Rising Signs II

Greetings, and welcome back to Journeys! This month I give you the second part of my 24,000 words on the ascendant or rising sign. This month I cover Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces rising. Please join in the conversation in the comments for either post and if you would like to help contribute to the contination of this site please visit us at Patreon to make a pledge. 



Embodiment: This is probably the most likable ascendant, with other people finding Libra rising to be agreeable and pleasant to be around. Traditionally it is suggested that Libra rising confers great beauty to the body and the face and there is some truth in this with the people who possess it having a classic form of beauty that most people recognise. Partly this comes from the rulership by the planet Venus, but Libra is inherently sweet, comely and well composed and this expresses itself in the appearance and embodiment when Libra is rising. It tends towards fair hair and light-coloured eyes, strong bone structure in the face, a healthier and more beautiful quality to the skin, a rounded and cute rather than pointed nose and ears, there are well proportioned lips and the body is often similarly well proportioned and lacking in scars. Dimples and beauty spots are common, as are sweet names like “Venus” and “Love” (the way our name works as an initial impression relates it to the ascendant, yet what is shown is not the name itself but more our relationship to it). Curves and roundedness can also show themselves in the buttocks, belly and hips, with Libra rising being fond of indulging in sweet vices like sugary treats. The gait or bodily movement of Libra rising is graceful and holds itself with poise and dignity (like its sextile partner Leo) and is often upright and erect (like its other sextile partner Sagittarius). These people do not hurry or act clumsily very often, since they are quite sensitive to being seen in these flustered states and are generally calm and collected, highly composed individuals.

Tired, old worn out clothing with holes and messy stains or loose threads are rarely kept for very long by this rising sign unless it has a strong sentimental attachment. Damage to the face or appearance can have extreme psychological impact upon their identity. More than any other sign I think Libra rising has an innate sense of style which is part of its endearment and identity, and so it often has an extensive wardrobe and impeccable taste. Libra rising dresses to please without being coarse or exhibitionist, how it presents itself is extremely important in its efforts to interact with other people personally and it also possesses an innate ability in flirtation, so it’s outfit is a carefully constructed balance between attracting attention and maintaining dignity. You will very rarely see these people as they appear first thing in the morning, with an un-brushed hairdo and no makeup. If you do it is a sign of extreme trust, probably love. Jewellery is often evident, especially earrings (which come in pairs like the scales) but it is always to accentuate or provide balance to the choice of clothing, never to completely distract attention from it.

The colours that Libra rising resonates with are often strongly influenced by whatever sign natal Venus is in but in general they are subtle and not excessive in hue, like pastels, they are soft and pale in nature like peach, lavender, pink, cream or pale blues and greens. Small, sparkling things are adored. The aura also follows suit with Libra rising sparkling but expressing itself subtly and gently and seeking to equilibrate and balance itself with its surroundings by taking upon itself some of that colouring and flavour. Thus it will behave and appear very differently at a rave party than it does in the supermarket or at the office. Frequently it can be perceived to have a connecting tether or bond to a nearby partners aura, alongside which it shifts like a reflective mirror. This is why breaking up is very hard for them. 

Traits: The demeanor or outer form of the identity, the interaction with the present moment, is undertaken in the guise of a peacemaker and diplomat, a negotiator, co-operator and truce caller, with traits others label as creative, attractive, handsome/beautiful, artistic, aesthetic, calm, charming, civil, polite, tactful, graceful, inoffensive, gifted with finesse, equal-handed, moderate, fair, unbiased, temperate, pleasant, kind, considerate, receptive and gentle. Libra rising can also strike people as aloof (like all Air signs) as well as terminally indecisive, fence-sitting, co-dependent, judgmental (a thing is good or bad according to how it weighs up on the scales), inconstant, flirtatious, easy to flatter, lazy, de-motivated, cowardly, spineless, polarizing, vain, overly analytical, indirect, superficially harmonious, ambiguous, gullible, false, adept at persuading other people to do and give whatever it wants, morally shallow, easily distracted, in denial and in the way of closure, resentful and overindulgent in the things that sweeten life. Yet it must always be remembered that the ascendant is only a superficial representation of identity which we use to safely interact with the world, it does not necessarily display any deep character traits. Scratch the surface of the rising sign and the sign of its planetary ruler bleeds through first, followed by its Sun sign and Moon sign. These deeper traits can be completely at odds with the rising sign. People are strange, as they say. This is important information for Libra rising, as it often ‘hovers’ over the superficial layers of things and so misses the deeper motivations of the people it naturally has to partner with.

Libra maintains composure in us. Wherever it falls in a chart there is a greater spirit of compromise, tact, poise, serenity and equanimity, but the problems arise from taking too Airy an attitude and not paying enough heed to the whispering song of Venus in the wind – the feelings. In the case of a rising sign this colours life and identity generally and connects these issues to the condition of the body and its health. This is why Libra rising feels sick when there is little peace and tranquility to be found, when things are in turmoil and people are arguing. It needs to learn when and how to quit the scene and wander away to a quiet spot instead of lingering to try to smooth things over. In that quiet place the feelings can return to calm and then the Libra rising people can return to negotiate a truce. If this is not practiced during extended periods of conflict the physical body eventually grows weak and unwell. Libra rising can also recharge its batteries in places where the wind is light and breezy, at bridges over water, in art museums and theatres and other Libra themed locations.

Under this rising sign one to one relationships become a direct experience (Aries on 7th) through which we will make adjustments to our identity, which will naturally seek to tactfully adapt itself to a complementary and harmonious position with respect to another person. Libra rising become aware of who it is through the interaction it experiences with other people, who tend to directly reflect their own identity back to them and clarify or alter it in the process. Gently, like a soft breeze, the identify shifts its point of reference from one person to another, which leads to a sense that nobody really knows the Libra rising person for who they are, because they don’t themselves. Granted this is partly human nature, with each of us taking on various roles for different people, but in Libra ascendant charts the theme is being written large and characterised so that human nature can actually perceive it. Who they are can become a creative and artistic process determined by the person they are presently with. Libra rising turns life into art, which is different to a performance (Leo rising).

The Libra time of year (late September to late October) becomes a period in which new beginnings can be launched with the Suns support, especially during the New Moon of this month. This can be an especially important time of year for these people to change their appearance or take stock of the status of their relationships and how they are affecting their health and identity. This can be an important part of the year for maintaining their equilibrium, magical or otherwise, for during these times the magic of the Libran spirit can light them up, illuminating how to live in harmony with other beings. Truth – that most delicate but permanent of things – flutters its wings in their hearts, and so the acuity of judgment is heightened. Like the master of balancing it is, Libra rising can navigate through almost any personal or karmic entanglement this way.

