Reflections on magic, astrology and the life we live.

For personal contact with the writer and to inquire about my professional services, contact dj@astralvisions.de

I now have a Patreon page over here: https://www.patreon.com/astrallight?ty=h&u=2718425

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22 comments on “About

  1. Hello David. Glad to have noticed your blog. I will be reading from time to time. Hope you are doing well.

    • Hi Björn, and glad you found your way here 🙂 As you can see this blog started a few months ago and will be irregularly updated as I fit it around my other work. Strangely it did not yet occur to me to invite everyone on my email contacts list because I have grown so used to other ways of staying in contact with the people I know. So I am happy to see you have found me, how did that come about?

  2. Rawn’s name just popped into my mind, so I went and check his website. There I saw that you have a new blog. 🙂

  3. I am also glad to have discovered this site! (was googling cazimi Mercury). It would be nice to know a bit more about you.. David. Happy New Year!
    Rachel 🙂

    • thanks for finding us! A bit more about me? Why on Earth would you want to know that, lol! Well lets see, I currently live in Berlin but was born and grew up in west London, I am a Scorpio Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and midheaven guy with Capricorn rising and Saturn in Taurus. So I am sort of serious and a bit of a loner and definitely a geek who would fit right in with Sheldon Cooper, except for the passion for astrology which would drive him crazy. I like Moby, Banco de Gaia, David Lynch, Arkham Horror, Doctor Who, creeks, forests, loving and being loved. I live with a 2 year old west highland terrier, who is inseparable from me. I am her magicians familiar (its actually much more fun that way). I offer a range of astrological services on Skype, basically anything you need doing with astrology I can help you with. I do not advertise these services and rely on word of mouth. I have been a professional astrologer for 25 years and a practicing magician for a slightly longer length of time. My email address for private correspondence is dj@astralvisions.de
      Happy New Year Rachel!

      • Hey David I have just found your website. It’s incredible that you have so many planets in Scorpio!! I can’t relate. I think I have one house in Scorpio. I love all the information on your website, it is very in depth and like better than those ‘ten facts about aquarius’ mainstream blogs that just say i’m a heartless SOAB. I actually stumbled on your blog because I’m on a week long astrology tangent, my most recent jaunt being “why am I so melancholic” “why do I like being moody when basically my entire chart is Sagittarius” and things of that nature. In theory a Sagittarius moon shouldn’t like depressing grunge. It makes me feel better. What do you make of this…. Aquarius Sun, Saggitarius Moon, Leo Rising, Dominants are Aquarius, Saggitarius, Capricorn. Absolutely no water in the chart, apart from 3 of the houses. I’m also a psychic, lol not sure where that comes from. Also my worst fear is the ocean, and apparently that is so with ‘no water’ people. Anyway, thanks for your blog – I’ll be reading it and digesting it soon. Ciao

        • Fire is very psychic too, it just manifests differently (often as hunches or visually rather than through empathy). Melancholia can also come from the strength of Saturn regardless of Fire. I sense you have to look deeper and more originally for the Fire in your life. Its there. Look closely at the spirit of you, the energy of your being and presence. Even if it is melancholic, I’ll wager it is still a strong presence.

  4. Hi David,

    How are you doing? I am not sure if you will remember me, but you had helped me in a difficult time of my life in 2007 (around May 2007) through your advice on my birth chart interpretations. I wanted to thank you for encouraging and reassuring me at that time.
    I hope you are doing fine in your life. I see from this blog that you are :). I visited your blog first time today, and it is amazing. Is there anyway I can have a private correspondence with you ? I had emailed you in April 2014, but did not get a response, so I was wondering if your email address was still valid.

    Deepak Mittal

    • I remember you dearly my friend. I am so glad to hear that I helped you through that difficult time 🙂 Truly, it is THE greatest gift for me in being an astrologer. So thank you for coming back and letting me know. I always wonder how the people I have met in this journey are doing. It is nearly always a mystery! And yes, we can chat privately. There are two ways to do that. One is through Facebook, where you can befriend me and send me messages. The other is my email, which is dj@astralvisions.de
      I did not see the last message, so maybe resend it too when you get in touch again?
      Also I now have a Patreon page over here: https://www.patreon.com/astrallight?ty=h&u=2718425
      and would deeply appreciate support for further free publishing.
      Bless you for making my day!

    • hank you Petra! There is a FB group called The 26 Keys and this journal which goes live once a month. I am also working on online courses which will launch soon, and you can also use this site of FB to contact me for private readings and lessons on Skype.

  5. Hi David. I’m new to IIH and read your interview with Falcon Books. I searched Amazon for your 26 Keys and found it wasn’t available. Did I misunderstand? Thank you

    • Thank you for your interest Rebecca, its in a reprint right now, I have updated, edited and tidied the text for a 2nd edition. It will be available again soon enough 🙂 Meantime, you can check out the Practice Manual in the archive here, which contains all of the information you need to practice the magic of astrology, and the other articles on a variety of topics that are expansions on the material in the book.

  6. Hello David,
    I just found your blog today and have been looking for the book 26 Keys. I’m glad it is in reprint. I will be checking out the Practice Manual in the mean time.

    • Thanks Susan, there was a strange glitch when it came to the cover, a bug in the system I couldn’t get around, but I have finally broken through it and things are moving ahead again now.

      • Thank you for your reply David!

        I would like to get the ephemeris that I need for the 26 steps. I cannot seem to find a program that will give me the house degrees. If I go onto a website such as Astrodienst, What should I plug in?

      • Hello again David,
        Would you be able to give me the website that gives the house cusp ephemeris? I can’t seem to find a site, and would love to get to one.
        Thank you in advance,

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