2021: Turning Point

Greetings, and welcome back to Journeys! This month we take a peek into the future as we examine the implications of Saturn in Aquarius square with Uranus in Taurus, an aspect set to dominate the major talking points of 2021.

In this article I will look at the past history of this square, its potential implications in the modern era and its significance for individuals, especially those born under a Fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) or with a strong emphasis in those signs. It should also be understood that although the major points in this crisis occur in 2021, we are already seeing its early effects this year with the arrival of Saturn into Aquarius.


Firstly it will be helpful to gain some context from history so we will begin by looking at the previous instances of this square in the last millennium. Squares between Uranus and Saturn will occur twice every 35 years or so, resulting in a massive amount of data where the pattern will be very difficult to discern and overall more general in nature. For more specific information that is likely to be more revealing we should instead study the instances of squares between these two planets when Saturn is in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.

When we do this we find that there were only two instances of this in the last thousand years, and they were separated by less than a century. The first of these took part in the latter half of 1432 and the second longer square covers most of 1522 and the first months of 1523. Because astrological influences often take time to manifest their impact in human terms, especially when the planets concerned are slow like these two, we need to look at what happens just after these periods as well as what happens during them and it can also help us to see what was going on just beforehand. We therefore need to look at the 1430s and 1520s.

Before we do that however it’s worth pausing to consider this information from a magical perspective, because it indicates that whatever is coming is karmically connected to human activity in the early 15th and 16th centuries. Collectively and individually we will be dealing with that again, in a modern form, whatever it happens to be. Its echoes are reaching us. Yet in this case many centuries have passed and so we can certainly expect this manifestation of the square to take on a new form even though we will see similar themes.

These two previous instances of this square can be considered a pairing of sorts, a first and second Act of a larger story, if you like. However the upcoming square of 2021 does not have a partner about 100 years in our future – the next time Uranus is in Taurus and Saturn is in Aquarius, Uranus leaves Taurus for Gemini before completing the square. So one thing that differentiates what is coming from what has been before is it will be a more isolated and singular development focused very strongly on the early to mid 2020s.

Before looking at the events from history it is also helpful to initially take note of the general nature of the aspect concerned so that we have something to expect or look for. Saturn – Uranus aspects are about re-organisation and restructuring of order and the emergence of breakthrough ideas and inventions, often motivated by severe necessity (i.e. the need to invent something becomes so pressing that someone actually does it and it changes the world). This aspect implies a struggle or conflict between freedom (Uranus) and order (Saturn) and the arrival of a moment in which the hold of authority is seen to tighten but ultimately fracture or crumble. It does not have an easy energy, there is pressure and irritability and an urge to overturn rules and topple icons of the past. It implies an upset of the implicit order, whatever that is. The apple carts are overturned. There is a rumor of things being lost or given up so that things can go in new directions – a whisper of sacrifice, and in darker forms, of atrocity, particularly against the downtrodden or repressed. Inventions and discoveries connected with a Taurus/Aquarius kind of square involve information technology, tradition reformation, things with very big economic impacts and things connected with Earth or Sky lore (geography, labour, cartography, farming, agriculture, flight, space/cosmos, etc).

I will return to this topic for a deeper dive later, but we do indeed see all of these themes being given major highlights in the historical record, as the following shows.

The 1432 Squares

In the second half of the year 1432 Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus formed two exact squares, one on July 22 and one on October 23. These two squares took place in the first 4 degrees of the signs and were the final squares of five between Saturn and Uranus, but the previous three squares had taken place with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. The square begins to gather strength in May 1432 and by the end of 1432 the square is separating rapidly, but a slow aspect like this shows itself for several years afterward as the impact of it in the minds of people gets translated into actions. This is also generally true of all things connected to Saturn. So we can expect to see some significant events connected to this aspect taking place in the latter half of 1432 as well as leading up to it (in 1430-31) and following it (in the mid to late 1430s).

