Cazimi, under the sunbeams & combust: the conjunctions of the Sun

Hello again, and welcome back. After some correspondence with a friend  this week I decided to start publishing my own database on astrology. This database has been built up over the last 13 years using the interpretations editor of my computer software.  It has been systematically added to over that time with all of my observations and discoveries and I use this as my raw material when writing an  astral vision of someones birth chart.  It is now so huge that in places I can no longer add to it, the software having reached a limit to its capacity. It represents every aspect of my personal experience with astrology and so in the time intervening between writing my next entry I will be posting bits and pieces of this database for people to use, ignore or think over.  Today I give you some of my thoughts on the general nature of conjunctions with the Sun.

corona of the sun

The corona of the Sun is so bright that any planet within about 8° of the Sun will not be seen at all. This is called being ‘combust’. Even beyond that point and up to about 17° away the brightness of the Sun is still overpowering and the planet is faint. This is called being ‘under the sunbeams’. If a planet is right at the core of the Sun, within 0° 17′, then it is utterly consumed and this is called being ‘cazimi’.

So there are really three kinds of solar conjunction – cazimi, combust and under sunbeams – each of which has a somewhat different effect. Planets ‘under the sunbeams’ are said to be mildly debilitated, with this weakness increasing the closer they come to the Sun. So conjunctions between 8-17° still count as conjunctions with the Sun.[1] Closer than 8°, the weakness of the planets is said to increase to a higher degree, which is called being combust.[2] This is considered a more serious weakness implying a restriction of power and strength, as the fierceness of the Sun burns away the principle of the planet. Finally, when in the very core of the Sun at 0° 17’ or less, a planet is cazimi and is briefly strengthened by its contact and union with the solar principle, being reborn and re-forged in its own depth of being and these are conjunctions finding a true alignment between the inner self of the individual and the principle of the planet. They are often described as bestowing some kind of brilliance or genius.

This seems rather unfair since it means that there are no strong solar conjunctions except those which are almost exact, until you realise that the mainstream writings on astrology have a political philosophy which evaluates strength and power purely in material terms. A ‘good’ chart is one that makes us rich easily, ensures our perpetual emotional bliss and provides us with all that we want. The view is materialistic. But with the conjunctions to the Sun, the attachment to materialisation itself is dissolving.

Thus, what is being made combust is the detritus and silt of the planet, the outer material crust which interacts with the physical material world in which power and strength are measured very tangibly and crudely. The power of these planets is not destroyed it is simply being transferred to more spiritual and intangible realms which are sourced within. This transference is made by the fusion of our conscious awareness to and with what the planet represents, by the casting of our inner light upon it in a dazzling illumination of its entire realm and a command of that realm in our own being. The dross burns away in the light of awareness and we see the principle of the planet with brilliant illumination, but within ourselves.

Cazimi, then, leads to the most enchanted state wherein the essential meaning of the planet becomes truly inseparable from our spirit. If the planet is in a superior conjunction with the Sun (on its far side) then the effect will be stronger, because superior conjunctions represent a ‘Full Moon’ stage of the planetary cycle.[3] A cazimi Venus, for example, could easily be a nymphomaniac or ‘sex addict’, for example. It could also be a person with near supernatural charm, grace or insight into the world of feelings. Under the sunbeams a planet is warmed and vitalised and somewhat or completely invisible, meaning it is commanding and infused with our inner light but somehow ‘on the fringes’, lacking in conventional status. It becomes ethereal, alluring, unusual and dreamy. Combust planets are unorthodox and often willfully defy external direction because they are confident in their own inner unique grasp of the planets essential meaning. They are either aloof from or disinterested in the material agenda of the planet concerned but will still display its power radiantly and forcefully but somewhat enigmatically and individually.

Short answer: when a planet becomes non-visible because of the Suns light it becomes less physical and more astral in focus.

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[1] Since Mercury is very often within at least range of being under the sunbeams, the vast majority of people live with something similar, whereas with Venus there is frequently more distance and thus objectivity. This is part of the nature of Mercury – thought is more tightly bound to consciousness than emotion and it is thus more difficult to gain objectivity on its operations.

