Astrology X Files I: Major UFO/UAP Events

Greetings, and welcome back to Journeys! This month I open up my “astrology X – Files” cabinet and present an intriguing sky pattern in the UFO/UAP phenomena.

The above is an image taken by two hikers in Calvine, Scotland in 1990, at the time confiscated and this month released by the UK Ministry of Defence. I have always had a passion for the mysterious and unexplained and over the years one of my hobbies has been researching these areas. I prefer to keep an open mind about what might be true while also being diligent and discerning with regard to the evidence. If astrology can have some validity while still being a complete mystery after the thousands of years of research into it, why not something else, far more modern? By being into astrology your credibility is already shot with many people anyway, so why not dive down all the rabbit holes being laughed at?

When my professional career in astrology started in my early 20s I began putting interests together and wondering, after seeing how effective it was at describing the character and life circumstances of both myself and other people, whether or not it could be used to throw any insight into these other mysteries I had been long interested in. After all, if a mysterious giant object is seen in the sky or some other extraordinary event occurs like an abduction by non-human people, as an astrologer you would expect it to be visible in either a persons natal astrology or, more likely, some kind of transit or progression that is active at the time of the experience, or both. The natural expectation is that if it is a transit it is not some highly regular one, since the experiences are extraordinary, so we wouldn’t expect it to be connected to a transit of Mercury or Venus for example since those happen very frequently. We would be looking for something rare and unusual to reflect the rare and unusual quality of the experience. For this reason the astrological mind naturally gravitates towards the transits of the extremely slow newly discovered outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, but in the ancient world where those did not exist ‘mysteries of the gods’ were the purview of Jupiter (angels, miracles), or Saturn (maleficia, demons). Furthermore, in cases where people have reported repeat experiences, we would naturally assume this was because it is coded into their natal astrology rather than being the result of a temporary effect occurring in the sky. This is just following the rules of logic that underpin our use of astrology in practice.

I’ve made some interesting discoveries over the years by comparing charts in my database of astrology X-Files, intriguing fingerprints and patterns that should resonate powerfully in the minds of astrologers and lead to more questions. This month I will present to you a number of UFO/UAP events from the long history of the field stretching back for 80 years and show that despite being separated in time by decades they are connected by a striking astrological theme.

There are some problems with this research from an astrological point of view. First, time and location for such events are often imprecise measurements. Some take place over many hours, even months, across multiple locations miles apart or in remote places at sea or in the air, in space and even somehow ‘outside of time’, and people do not exactly remember where and when they are experiencing whatever they are experiencing. Memory fades and fails too, sometimes inexplicably. The most serious loss here is the disappearance of the houses or temples and more importantly the angles, particularly the ascendant and midheaven. These are such powerful parts of any astrological chart that losing them is deeply regrettable and we will be unable to see large parts of any patterns that do exist. We must always remember this blind spot. For this reason charts where there is a time and location precise enough to generate the angles of the ascendant and midheaven are precious. The arrival of timestamps in modern recording can help us to overcome this limitation of the research in future. That said, the loss of precise times and locations is not too bad otherwise – firstly, many major astrological patterns from the transits of the slow-moving planets are long-lasting and all transits apply globally not locally, and even aspects by the Moon last about a day or night and so the parts of any patterns that are based on aspects will be visible – except of course those involving the angles and houses. Secondly, even the fastest moving object in the sky, the Moon, takes over two days to move through a particular sign, so research that is based on the placement of planets in signs is also going to show up any patterns that might exist. So unless we have accurate time and location data our research should be focused on three areas: planets (especially slow ones), aspects and signs, and we have to disregard the angles and houses. That’s not too bad, as we have 3 of the 4 main components of astrology to work with. In the ideal case where our cabinet is stuffed full of charts with verified times and locations, we can and should include the angles and houses in research.

In selecting the cases that led to the eventual writing of this article I was faced with the problem of an abundance of riches. There are so many UFO/UAP events in the last 80 years to consider. I didn’t want to cover the more recent events that many people are now talking about as I feel the focus on those events is drawing attention away from the fact that the subject has a long history that deserves more attention. I also wanted events that were separated in time across the span of the eight decades to get a wider sampling and to avoid catching slow moving transits in the net repeatedly. And after some further thought I decided I wanted events where there were multiple witnesses, the more the better, or at least some big cultural impact. After looking through the files I selected the following cases, and this is when I was immediately struck by the commonalities. I will present them in chronological order.


