminating in a ‘setting in’ of realities come the end of December 2017. Inescapable realities are looming, but for those who have learned from Saturn in Sagittarius there will also be opportunities to build. Learning in this case means having accepted responsibilities and redesigned the targets. It means preparing the momentum needed to climb the coming mountains. We are almost done drawing back the bow, and must spend this year being certain of our bulls-eye being the one we want to hit.

For everyone with a key in any other Fire sign – Aries or Leo – there is steadying assistance being sent your way all year in the form of Saturn in Sagittarius. Things can move forwards, slowly but surely and with long term effects, and conduction of Fire keys in the last decan gains fuel and consistent momentum and support. Note how this dovetails with the influence of Uranus in the last decan of Aries, and what it means for Leo keys in the last decan (a lot of help and opportunity and an ease with things). Saturn in Sagittarius also stimulates conduction of keys in Libra or Aquarius, especially when those keys are at 21° or higher. For those keys, timing and saying the right thing to the right person or group become available as assets. On the other hand, the other Reactive/Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo and Pisces) are on the sharp end of the stick of Saturn in Sagittarius in 2017. The last 10° of each of these signs must be prepared to make an extra effort to meet the challenges and goals of the next year, and to contend with delays and blockages. For keys at these positions patience, discipline and forward planning (put into effect in the past) will go a long way and can lead to remarkable achievements.

The New Moon of November coincides with the same degree of Saturn for that time, but the Moon will be in Scorpio which makes no major aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius. During the course of the year Saturn makes aspects with Chiron and Uranus (two squares and two trines respectively, which I have previously described in those sections), while also making a sextile with Jupiter in Libra towards the end of August. This is an aspect they almost made at the end of December 2016 but which didn’t quite become exact. The stimulation between these two planets in the last half of August and the beginning of September 2017 should prove to be an asset for anyone working with these planets at that time. Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius resonate with the concept of truth and justice, and thus create opportunities for people to aspire to these often elusive concepts. There is opportunity here for people to come to agreements about targets that need to be met and for working in tandem in ways which are fair, instructive, productive and move things forwards. Combined with the three trines between Saturn and Uranus that I previously described, the opportunities in 2017 provided by Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus for working with Fire and Air are potent, with powerful support in May, late August and early November. However, the May and November periods are preceded by difficulties in the form of Chiron square Saturn, also described earlier. The focus of that square is the fundamental clash between Fire and Water.

The Sun passes annually through Sagittarius 21° – 1° Capricorn from about December 13th – 23rd. This means that if your birthday is in that period or nearby to it you are experiencing Saturn activation of the Sun key in 2017. This will be especially strong if you are born on or after the soltice, with the Sun in Capricorn instead of Sagittarius (since Saturn will be in rulership when in Capricorn). However, these Capricorn activations do not really start to happen until the year is nearly over. Saturn activation of the Sun key in any sign can diminish our energies, so it is wise to slow down next year if you are in this birthday group. If you meet with blockage or failure, learn the hard lessons but do not give up. Focus on developing discipline, long term strategy, patience and other Saturn qualities in the year to come. Prepare to work harder than in previous years, possibly with less immediate result, and do not let fear control you. At the collective level you can bring stability and order, and supply leadership power and a command over practicalities that slowly gets things done. You may be inhibited or feel restrained, but try to use these strictures as teachers of discipline and bide your time. Overall my advice to these people is to stay cool, remain optimistic where appropriate, keep a steady eye and hand as you target your goals and you will strike the centre of the Sun. This will set you up for years. For those born on December 21st/22nd with a Capricorn Sun, put things in place so that starting in that month of 2017 you are ready for a similar process to begin.