The first thing that leaps out from the historical record in this period is the trial and martyrdom of Joan of Arc. A national hero of France and a popular cultural figure, Joan claim to have received visions from God that led her to take the side of France in military campaigns against the English. She was captured in the spring of 1430 and put on trial in 1431 accused of heresy including trumped up charges of cross dressing (she was wearing boys clothing to protect her from rape while in prison, since the clothing could not be ripped off, or because her dress had been taken from her by guards). She was burned at the stake aged 19 for this ‘heresy’ on 30 May 1431, less than two months before the first exact square (which took place with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries).

On a grander political scale this period also sees the coronation of Henry VI of England as King of France at Notre Dame (December 16 1431), a ceremony taken in response to the earlier coronation of Charles VII as the French king. Henry is just 10 years old having succeeded to the throne at only 9 months of age, the youngest ever person to do so, and with his coronation as King of France he became the only king to be crowned in both France and England. The expense of the two coronations, one in England and one in France, causes an economic crisis for his country in 1432.

There’s one incalculably significant thing from the historical record in this period, but it comes later than 1432, although the exact dating is mysterious. This is the invention of the movable type printing press by Johannes Gutenberg sometime in the late 1430s or possibly in 1440. The mystery is that we don’t know how long he was working on the idea and it’s possible that this is the point at which it initially occurred to him to build the device. Legend has it that the notion came to him in a flash and if that is true rather than apocryphal then this would be a good candidate for when it occurs. This is the arrival of the modern book with all that it brings, the dawn of the information age and the engine that will enable the Renaissance. At the time of its arrival however, the book was somewhat redundant since very few people knew how to read. Gutenberg ended up with hundreds of copies of his bible and only a handful of people locally who could read them. It would take several decades of change in literacy before the true power of the book would begin to manifest itself. In the meantime however book production centred on Venice where ships took copies printed on Gutenberg’s “marvelous machine” all around the world. In this respect the 1430s were the last decade of a world where written scripts were precious items which, once lost, were gone forever. It is impossible to measure the massive change in human experience that this invention caused. It is arguably the most important invention after the plough and the birth of agriculture.

The 1522 Squares

These squares took place in the later degrees of Taurus/Aquarius, covering the last decan of both signs and focusing the square onto 21° and 25 – 26°. They began to grow strong in March 1521 and faded away around February of 1523.

This brings us into the dawn of the Reformation and the influence of Martin Luther. This is another era where the impact on modern times is huge. Luther, excommunicated in 1521 for pamphlets he was mass producing, now challenged the orthodoxy of the Catholic Church and won, causing it to significantly split for the first time in its 1500 year history. This fracturing of the Popes former absolute monopoly of power over spiritual and mundane matters soon led to further fragmentations such as the various Protestant groups and the Church of England. Luther criticized the Catholic church for its use of indulgences (‘get out of hell free’ cards that the Vatican sold when important and wealthy people sinned) and emphasised a faith in Jesus as the way to salvation (rather than good works) as well as the concept of a ‘priesthood of all believers’ to take the place of authoritarian figures like cardinals and popes. The Protestant Reformation was a media revolution made possible by Gutenberg’s printing press, directly tying the second square to the first, a hundred years prior. Luther’s translation of the Bible into German provided one of the turning points in the development of mass literacy.

Also in this period Catholic Spain conquers all of the Aztecs, wiping them out with deception, plague and warfare (including cannons, guns and horses). Cortes lands his expedition force in 1519 and by 1521 the great city of Tenochtitlan, estimated to be home to a quarter of a million people, had been completely destroyed. Many statues and other religious icons were destroyed and replaced with Christian ones, the Aztec people who remained were banished from the site and the Spanish began building what came to be Mexico City on top of the misery, bone and blood. Montezuma II, one of the last Aztec rulers, had been given a warning by a great seer named Nezahualpilli in 1410 and had been warned that cities would be destroyed in a few years and omens would follow to prove this true. These omens (at least 8) did indeed follow in the next decade and included Montezuma II seeing the stars of Taurus and images of fighting men riding ‘on the backs of animals resembling deer’ in a magic mirror made from the crown of a bird.