Difference to Sun or Moon sign: Libra rising is less indecisive and troubled by its choices than Libra Sun, but has less of a fix on its identity when apart from others and is not as inclined to be truthful. Libra Moon is more artistic and sensitive to what people feel, but not as composed or calm as Libra rising. Libra rising can also mitigate its own indecisiveness through tactical partnering with an Aries type of person, whereas Sun and Moon in Libra do not necessarily have that option.

Rulership placing: The placement of Venus in the chart creates an emotional relationship between two groups of things – the matters of the temple and sign of Venus and our ability to express our identity, health and appearance (1st temple). Venus in Aries often attracts devils advocates and partners who we can spar or debate with, either at work or in more intimate relationships. Venus in Cancer and Capricorn creates emotional complications for the identity which are connected to showing the feelings too much or too little, though Venus in Cancer (too much feeling) generally gets it easier because of exaltation of the chart ruler. Venus in Leo and Sagittarius both bring a more extroverted and outgoing creative (flirtatious) expression of Libra rising while Gemini and Aquarius lead it into ideologies and social interaction.

Faces: Richard Chamberlain (actor), Camille Paglia (writer), Noel Coward (playwright), Antonin Artaud (playwright, director), Olivia Newton John (singer), Catherine Deneuve (actress), James Spader (actor), Bill Clinton (president), Cary Grant (actor), Venus Williams (Tennis player), David Bowie (musician, and look close into the eyes, at the colours), David Icke (author, speaker), Harrison Ford (actor), Denzel Washington (actor), James Garner (actor), Nancy Reagan (First Lady), Leonardo DiCaprio (actor), Robert Redford (actor), Richard Chamberlain (actor), Warren Beatty (actor), Tom Welling (actor), Sidney Poitier (actor), Rock Hudson (actor) and Ted Danson (actor).



Embodiment: Scorpio rising confers an appearance that is a complex blend of dark mystery, intensity, threat or danger, and sexiness. The hair and/or eyes are usually dark with the hair sometimes having natural red highlights under sunlight. The eyes and/or voice are typically penetrating and intense and can be uncomfortable or withering for others (see Clint Eastwood in ‘Dirty Harry’ delivering the line “Go ahead, make my day”). The nose is often prominent, tending to be longer, sharper and more hooked like an eagles beak. Unless other factors dominate the face is usually gaunt with high cheekbones, helping to accentuate the eyes as conveyors of feeling. In men the beard is thick and concealing when grown in and there is more body hair. The eyebrows in both genders are strong and also thick. The body language of this ascendant is carefully monitored for signals that it does not want to give away and so the person is often reserved and silent, clinging to shadows and background. For this reason sunglasses, longer hair, hats, caps and hoods are popular choices. Tattoos seem to also be popular, especially in some of the more private and hidden areas of the body. In terms of its gait or bodily movement it is generally more cautious and conserving of energy. Scorpio rising is sexual and sensual, or expressing something emotional that impacts other people, often with the Scorpio rising person being unaware of the intensity of this phenomena. The things these people wear tend to have a deep hidden meaning to them, including items like jewellery and make up.

The aura is likewise unusually intense and emotionally charged although again the Scorpio rising person is often largely or somewhat unaware of the effect it has. The presence of these people arouses strong and deep emotional responses in others without anyone being aware of the source. When they set themselves firmly to a given course they can be frightening, ruthless even, and this is sensed and causes mysterious commotions. This rising sign attracts emotional complication in many ways. Similar to Aries rising it thrives on crisis situations and really shines when placed in the middle of an emergency. It tends to appear stronger in black and/or red but is also drawn to purples (see Prince). The wardrobe is often designed with the philosophy of dressing to strongly impress and will convey both power and sexuality.

Traits: Scorpio is an occult sign keen on penetrating The Mystery, and thus it is often the case that Scorpio rising will lead to an interest in the occult, in detection and mysteries in general and the hidden motives of others. As a rising sign it is seen by others in its worst light as suspicious, violent, cruel, sharp tongued, jealous, lustful, manipulative, vengeful and proud, but it is also perceived as being obviously insightful, deep, passionate, loyal, persistent, magical, intense, sexually magnetic, strong willed and mysteriously powerful in countenance. Life through Scorpio rising is viewed as a battle in which triumph and defeat often feature, a life or death struggle to overcome some force of darkness and unleash hidden reserves of power felt stirring deep within.

Life then is viewed as a battle for survival in which triumph and defeat often feature as absolutes and the will to power is often perceived as the key to mastery. Intensity, secrecy and passion are the key modes of the identity in action and expression. These people become resourceful and insightful due to their dramatic experiences. They see or sense hidden forces at work in every moment but may not be able to name or understand them. They project focused energy and willpower and are inclined to be interested in dangerous or taboo activities. Those who question their loyalty or integrity or hurt their feelings are generally warned once and then stung as soon as they repeat the offense. Occasionally when existence is really threatened the tail will strike randomly or at everyone. Once set on a course it is almost impossible to stand in the way of this sign or dissuade it from its path – indeed it can be dangerous to do so. The turbulent emotional vortex within Scorpio is of necessity tightly controlled, but once unleashed it can know no half measures. Do it or die trying is a Scorpio rising truism.

Many of the disruptions to the health and vitality of the body will be of a Mars nature which include abrasions, cuts, painful blockages, inflammations, ruptures and ulcers, and thus there should be plenty of clean fresh water taken in and the emotions must be kept crystal clear and gently flowing to build the vitality. This rising sign also warns about the possible danger of bites, stings and other poisonous attacks so any potential encounters with venomous or poisonous creatures of any kind should be considered extra carefully.

This rising sign is retentive both in terms of its emotional memory and its motivations and secrets. The emotional retention can manifest as holding grudges and seeking vengeance or as a clear memory of past events because they have been recorded in the emotional body. Scorpio rising is as secretive with true feelings as it can be, so it is not often understood by others just what deep and intense emotions often lie below the surface of the cool, in control, Scorpio exterior – except perhaps to another person tuned into Scorpio. There is more than enough complexity in life for them, so they are magnetically attracted to simpler, more down to earth people (Taurus on 7th). Loyalty will be a cornerstone of any lasting relationship, with Scorpio rising knowing what and who it would lay its own life down for, and being truly ready to do it if ever necessary. A lot of Scorpio rising may actually stem from a traumatic birth experience. 

The Scorpio rising person draws vital renewing energy from the presence of deep and oceanic forces such as caves and seas, wells, fountains, geysers, waterfalls, deep voids of outer space and other places where the force of water can be seen and felt to intensely purge or flense away, or from any experience which feeds the passions and intensity of the emotional self. When ill or lacking in vital energy it could visit or meditate on connecting with these places and enjoying the spirit of them. During the Scorpio time of year (from late October to late November) they can experience profound transformations which set them on a new course in life, often as a result of coming into contact with deep feelings that have remained hidden or obscure, or an occult or deeply private experience. The Scorpio Moon time of month increases this potential during the Scorpio time of year, but at other times tends to lead to a deep withdrawal from life so that inner reflection can take place leading to a fresh start of some kind.