What Happened: With the US in the grip of heightened anxiety and fear of invasion on the West Coast following the attack on Pearl Harbor, at approximately 1:44am on the night of February 25th 1942, three different radar stations picked up an object approaching Los Angeles. Defences were placed on high alert and by 2:25 am the object was just 8 miles from the city, there was a blackout which remained until the next morning, and air raid sirens were waking over a million people from sleep. When the object was two miles from the city it disappeared from all three radar and calls from the public about the object were flooding in, some of whom described it as like nothing they had ever seen before. At 3:07am the military began opening fire on the object. Over the next hour 1,430 rounds of anti-aircraft shells were fired at it. As artillery shells exploded in the sky over the city the firing became undisciplined with reports of multiple objects being fired at, firing at no objects and firing at artillery explosions. No objects were downed and no debris recovered but about a dozen homes and buildings were destroyed and six civilian deaths were attributed to the barrage. A famous and dramatic photograph of the object pinned in several searchlights was taken and made the newspaper headlines. This photograph has been touched up in a way that was normal in journalism at the time, which is a major criticism used to dismiss it. Although it suggests the shape of a saucer like disk the reality is that the object itself is completely hidden in the bright light. Authorities first attributed the incident to Japanese aircraft (or things launched from a nearby submarine) and later stated that there was nothing there at all and the incident was war jitters. Others have suggested that the military were firing at a weather balloon that they had themselves secretly launched, despite the tensions at the time. Japan later denied any involvement and has been ruled out, and the problem of the weather balloon is just how long the object was fired at. Could a balloon, hysteria and total immolation of all materials be the answer? Perhaps. Most of the witnesses are now dead. An interesting footnote to the story, however, is that for 30 years the US Defence department denied having any record of the events and journalists at the time noted an exceptional clampdown on information and discussion concerning them.

Here is the sky for Los Angeles on February 25th 1942 set to the moment the order was given to begin firing, 3:07am.

What do we see? Lets first lay out the bits that catch our eye:

  • A powerful Mars/Saturn/Uranus conjunction in Taurus, trine Neptune in Virgo (Heavy and chaotic artillery assault on an unidentified aerial object that seemingly remains unaffected).
  • A hard Chiron/Pluto conjunction in Leo, opposite Mercury and Venus in Aquarius. (Serious collateral damage, civilian deaths, blowback, racist undertones – this event stirred up an ugly expression of anti-Japanese sentiment in the US).
  • A Mercury/Venus conjunction in Aquarius, trine Jupiter in Gemini. (Grand aerial phenomena, weather balloons, big spectacles, thunderous explosions in the sky, buzzing information centres).
  • The Sun in Pisces square Jupiter in Gemini (overbearing or dramatic reactions, hysteria, big, alarmist news stories, xenophobia) and a Sun/Moon trine with Moon in Cancer (it is worth noting a waxing Moon with a strong Water Element).

Since we have a reliable time and location as well as a timeline, we also get:

  • Sagittarius rising, Libra midheaven (long range detection, foreign agents, events relating to the air).
  • Air Grand Trine with Mercury/Venus/Jupiter and MC. (Emphasis on social events, the sky, flight, barrages, many calls, being woken up, etc).
  • Neptune square ascendant (delusion, disturbed sleep, hysteria, confusion, mystery, nothing found, cover ups).
  • Mars/Saturn/Uranus in Taurus were angular (they are setting) just before the radar stations detect the object. (This is what alerts the military to a potential invasion threat)
  • Jupiter in Gemini is angular (setting) when the air raid sirens begin (!).
  • Neptune in Virgo is on the MC at the same time. (This tends to confusion and misidentification as well as public deception).
  • Moon in Cancer is setting when the barrage stops, power and calm return and the morning newspapers begin reporting. (Moon seems to time the end of events).

The Mars/Saturn/Uranus conjunction and its interplay with the angles at the time is the most striking feature of the chart but there is lots to ponder here – , however let’s look at the next case, leaving these parts on the table for comparison.