The generational patterns being triggered by Saturn in Sagittarius throughout 2017 are as follows:

Pluto was in Sagittarius from January 1995 to November 2008 (it will have been in Scorpio for some months at the beginning of this period or in Capricorn for some months at the end, because of retrogradation). It passed through 21° to the end of the sign in the period January 2004 to January 2008 (except between June – November 2004), then again during June to November 2008. This group will be between the ages of 9 – 13 years old in 2017. The activation of the Pluto key by Saturn next year may bring a lot of pressure on them via the education system, or a sense that the aspirations of these people are being limited or pressurised. Classes of these children are set to encounter difficulties as tensions build, challenges related to cultural pressures compound and an increase of any dissonance felt between them and the authorities reaches a cracking point. The sporting aspirations of many of them seem set to be afflicted by a wave of corrupt scandals (English football, Russian athletics, etc.). Those of us who are in positions of authority or guardianship over these souls in 2017 must remember not to take too heavy a hand as it will be met with a burning resistance and resentment will take root which will prove very difficult to shift in later years. The positive potential of this activation occurring to so many young children includes a realistic assessment of their ability to transform our knowledge and more importantly our path forwards into the future. If the mature adults who come to represent Saturn in this equation for this period can help to realistically form and structure these children’s ability to transform instead of containing or oppressing it, then the tensions need not build and more constructive results can occur. Nevertheless, certain harsh but necessary truths are always exposed when Saturn and Pluto interact.

Neptune was in Sagittarius from January 1970 to November 1984 (again with exceptions at the beginning and end due to retrogradation). In that period it occupied 21° or higher from January 1980 to June 1980, then from November 1980 to January 1984, and then from June to November 1984. Therefore, the group having Saturn activate the Neptune key in 2017 are all about 33-37 years old. For these people, Saturn is checking out the reality of the Neptune in Sagittarius agenda they were born with questing after together. It may need restructuring or an assessment and admission of its failings. Multi-culturalism is taking a hit as Saturn moves through this sign partly because the cultural idealism and utopianism of Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius is being shown to have serious flaws. Collective activations are evolutions of human culture and society. To meet this challenge these groups currently need to adopt the rules of Saturn – discipline, order, structure and patience, but above all the correct attitude to failure. A vision is only measurable by how achievable it is, by the knowledge of what must be attained to get there and its consistent application. Failures and setbacks increase the pool of knowledge vastly more than any successes do. Some have been conned by their own optimism and will be let down. There is a powerful difference between encountering defeats and being defeated. These are some of the lessons being taught to this class of people in 2017.

Uranus was in Sagittarius from November 1981 to December 1988. There was a brief period in February and March of 1981 when it was also in Sagittarius, and a period in February to May 1988 when it was in Capricorn instead. It occupied 21° or higher from January to May 1986 and then again from November 1986 to February 1988, and finally from May to December of 1988. So this group are all about 29 – 31 years of age in 2017, and they all have Saturn activating the Uranus key. Much of what I have said in the paragraph above applies here, with the obvious exception of this being a Uranus in Sagittarius tribe with its own agenda that differs from the Neptune in Sagittarius agenda because it is less about vision and overall dream and much more about revolution and overthrow of culturally imposed limitations. This is never one-sided but multi-polar – the Uranus in Sagittarius tribe represents multi-culturalists, the ‘alt-right’, the impact of cyberwarfare on national elections, fake news conspiracy stories and all the other modern memes which connect with freedom of speech, destiny or movement. In a sociological sense what we see here with Uranus and Neptune is that it is a younger group of people (29-31) who feel the impact of 2017 limiting their future freedoms and choices, while there is an older group (33-37) who feel a more elusive tightening around the throat of their visions and their imaginations, the narrative that is part of their life fable. Each group needs to be guided towards a realistic assessment of its agenda and where necessary discipline and long term strategy has to be built in. They may be able to help each other with this if they can also share the pressures and worries they experience in ways that do not cause them to multiply.

Chiron in Sagittarius last occurred starting in January 1999 and ending in December of 2001, occupying 21° or higher from December 2000 to December 2001. These people are all about 16-17 years old in 2017. An older generation exists to guide or instruct them at this time, with Chiron in Sagittarius in November 1948 and leaving it in November 1951. During this period it occupied 21° or higher from March to May 1950, then November 1950 to February 1951, and finally in June to November 1951. These people are all about 66 – 67 in 2017. Each of these groups have Saturn activating the Chiron key in this year. This activation can help reveal the way things really are, but it can also present delays and blocks in healing or spiritual seeking. Saturn medicine is being prescribed for what ails these people in 2017. The path is narrowing in 2017, choices are being squeezed, forcing some of these souls to fear going off the beaten track. Fears of illness or poor health may need to be faced and a patient response to treatment may be required. This is potentially a good influence for instilling any kind of discipline into a spiritual practice, especially a healing practice. The Saturn activation of Chiron in Sagittarius can also bring important lessons or information from mentors, older people or authorities, or the abandonment, failure or completion of a long sought for quest.