A third event from this period is also significant, this being that on September 8 1522 the voyage began by Magellan in 1519 completed the first circumnavigation of the Earth, a voyage of just under 3 years. Magellan himself did not survive the trip, having been killed in 1521 by natives in Guam (where he was trying to convert them to Catholicism). In fact most of what did leave in 1519 did not make it around the globe – 15 of 265 men and only one of five ships returned. The voyage was plagued by scurvy, storms, battles, mutiny, and a lack of preparation – Magellan thought once the Pacific side of the Americas was reached it would take only a few days before reaching Asia, but it took almost 4 months and about 30 men died. It was actually following this exhausting journey that Magellan died on the shores of Guam. A 16th century maritime map also show that Portuguese seafarer Christopher de Mendonca first sailed into Botany Bay in this period, adding Australia to the maps 250 years before Cook.


The 2021 Squares

Now we must get into a time machine and take a dizzying journey almost 500 years into the future before we find another instance of Saturn in Aquarius square with Uranus in Taurus. Before speculating on what this might signify I will lay out the lifetime of the squares to come.

With Uranus in Taurus since 2019 the squares really began in late March of this year with Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius, the sign from which it naturally squares Taurus, but they do not start to grow strong until December of this year and then reach three peaks in 2021, one in mid February, one in mid June and a final one in the last week of December. The energy of these squares hangs around as processing, repercussion and consequence throughout all of 2022 before finally fading away as 2023 begins. It will then ‘sink in’ as it were over this decade and the next. This square is mostly emphasising the second decan (with the last two peaks at 13° and 11°) but the first peak is in the first decan (like the 1430 squares) at 7°.

So we can expect Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus to be a dominant force in world events of 2021, to continue to play out over all of 2022, and to have established its major impacts by 2023. However, it is going to take many years for the collective awareness to process whatever it is bringing, as this is always the case with major aspects, and in this processing other manifestations can still emerge, most of which will be in the 2020s.

With some reflection on the historical record we see some interesting possibilities. In both the war against the Aztecs and the story of Joan of Arc we see an unlikely pair of tales both of which have as their central theme a vulnerable figure struggling against an invader and a more powerful enemy and eventually being completely and horribly crushed. The conviction with which both cleave to their spiritual beliefs in the face of annihilation is both admirable and a key factor in their tragic destruction. In Gutenberg we see the emergence of a world changing machine and some powerful consequences of it a hundred years later in the Martin Luther story. Martin Luther is another rebel with spiritual convictions, but what sets him apart from both Joan and the Aztecs and possibly enables him to evade their miserable fates is the power of media. Despite persecutions he succeeds in resisting the authority he is kicking against and while it is not destroyed it is forever changed and its monopoly over western spirituality is ended. The dissemination of his ideas and the inability of the Catholic authorities to stop them from being spread throughout Europe and the world is probably the key which secures his success rather than failure.

Cortez, Joan, Magellan, Luther and to an extent Gutenberg all became popular and enduring cultural icons, figures who show up often in film, literature, music, and many other arts, in the case of Joan of Arc she became a national treasure. So another thing they have in common is that these squares bring out individuals and characters whose influence and image lasts not just for a lifetime or two, but many centuries. In the case of Luther and Gutenberg that influence is still extremely powerful. They impact the status quo in radical ways, leaving it irreversibly altered for the future. We can’t seem to escape their influence.

Notice that in the historical examples regardless of the outcome it is an unpleasant and difficult process filled with conflict, sacrifice and danger. We see this in the burning of Joan of Arc as well as in the genocide of the Aztecs and the struggle of Luther as well as in the circumnavigation of the globe and the economic consequences of trying to unite rulership of England and France with two coronations. Once we understand that there was once a world in which such a thing was not possible, the idea of anyone being able to put their ideas into print and spread them was also quite terrifying in its time. The edginess of all these events and the struggle and conflict involved in them are all indicators that we are dealing with a square aspect. Like their geometric namesakes squares signify sharp turning points, and the events of a Saturn/Uranus square are significant turning points which affect the structure of societies and governing bodies of people. If we take the printing press, the invasion of South America, the discovery of Australia and the circumnavigation of the world together, then they can also all be seen as key developments towards a broader theme of globalization.