What Happened: It’s the most famous case with many controversial and unsubstantiated claims, countless credible witnesses, a labyrinth of evidence and theory with little to no proof and a lot of appeal to entertainers and researchers, but it boils down to a simple question about who you believe. It’s much harder to say what the facts are in this case – even the date of the crash is disputed. That there was a crash is not disputed, just what it was, when it happened, and whether there was a cover up. Essentially some time in the summer of 1947, likely the first week of July, an object fell from the sky into the desert of New Mexico and was later recovered by the US military. Beyond this, various versions exist. The astrology of this event is interesting on its own just as a sociological and cultural phenomena, something like the birth of a modern mythos.

Whatever it was that crashed did so sometime in June or early July 1947 with the main candidates being June 14th, July 2nd and July 4th. On July 5th a rancher named Mac Brazel, found crash debris, which is when the story really begins to emerge, so I have used that date in the chart as a reference point. He said the material was metal, foil and something like string and that it was unusually lightweight and strong. The foil returned to a smooth surface when crumpled and could not be dented, cut or burned. He collected some of it and took it to the sheriff of Roswell the next day, July 6th, who promptly notified Roswell Army Air Force Base. It’s a little-known fact about the case but this was the base that dropped the atomic bombs on Japan and was at the time the only military group in the world with this capability. Captain Jesse Marcel, later Major, was assigned to investigate, and the key as to which version of Roswell you believe hinges on whether you believe him or the US military.

He accompanied Brazel to the crash site arriving there on the night of July 6th with two other officers (one of whom denied that he had been there for almost 50 years until admitting so). Military police arrived at the sheriffs office to collect the wreckage left there. The next day, July 7th, the commander of Air Material Command, Lt. Gen. Nathan Twining, made an unexpected trip into the area, remaining for four days, which may just be coincidence, and on the same day Captain Marcel revisited the crash site with Brazel in daylight. Marcel said it was three quarters of a mile long, about 2-300 feet wide with gouges in the dirt extending 4-500 feet “as if something had touched down and skipped along”. Debris was examined again, this time including I-beams with strange symbols and a pinkish colour to them. They could flex slightly but could not be bent out of shape, and there was a foil like substance that could not be damaged with a sledgehammer. Marcel asserted that “it was something I had never seen before, or since… It certainly wasn’t anything built by us”. They collected this wreckage for the day and in the evening Marcel drove it back to base, stopping on the way to show the extraordinary material to his wife and son.

The next day, July 8th, is when everything hit the fan. After inspecting the debris Marcel’s commanding officer directed him to transport it to Fort Worth and notified the press that a flying disc had been recovered, leading to headlines that made Roswell the centre of world attention. It should be noted that this was only very shortly after Kenneth Arnold’s sighting which coined the term “flying saucers” and that there was a heightened level of interest in the topic, perhaps even a mild form of national hysteria. As this is occurring Marcel arrives at Fort Worth with the debris. According to him he left the office with General Roger Ramey whom he was sent to report to and when he returned the debris had clearly been changed, switched for a weather balloon. Marcel was then directed to present the debris to the press, changing the story to that of a crashed weather balloon, which he reluctantly did. Meanwhile, Brazel was incarcerated, interrogated for a week, then changed details of his story to be more in line with the official statements. The weather balloon is the story that the papers carried the next day, and it effectively ended interest in the topic until three decades later when researcher Stanton Friedman began talking to Major Jesse Martel.

Since then many witnesses including the sheriff who went to the site independently have come forward, several of whom were in the military at the time, claiming that there was a cover up and even that there were bodies and live entities recovered. In 1995, probably in an attempt to gain control of the story that was rapidly growing in popular culture, a phone book sized report was published explaining that the crash was of a top-secret project known as Mogul launched on June 4th 1947 which was a balloon designed to spy (by listening for explosions) on the Soviet progress towards a bomb. The description of materials used in this device vaguely matched some of the description of the debris by witnesses. A couple of years later, in 1997, a follow-up report published at the 50th anniversary of the crash, offered the explanation that stories of extraterrestrial bodies were caused by dummies dropped from balloons, tests that were performed to evaluate ground impact. Today many skeptics consider this case closed, but there are still problems with this explanation. The dummies were dropped in the 1950s, not in 1947, but the authorities claim this discrepancy is due to people’s poor memories being confused. Additionally the dummies were very large, not small, easily identifiable and the public were aware of the activity while it was occurring (there was a reward out for their return), none of them fell near Roswell, a Mogul balloon could not have caused the violent impacts on the ground that were witnessed, and other known crashes of the Mogul project were not treated with anywhere near as much secrecy or urgency – some were even salvaged and stolen but nobody was sent after the thieves. Questions remain.