The essential drive of Scorpio rising is to move through the present moment discovering what makes you different from other people with a sharks unerring sense for blood, seeking what your distinction is and how you can more intensely express this individuality with feeling, a process which is like an unshackling, a release from bondage. Scorpio rising should learn to focus in the present on observing what it is feeling on as deep a level as it can penetrate to and then seek to bring this individual feeling up and out into the world where it can be profoundly insightful, transformative and empowering. It is about training yourself to dwell on the deeper implications of what is happening around you now and diving within to return to the surface world the sunken treasure that is revealed. Ultimately, it seeks to strip the mystery of life experience and identity completely naked, both for itself and others.

Difference to Sun or Moon sign: Scorpio Sun has more willpower and focus and its identity is more deeply and securely rooted, resulting in greater magnetism. However Scorpio rising is less obsessive and power hungry and better at hiding itself or masking its inner nature. Scorpio Moon attracts more suspicion and projection of others darkness while being more insightful and mysterious than Scorpio rising, while Scorpio rising is more emotionally at ease with itself, less secretive and manipulative and more inclined to show its sexuality and deeper feelings to the world.

Rulership placing: The placement of Mars and potentially Pluto can modify all of the above. The positioning of Mars in signs and houses will show where the Scorpio rising person has the greatest drive and channels most of their willpower, while Pluto will reveal more of where they encounter transformation and occult mystery. Mars in Aries will make for a very strong willed person who is more direct and blunt, possibly rude, and is drawn to stressful encounters. Mars in Scorpio, especially when placed near the ascendant or in the 1st temple, increases the libido and everything sexual about the sign (especially for those who identify with the masculine gender) but also heightens the desire for power, control and occult activity. Mars in either Leo or Aquarius also increases the combative nature, especially if the birth is during the day and Mars is in Leo above the horizon. Mars in Cancer or Pisces helps to soften the penetrating power by introducing greater empathy but Mars in Cancer has trouble expressing itself. Mars in either Virgo or Capricorn, with Capricorn being the better placement, produce the easiest expression of Scorpio rising because they temper the emotional intensity with either logic or long-term planning. Mars in Taurus however tends to create stubborn, slow burning combative situations in the workplace or in personal relationships, mostly as a means to hone willpower and endurance.

Concerning the placement of Pluto in the chart this planet is very slow moving and so it will be in the same sign for several years and so be in the same sign for tens or hundreds of millions of people born with Scorpio rising at a time. This also means that it will be in the same temples, with a variation of only two or three possibilities depending upon the house system being used. I will say more on this in the section on Capricorn rising. For now it’s only important to point out that some people with Scorpio rising will identify more with Pluto than with Mars, but among those people there will be much less major variation in the expression of the basic ascendant qualities.

Faces: Marcel Duchamp (artist), Henri Toulouse-Lautrec (artist), Eva Braun (wife of Hitler), Mata Hari (spy), Christian Dior (designer), Gianni Versace (designer), Gore Vidal (author), Michel Foucault (philosopher), George Eliot (author), Victor Hugo (writer), Graham Greene (author), Hermann Goering (politician, Nazi), Aretha Franklin (singer), Diana Ross (singer), Prince (performer, musician), Edith Piaf (performer), Sigmund Freud (psychologist), Clint Eastwood (actor, politician), Humphry Davy (chemist), River Phoenix (actor), Louis Braille (inventor) and Margaret Thatcher (politician).



Embodiment: Bodily the sign Sagittarius rising tends to make us taller and thinner with longer legs and arms, it forms a narrower and longer face shape (especially around the nose, chin and cheeks) with a twinkle in the eyes that shows enthusiasm and sense of humour. There is also a rounder, more jolly form that it can take, but it seems less common. The forehead is higher than is the norm. The hair colouring often has tinges of orange or red whether it is dark or light and the eyelashes are often large and curled, as with Taurus rising. The body is often lithe and athletic but if too much indulgence is allowed it quickly gains weight which the rising sign lacks the proper discipline to shift. Many of the women like to colour their nails, both on their hands and on their feet. Complexion and skin tone can be tanned, flushed or rosy cheeked. Body language can be pushy and restless – this is an armed centaur, you do not stand directly in its path – but is generally broad and expansive and conveys positivity and exuberance. This rising sign often has no qualms about showing off lots of flesh. The sign is not typically shy of semi or full nudity and the more adventurous centaur also often loves to do things that show off its legs and thighs.

The wardrobe is similarly adventurous and positive. Sagittarius can often add spice to its appearance with something exotic or of a foreign culture, such as Indian jewellery for a New Yorker or day-glo trainers on the feet of an Imam. In fact the entire style of dress may evoke either a gypsy or traveler look or something from another country and culture. Religious or spiritual symbols of faith are often present in the appearance. Another possibility is an athletic look, with great attention being given to muscular definition and tone. The colours of Sagittarius are vivid and bright, they energise and warm the eye, and there is a special affinity for dramatic and colourful use of red, orange, yellow, blue and purple.

The aura of these people is likewise exuberant and can stimulate a comfortable sense of inhabiting the body and being present in the moment, moving with it, a sense that can make us “glow with health” to observers and which can also impact our environment by warming it up and injecting it with expansive aims and idealism. There is a strong quality of faith and aspiration driving the radiation of our energies which gives them momentum and power. Additionally there is a strong resonance with honesty and truthfulness which others can sense almost immediately. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the person themselves will be honest and truthful, it just means that they strike other people that way on first impression. However, it does mean that a lack of honesty and truthfulness will result in poor health for the Sagittarius rising person because these qualities are things which it needs.

Traits: Sagittarius rising strikes other people as being inspiring, funny, gregarious, adventurous, forthright, earnest, optimistic, generous, uplifting, motivating, bold in spirit and outgoing or outdoorsy. When it rubs people the wrong way they describe it as tactless, blunt, promiscuous, inconstant, unreliable, flaky, idealistic, rootless, insensitive, feckless, a reckless gambler and greedy.

The Sagittarius rising person tends to be distracted from living in the now by the beckoning horizon of the future. They can fixate on a future destination and become restless in their desire to be on the way there. When events stimulate this, such as when a new direction in life becomes apparent, the Sagittarius influence can become very restless and lose its focus on the immediate needs of the moment. Idealism can cloud clear judgment as the archer becomes fixated on the target and loses sight of the arrow. For example, in creating a work of art, an emphasis on the outcome – the reaction of the perceiver or the form of the end result – can interfere with the art of making art itself. The refocusing of attention on the moment – on the act of creation – brings back all this emphasis on the outcome as intuitive and psychic guidance in the creative process. The centaur wanders far and wide and reaches its destination by generally moving in a straight line towards it at great speed, but must learn that it is the journey and not the destination that counts.