Saturn in Sagittarius at 21° or higher in the past 100 years looks like this:

1) March – April 1987, November 1987 – February 1988 and June – November 1988, aged 29 -30 in 2017 (1st Saturn return group)
2) January – July 1958 and October 1958 – January 1959, aged 58-59 in 2017 (2nd Saturn return)
3) December 1928 – March 1929 and May – November 1929, aged 88-89 in 2017 (3rd Saturn return)

These are the groups who are passing through major rites of passage in 2017, with the youngest group stepping firmly into life and readying to take up roles of authority, the middle group approaching the sunset years and relinquishing that authority, and the oldest group reaching an apex of timely experience. A major life cycle is both ending and beginning – even the elders gaze upon a dying of one cycle and a birth of a new cycle of life, in the ultimate sense. How we handle a Saturn return often depends on how gracefully we are ageing, how much acceptance of mortality and getting older we have. It also depends on how well we handle failure, whether we then see ourselves as failures or instead seize upon the opportunity to learn from them. Sagittarius can be very helpful in this respect, but dogma and a stubborn clinging to long cherished but tarnished truths can block its intuition and insight. Saturn return in Sagittarius can also be restrictive, like pinning a wild stallion into an enclosure, and so 2017 may contain experiences of this nature that require a realistic assessment of the limitations we have created through our karmic choices and a patient acceptance of the consequences. By the end of 2017, when Saturn enters Capricorn, this process will be winding down. By that time, the two younger groups should be ready to begin with their long term future plans, and the older ones should have much wisdom to share with them, if they can find a way to pass it on.

Jupiter in Sagittarius at 21° or higher over the last 100 years looks like this:

1) November and December 2007, aged about 10 in 2017
2) November 1995 – January 1996, aged about 21-22 in 2017
3) December 1983 and January 1984, aged about 33-34 in 2017
4) December 1971 – February 1972 and July – September 1972, aged about 45-46 in 2017
5) January – March 1960 and June – October 1960, aged about 57 in 2017
6) January – July 1948 and September – November 1948, aged about 69 in 2017
7) February – May 1936 and October – December 1936, aged about 81 in 2017
8) November and December 1924, aged about 93 in 2017

All of these people have Saturn activating the Jupiter in Sagittarius key in 2017. Jupiter is very strong in Sagittarius, and so the activation by Saturn will be firmly resisted in many cases. In general, this activation presses reality against what we have believed to be true, testing it through compression and limitation. It may be necessary to restructure the overall way of believing in things or belief in specific things, especially if realities argue against it with firm evidence. This can be a powerful activation for setting large scale, long term plans into motion, especially with a collective drive or awareness behind it. Its also an opportunity to firmly grasp the practical applications of spiritual laws. Expansion of any kind by these people in 2017 will be slow and laborious – only the expansion that is truly necessary is being helped by Saturn – a better strategy than seeking expansion with this influence is to plan on needing to be resourceful, to make what you have stretch for longer than expected, and to curb or cut back excessive growth behaviors. This will ultimately lead to the desired expansion. Above all, these individuals and the tribe of Jupiter in Sagittarius as a whole should strive to forge their faith in the crucible of real experience.

AGE GROUPS MENTIONED IN THIS SECTION: 9-13, 10, 16-17, 21-22, 29-30, 29-31, 33-34, 33-37, 45-46, 57, 58-59, 66-67, 69, 81, 88-89, 93. If you have a birthday in 2017 in which you turn this age, there may be something to help you in the above text. 

BIRTHDAYS MENTIONED IN THIS SECTION: December 13th – 23rd (any year). Year of maturation and growing up, with increased responsibilities and pressures shaping the long term future. May need to slow down and act more conservatively and practically. Putting things in place for the long term is the wisest strategy and you may encounter setbacks or authoritarian blocks  but you may also be reaping the seeds of things sewn and labored over for some time. Take the patient path of delayed rewards and persistent endurance and try to cultivate the virtues of Saturn. If your birthday is just before these days you are coming out of similar pressures or a slowdown (and so may able to counsel others going through it) and if your birthday is just ahead the situation is beginning to build up and will affect you more strongly next year or the year after. This is the final group of Sagittarius people to receive activation and the first part of the Saturn in Capricorn groups. All Capricorn people should begin preparing for a similar activation before 2021.