This is the chart for the day that Brazel found the debris, set to noon, since I have no information on when the debris was found:

Notable features include:

  • Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Leo in opposition with Aquarius Moon, with Chiron in Scorpio squares. (Disasters, deaths, fatal malfunctions, powerful shock or trauma, weird and dramatic events, burning up, debris or remains, attempts to control, efforts at suppression, serious matters).
  • Air Grand Trine with Moon/Mars/Neptune (Emphasis on flight, space, espionage, misdirection with ease, striking headlines).
  • Uranus and Venus in conjunction in Gemini. This conjunction was exact and had opposition by the Moon in Sagittarius on July 1st. (this can indicate falling from the sky, accidents in the sky, malfunctions, disagreements and various versions of experiences, multiple different events confusing the picture, people changing their stories, major mood swings – going from “its a saucer!” to “its a balloon”).
  • Sun in Cancer square Neptune in Libra. (Lack of vision and clarity, cover ups, conspiracy theory, paranoia and imaginary situations, delusion but also deliberate deception, difficulty in trusting accounts or facts).
  • Moon is waning, a couple of days past being Full, in Aquarius (Full Moon possibly at the hour of the crash itself, sci-fi Aquarius Moon when the debris is found and examined).
  • Mercury in Cancer square Chiron in Scorpio, out of sign. (Vehicular crashes or malfunctions, potential for death or injury while traveling, bits and pieces, debris, parts).
  • Mercury is retrograde having been stationary on July 1st. (Travel breakdowns, malfunctions, things stalling).
  • On July 8th, when everything gets controversial, Moon was in Pisces square Mars and Uranus in Gemini. (shenanigans, switches and sleight of hand, confusion, obfuscation, threats, cover-ups or inventions, secret spy tech, active military strategy).

There is a lot to unpack here, but lets compare it to the LA chart:

  • both have a rare conjunction of Pluto in Leo, one with Chiron and one with Saturn. The Roswell conjunction (Saturn/Pluto) is extremely suppressive and controlling.
  • both have a notable conjunction of Uranus, one with Venus (an annual event) and one with Saturn and Mars (an exceptionally rare event).
  • both involve confusing and cloudy squares of Neptune.
  • and both put some emphasis on Aquarius and Air signs via a Grand Trine.

This case gets more than enough attention, so let’s leave it there and move on.


What Happened: On October 27th 1954 Italian football team Fiorentina were playing at home against Pistioese. At a few minutes into the second half, around 2:20pm, they were 6-2 up when the crowd of 10,000 people and all the players looked up gasping in astonishment as something appeared above the stadium. Amid an eery silence after loud cheering witnesses, describe what they saw differently – some reported a giant rotating egg shaped object, some a disc, and some a small fleet of cigar shaped objects. Some say the object/s were moving slowly, some say they saw them move in quickly before stopping and then floating slowly away. The spectacle was visible for about 15 minutes before disappearing. All the witnesses described a glittery, silver substance that floated down onto them, something like reflective white cotton wool or webbing, and which continued to fall for some time after the objects were no longer visible. This is called ‘angel hair’ and it is reported rarely but has occurred in other UFO sightings. The substance disintegrates when handled but in this instance however some samples were collected by scientists and analyzed due to the fact that similar sightings were occurring in Italy that day with other reports of this strange substance falling and coating the woodland. Before the samples were destroyed lab analysis showed it was not radioactive and contained boron, silicon, calcium and magnesium. This rules out the theory that these are spider webs (made of nitrogen, calcium, hydrogen and oxygen) and undermines the main skeptical theory that the sighting is caused by autumn spider migrations which were happening at the time. The match was suspended. Sightings of aerial objects in Italy continued for a number of weeks.