[2] Astrologers have not concluded whether conjunctions which take place at the end and beginning of signs, causing the aspect to be out of sign’, still count as a combustion or even as conjunctions, but my experience is that they do.

[3] Note that all planets except Mercury and Venus always form superior conjunctions with the Sun, as only Mercury and Venus can form inferior conjunctions. The inferior conjunction is therefore connected with the integration of the poles of the personality, thought and feeling, with the light of our being.  If we were living on Mars, then Earth could also form an inferior conjunction with the Sun, and so on.

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  1. Hello, my Pluto peragrin 19 degrees/31 mins. Sun 19 degrees/56 mins. A difference of 25 mins. Sun conjunct Ascendant 8 degrees.
    I fit the descriptions of cazami and combust.
    How do you explain this…would it be a cazami/combust cusp?


  2. Hi,
    I have Sun at 2 Gemini 28’15” and Mercury at 2 Gemini 51’16″R in the 9th house square. What is your interpretation of this? Is my Mercury Combust or Cazimi?

  3. I have 5 planets in Libra – Sun 16° 52′ Jupiter 16°31′ combust –
    Uranus 5°12′ Moon 4°17 Mercury 0°11′ under the sun beams – all in 10 house
    Now it’s make sense that by the age 47 I got nothing tangible and getting nowhere in my career

  4. I have Sun in Capricorn 10° 18′ in 9th house, Mercury in Capricorn (R) 13 ° 30′ in 9th house and Sun conjunction with Mercury 3° 11′ as the only aspect of Mercury. Can this combination result in reduced intellectual ability?
    Thank you if you can respond.

    • No, all this really opens up in general is the fact that it becomes hard for you to seperate your own thoughts and opinions from your own identity. Some people are able to seperate those (naturally, they will have a bigger distance between Mercury and the Sun). They would be able to say “I have this thought”, whereas people like you and I tend to go with “I am this thought”.

  5. I have read that my Aries sun forms a very wide conjunction with my Pisces Mercury (12* 50′ orb). I have also just found out that my sun also forms a very wide conjunction with my Pisces MC (9*31′ orb). I have always known that my mercury forms a fairly tight conjunction with my MC.
    What does it mean if my sun is placed within intercepted Aries, ie: there are no house cusps in Aries. Pisces is duplicated with two house cusps. I also have a stallium in intercepted libra with mars, Saturn and pluto.


    • Intercepted signs are like hidden rooms in the houses/temples that you find much greater access to once the sign on the house/temple cusp is sufficiently mastered. Before that time only natal objects in the intercepted sign and temporary transits or progressions through it provide us with what would be an average level of connection. Yet after we have made our connection to that sign it comes through much stronger.

  6. Great Post! I was wondering if Cazimi also pertains to asteroids? I have my Psyche exactly 17′ from my Sun in Leo in the 8th house.

    • By the definition I use, asteroids cannot be cazimi, since they are always non-visible:
      “when a planet becomes non-visible because of the Suns light it becomes less physical and more astral in focus.”
      More specifically, this statement refers to objects in a solar conjunction, not just in the sky (so a planet in the sky during daylight hours is not counted unless it is also close to the Sun). However in practice you can see a cazimi like effect on any close conjunction with the Sun even with non-visible objects, however I would argue that this is an effect of the Suns conjunction aspect rather than the condition known as cazimi.
      Other astrologers have other ideas here, and thats fine. Take what works for you. This article is for people who want to know my personal opinion.

  7. Hi David,

    Great article on cazimi.

    Would progressed Uranus cazimi the Sun also denote a period of brilliance and genius?

    Secondly, regarding a planet cazimi Sun seeking an astral not a materialistic expression… what if you’ve been living your life astrally, ‘in the clouds’ or in the land of fantasy… might progressed Uranus cazimi Sun (in the 2nd House) be associated with a materialistic phase in your life, where you literally have to act out your earlier fantasies?

    • Great question about progressions. I honestly have not looked too deep into that, but I can see no reason why it would not apply for a time.
      Your second question I have to unpack a little so its clear what I am addressing. Astral focus for a planet does not automatically make that dimension of awareness fantasy prone and out of touch with reality. That’s a poorly handled astral focus, just as there is a poorly handled physical one. It would be more likely, in this case, that you would get an acceleration and empowerment of the fantasy prone qualities, not an inversion, although with any Uranian infuence there is always the possibilitiy of contrary and contradictory things occuring.