Jupiter changes signs in 2017, moving from Libra to Scorpio in the first half of October, and so we must split its activity into two distinct but connected territories in 2017. Overall, Jupiter moves between 13° of Libra to 16° (almost 17°) of Scorpio. The switch to Jupiter in Scorpio is on October 10th, so in this discussion I am dividing the year into two portions that are separated on that date.

Firstly, the movement of Jupiter in Libra from 13° through to 16° Scorpio means that any keys you have in that area of the zodiac are receiving Jupiter activation in 2017. If the keys are in Libra, activation comes before October 10th, if in Scorpio its after. This means there are large opportunities for expansion in respect of that key at some point in the year. Jupiter activation creates opportunities and makes room in your life in some way, and so expect that to be a major theme at some point in the year for about a month or two (depending on where your key is). For those who have any key in Aries, Cancer or Capricorn at 13° or higher there are warnings about excessive behaviour affecting that key in 2017 sometime prior to October 10th, with overextension leading to rapid exhaustion, too much faith being ill placed or growth challenges emerging when it comes to joining efforts together with others. Jupiter in Libra is advocating co-operation and diplomacy for these people. Similarly, Jupiter in Scorpio from October 10th onward brings challenges for anyone with a key at 0° to 16° of Taurus, Leo or Aquarius. The same warnings about overextension, excessiveness and exaggeration apply here, but there is a much stronger emotional dimension to these challenges. Jupiter in Scorpio is advocating intensity, passion and the desire for emotional communion at a deep level, all of which present challenges for the signs I have mentioned, and they may be resisting these things or going overboard and bloating with them. It also increases the potential stubbornness and possessive behaviour connected with keys in these areas of the zodiac.

On the other hand, anyone with a key at 13° or higher of Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and/or Aquarius is receiving stimulus at some point in 2017 which will help them in the conduction of that key or to expand its potential and opportunities. This will occur at some point prior to October 10th. After October 10th, it is the turn of anyone with a key at 0° to 16° of Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and/or Pisces to receive these gifts. The trines and sextiles provided to these signs by Jupiter at some point in 2017 will often help to “grease the wheels” so that things run more smoothly and progressively in the direction of that key. They can also generate fortune or luck. The only real danger with these trines and sextiles is that we will fail to get the most out of them and will instead just enjoy the benefits. To get the most out of them, we have to follow up the opportunities or invest the growth in ways which cultivate further abundance. In other words, wastefulness and laziness are the main problems.

The observant among you will have noted that for a large portion of the year Jupiter is casting support out to a lot of the Fire and Air of the zodiac, but that after October 10th that will have ceased and the support is instead going to Water and Earth. This shows a shift in the Fluid emphasis provided by Jupiter. Jupiter is basically giving support to Electric activity until October 10th, and then is instead supporting Magnetic activity. It’s also making magical operations connected with the middle and last decan of Libra and the first 2 decans of Scorpio easier to perform. We might say that the spiritual laws of these areas are finding their way into productive form, but much more time and thus emphasis is being given to the Libra decans. The times when Jupiter is in the last decan of Libra are very good for magic and talismans devoted to the equilibrium, while the second decan of Libra is a blessing for negotiations, contracts and agreements between parties (see the excellent “36 Faces” by Austin Coppock).