This is the chart, I think it is pretty mind blowing:

What are the odds? ANOTHER conjunction with Uranus.

  • Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Cancer (10,000 witnesses, mass sighting of something strange, differing accounts, awe and wonderment, astonishment. Note that Jupiter is the ruler of the midheaven and that Aquarius is rising. If the actual time was more than 15 or 20 minutes later than 2:20pm then they move into the 5th house of sports and games).
  • Mars in early Aquarius opposite Jupiter/Uranus in late Cancer (shock, surrealism, action interrupted and suspended, something happening in the sky that draws attention).
  • Aquarius rising (general weirdness, the unexpected and illogical occurs, things connected to space and oddity).
  • Moon conjunct Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio (profundity, perfect stillness, silence).
  • The Sun is once again in aspect with Neptune, this time an out of sign conjunction across late Libra and early Scorpio. Both are square the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and Mars in Aquarius. (Mystery, otherworldliness, confused reports, surreal experience, something strange in the air, material that disintegrates and disappears).
  • Pluto in Leo is angular and sets at that location during the experience, but has no major conjunctions this time (a setting Pluto implies a sense of profound emotion or depth of feeling and something eery).
  • Venus is in the very end of Scorpio and may be angular (on the MC) at the start of the experience if the time it occurred is actually earlier than the one used (say around 2pm). She squares Pluto in Leo and trines Jupiter/Uranus. (“Angel hair”, something beautiful but inexplicable, powerful emotions are stirred).
  • Mercury is retrograde (play stopped) and, assuming an accurate time, the ruler of the 5th (football matches).
  • Moon is waxing out of its New phase and not visible in the sky but is nearly a Crescent. (something barely material, near intangibility)

The stand-out feature of this case, the collected and analyzed angel hair that was falling all over the stadium and surrounding area, seems to be represented by the trine between Venus (hair, angels) in Scorpio (disintegrating, vanishing) in trine with Jupiter/Uranus (weird futuristic, baffling thing witnessed by mass of people) in Cancer (rain). The square from the Sun and Neptune to the Jupiter/Uranus square also evokes all these qualities. The stand out feature emerging from all three of these cases, however, is the involvement of conjunctions to the planet Uranus and the interaction between the Sun and Neptune as well as an emphasis on Aquarius. It seems that in cases where there are many witnesses or a huge impact is made these are looking like they might be key factors. Pluto may also be involved, either by major conjunction or angularity.


What Happened: Australia’s most famous incident. At around 11am on Wednesday, April 6th 1966 in a suburb of Melbourne Australia called Westall, around 300 pupils (aged around 11) and teachers as well as local residents witnessed a strange sight hovering and maneuvering low nearby. Some students were playing cricket at the time and probably were first to observe the phenomena. According to one girl a young boy came running into the science class alerting them (“Mr Greenwood Mr Greenwood there’s these things in the sky!”) and after going outside they saw a saucer like disc, many say three, that was silver grey in colour with a slight purple hue and lights on its rim, about the size of two family cars. Many children were terrified, some thinking it was the end of the world. The object or one of them descended and disappeared behind a nearby tree line and three of the children ran towards it. One girl came upon the other two in front of the object, which had landed. One of the girls was unconscious and the other was hysterical. It was giving off heat and buzzing lowly. The girl watched the object on the ground for some minutes before it lifted up about 12 feet in the air, turned 90° on its side, and then shot off to rejoin two other objects in the sky, accelerating at an incredible speed. Witnesses say that when this happened, about 30 minutes into the event, 5 aircraft had appeared and engaged in a cat and mouse maneuver with the objects, which easily evaded them, moving faster than when first sighted. This cat and mouse game lasted around 20 minutes before the objects gradually retreated and the aircraft left the area. A large group of students and the science teacher went to the landing site and found a circular indentation in the grass. Within 40 minutes of the incident armed forces flooded the area and spoke with the headmaster, who assembled the school, ordered them to say nothing of the incident, and strongly warned of consequences if anyone spoke about the incident. Kids who spoke to the media were given detention and teachers were warned that if they spoke about what they saw they would be accused of being drunk and lose their jobs. The girl who was hysterical actually disappeared after going to hospital. A concerned teacher went to her house the next day and was told by a woman with an English accent (Tanya’s parents were Yugoslavian) that no one of that name had ever lived there, despite the teacher having visited Tanyas parents there before. It later emerged that she had been sent to a convent and did not wish to speak about the events, having no recall. Despite an immediate response to the situation by the RAAF, the army and the Civil Defense Organisation, there is no information about the incident publicly available in any of the archives. The official explanation seems to be lazily copied from Roswell – a stray weather balloon.