      • I get your point that a fantasy is a poorly handled astral focus. What a wonderful way of putting into words that someone might be losing the plot.

        But just to be clear… say you have a Jekyll and Hyde fantasy about transforming yourself into a monster of a human being, and your progressed Uranus in Gemini is exactly conjunct your Sun in Gemini. What you’re suggesting is that such a person is more likely to experience an acceleration and empowerment of that fantasy in their lives at that particular time in their life.
        Is that right?
        Might they not realise their inversion proper around that time too?

        • Yes, they might. Put it this way – Uranus is a very magical planet, and part of that magic is that it controls the event horizon at which what was previously impossible becomes not just possible but suddenly real. It has to build up a significant quantity and quality of astral significance in order to make that quantum leap, and it often uses new technology as a bridge to make those leaps.

          • Thanks for your insights. One last question. What do you mean by ‘quantity and quality of astral significance’? Do you mean how they’ve lived out their charts in the past and where they’re at now. And how this all influences their future?

          • Just as matter is the substance of the physical universe, significance is the substance of the astral universe and meaning the substance of the mental universe. Astral significance is the bond and transeiver between mental and physical reality. When enough astral significance accumulates, waves collapse into particles, and things happen, notions become physically incarnate.

  8. Do you think Its a general sense to expand the orb of the Sun for more than the old 7 degrees to the astrologers community now?

    • I think its helpful (and accurate) to think of two objects being in the same sign as having something like a conjunction going on, which I and others call co-presence , which means they are operating under the same or similar agendas. When the Lights are involved, I think this co-presence is stronger, especially when it is the Sun or a Full Moon. Yet its not a conjunction – that is much more of a pronounced effect. In my practice I will use an entire sign for co-presence of the Sun, 17° for a loose conjunction, and 7° or less for a regular conjunction.

  9. Thank you for your excellent article. Would you be able to comment on a Sun Libra at 29.18’ combust Neptune Libra at 28.1’? Neptune seems already pretty ethereal and oriented to the spiritual, to me, so how would the combust condition show up here, would you think?

    • Check the temple position. That area of life will be overflowing with imagination and a Libran desire to co-operate, bring peace, pacify and balance. A cazimi Neptune is like living in a dream world or being continually attractive to muses. Life (Sun) starts to feel like breathing in music (Neptune).

  10. Hi, I have my Venus at 28 Leo and Sun 13 Virgo. Although my Venus is visible on the date of birth , it becomes invisible later in life (like now) . Thats what I have been told by an astrologer and its kind of depressing. Does it mean its an end to LOVE relationships and career? Venus rules my 7th house cusp and my MC+11 house cusp.

    • I don’t know where you have that idea from, it’s clearly NOT that it means that 🙂 I am guessing your astrologer was talking about a progressed Venus, probably Secondary Progressed. Thats a psychological shift, it may or may not manifest externally in your life circumstances, but it does NOT mean love and career are finished!

  11. Hi, I have both Sun and Venus at 5.51 Virgo at an exact Cazimi, but my Venus happens to be also in Retrograde Motion. I would like to know the meaning of Cazimi and in Retrograde? Still strong?

    • Hi 🙂 thank you for this question. Yes it’s still a very strong cazimi. The retrograde only changes the nature of Venus to a more internal state and causes the emotional body to be more reflective and cautious in moving forward.
      Could you say something about how you experience this Virgo cazimi Venus?

      • Well, I have certain magnetic appeal even do, the retrograde motion had made me cautious, shy, uncertain and bit cynical also. My true love was born on the year when my venus moved forward from retrograde motion in my secondary progression and her birthday date sits on the midpoints of with many planets like Venus, Mars, Neptune, Sun both mine and hers…

  12. like your article had not encountered the cazimi / combust / under the beams before. I too have a venus 7 and a half degrees from the sun , and then jupiter a further 9 on so Venus is combust and Jove, under the beams. Never interested in money yet have always had enough and a good inheritance t boot.. i could not reasonably consider them ‘burnt out’. Thanks again for your article.