Jupiter in Libra forms two oppositions with Uranus in Aries (discussed in the section on Uranus), two squares with Pluto in Capricorn (discussed in the section on Pluto), and a sextile with Saturn (discussed in the section on Saturn). This is overall a tricky path, so pay heed to these if working with activations by Jupiter or one of these planets in 2017. Jupiter in Scorpio only makes a trine with Neptune (discussed in the section on Neptune). Throughout 2017 Jupiter does not involve itself much with the lunar cycle. It is in a sextile with the Leo Moon lunar eclipse of February (which is visible across much of the world except Australia and eastern China and takes place on the 10th/11th) and in a square with the Full Moons of January (Cancer Full Moon) and July (Capricorn Full Moon), and these are the closest it comes to major interaction with the lunar cycle. The two squares with the Full Moon should be taken as signs to slow and scale down a bit if working with Jupiter activations at these junctures. The energy generated is high but unwieldy, it requires careful balancing to extract the juice. There is also a danger of oversensitivity and overprotective authoritarianism. Jupiter in Scorpio forms only a trine with Neptune in early December, right at the time the Full Moon in Gemini makes a square with Neptune (see Neptune, earlier). This Full Moon does not interact with Jupiter except through the mutual contact they share with Neptune. It seems be the final act or event before Saturn leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn, too. The start of December is a good time for anyone working at spiritual or psychic growth, but especially if they have a key at or near 11° of any Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) or near 11° of Capricorn (which sextiles both Scorpio and Pisces). Powerful and emotive transformational moments are likely, so open your soul to music or something mystical.

The Sun is annually between Libra 13° and Scorpio 16° between about October 6th – November 8th. So if you are a Libra born after October 6th, or a Scorpio born before November 8th, you will have Jupiter activating the Sun key in 2017. The Librans will have this sometime before October 10th, while the Scorpios after. This is a time to allow greater optimism and faith to guide you, to seek expansion and growth and to make use of the abundance being sent your way.

I will divide the collective astrology of Jupiter in 2017 into the two camps of Jupiter in Libra and Jupiter in Scorpio, and for brevity will focus only on degrees involved rather than signs.

Pluto was at 13° or higher of Libra in the period November 1976 – March 1977, then September 1977 – November 1983, and finally in May – August 1984. These people are all going to be about 33-41 in 2017, and they all have Jupiter activation of a Pluto in Libra key. Justice and social matters will likely concern them, as will sexual and gender equality. The younger group of Pluto in Scorpio people receiving a comparable activation in 2017 are all born between November 1983 and May 1984, or August 1984 – December 1989, or April – October 1990 (when Pluto was between 0° and 16° of Scorpio). Their age group in 2017 is 27-34. This is probably a bigger emotional deal for them than it is for the Jupiter in Libra people, as Scorpio communicates its essential meaning with more intensity than any other sign and Pluto has a deep resonance with Scorpio which empowers the activation further. It’s also more of an erotic stimulus, serving to awaken the sexual morality of the Pluto in Scorpio tribe. By this I do not mean they will become prudish, but instead that they will be growing into what feels right to them. For the Pluto in Scorpio tribe, the arrival of Jupiter is an opportunity to sexually transform themselves on a grand scale. It also promises assistance to all the occultists and magicians among them.

For both groups, Jupiter is focusing on deepening the bonds of experience that tie them together as individuals. This means they are growing into their Pluto agenda, or finding it growing for them in some way. It is a time for them to bring about a greater scale of transformation through their shared Pluto, in their individual ways. They can build up hope and faith in their Pluto in Libra or Scorpio , and it can become a source of optimism and expansion. Each group can also look back to the previous activation of their Pluto key by Jupiter for clues as to its nature – the Pluto in Libra group need to reflect on the period in early and mid 2005 while the Pluto in Scorpio group have everything in 2006 up to September to examine. Look for compulsive experiences and growth in both cases, but especially in relationships for Pluto in Libra and sexual or occult experience for Pluto in Scorpio.

Neptune was at Libra 13° or higher (up to Scorpio 0°) between October 1948 – May 1949, then between August 1949 – December 1955, and finally between March and October of 1956. This group are all about 61-69 in 2017 and they all have Jupiter activating the Neptune in Libra key in 2017, but not after October 10th. This activation mobilises the imagination and compassionate empathy in partnerships, and it can lead to a dreamy and too idealistic attachment to being with someone else, the formation of bonds with gurus or spiritual teachers, prophetic dreams or psychic perception becoming more accurate or grand in scale, visions of the true relationship or the true point of balance between things, powerful evocations and success in seeking the magical equilibrium, among other things. Jupiter is enlarging the scope of the Neptune in Libra agenda and moving among the tribe promoting a hope for justice, harmony and truth.