However the destination is also important, or at least a destination. At some point the archer has to focus their vision upon something and aim for it to the exclusion of other targets. Sagittarius rising generally means that this situation revolves around the question of identity, so that the Sagittarius rising person is on some kind of quest in life to discover who they are or at least expresses that aspiration in some way. Until that time they generally tend to shift their identity both to themselves and others in a restless way that can be difficult to keep up with. They become quite unsettled by the fact that there seems to be no perpetual truth to their identity, nothing they can claim as their own, and so they set off over the horizon of the world seeking it. These twin areas of identity and truth are almost magically entwined for Sagittarius rising, and resolving one typically resolves the other at the same time. For this reason, they often attach their identities to universal models of meaning like religions or philosophies, but only once they have found a model that can stretch and adapt with their flexible quest for truth and inspiration. When the model of reality adopted ceases to do so the identity is threatened and has to change, which often means setting off on the literal and/or metaphorical road again to seek a new and better vision of the world. Sagittarius rising can go through entire lifestyles like other people go through wardrobes.

The task for Sagittarius rising is to learn how to realistically project the aspirations and need to identify truth as parts of the conscious identify and as traits that others can recognise and identify us with. These people probably need to learn some difficult lessons in life about what is achievable and pragmatic in relation to what they believe and they need to move away from generalities to more concrete and workable specifics. Despite its humorous and often comical attitude to life there is a deep sensitivity and compassion to this rising sign, and there are some matters it takes extremely seriously. Foremost among these is being true to oneself, but equally important is some kind of moral compass which points in the general direction of truth in each and every present moment that passes. Sagittarius is very much concerned with right behaviour and so when it rises the identity is constructed around ethics and morals.

The Sagittarius time of year (late November to late December) is the optimal time for these people to initiate new beginnings, take stock of the path they are on and what it means, or to make resolutions to change patterns in their lives. During these times they can have strong hunches and intuitions about truths relating to the things they are pursuing. The time in which the Moon is in Sagittarius every month but especially in the Sagittarius time of year is also the time for them to reflect inwardly on the nature of their identity and the course they are on and how the two are related together.

Difference to Sun or Moon sign: Sagittarius Sun is more committed to truth and to staying focused on its targets while Sagittarius rising is more active, swift and mobile, and often more travelled. Sagittarius Moon is more humorous and light-hearted in its approach to life while being comparatively less adventurous and exuberant than Sagittarius rising. Sagittarius rising is also more inquisitive of what others think and is more flexible in general than both Sagittarius Sun and Moon while being more direct and to the point.

Rulership placing: Placement of Jupiter in the chart will strongly modify expression of the Sagittarius rising qualities mentioned above, including the physical appearance. Jupiter in Sagittarius with Sagittarius rising possesses enormous energy and positivity but runs the risk of being unable to accept failure or disappointment in itself. It will deny failure even when it is obvious to see, like a pollyanna. Jupiter in one of the other two Fire signs (Aries and Leo) brings enormous self-confidence and the ability to attract good fortune by navigating to the place where fortune lands ahead of everyone else. However this combination lacks humility and inflates the ego. Jupiter in either Virgo or Pisces leads to overindulgence in something and a need to curb exaggeration but can also bring both logic and empathy to the philosophical side of Sagittarius, with Jupiter in Pisces being especially strong at stimulating compassion. Jupiter in Gemini often creates a “gasbag”, a person who can’t stop talking about numerous things and it also increases the overall restlessness of Sagittarius rising to the point where it becomes a chronic problem, especially in relationships or the workplace (depending upon whether Jupiter is in the 6th or the 7th temple). However the enormous curiosity and inquisitiveness of this combination often unlocks many doors. Jupiter in either Libra or Aquarius can cool things off so that the Sagittarius rising person can act In a more detached way, and both signs increase the sociable qualities and imply a more flirtatious expression of the ascendant.

Faces: Michelangelo (artist), Freddy Mercury (singer), Jimi Hendrix (musician), Princess Diana (royal), Tom Waits (musician), Ted Turner (businessman), Leonardo de Vinci (artist), Samuel Adams (politician), Hans Christian Anderson (storyteller), Isambard Kingdom Brunel (engineer), Cheiro (William John Warner, occultist), Sylvester Stallone (actor), Coco Chanel (designer), Eleanor Roosevelt (first lady), Don Ameche (actor), Marlon Brando (actor), Shirley Temple Black (actress, singer, dancer) James Dean (actor), Brigitte Bardot (actress, animal-rights activist), Elvis Presley (musician), Bob Dylan (musician), Danny DeVito (actor), Jodie Foster (actress) and Nicholas Cage (actor).

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Embodiment: Capricorn rising gives more pale or gaunt features, a more defined bone structure and an air of maturity. It tends to be sluggish and the paleness and cold of the body increases, but the preservative power of this sign keeps skin young and hair colour looking strong way beyond the usual expiry dates. The eyes of Capricorn rising are typically shrewd, dark and not bright in colour, they remain distant or unmoved and display little of any emotion that is felt, and they often have more prominent eyebrows. The light of humour in the eyes is wise, cynical and astute. The hair is typically dark and curly or wavy rather than straight but also sometimes lanky and a bit lifeless. The chin tends to be narrow, the cheekbones strong and the body as a whole and especially the face can appear to be those of someone who is older or more mature, especially when the person is young, and then the slower aging mentioned above makes them seem younger than they truly are as time goes by. There is a hint of wizened, dry Saturnine humour in this making fun of our perception of time.

If they are thin and bony these people can appear fragile but don’t mistake their lack of physical muscles for lack of stamina, these people can be surprisingly tough and able to rough it up. This is one of the most enduring rising signs, a true survivor, and there is an extremely powerful but understated sex appeal that comes with it. The body language will be conservative and disciplined, often polite and managerial and the expression will rarely waver from sobriety and seriousness. They do not like to be rushed and so their gait is slow and measured, their dancing and expression through movement carefully managed. They feel more powerful when dressed in uniform or in some kind of attire that clearly defines their role and authority and are one of the rising signs that like to dress up in suits and ties and more formal attire. Earthy browns, black and muted understated colours and patterns are usually their preferred kind of clothing, and if jewellery or other adornments are worn they are kept to a minimum of one or two impressive items like a watch or an elegant brooch. Less is more in the eyes of Capricorn rising, both in terms of more impact and more saved away for later.