  13. My inner guidance told me to pay special attention to the date November 11, 2018, so I did a little research. The first thing I realized is that 2+0+1+8=11, so that makes November 11th an 11-11-11 portal. When I researched the asteroids for this date, I found that at 11:11 AM on 11-11-2018 in the Alaskan Time Zone, asteroid Deucalion (53311) will be at 19 Scorpio 22 minutes 50 seconds Rx cazimi the Sun at 19 Scorpio 22 minutes 55 seconds. That’s a pretty precise conjunction! I live in Nashville, Tennessee, in Central Time Zone, three hours away from the Alaskan time zone so where I live the Sun will be 7 minutes away from an exact conjunction at 11:11 AM. In mythology, Deucalion’s father warned him about a coming flood, so Deucalion built an ark. He and his wife were the only ones who survived and they repopulated the Earth. At 11:11 AM on the 11th, I am planning to say a prayer for the survival of humanity and for guidance and faith in the coming years.

    • thank you for this sharing Jean. I have never been a believer in the ‘freaky numbers/time’ synchronicities like 11:11. Its like ‘ascension day’ there have been too many times when it was supposed to happen. Prayers are always good though – everyone should know by now that sea levels are rising fast and getting warmer. Warm oceans hold less oyxgen, which means ocean life will die off as we get hit by global coastal flooding.
      About astrology and modern objects (asteroids, new planets etc) – I am very cautious about reading too much into the mythology of the names we give them. The classical planets gained their mythic meanings in a time when myth meant something in the world. It doesnt any more, our myths are all movie franchises now. I have serious doubts that we attribute any meaning to a thing by naming it something that has to be explained to 99% of living people. Deucalion for example. Who is that? is what most people will think on first hearing. I think thats a significant change and we should as astrologers take note and be careful about assigning such meanings in our interpretations. Better instead to do the hard work of research on Deucalion in hundreds of charts and share our findings that way.

      • I agree with you about the need to do actual research on real life experiences before determining the meaning of asteroids. I do believe this reseach is being done but many of these objects have only recently been discovered, so much more research needs to be done. Still, I find it amazing that Deucalion will be at 19 Scorpio 22 minutes precisely conjunct the Sun, also at 19 Scorpio 22 minutes at precisely 11:11 AM on 11-11 (Alaskan time zone). Isn’t that a pretty amazing coincidence? Why does the precise conjunction happen at 11:11 AM? Why not 4:26 PM? Something else I have noticed is that the North Node for Deucalion’s discovery date (April 18, 1999) is at 19 degrees Leo. On 11-11-2018, the Sun will be at 19 degrees Scorpio square DeuCalion’s discovery Nodes, with transiting Pluto at 19 Capricorn inconjunct the Nodes. So it’s a turning point for our collective awareness of this particular asteroid and its meaning. Portals aren’t something that exist somewhere out there in space. Or maybe thet do, but they are created by our consciousness. They reflect something in our consciousness. Numerology is similar to astrology. I’m familiar enough with numerology and have observed it in real life for long enough to know that the Master Numbers (the double digit numbers) hold up a mirror to something that is potentially quite remarkable. However, most people are not able to attune themselves to the high vibration that they represent. Instead, they express the energy in an ineffective way. That’s why Master Numbers are also called Double Trouble numbers. Most people aren’t masters. The number 11 is similar to Uranus. It’s an energy of revelation, illumination and awakening. I very much want to get out of my dull, go-along-with-the-crowd mind-set and pay very close attention to my inner guidance at this time because I am intending to survive the coming difficult year of 2020 when Saturn and Pluto exactly conjunct Ceres. I haven’t found much on the web about this conjunction with Ceres. Yes, a lot has been said about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, but why aren’t astrologers discussing their exact conjunction with Ceres, the asteroid of nuturing? What does that suggest about our food supply in 2020 and beyond? And yes, Ceres has been extensively studied with real life research. We do know what it means!