Another key theme is direct challenge to authority or schisms within its ranks – Joan of Arc and Luther are obvious examples, but Gutenbergs machine was also a threat to scholarly authorities like the monastic orders and universities who until then had a monopoly over knowledge. Additionally if we see things from the Aztec point of view their line of rulers was being challenged and ultimately were extinguished.

Following the murder of George Floyd a few months ago large numbers of people in the United States felt that the time had come to topple statues of historical figures connected to the oppression of black people and people of colour. The Washington Redskins recently dropped the Redskins from their name and are currently known as the Washington Football Team until a new name is chosen. I’ve already written last month about how Aunt Jemima is being retired. These changes to names and acceptable icons have the stamp of Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus all over them. It’s very likely that 2021 will see more of this happening in other places as well as in America. While they appear to be cosmetic they are actually significant because they represent a deeper change within the psyche of people who have completely lost their tolerance for what they represent, a sign that the Saturn/Uranus squares will be deeply racial in their focus and will lead to some kind of radical face-lift of nations and societies.

The idea that in spirit every human being is born equal to every other human being (Saturn in Aquarius) clashes with the mundane reality that individuals are born into different circumstances with a dizzying variety of different advantages and disadvantages (Uranus in Taurus). Squares between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus are tense affairs where necessity meets with hard, practical facts and realities – sure, everyone in the village must have enough food to survive through the winter, but the harvest was ruined by lightning storms. Sure, you have the same potential to make a difference as everyone else, but not if you are a black lesbian or just any person in poverty. This conflict breeds the necessity for radical and far-reaching ideas which bring systemic change to the future. It is one of the core challenges of this square.

In this case what I think we are seeing already is the rapid buildup of the internet into a major economic force as a result of the pandemic crisis, and this crisis will be a stimulus to not only the movement of human activity online and to scientific and technological development such as 5 and later 6G as well as potentially Q-bits but also to every aspect of human life. The book, after almost 600 years, is being phased out as the way we form repositories of knowledge. 2021 is the year in which the internet finally comes of age. We have been living through its infancy for the last 30 years, and now the child is emerging. The hope of many of course, is that it will mature and begin to show more of its adult potential. That is going to be up to us to determine throughout this decade. The argument over what the rules should be, the lines on the battle map in terms of who gets control over this, are going to become reinforced and energized by this square.

We are in for something of a struggle for control over a new paradigm, that much is clear. Authority never goes willingly, and as the fate of Joan and the Aztecs shows, sometimes this square means curtains for resistance. But what you stand for matters, and if you truly believe human society is going in the wrong direction then you have a moral duty to all future generations to resist it. I suspect and hope that at least part of what happens under the square will involve people becoming restless about the environmental change we are all experiencing. We have seen what happens to the air and the water when it is left alone to repair itself. Perhaps 2021 will be a year in which human beings wake up to the necessity of radical change in our attitude collectively towards the resources of this planet. Certainly this aspect carries that potential with it.

The pandemic may have more to do with all of this then seems at first glance. Whether or not it does come back this year or next year, certainly the threat of it coming back will be there and this threat may be what the Saturn/Uranus square is primarily about. Alongside the debates about the internet, the future of crowds, travel and racism in society we are likely to hear talk about the future of globalisation – a reliance on global trade is a disaster when national borders have to be closed. Economies will have to learn to transition to local or national models, like a backup system, and they will need to do this quickly and smoothly. It’s also true that a large number of these outbreaks could be prevented if we only learn to treat animals with love and respect – our farming practices are deeply unhealthy and in my view inhumane and inhuman, but from a bacterial standpoint they are a paradise.