The aura of Capricorn rising is less radiant and more conservative of its energies than is the norm and additionally less reactive with respect to the environment – it is inherently more stable as a structure. It reaches out to people in a supportive way offering stability to chaotic situations and impresses people with its responsibility, sense of duty, ability to direct from a position of authority and its discipline. The initial impression it makes is one of dependability and predictability, a lack of emotional conflict and a strong streak of ambition, but with melancholy and a heavy kind of seriousness.

Traits: Strict, disciplined, ambitious and austere do not sound like pleasant qualities but in the right situation it can be just what you need and Capricorn rising has them at hand the moment they are called for. On its more positive side it strikes people as reliable, competent at managerial tasks, down-to-earth, resourceful, practical, sober, sensible, self-sufficient and wise, but in its negative light it is seen as being mean, uncaring, unemotional, authoritarian, a killjoy, boringly conventional and uninteresting.

Capricorn rising is the hiker of rising signs, intent on going places which provide a panoramic view and brimming with plans and preparedness. More than any other rising sign Capricorn rising is aware of the consequences of what happens in the present moment and so can perceive mistakes before they are made. The metabolism of the body is usually quite slow which can manifest in weight gain, depression, chronic fatigue, dry skin and brittle nails, sugar cravings and constipation. If these conditions are present the Capricorn rising person can help to remedy them by becoming more active so that they burn more calories. The sluggishness of the body can also result in blockages and conditions like arthritis. Capricorn is always a sign that labours under a lot of burdens and Capricorn rising seems to embody this either to increase discipline or to slow the body down. When in need Capricorn rising can replensish vital energy from being nearby to mountains or extremely big and ancient rocks or trees, or by spending time with the elderly, listening to their stories and supporting them. 

While commonly being seen as overly serious and completely lacking in humour, a sense of humour is of course there. It tends to be cynical, dry, ironic and pessimistic and also to possess a kind of wry wisdom. Fear, which most people take to be an unwelcome guest, is instead taken by Capricorn rising to be a survival guide up the rugged, rocky path of life. The direction of Capricorn rising is always orientated upwards, its focus is on whatever ladder or stairway they need to climb in order to fulfill the next stage of the master plan. In this, fear is a great instructor for Capricorn rising, it enhances caution and strategy rather than acting as a short circuit because Capricorn rising does not actually feel the fear (at least not deeply), it simply sees the reasons to be afraid and acknowledges them. To do otherwise is madness, like being a mountain climber and not recognizing the reality of chasms, avalanches, running out of supplies, exposure, hypoxaemia or unreliable company.

While it seems to be an imposing and seemingly impenetrable fortress of solitude housing a kind of superbeing who never shows vulnerability, Capricorn rising has a soft spot. Regardless of whether or not the chart provides Water Element planets Capricorn rising will always have Cancer on the 7th temple, meaning there is an empathic connection to other people, in particular to those they have close partnerships with, whether business or romance. This is a rising sign that actually needs to take care of somebody like Cancer rising, it’s just that this need is perceived as a vulnerability and is kept closely guarded, or in more extreme cases it is denied entirely and becomes projected onto other people (in which case it complicates relationships with the parent-child interpersonal dynamic). Partnership for Capricorn rising people is an important component of life because it allows them to open up emotionally without the fear of this vulnerability, so they are highly selective about their mates and very protective of them once they have them. Mating rituals of any kind are also a thing of dread for Capricorn rising, it is not the kind of ascendant that is good at chatting people up, making small talk and flirtatiously commenting upon their appearance. It’s a little awkward and shy in social situations that require less formal interactions.

The Capricorn time of year (from late December to late January) is the optimal time of year for these people to re-organise their schedules and plan ahead for the next year, setting targets and goals. They should use these times of the year to take stock of their progress up whatever particular mountain they are scaling and perhaps rethink their route or their objective entirely. During the time of month when the Moon is in Capricorn it can feel unusually heavy and serious for these people and they can come to realise important things or take on new responsibilities, but all of this helps them to feel more secure and more in control because they both thrive on the heavy and serious situations in life and do not have the usual problems with accepting responsibility.

In general the astra-mental quality of Capricorn rising means we become more grounded when our attention of awareness is trained to remain focused on the present moment. By training the awareness not to wander from what is happening in the present they find the touchstone they need to deal with any problems and numerous other benefits including a more robust and enduring physical body, the perception of the timeless wisdom arising from many lifetimes of experience and greater ability to change the course of their own life. Cultivation of the fruit produced by continued work through long periods of time and the patience to wait for results are magical keys which empower the identity for Capricorn rising.

Difference to Sun or Moon sign: Capricorn Sun is more patient and disciplined in general but has less consideration for the feelings and emotions of others. Capricorn ascendant is comparatively more secure and self sufficient than Moon in Capricorn is but it doesn’t have as canny or cunning a business instinct as the Moon does. Overall Capricorn rising is also less shy, conservative and reserved than either of the Lights in Capricorn are because the caution and skepticism is merely a veneer that acts more as a safety mechanism, boundary or armour for the identity.

Rulership placing: When we get to the slower moving planets like Saturn and Jupiter we see larger groups of people being born with rising signs that have the ruler of the rising sign in the same sign as everybody else who is busy being born. So for example with Capricorn rising the fact that Saturn takes about 2 1/2 years to go through a single sign of the zodiac means that for those two years whenever Capricorn rises Saturn will be placed in the same sign. The same fact also means that Saturn has a very high chance of being in the same temple as well. If two people with Capricorn rising are born very close in time together, then they can even share the same aspects of Saturn. All of this creates less variation in the expression of the Capricorn ascendant between individuals of a particular span of time. For this reason if you have Capricorn rising and find someone who is born in the same year as you then you can be pretty certain that you will have met some kind of a match in terms of how you express yourselves and view the world. In typical Saturn style, Capricorn rising expresses a unique kind of solidarity among its peoples. It’s like together they form a kind of private club where the nature of the membership changes every two and a half years. 

Saturn in Capricorn with Capricorn rising is one of the more austere and frugal of possible combinations. These individuals have enormous self-discipline, to the point where it becomes a flaw in many cases since they cannot break any of the rules that they hold themselves and others to. Saturn in either of the other two Earth signs (Taurus or Virgo) means the person is much easier on themselves but is still very stoic and straightforward and in possession of significant resources (not just things, but also qualities) which they use sparingly and usually wisely. Saturn in either Aries or Libra very often creates inhibitions which affect self-confidence and/or relationships. Saturn in Aries is more troubled than Saturn in Libra because of the fall/exaltation of Saturn in those signs. Pressure and stress can be big problems for a Capricorn rising/Saturn in Aries person. Saturn in either Scorpio or Pisces makes Capricorn rising less cold and callous, but with Saturn in Scorpio the sensitivity and compassion will be hidden behind a walled fortress of defences while with Saturn in Pisces the individual will be protected by evasive maneuvers. Saturn in Cancer is somewhat troubled by life and depressive and prone to fearing far too much but has the most impressive array of evasive tactics, defences and shielding.