Neptune was at Scorpio 0° – 16° between December 1955 – March 1956, then from October 1956 – June 1957, then from August 1957 – December 1963, then finally from April – October 1964. This group are all about 53-62 in 2017 and they all have Jupiter activating the Neptune in Scorpio key in 2017, but only after October 10th. This is a powerful psychic activation of this tribe, with those seeking to find deeper truths discovering them everywhere. For this group there is a potent emotional boost blossoming in empathy and an abundant imagination, and many will also feel emboldened to explore the dark corners of their inner caverns. Some of the hidden or not so hidden trapdoors here involve paranoid suspicions, narcotic escape, endless unreachable desire or a saturated addiction factor, meddling spirit entities (wraiths, larvae, succubi and incubi, etc), increased possessiveness over a vision and criminal or deceptive behaviour. By working together this group can expect a major boost to its occult perceptions and psychic powers, complexes related to sexual identity dissolving, hidden themes and stories emerging or new insights into abstract or metaphysical principles.

For both groups, in different ways, Jupiter is expanding awareness of the agenda of their Neptune – the ideal or vision which they are living is getting bigger, more dramatically written, major growth is taking place around it and there is opportunity to more easily expand psychic or spiritual perceptions. The overall danger is that expansion will lead to ‘lift off’ and floating away from the rest of Earth filled with hot air, or in squandering the opportunities. Each group can also look back to the previous activation of their Neptune key by Jupiter for clues as to its nature – the Neptune in Libra group need to reflect on the period of 2005 up to October while the Pluto in Scorpio group have October 2005 – October 2006 to examine. See if you can identify how your Neptune agenda expanded in this period, and look at where it has gone from there. Then try to identify where expansion needs to occur now. Joining together with others going through this activation can help immensely.

Uranus was at Libra 13° or higher (but still in Libra) between December 1970 – February 1971, then again September 1971 – November 1974 and finally between May – September 1975. All these souls are about 42-47 in 2017, and they all have Jupiter activating the Uranus in Libra key. Sometime before October 10th amazing and very likely fortuitous things may be about to happen in the relationships of these people, with the force of Jupiter leading to awakening, renewal and new beginnings. New connections will form, and out of them may come new partners. Co-operative group efforts fall under a lucky star with Jupiter helping to promote the execution of radical changes easily. However, there is a danger of uncontrollable or unpredictable polarisations occurring in multiple forms if communication or diplomacy fails, or if one partnership ends up dominating a group dialogue. Overall, though, this group can look forwards to an exciting time in relating to others, especially if they relate to one another.

Uranus was at Scorpio 0°-16° November 1974 – May 1975, then from September 1975 – November 1978, and for a short while longer in July and August of 1979. This group are between the ages of 38-43 in 2017, and they all have Jupiter activating the Uranus in Scorpio key. This is an opportunity to make breakthroughs in sexual and occult awakening and to generally work together in constructively advancing the agenda of Uranus in Scorpio. Occult groups and complex rituals by this group at this time are especially supported. New insights are coming for this group after October 10th, new projects are going to start unexpectedly and bring about transformations of their social circles. They have an opportunity to gain much greater emotional liberation, but must beware excessive desires, obsessive thinking or being attracted to things which are too far out, since these things can cause them to lose their sense of direction. Overall, Jupiter has some kind of end of year surprise waiting for this group, and they should enjoy it but need to not go overboard or race ahead of themselves.

Chiron was at Libra 13° or higher (but still in Libra) between December 1995 – March 1996, then August – December 1996, and finally April – September 1997. These people are all about 20-22 years old in 2017 and they all have Jupiter activation of a Chiron in Libra key sometime before October 10th. This activation helps to mend or repair wounded or broken relationships and to restore balance where it has been lost. It soothes those who are going through separations but if the pain is acute and needs healing then it sometimes gets stronger or more noticeable before that happens. It can help to lift the tribes nagging sense of loneliness and isolation. In some cases it can bring about a break-up of a partnership (any kind of close partner) which is mutually agreed or handled without bitterness. This activation can also teach people about healing, especially with methods that involve partners or which focus on finding a balance. Some of the tripwires here are blaming everyone but oneself, being so hurt you decide you are better off going it totally alone, focusing on a grand quest that can only lead to deflation, being hurt by ones own empathy for another person, feeling guilty because we cant do enough to help someone else or falling into the habit of sympathetically detecting a persons opinion and then unconsciously adopting a contrary-position that antagonizes or stirs up hurt.