      • I also want to say something about your comment: “The classical planets gained their mythic meaning in a time when myth meant something in the world. It doesn’t anymore, our myths are all movie francisises now.” Did you know that the child who came up with the suggestion for the name “Pluto” was actually thinking about the dog named Pluto who tags along with Mickey Mouse in the comics? Never-the-less, the ancient mythology of Pluto is relevant to the actual experience of Pluto transits.

        • Yes, I did! and that’s very interesting! My point is that we lived in a mythic culture, a world where our connection to the mythic was more direct and literal. It was not entertainment. Thank you again, and stay safe!

      • Sorry, I have just one more comment to make before I try to be more polite and hold my tongue. In the myth of Deucalion, he didn’t build a great big huge ark for all of humanity to climb aboard and enter into an exalted New Age. He built a little ark just big enough for him and his wife. He didn’t go around telling everybody about his great idea to build an ark, apparently. Who would listen? No, he just did what he believed he needed to do, regardless of what other people might have thought. EVERYBODY else DIED when the flood came. Only he and his wife lived to repopulate the Earth.

        And I guess I’d better tell you my great idea before I become much wiser and quietly go my own way, because I know darn well that hoarding food will not be the answer. I intend to focus very intently on my spiritual path and become a breatharian. As soon as I say that, I know what everyone will think. Which is fine. It’s time for me to be wise and strong and silent, not swayed by what “everybody else” thinks. And there is one simple reason for this. Because I want to survive the coming difficult times in order to bring healing to this planet in the aftermath.

      • This ties in with the overzealousness of appropriating Eastern archetypes and ideals into Western astrology. We barely comprehend Graeco-Roman or Teutonic/European symbology, and yet profess a deeply shamanic insight according to soporific, superficial interpretations.

        I do recommend Raven Kaldera’s ‘MythAstrology’ as a respectful and insightful–albeit broad–cross-cultural astro-symbologic synthesis.

        • Thank you, I will check it out if I find it.
          Appropriation of concepts from eastern into western and western into eastern is a tangled topic that has long been a debate everyweher but in astrology in particular. The main issue is transmission between India and Hellenistic Europe. This transmission is also important in magic. The truth is we dont know the full picture, but we can identify some things that differ in these traditions as originating in scribal errors.
          The main point being though that the transmission and cross cultural pollinaton of west and east has been ongoing for centuries, and isn’t really helpful to my mind any more (at least in terms of astrology and magic, – certainly not as a historian).

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  15. Reblogged this on MAXIMUM SEX-AND-ROCK-AND-ROLL and commented:
    My SAG Mars is combust my late SCO Sun in my Ist house [“GET ‘DA FI-YAR-HOUSE–WOO-WOO!” -KISS], and my ASC-Venus-Mercury are under pressure beams. Neptune is 30’ from my ASC in officially my 12th house. Sur-PRISE…I’m a voodoo GlamGoth singer.

  16. I’m born Feb 3rd 1995 6:53 PM 70w56 40n48 [ AKA harlem hospital new york ] and I’m definitely a cazimi… I could tell you things that have happened in my life that you wouldn’t believe and might think I’m crazy or delusional but it’s neither… it just happens to be true

    I’m also a genuine psychic I can see the future sometimes and a very prolific lyricist that started pretty much since I was born

    • Fascinating, thank you! Looking at your chart, the visionary thing is clear. The Aquarius cazimi Mercury is always ‘out there’ beyond the fringe. The Uran/Nep fusion is also placed in your 5th trine the MC, which I think brings on the poetry. Bless you for sharing and stay safe!

  17. Hello,
    you write “A cazimi Venus, for example, could easily be a nymphomaniac or ‘sex addict’, for example.”
    And what about a cazimi Neptune? how would that be manifesting?

  18. Hello;) Thank you for the artticle. I have Sun 6* 04′ orb in Virgo and Mercury 06* 09′orb in Virgo. They are in conjunction with Mid Heaven (Leo) and Chiron (Leo). Can you say something about this combination?

    • Sure Karolina! This gives a very strong Mercury capable of very precise and detailed creative work, particularly in repairing or imporving things. It can also bring a gift with diagnosis, especially of illnesses or problems in the physical, astral or mental body, and it brings a strong mental vital energy that helps to keep your mental body healthy and bright. Keen and generous sharing of information/knowledge is also conferred, making you a good teacher and student.