Faces: Mary I of England (monarch), Charles Darwin (scientist), Rupert Murdoch (businessmen), Auguste Rodin (sculptor), Susan Sarandon (actress), Lucille Ball (actress), Tom Jones (singer), Paul Newman (actor), Sophia Loren (actress), Liberace (performer and for about 20 years the highest-paid entertainer in the world), Dustin Hoffman (actor), Tennessee Williams (writer), Queen Elizabeth II (monarch), Buddy Holly (musician), Carrie Fisher (actress), Clark Gable (actor), Yehudi Menuhin (musician), Malcolm X (activist), Enoch Powell (politician), Francis Ford Coppola (filmmaker), Christiaan Huygens (scientist) and Sean Connery (actor).



Embodiment: Aquarius rising bring lighter coloured eyes and hair with a look that is typically sharply observant, clear, intelligent and awake. The eyes are often an icy blue, light hazel or steely. However, hair colour is often dyed unnatural colours like pink, blue, purple or violet, and they also have the capability to change their eye colours today with different contact lenses. Aquarius rising is exactly the kind of rising sign that would have multiple coloured contact lenses and hair dyes for different expressions of their identity – it’s a rising sign in love with experimentation, cosplay and variety. As with Capricorn rising there is a Saturn quality to the appearance which brings angularity and a somewhat serious manner of expression, but unlike with Capricorn rising Aquarius rising has an appreciation for the absurd and ridiculous and so overall the facial expressions are less stern and more airy and light. The stature is often short or compact but well formed and the face has a friendly, clever or open look to it. This rising sign tends to fidget a lot and its body language can be nervous, confusing or abstract, it’s gestures a little arcane or just weird. Spectacles are often an important part of the wardrobe and can easily become fashion accessories more than they are visual aids.

Aquarius rising dresses to shock or to express its own identity freely and independently, it is averse to dressing like anybody else and strives never to be a clone. It may also place jewellery around its ankles or in other unusual places or choose novelty, unconventional items as adornment (for example bin liners, safety pins through the nose, bumless trousers and bow ties that spray water). Slogans and pop culture references on shirts are sometimes favored. It doesn’t easily form attachments to items of clothing or jewellery as its focus is on newness and what is going to be fashionable in the future. The colours it favours are typically silver, violet, light purple, pink or magenta and black (for Saturn). It’s aura is enlivening and awakening and brings about unexpected and surprising events, it is also highly sociable and incredibly curious and tries to assimilate information telepathically through the principle of resonance. It is a genuine mind readers aura, fully wired for all kinds of ESP. 

Traits: In her famous activist song “Strange Fruit” singer Billie Holiday, Aquarius rising, gives this rising sign one of its timeless anthems. Poking the collective conscience is what this rising sign was designed to do, but the metaphor of a strange fruit extends even further for Aquarius rising. Depending upon which side of the social commentary you sit upon, the input of Aquarius rising is either refreshing, inspiring, amazing, genius, spectacular, enlightening, awakening and liberating or perverse, freakish, rebellious for the wrong reasons, chaotic, insane and spaced out. They are exiles, and most of them are happy with that because only in exile can we explore the truly unknown territory of extreme possibilities.

To Aquarius rising life is viewed as an endless surprise where nothing is certain, with human beings acting as the joker in the pack, and this goes a long way to explaining the nervousness and edginess they display in the company of others. With a keen eye for the way the rules have become straitjackets and the way things have always been done have become creative prisons this rising sign plays the role of the maverick and the contrary, the outsider who has the vision to imagine the rules as they should be – this is the critical difference between the two signs ruled by Saturn, one sticks to the rules and the other reinvents them when it is necessary. When you have the power to change the rules you have the power to change the game of life itself, to revolutionise it but also to inject it with the spirit of renewal and a refreshing embrace of the future. That is the mask you will see these people wearing 9 times out of 10. They are not out to shake things up for the sake of creating chaos and upheaval but for the purpose of unburdening them, freeing them of the chains of the past which hold them back.

In some cultures the invaluable role of the contrary is still recognised but that is now sadly largely a thing of the past. To be different is okay, but not too different, and Aquarius does not recognise any boundaries at all so it pushes beyond all the expectations despite the disapproval of the status quo and in many cases in spite of it. Outsiders generally gravitate towards subcultures where they can discover the missing sense of inclusion and belonging that society denies them and in so doing form themselves into clusters or groups, smaller bubbles within the larger bubble of the national and global collectives. This is why Aquarius rising is often drawn to groups, it is not merely for the human interaction but more deeply because they are looking for the subculture within which their identity will form a match and resonate. However the main reason why Aquarius needs group interaction is much simpler – being an independent outsider has dangerous psychological consequences, which means that from time to time there is need to rejoin the crowd to recharge the battery and clear out the hangups. Aquarius rising is quite sprightly and fit in most cases and enjoys an active life but is prone to nervousness and mental disturbances caused by this continuous cycle of unplugging/plugging in, and trying to convey the insights gained to the sleepy sheep can be tiring. Aquarius rising can recharge some of its spirit in places where water is poured or sprinkled, under wide open skies and the stars of space, and also at caverns and deep wells, mines and quarries, and at hilly and uneven skylines. Lightning storms and hurricanes can also energise them.

Often with this rising sign relationships are a key issue. The problem is that the freedom and space loving nature of Aquarius also desires the admiration and love of a partner (Leo on the 7th temple). This can create several problematic situations in relationships involving freedom, aloofness, emotional coldness or detachment, blowing hot/cold, alienation, a sense of suffocation and stubborn pride. Strangely, while they come across as kind and friendly, accepting of individual quirks and aspiring to open mindedness and humanitarian ideals, they are also sometimes remote and distant, clinical and dispassionate, and in extreme cases, perverse and stubborn. Once they learn to use their new and original ideas to restructure their lives, especially in the field of relationships, they make radical breakthroughs in identity and self expression.

The Aquarius time of year (late January to late February) and the time of the Moon in Aquarius every month are times in which Aquarius rising can easily launch new projects and will often do so because these are times in which it will suddenly be struck with new ideas. Strong desire for experimentation during these periods can lead to both discovery and accident.

The essential task for this rising sign is to accept whatever healthy weirdness it is as its norm, as its ‘I’m ok’, commit to explore it in the identity and to express it to the world and at the same time to recognise the need to both identify and locate a suitable group or subculture into which the individual can return when their brain has been fried by the outer limits. By healthy weirdness here I mean whatever strangeness does not overrule others right to be who they are. When Aquarius rising gets this wrong and embraces an unhealthy weirdness it leads to smart but ideologically repulsive people like Heinrich Himmler. Yet when Aquarius rising gets this right, we get Billie Holiday singing “Strange Fruit”. Aquarius is indeed a very strange sign full of contradictions. And that’s okay too.