Chiron was at Scorpio 0°-16° December 1996 – April 1997, September 1997 – January 1998 and April – September 1998. This group are all about 19-21 years old in 2017, and they all have Jupiter activation of a Chiron in Scorpio key sometime after October 10th. This is again a powerful activation for penetrating the occult mysteries, but also for detective work in which various puzzle pieces have to fit together. Sexual hangups can be resolved and eroticism can become more healing. Jupiter is beginning to boost up the healing potential of these people again (it does so once every 11 or 12 years) and they may find themselves aroused emotionally upon a certain quest or in the course of spiritual initiation. The healing power of depth and passion are stirring in this tribe at the end of 2017. They must be aware of the potential for emotional pain to increase as part of this, or at least sensitivity to it. Those among them inclined to probe the mysteries of the afterlife and the death process will also find powerful factors at work. Overall this group are being emotionally initiated into deeper levels in late 2017.

Saturn was at Libra 13° or higher (but still in Libra) on the following three occasions:

1) November 2010 – April 2011 and then August 2011 – October 2012. This group are about 5-7 years of age in 2017.
2) October 1981 – November 1982 and May – August 1983. This group are about 34-36 years of age in 2017.
3) December 1951 – March 1952 and August 1952 – October 1953. This group are about 64-66 years of age in 2017.

Each of these people has Jupiter activating a Saturn in Libra key before October 10th in 2017. The two older groups will already have experienced a similar activation about 11 to 12 years ago, and 11 to 12 years before that going back to their birth. The youngest generation is having its first Jupiter activation of this key. The two older generations may therefore have something to share with the younger generation at this time. This is a strong activation for relationships and the karma of relationships, a major focus of this tribe. The activation by Jupiter helps to loosen some of the rules of relationships that usually guide them and can bring a rapid maturation of relating tactics and knowledge. In the younger generation there may also be more opportunities to mature in their understanding, especially of adult relationships. Patient diplomacy prevails and is luckier for these people in 2017, but only before October 10th.

Saturn was at Scorpio 0° – 16° on the following past occasions:

1) October 2012 – November 2013 and June – August of 2014. These souls are going to be 3-5 years old in 2017.
2) November 1982 – May 1983 and August 1983 – October 1984. They are going to be 33-35 years old in 2017.
3) October 1953 – December 1954 and May – September 1955. This group are all about 62-64 in 2017.

All of these people have Jupiter activating the Saturn in Scorpio key sometime after October 10th of 2017. A common manifestation of this activation is that gloom will lift in some significant way – this tribe is prone to pessimism and looking on the bleak side, and this activation provides a remedy or antidote to that tendency. The tribe can rediscover its sense of humour or hope and employ this to lessen the restrictive influence of Saturn in their lives. A great deal of wisdom and insight is also available to these people at the end of the year, and those who have been working persistently and with discipline as well as emotional commitment will be amply rewarded. However, it can also deepen dark moods if inner feelings have been suppressed. The interplay of Jupiter and Saturn always helps us to understand and comprehend the natural laws at work in existence and in our lives, and Scorpio channels this directly into occult and sexual power and secrets. Mishandling this activation leads to a dramatic scaling up or increase in the emotions which bring about depression and a pessimistic outlook. In joining together this group of people can find extreme persistence and determination at hand and these strengths are easily drawn upon. The older generations in the list can have extremely important experiences to pass on to the younger ones.

Jupiter was at Libra 13° or higher (but still in Libra) on the following occasions:

1) December 2004 – April 2005, then August – October 2005. This group are between 12- 13 years old in 2017. This represents the astonishing growth of puberty.
2) December 1992 – March 1993, then August – November 1993. This group are between 24-25 years old in 2017. This represents being in physical prime.
3) September – November 1981. This group are all turning aged 36 in 2017. This represents being in adult prime.
4) September – December 1969, then April – August 1970. These people are between 47 – 48 years old in 2017. This represents mature adulthood.
5) October 1957 – January 1958, then March – September 1958. They are about 59 – 60 years old in 2017. This represents life maturity (it coincides with the second Saturn return).
6) October 1945 – September 1946. This group turn 71 – 72 years of age in 2017. It represents life wisdom.
7) November 1933 – October 1934. They are between 83 – 84 years of age in 2017. This stage represents elder wisdom (it coincides with the Uranus return).