Here is the chart:

It is kind of a wow moment seeing a totally exact conjunction of Uranus and Pluto when you have already seen the other three charts. It is also kind of striking when you realise that they are in the 3rd house of schools:

  • Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo (something revolutionary, major shocks, out of this world, it landed, a science teacher and his class were involved, hysteria and fainting, end of the world feeling, evidence on the ground, flattened and indented grass, soft buzzing noise, huge organizational response).
  • Air Grand Trine involving Jupiter in Gemini, Moon in Libra and Venus in Aquarius (RAAF craft, general emphasis on the air and flight).
  • Exact conjunction of Mercury, Saturn and Chiron angular on the midheaven in Pisces, opposing Uranus/Pluto (massive and immediate response by authorities, threatening, bullying, silencing and disappearance of witnesses, dreamlike but real, cat and mouse game, scrubbed records, stray balloon theory, girl falls unconscious, girl becomes hysterical, evidence made to vanish, witnesses adamant and sure even 50 years later that what they saw was not of this world).
  • Jupiter in Gemini squares to Mercury, Saturn and Chiron (lack of official records, erratic and odd maneuvers on an axis, sudden acceleration, multiple objects, silencing of witnesses).
  • Gemini rising with Jupiter in Gemini (big or dramatic happenings, news and media reporting, talk of the town, schools and schooling, something in the air).
  • Full Moon opposing Mars in rulership conjunct the exalted Sun in Aries (high spirits, excitement, panic, astonishment, sudden events, buzzing, heat, military maneuvers, the army, something perceived as a military threat or alternatively military activity).
  • Neptune conjunct Dragons Tail in Scorpio (pulling the plug, things disappear, slight confusion over events, hysteria, memory loss).

There is no Sun/Neptune contact here, but the reason for this may be that in this case there is more consensus about what happened, less fog and contradiction. What is getting really obvious, though, are the Uranus conjunctions. I wouldn’t say they are essential to UFO experiences but I suspect they may be a factor in mass sightings or those which strongly impact the collective awareness. Maybe there is something even more weird going on here though. Probably.


What Happened: On the night of November 29th 1989 just outside of Eupen, Belgium, two police officers on a routine patrol encounter a large, triangular shaped object lighting up a field. It was dark, huge and silent with bright white lights at its corners and a pulsing orange–red light in its centre. They pulled over and observed the object, notifying the dispatcher. He observed the odd lights in the distance. The officers observed the object moving slowly close to the ground for 30 minutes firing what seemed to them to be lasers from its corners as a ball left the object and came back “as if measuring something”. To the surprise of both they then saw a second, identical object rising up from a tree line. As it tilted they could see a dome on the top with three small windows and a light inside. The objects then flew away slowly but one was subsequently seen floating 500 feet away by the dispatcher. Six minutes later and eight miles to the north two other police officers, joking about their comrades reports on the dispatch, witness the same object. They watch as the red light detaches itself and floats away behind buildings as a sphere, then the object somehow collapses itself into a beam of light and shoots away.

This began four months in which the object was reported hundreds of times in Belgium and north Germany. These events reach their climax on the night of March 30-31 1990 when, at 10:50 PM, a radar station received reports from police officers of a sighting on the outskirts of Brussels. The lights are observed for two and half hours and tracked by radar. At 11:56 PM NATO Air Defence scramble two F-16s. They quickly achieve a radar lock on their targets but each time they grow close the lock is broken and the object takes evasive action while ground witnesses see the lights dim completely when the planes arrive. They end up locking onto themselves. During these evasive actions the first radar lock clocked its speed change immediately from 150 knots (172 mph or 277kph) to 970 knots (1,116mph or 1,796kph) as it dropped from 9000 to 5000 feet, then rose to 11,000 feet, then dropped again to ground level. This is an acceleration of 40 Gs, five times what a human can survive, and made while close to the ground (where there is greater air density) without a sonic wave. At ground level, radar (and pursuit by fighters due to the higher air density) is ineffective and the technology filters out slow moving or stationary objects so whenever the object was lower than 200 feet, or slow or stationary, the fighters lost their bead on it and the object seemed to exploit this. The intercept was called off after 75 minutes without actually being able to see the quarry. The sighting continued on the ground until around 1:30 AM when the lights dimmed and then departed in four different directions. The conventional account favours mass hysteria, faulty radar readings and secret stealth craft.