Difference to Sun or Moon sign: Aquarius Sun is more independent and more aloof from social interaction than Aquarius rising is. Aquarius Moon is more insecure about its social status than Aquarius rising and feels itself to be more of an irredeemable outsider. Both of the Lights in Aquarius are more eccentric and oddball than Aquarius rising is because the eccentricity of Aquarius rising is more of a mask or a costume.

Rulership placing: Aquarius is also, like Capricorn, ruled by Saturn and so my notes given for Capricorn rising concerning the rulership placing of slow moving planets apply here as well. However with Aquarius rising there is an emphasis upon uniqueness and so the commonality of experience will be less “solid” and more open, similar to a network rather than an exclusive private club. Individuals will put more of a unique spin on their expression of Capricorn rising if they have Saturn in Aquarius.

With respect to the planet Uranus some people with Aquarius rising identify strongly with it over Saturn. Others will shift between the two from time to time. Since Uranus takes seven years to go through a sign everyone born with Aquarius rising during that seven year period will have Uranus in the same sign, and because of the way charts are constructed and how systems work it will be in the same temple or potentially in one of two or three possible temples. One of the important things I have learned about this is that this is the location of the subculture the Aquarius rising person is looking for, the way they can rejoin society to share their fresh and strange insights with humanity. This may also apply to people with the Sun in these signs and possibly the Moon as well. I suspect that Neptune and Pluto play similar roles for people with Scorpio and Pisces rising, and that it doesn’t connect to the search for a subculture but to something different related to sharing the extreme visionary potential of these planets and signs. For example, I have the Sun and Moon in Scorpio with Pluto in Virgo in the 8th and right now I’m writing an analytical in depth blog about my occult experiences. Yet if my Pluto had just moved on a degree or so I would have Pluto in Libra, and I do not think I would be writing then, I think it would manifest as art. 

Saturn in any other of the Air signs (Gemini or Libra) increases the intellectual inventiveness and social clout that this rising sign can have, but Saturn in Libra is especially productive in this respect, making it easier for these people to form long-lasting bonds of relationship or to meet life partners, while additionally bringing a greater sense of justice and fairness to the expression of Aquarius rising. Saturn in Gemini is very good at solving problems by finding new ways to think about them. Saturn in either Taurus or Scorpio is more problematic and tends to create complexes connected to money and/or emotions (often sexual emotions). There will be hangups or frustrations in these areas as the Aquarius rising person will be kicking against something. Sometimes they will not know what they are kicking against and this will be the first step for these people because once they know what they are kicking against – really kicking against – they can devise an effective strategy against it. Saturn in Leo is also difficult for Aquarius rising, and it can have serious health consequences if not dealt with. Typically the core problem is to do with an inhibited or oppressed self-expression, a fear of being the strange thing that we all are, an individual in their own world of perspective. Overcoming self-esteem issues is often key but there is also often need to allow others the freedom to be who they are. Saturn in either Sagittarius or Aries can be helpful in that it stabilizes and lends structure to the more chaotic side of Aquarius rising but Saturn in Aries can be difficult and bring about similar issues to Saturn in Leo connected to assertion and will to live. However it must always be remembered that the more difficult combinations are also those that provide the soul with the most potential transformative power and which promise the most dramatic kinds of breakthroughs once we have a handle on them.

Faces: Bjorn Borg (tennis player), Howard ‘Hopalong’ Cassidy (American football player), Belinda Carlisle (singer), Willem Defoe (actor), Kirk Douglas (actor), Michael J. Fox (actor), Whoopi Goldberg (actress), Larry Hagman (actor), Germaine Greer (writer), Heimlich Himmler (politician, Nazi), Benny Hill (comedian), Jimmy Hoffa (union activist), Billie Holiday (singer), Janis Joplin (singer), Jay Leno (comedian, TV host), Evel Knievel (stunt performer), Karl Marx (philosopher), Spike Milligan (comedian), Harvey Milk (politician), Jim Morrison (singer), Roseanne (comedian), Nina Simone (singer) and Stephen Sondheim (composer).



Embodiment: Pisces rising indicates shortness and puffiness or plumpness due to retention of water in the body, with a large, full face, the eyes being watery and reflective, deep and often soft, and a pale complexion with a tendency for skin disorders. The colour of the eyes tends towards the lighter scale and the hair to the darker, and also to be wavy, shiny or wet looking. There is very little angularity in the body and the overall shape (of nose, ears etc) is rounded or curved. Cheeks are often fleshy or dimpled, and the mouth is smaller. Overall the facial features put across a strong impression of gentleness and vulnerability, dreaminess and pacifism. The body language is flowing and gliding, their positioning sometimes hovering or floating, a little nervous perhaps and ready to flee. The posture is often not terribly good as they tend to slouch or flop like a fish. They can seem to react to invisible things and emotions are often rippling across the features and then vanishing into the mist. Everything about the appearance gives off a soft quality, like in a fairy tale. 

Typically Pisces rising does not like to wear tight-fitting clothing, preferring loose flowing garments that move with the wind or float around their bodies. The fabric is often important too, with soft fibres like velvet or silk feeling better and looking better on a Pisces rising person. Subtlety is the key word to the way a Pisces rising person dresses and seeks to appear through hairstyle, adornments etc. The colours are understated and soothing, calming and cool and in particular the sign is a match for violet, lilac, soft blue, light brown, milky green and cream colours. The aura of Pisces rising is assimilative and absorptive, it is able to mimic and consume the astral properties of its environment and so take on their form and nature, but it is a passive entity and not a predator so this process is often focused on taking on board the suffering of other creatures for itself. Shielding and psychic protection are not just useful but necessary for this rising sign.

Traits: Pisces rising is somewhat of a wallflower and so you will often see them in the background, but when you do notice them it can be like spotting a tropical fish, there is something innately dreamy, graceful and beautiful about them. Timid and evasive, there is a deep vulnerability to this ascendant which comes from having it’s now moment continuously exposed to the dominant mood of its surroundings. Pisces rising is also an ascendant that frequently wears its heart on its sleeve and doesn’t know how to take it off or to conceal it except by not drawing attention to itself at all. In some of the purest expressions of this rising sign we see mystical qualities in these people which can be extremely difficult to define.