This group all have a Jupiter return in 2017 before October 10th, and each has the overall theme identified above because they are initiatory stages of every life. Puberty is only the most obvious and uncontrolled – all of these stages are a kind of puberty (a major growth period) for that part of life. In fact, many issues generated in puberty but left over reassert themselves and we grow out of them. Older generations can always help younger ones, and this may be an important key to our societal handling of puberty as well as the other stages of life we pass through under Jupiter’s watch. Jupiter increases opportunity through combination and so if these people can get together and combine their efforts in 2017 there is much more they become capable of, but a Jupiter in Libra return often focuses on relating to others, co-operating, joining with those of like mind and having faith that disagreements can be negotiated. These qualities become luckier and more abundant for this group up to October 10th. However, indecision and moral choices may multiply and these are Jupiter’s way of guiding growth in an appropriate direction.

Jupiter was at Scorpio 0° -16° on the following occasions:

1) October 2005 – January 2006, then April – September 2006. This group are between 11 – 12 years old in 2017. This represents the astonishing growth of puberty.
2) November 1993 – October 1994. They are between 23-24 years old in 2017. This represents being in physical prime.
3) November 1981 – October 1982. This group are all aged 35-36 in 2017. This represents being in adult prime.
4) August – November 1970. These souls are about 47 years old in 2017. This represents mature adulthood.
5) September – November 1958. They are about 59 years old in 2017. This represents life maturity (it coincides with the second Saturn return).
6) September – December 1946. This group turn about 71 years of age in 2017. It represents life wisdom.
7) October 1934 – January 1935, then May – August 1935. This group are 82 – 83 years of age in 2017. This stage represents elder wisdom (it coincides with the Uranus return).

This group all have a Jupiter return after October 10th. The same advice given to Jupiter in Libra applies here, but instead the focus is on sexuality much more than on relating, with emotional power also featuring heavily. This is a very different kind of rite of passage into puberty, with intensity and passion where there was detachment and judgement from Libra. Occult practitioners in this group will find much to be thankful for in the last part of the year, and if conductions of the Jupiter key are made at this time or leading into it they can produce near miraculous results in this area. Deeper and broader insights are storing up as the year progresses. What is important though is to embrace all the opportunities to grow that this time brings, especially astrally and/or emotionally. Complex and messy personal situations may arise to stimulate growth in these areas, but its more likely you have luck in these cases. Expect a multitude of secrets and more abundance psychically, astrally and/or physically as the return draws near.

AGE GROUPS MENTIONED IN THIS SECTION: 3-5, 5-7, 11-12, 12-13, 19-21, 20-22, 23-24, 24-25, 27-34, 33-35, 33-41, 34-36,  35-36, 36, 38-43, 42-47, 47, 47-48, 53-62, 59, 59-60, 61-69, 62-64, 64-66, 71, 71-72, 82-83, 83-84. If you have a birthday in 2017 in which you turn this age, there may be something to help you in the above text. 

BIRTHDAYS MENTIONED IN THIS SECTION:  (October 6th – November 8th, any year). Year of major growth and expansion with potential for a run of good luck. If you are Libran then expect this before October 10th, if Scorpio look forward to it after October 10th. Librans find relationships going better than the norm and Scorpios find their instincts and emotional perceptions to be more broadly insightful. Be careful of wastefulness, overoptimism, hot air, dogmatic beliefs and over-extension. Try to cultivate positive receptivity to new opportunities and to be a source of hope and good faith for those around you. Be generous and share the abundance in your life. If you are a Scorpio born after November 8th then 2018 is the year in which this will happen and if you are a Libran born before October 6th then 2016 has been the year in which this growth occurred.

That’s it for me on 2017, and also it for me in 2016. I hope you have enjoyed the journeys I have shared this year and will continue to next year, loving blessings and peace be upon you all, and thank you for your time and support.

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