The chart below is set for Brussels the moment radar gets involved at 10:50 PM on March 30, 1990.

  • Uranus and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn (Major and complex happenings, the long period in which sightings occurred, witnesses are of respectable authorities like police officers, objects defy laws of physics and change forms, objects appear to be scanning or assessing, objects floating over the bureaucratic capital of government, mass hysteria, reliable equipment failing).
  • Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Cancer opposing Uranus/Neptune (Failure to intercept, mass hysteria, orders from NATO, huge size of object).
  • Sun square Neptune is back! (Confusion, delusion, mass hysteria, cover-up, failure to apprehend evidence).
  • Scorpio and Pluto in Scorpio rising (Perceived threats or violations, intense and powerful emotion, deep mystery, involvement of the police and fighter jets).
  • Pluto in Scorpio rises on the ascendant as the F-16s are scrambled (see above).
  • Chart ruler Mars is in Aquarius, conjunct Dragons Head and an angular Venus on the IC (Military aerial manoeuvres, sci-fi objects, sudden acceleration and change of altitude, a sight to behold, pulsing red eye at the centre, object changes shape or becomes invisible).
  • Waxing Crescent Moon in Gemini, setting as the objects disappear from ground observation (this times the end of the event and generally points to things connected to the sky and flight).
  • Exalted Aries Sun (with Mercury in Aries) square Uranus/Neptune and Jupiter/Chiron (Confusion, delusion, mass hysteria, military response, fighter jets, complete futility of the intercept mission, failure of radar to establish lock, seemingly intelligent evasive manoeuvres, pulsing red light at centre).

The conjunction of Uranus and Neptune was a feature of the sky that lasted a number of years and is also a big part of the astrological picture in the breakup of the Soviet Union and other political events that were occurring in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This conjunction, when placed in context with other mass sightings and culturally significant UFO/UAP events, also seems to be involved in the widespread experience that happened in Belgium as well as other cases, such as the Ariel school encounter in Zimbabwe of September 16 1994, – over 4 years later – in which several children witnessed something land and several beings emerged. In this case, Uranus/Neptune were opposed by Mars. We also have mounting evidence that a strong Pluto and Aquarius are common themes in these experiences (during Ariel, the Moon was in Aquarius – in the 3rd house of schools – and Pluto in Scorpio was again rising).


By the time of the next and last case, however, the Uranus/Neptune conjunction is separated not only by 7° but also by different signs. This does not stop the juggernaut of Uranus conjunctions being involved, though.


What Happened: It’s well known – many thousands of people saw a truly massive shape of hovering lights over Arizona on the night of March 13th 1997. The sightings began at around 7:30pm with the first report from a former police officer in Paulden, Arizona calling in to the National UFO Reporting Centre at 8:16pm , who saw “a cluster of red-orange lights in a V formation”. The call centre began receiving the first in what would be a flood of over 700 calls, some of which came from pilots, police and military, indicating that the sightings were moving south-east towards Phoenix. Many calls described the same thing, a singular massive, silent V-shaped craft with lights beneath, moving slowly and occasionally hovering for a time. One witness, driving in a car at 60-70mph on the freeway directly beneath it, took 2 minutes to pass underneath. Most estimates place the object as being more than a mile long. By 8:45pm the sightings are taking place south of Tucson. The object enters the area of Phoenix, hovering over a major intersection for 5 minutes and is seen by pilots and air traffic controllers while not registering on radar. It is at this point, around 10pm, that many of the films of lights were taken. Apparently the object continued moving SE to Tucson before disappearing. There were reports of fighter aircraft in the sky around the object by many witnesses, but the Air Force denied having any planes in the area at the time only to discover later that they had somehow overlooked the fact that they had dropped high altitude flares over Phoenix that night, and this was used as the conventional explanation. Immediately following the events the Governor in Phoenix held a press conference in which he announced they had apprehended the culprits and brought out a man in a cheap alien suit. He later claimed this was to restore calm and that he regretted these actions, as he had seen the otherworldly craft (his words) himself and as a former pilot he said it was not flares and he could not explain it. The flares were also dropped at around 10pm and do not account for the earlier sightings. It may be that there were two separate things making people look up into the sky that night, and all the images we have are of the later 10pm events. There is also at least one witness who claims that they were visited by men dressed in black (looking just like in the movie) who confiscated photographic evidence under false pretenses.