The identity of Pisces rising is invested heavily in emotional contact with the world but there is one particular emotion connected to Pisces which seems to find its way into the expression of this ascendant very often and that is the feeling of yearning for something. Pisces is extremely devotional and the yearning for something to devote itself to, something higher and transcendent, really comes through in this rising sign. It is led forward into experience by the desire to fully merge with this thing, whatever it is, and Pisces rising very rarely knows what it is from the beginning, so it has to set off on a journey through life in order to discover something it can devote itself to, something it can deliver that yearning feeling to. Very commonly this yearning is for some kind of perfect partner (Virgo on the 7th), leading to a need for the Pisces rising person to be less idealistic in relationships. They match well with a Virgo type of person, someone who can ground them with facts and provable information and whose focus is on providing practical help to others.

Pisces rising also senses the living power of symbols, the animating spirit within them, it is highly sensitized to these beings and can even learn to commune with them directly. In the majority of cases however this results not in mediums but in people who find ways to convey the power of symbols to the rest of the world and who can also create new symbols for others to get behind. These symbols do not need to be physical, they can be things like music, art, poems, religion, etc. – what makes them a symbol is that they represent something transcendent. However there is great danger of losing ones grip on the identity through devotion to something symbolic, of having the identity consumed by something which is essentially an emblem with an invisible animating intelligence of its own. For example, the figure of Christ on the cross is one such symbol that Pisces rising people often attach themselves to and come to identify themselves with, quite literally in some cases. Thus there is the temptation to fall to complete madness or simple conflation rather than spiritual transcendence through this rising sign. The symbol must act to empower and uplift the identity, not define or replace it.

There is also a “drifting along with the current” problem, flowing along with the school without ever summoning the courage to swim against or away. They can need to develop some backbone sometimes in order to stand up for what they believe in. Another issue is the potential they have for extreme passive-aggressive behaviour. If you go up against an Aries rising person you may be replied with a blow directly to the face, and a good old-fashioned fight will then ensue in which there will probably be a clear winner, the one who is not bleeding on the floor. However, in conflict with the Pisces rising person establishing anything at all is a major achievement. When resisting something they employ procrastination and sullenness to maximum effect so that nothing actually happens, forever. They can even be this way in dealing with their own problems, which is obviously a character flaw which can grow into something truly tragic. In essence this ascendant needs to learn when and how to confront things more directly.

The coldness and sluggishness of Pisces can mean that these people need to take a more active approach to life in order to stay healthy, otherwise they run the risk of developing mysterious, complex problems. Allergies or some other kind of sensitivity to substances or even invisible frequencies is more common than usual among them. When feeling out of sorts they can not only re-vitalise by visiting oceans and seas as well as large expansive lakes and wide rivers (basically anywhere with deep water) but also through connecting with their sense of faith and trust in the invisible worlds of life, thus by connecting with the symbols that bring them into contact with something transcendent and transpersonal. Meditation is therefore extremely helpful to Pisces rising.

The Pisces time of year (late February to late March) and the time of the Pisces Moon every month are important times in which these people can really get in touch with inner truth and universal intelligence or divinity, but many instead experience it as a time of heightened imagination. These are the best times of year for these people to make their resolutions for the coming 12 months, to initiate new projects and to do other things which are resonant with the meaning of the ascendant.

Difference to Sun or Moon sign: Pisces Sun has more of a fix on its identity (even though that is still relatively nebulous) because it is less sensitive to the environment and the opinions of others. However Pisces ascendant often has the grounding of a Virgo like partner or equal, as well as greater skill at expressing the Pisces imagination to the rest of the world. It’s much better at accurately and precisely judging other people than Pisces Sun or Moon is. Pisces Moon is more delusional than the Pisces ascendant, prone to greater flights of fancy, yet on the other hand its attunement to the astral is far more immersive and navigation through it is more natural for the Pisces Moon.

Rulership placing: The placement of Jupiter and possibly Neptune modify this ascendant. Jupiter in Pisces increases the compassion and empathy and also strongly inclined the identity to identify with religious or spiritual realities and fantasies. It also tends to weight gain and overindulgence in alcohol. Jupiter in Cancer or Scorpio increases the psychic potential and power of this rising sign to almost limitless degrees, with Jupiter in Cancer overflowing with empathy and a desire to protect things from suffering and Jupiter in Scorpio adding deep, abiding faith and incredible willpower. However too much Water Element usually becomes a major issue with the person having really big and powerful emotional responses. Jupiter in either Gemini or Sagittarius often leads to people with endless questions that cannot ever be answered, questions that are too big and mysterious or overarching. Great restlessness is present in this combination and there is often a lack of discipline and self-control. However, these combinations can assimilate vast amounts of knowledge, it’s just that with Jupiter in Sagittarius (its own sign) that knowledge is philosophical rather than factual and so it is more in keeping with Pisces rising. Jupiter in either Capricorn or Taurus brings out greater productivity in this rising sign and allows it to function in the world with greater security and calm, but both of these placements increase the inclination to hedonism and indulgence in luxuries. Jupiter in Virgo, the other Earth sign, is often caught up in trying to figure out what it really believes or what other people really believe and needs to find a way to integrate logic with psychic intuition and feeling.

The placement of Neptune in signs is exceedingly slow – 14 years – and so there will be only a very small variation over a long period of time in the combination of Pisces rising and Neptune in the signs and temples (see the section on rulership placing for Capricorn for more details). The effects of this influence on Pisces rising have proven to be extremely subtle to me and can be very hard to detect but frequently show up in the imagery, music and symbolism that the given generation embraces. I suspect the people with Pisces rising have the potential to be spiritual pioneers for both the people who have Neptune in the same sign as they do as well as for the rest of the world, but not too many of them wake up to it at this point and those who do struggle to find a way to bring it to the rest of us.

Faces: Phil Donahue (TV host), Whitney Houston (singer), Mark Knopfler (singer, musician), Pope Benedict XVI (religious leader), Alexander Graham Bell (inventor), Robert Redford (actor, director), Vincent Price (actor), Antony Armstrong-Jones (photographer), Mary Tyler Moore (actress), Angela Rippon (newsreader,TV host), Dean Martin (singer), Antonio Banderas (actor), William Lilly (astrologer), Robert Zoller (astrologer), Bob Monkhouse (entertainer), John Coltrane (musician) and John McCain (politician).


This concludes my posts on the rising signs, thank you for reading and I hope this helps you in the journeys we make through life. 

4 comments on “Rising Signs II

  1. I am very vigilant about the Barnum effect, because it is important to be attentive to it, especially for any IIH student as far as the mirror of personality is concerned, and I was really surprised at the accuracy of the description of the Aquarius ascendant, I felt like I was reading a very accurate caricature of many aspects of myself, and I must say that it was very enriching to understand where this instinctive dynamic came from and how it blends with my personality, my life experiences and other influences like Pluto in Scorpio.

    Thank you David for that insight.

    • We must always guard against such things in pattern recognition, your vigilance serves you well, and I am glad that in this case you see the validity of the work. Blessings for your progress Camille!

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