Food and basic supply shortages, interruptions and irregularities are a Uranus in Taurus theme and the square with Saturn in Aquarius may see this as a headline story at some point in 2021. This may well be pandemic related but could also happen as a result of a Brexit fallout. Politically we also cannot ignore the upcoming November election in the United States which looks set to be contested unless the result is extremely clear. The disastrous prospect of history repeating itself in the form of two presidents instead of two kings (and then also two ‘coronations’) is waiting in the wings. Only a landslide result that is indisputable appears able to avert this outcome, and even that is in doubt. The pandemic reaches into this potential too, not only because it is a major political issue (yet only one in this incredible year) but because it is likely to ignite the politics of postal voting and also because it is going to force a delay in the counting, which gives room for all kinds of shenanigans. It seems very likely to me that this square will have a lot to do with the upheaval that is going to be happening to the United States over the next two or three years as a result of its first Pluto return. The United States is the face of leading authority in the world and its position is rapidly eroding, so these squares could be the significant turning point in that. Of course, this begs the question of where authority will land next, and I do not think these squares provide that answer, so if that is to come we are entering a kind of limbo in that respect.

On this note it’s worth considering that in the last 5-600 years the overall centre of authority in world affairs has slipped out of the hands of the religious and into the hands of the scientific. Since the scientific paradigm is now the dominant paradigm, it might also be that the new Luther is within the scientific community and not the religious community. We may be looking at a period in which the news from science and technology is of a breakthrough nature in which the old paradigm is significantly and meaningfully revised. This might be a kind of Reformation period for science, a fracturing of the authority held by mainstream thinkers by a wave of new thinkers. However, since there is no equivalent to a Pope in the scientific community it will be harder for this kind of Reformation to focus itself.

One dark horse I’ve had my eye on for many years which is finally breaking through into mainstream awareness is the UFO phenomena. It may have escaped your notice in all the mayhem but the question of whether these things actually exist has now been resolved. The Pentagon has released video from trained pilots along with an admission that it has been studying what it calls UAP’s (unidentified aerial phenomena) since at least 2007. An organisation composed of government insiders including Dr. Hal Puthoff, Chris Mellon, Luis Elizodo and former Lockheed Skunk works director Steve Justice has emerged calling itself TTSA (To The Stars Academy) which “collects documents and physical materials from public and private sources related to the UAP phenomena to study it and then transitions the transformative technologies behind it to wider applications of public benefit.” They claim to have in their possession physical pieces of craft that have been recovered and to be in the process of investigating them. On top of this, a massive leak has occurred involving former Director of the Defence Intelligence Agency, Vice Admiral Thomas R. Wilson. This leak concerns the secret study of captured craft “made by non-human hands” under legally protected corporate projects which Wilson was denied access to when he became curious, then furious. This leak is well documented yet has not yet broken through into mainstream media, but it’s only a matter of time before someone picks it up. Since all of this is actually already happening and since both breakthrough technology and flight are connected to this square (Durer designed the first flying machine in 1522, according to my research), there is also a genuine possibility that something connected with this will be the reality breaking news of 2021. We may also see a renewed effort to venture into space.

A square between Saturn and Uranus (which will occur twice approximately every 35 to 40 years) is a major turning point in our culture as new technologies and ideas make direct impacts. The previous three squares between these two planets (disregarding signs) took place in 1952 (the atomic age, the electric guitar and Rock and Roll, electrical household items), 1976 (the electronics era, synthesisers and punk, the first commercial home computers) and 1999/2000 (the internet age, the ‘millennium bug’ scare and techno). There is an energising and enlivening power in every square and in this case that power tends to push us forward into a new mini era, a generational zone in which life looks very different to the way it used to. What could be expected in 2021? Potentially, robotic intelligence could take off with 5G – we may be moving out of the era of smart devices and into the era of smart homes and buildings, a very different world in which we have relationships with the personality of our fridges and conversations with our bathrooms. In other words our relationship to solid, material things (Taurus) is set to come alive with intelligence and opinion (Aquarius).