The chart below is set for 10pm in Phoenix:

  • Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius (mile long object, otherworldly, mass sighting, big event, stars and the sky, potential for more than one phenomena being reported).
  • Scorpio and Pluto in Scorpio rising (Powerful emotions, being swept up by events, perceived threats or scary shit, involvement of military).
  • Scorpio ascendant square Jupiter/Uranus in Aquarius (Shock and awe, stunned, massive intimidating object, strong emotions, knee jerk reactions).
  • Waxing First Quarter Moon in Gemini (General emphasis on events in the sky, a talking point, floating or drifting, flares, signals, fear of panic, ridicule).
  • Moon sets as the events end (again as with Belgium the waxing Moon setting in Gemini times the return to ‘normal programming’ (and the return of planes to bases).
  • Mars in Virgo rises and Saturn in Aries sets as the events begin (titanic sized objects, threat, tension, displays of scientific superiority, alarm, slow speed, casual pace).
  • Sun/Mercury/Venus in Pisces opposite Mars in Virgo (Military strategies and training exercises, something both otherworldly and scientific or technological, actions of concealment or diversion, being shaken or humbled, temporarily losing your wits and composure, slow movement, invisibility and cloaking, holographic projections, illusions or confusion caused by flares).

As can be seen from this, Uranus is once again in a conjunction, and we see the repeating patterns of a strong Pluto, a Moon in Air signs, emphasis on Aquarius and hard aspects involving Mars and/or Saturn when military become involved. And yes, why oh why did it have to be Uranus, the phenomenon gets enough ridicule by itself, but that’s Uranus…

There are very striking patterns in these events, especially the conjunctions with Uranus, which is actually what we would expect from such happenings as Uranus in modern astrology is connected to space, sci-fi, the weird, conspiracy theory and things that defy conventional wisdom, but we must also remember that it is the planet of the masses, so perhaps the signature here is of a ‘mass sighting’ rather than a spacecraft, and we also have to admit that it is an unreliable planet connected to instability, invention and hysteria. We can’t use astrology for sure to say one way or another what something is, just as we can’t tell what your gender is from looking at your chart, but we can use it to identify energy patterns in time and space and armed with this foresight we can perhaps learn to forecast them. What we would not be able to do using traditional astrology, though, is tell you exactly where these things will happen. That information is just not readable from the movement of planets, or at least it is far too complicated for us to be able to discern and would require a vast amount of accurately timed chart data. However, there may be a link with the local parans of certain stars and also a link to astro-cartographic lines which can plot the path of planets on the surface of the globe. These techniques may throw light on the ‘where’ and help narrow down further some of the ‘when’, but I have not had the opportunity to do this kind of research yet. Another possible line of approach is to use the charts of witnesses – what, for example, does the astrology of Jesse Martel tell us on the day he claims the debris was switched? There are many areas of research to consider and many ways it can be approached. Perhaps you will find something to add to these patterns? Whatever you do find, though, the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ of these cases will likely remain a mystery.

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2 comments on “Astrology X Files I: Major UFO/UAP Events

  1. Being born during the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn I remember having unusual experiences and hearing unusual experiences related to UFOs from people close to me around the time Jupiter was in Capricorn in 2008-2009.
    I think April of 2024 seems to be an interesting time, with the Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Aquarius, also the next years when Uranus will be in Gemini making trines to Pluto.
    Also interesting that you wrote this message with the Dragon conjunct Uranus 🙂

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