Transition to a new schedule

Greetings! This is a short post to let you all know that this journal is moving to an exciting new schedule.



From 2013 I have posted monthly or twice monthly, providing long in-depth articles that break the usual format as far as blogs go. The extensive archive is free to all and continues to grow. This will continue as long as I am able to do so (some months may be missed as my busy but fluid schedule demands, but this has always been the case). This will always be the place you can come to for a more substantial and time consuming read. 

What I am announcing today is an addition to this. Beginning soon, I will be making shorter posts for which patrons will not be charged. These posts will contain information about the astrological influences that are occuring in the present and will be tailored to be useful to people practising the astrological magic of The 26 Keys. Each week I will present information about a particular current influence and its relevance to people working from my book. The topics will be varied and the format will evolve from its initial shape as I learn what is working for myself and practitioners. 

In addition to this, everyone who is a Patron of this site contributing at least 1 dollar to it per month will receive additional benefits. The first of these is a free service supplying them with Magnetic conduction reports. Patrons have to write privately to request this when they want the data, and I will provide one entire year of this information in a report. Patrons can also request me to check the information about an activation they are working with to verify that it is accurate, for example to check that the dates are correct or to verify the length of time of the window of opportunity. Other benefits may be introduced later, including an exclusive newsletter with forecasting and discussion. 

I am also considering the question of allowing advertising here. Until now I have resisted, but the cost in time involved in this new schedule makes it more practical to do so now. I will give this matter further thought as I move forwards. 

If you have any constructive comments about all of these changes, please make a comment below, and thanks for your support and interest! 

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