There is also a strong current of defiance to this square, a protesting, rebellious energy driving it to overthrow shackles and obstructions to freedom of expression. Just a couple of years or so after the 1952 squares we arrive at the civil rights protest movement and the story of Rosa Parks. In the mid-70s we find ourselves in the middle of the women’s rights and gay rights movements. In 1999 there was the so-called “Battle of Seattle”, a massive series of protests against the WTO and globalisation which were met by two battalions of the National Guard, ultimately forcing the media to report on why anyone would oppose the WTO, thereby framing the anti-globalisation argument as a mainstream concern for the first time. So there is clearly a spirit of defiance in Saturn/Uranus squares but it really has to be careful about how it handles this motivation because it could get out of control very easily. It can get overtaken by the need to change something, everything, without having any kind of thought through plan to replace it with. This results only in chaos and confusion. Under this square movements for change often suffer from a lack of leadership or cohesive organization.


Glad you got here.

While we will all have to deal with whatever changes this square is about to bring, some of us will also be dealing with it on a more personal level. Really, anyone with anything significant happening in their birth chart in the first half of either Taurus or Aquarius are the primary group here. Next to them is anyone with anything in the first half of either Leo or Scorpio. If we go by Sun sign alone, then that’s everyone who has a birthday in any of the following times of year:

Late January or early February (Aquarius)
Late April or early May (Taurus)
Late July or early August (Leo)
Late October or early November (Scorpio)

Of special interest to the square this time are people with planets at specific degrees of Taurus or Aquarius, namely 7°, 11° or 13°. If you have a key that matches one of these degrees, then you are having a Saturn or Uranus activation of that key in 2021. This activation will strongly pick up the square between Saturn and Uranus, especially if the activated object is in a square with something else in your natal chart. Additionally anyone with their Sun sign at 7°, 11° or 13° of any Fixed–Stable sign (or near to it) will get a strong dose of this square in 2021. The birthdays of those people are as follows:

January 28th, February 1st, February 3rd (Aquarius birthdays)
April 27th, May 1st, May 4th (Taurus birthdays)
July 30th, August 3rd, August 5th (Leo birthdays)
October 30th, November 3rd, November 5th (Scorpio birthdays)

(If your birthday is up to 4 days away from these dates you should also expect a pretty strong dose of the square during 2021).

The general influence of this square on individual people is that it creates pressure and tension around a need or desire for lasting change in their lives. While the rest of us are coping with the collective turning point of 2021 these people will also be going through a mirror version in their personal lives. They actually have the most to gain of all of us going forward, but only if they go with the flow, not if they resist it. This means working with the need for changes of direction in the long term course of their lives. The people with the most again from this square are those people born on the above days who are ready and willing to engage in such change. For them, this is potentially the breakthrough year they may have been waiting a long time for.

Being more specific than that is very difficult without looking at someone’s chart but we can say that the Taurus people and the Aquarius people mentioned above have to related but quite different experiences. For the Taurus people or Taurus keys the influence of Uranus will have been making them feel quite restless for a number of years already. These people currently fall into two camps, one that is sick and tired of the same old and is ready to rethink and restructure things and the other who is having a much more difficult time trying to hold onto the status quo. If you are a Taurus person you want to be in the first camp, the one trying to move onto to new pastures. This applies to you even if you are not noticing any great changes in your life or any need for it at this point – that just means it’s coming in the next few years.

That said, the problem of 2021 is that for the Taurus people or keys who are ready for change and wanting it, Saturn is throwing some unexpected spanners in the works and slowing them down or possibly just jamming it completely for a period of time, while for those who are resisting change and trying to hold onto the status quo Saturn is hard at work crumbling it from within. In both cases the intent is to concentrate attention on what is really working and will continue to in future and this probably means cutting out of your life things which are extraneous to that or just impractical now that you are moving on. It’s a pruning period in which blockages to growth must be gradually phased out.

While the Taurus people are grappling with the need to make radical changes, the Aquarius people and keys are grappling with the need to come down to earth in crazy and often frustrating circumstances. A perhaps unusually serious, somber and sober mood has become the order of the day for them since Saturn entered this sign early this year – and if we know anything about Aquarius its that it is a very people oriented sign keen on mixing with as much variety of humanity as possible while retaining its independence, and 2020 has not been a good year for either of those things. Since I doubt the trouble and threat of a pandemic is going to go away anytime soon I imagine that the social scene of 2021 is also overshadowed by the square in a way that is difficult for these people to bear, especially as they have to endure more and more of it. Some Aquarian people are extremely serious in nature rather than the “kooky”, “weird”, “avant-garde” types that modern astrology associates with the sign more frequently. These people may actually be suffering from depression in 2021 as their naturally sombre outlook on the future takes on more gravity.

Regardless, the activation of Aquarius keys by Saturn will be calling for the invention of new rules and moral principles as well as a sober concentration of mental focus, but the square from Uranus in Taurus will continually shake up any ideas so that there is prologued indecision that breeds nervousness and fear. From the Aquarius perspective this square brings over-complications and extremely confusing decisions which can only be overcome with maturity, time and patience. For the more experimental Aquarian people this square brings some experiments to an abrupt end because there is a need to narrow down the focus, while for the more sober and serious ones the lesson is in not being so earthbound that it smothers their future options.

The other two Fixed/Stable signs, Leo and Scorpio, are not being directly interacted with by this square but they are still powerfully affected by it. This difference often manifests in things happening around them rather than to them, things they need to act on. So while the Taurus and Aquarius among us has things going on that are changing it, the Leo and Scorpio in us is dealing with the direct conseqences of those changes happening around us, often experiencing it in the changing behaviour of others rather than changes in our circumstances.

A delicate balance between freedom and responsibility must always be struck in squares between Saturn and Uranus. Humanity must continuously evolve out of the paradigms that bind it. At the same time it must understand the consequences of the choices it makes on the future. Squares between these two planets are moments in which we must make an unavoidable choice, turn a corner left or right onto a committed path that leads in one direction or another. We look back at the past and try to judge which way to go now. Once we have made that turning, the momentum carries us forward and is nigh impossible to break.

That, in a nutshell, is where we all stand in 2021. From an astrological perspective it is only the beginning of a decade that will herald unprecedented change, but the choices we make now will determine the hand we have to play with for the rest of the century.

9 comments on “2021: Turning Point

  1. Thank you for this! I have been doing my homework on this aspect. How did you determine the last time Saturn in Aquarius squared Uranus in Taurus was 1432 and the second longer square covers most of 1522 and the first months of 1523. I found an online ephemeris for those years that indeed shows the square, but just wanted to see how you knew it didn’t happen any other time in the last 1000 years. Did you look through all the other ephemerisis? If so, hats off to you. That is a lot of work and I will be sure to credit you for looking that up. Thanks again. I learned a lot in this article. I haven’t found this info. anywhere else in my research.

    • Hi and thanks for commenting! It would indeed be quite a lot of work with an ephemeris, luckily we have astrological software now. I have used Solar Fire for this kind of legwork for 22 years, it has a wide range of abilities and can generate reports that show all the squares between two objects and the sign they are in, I then scour that list for the data. It still takes time, but a fraction of it. In using Solar Fire to do this kind of research for this site (see various articles on outer planets in signs and other articles), my biggest WOW moment was in looking at Chiron opposite Uranus (see “universal aspect” in the archives). The 6000 year ephemeris in SF could not find any time in which this opposition stayed in aspect for so long. Thanks again, and best wishes for the NY!

      • Thank you so much! I had suspected it might be a software feature. I have Time Passages, so I will see if it has the same capabilities. I will be sure to credit your research in the talk I’m giving on January 9 and am bookmarking your blog for future reference. I mostly focus on personal astrology – historical cycles aren’t my specialty. But this year, things got so weird, I don’t know any astrologers who didn’t start looking into historical cycles and start talking about politics/social themes at least a little bit. I’m the astrologer who is maintaining the legacy website for the late Jan Spiller, who was my mentor. You can find my work on her legacy site: http://www.janspiller.com as well as on her legacy YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/JanSpiller

        That’s also super interesting about Chiron opposite Uranus. I have that exact opposition in my chart.

        Peace, love, and happy New Year!

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