  19. Hello! Thank you for this article. My Sun is at 16* Taurus 11’51”, and Mercury at 11* Taurus 22’48”. Is that a combustion because it’s 5*, or is it cazimi because it’s 11 minutes? 🤔

  20. Amazing information, thank you so much!!
    However, I may be confusing myself here. If I have Sun at 6° Aquarius, & Venus at 7° Aquarius (fourth house), is it still considered combust with Venus at the higher degree? I also have Mercury 2° Aquarius & Jupiter 23°. Not sure how those are affected! If at all. Just curious if the planet has higher degree value, than the sun, what difference does that make. Thank you!

    • Hi Erik! Glad you enjoyed reading this post 🙂 In answer to your query it matters not if the degree of the planet is greater than the Suns. All that matters is the arc of distance between them.

  21. My dad: Sun 0 Capricorn 30
    Mars 0 Capricorn 46

    My mom: Sun 18 Aquarius 41
    Venus 18 Aquarius 25

    Me: Sun 27 Pisces 16
    Mars 27 Pisces 06

    All cazimi!

    Have you seen this sort of clustering of cazimis in other families? It seems unusual to me.

  22. hello! thank you so much for this, I’ve been searching for stuff on cazimi since forever but there doesn’t seem to be a lot on the internet…
    Just wanted to share my experience, I have mercury cazimi (1 minute) rx in virgo 9th house: I am trilingual and can articulate/understand other three — learning a new language was always super easy to me and I write/do research for a living (mostly in languages other than my own). I also live abroad. so yeah, fits the description!

  23. Thanks for sharing. It is hard to find information about cazimi especially for some signs. My Sun and Venus are in Aries exact 0’00 orb 12’52 both. My question is they are in 8th house and my ascendant is Virgo. Although Sun is exalted and cazimi Venus, they also conjunct Saturn in 10’3 Aries. So what do you think about this conjunction in 8th house in Aries? My mother was a psychologist and my father was a soldier and I am very interested in occult.

    • Interest in the occult was one of my first thoughts, Pel. This is a diurnal chart, meaning Saturn is not the traditional troublemaker, Mars is instead, so traditionally Saturn will tend to bring the more constructive qualities, but in his fall he will not start from an easy position (see my latest post!). The thing I would be looking at is Mars, since he disposits the exalted Sun and the cazimi Venus.
      Overall, I urge people not to fear the 8th house. Fear of mortality is a mjor root of the problems that we can find here. Ironically, the 8th is where we find the power that comes from awareness of immortality, but only once we face into our fear of mortality. An exalted Sun, a cazimi Venus and a disciplined Saturn bring courage and the willingness to engage in the long struggle to overcome emotional blockages.

      • Thank you, Mars is in the 1st house (Virgo) and it is the only planet in this house. I actually have a stellium in 8th house including Sun, Venus, Saturn and Mercury. First three in Aries and Mercury in Taurus. I have also another stellium in 5th house/Aquarius including Neptune, Uranus (closely conjunct Moon) and Jupiter.

        My natal chart is mostly based on sextiles and a few trines. There are only 2-3 squares but I have a hard life actually. Maybe that’s because of my Pluto in 3rd aspecting both my stelliums (sextile aspects to 5th planets and trines to 8th planets). I actually need an advice about which major to study. You said that position of Mars is important and it’s in the 1st house with my North Node only. What do you think of this position?

        • While aspects are often the number one thing that catches an astrologers eye, especially when its looking for trouble, they are not the only way major patterns show themselves in a chart. Troubles can show up through a planet in poor dignity that is having sextiles and trines, for example, representing support and encouragment it gets from elsewhere, but for inappropriate, lazy or indulgent behaviour.
          Mars in the 1st in Virgo, conjunct the North Node, in brief, represents a need in this incarnation to embody the idea of Mars in Virgo in its purest (i.e. most virtuous) form in the body, the identity and the way we express ourselves (appearance, mannerisms and character traits). This implies being driven towards perfection (without being hung up on not being perfect) and precision, and a life path of being marked or different to those around you through embodying Virgo traits of all kinds (being humble, driven to help, studious, etc).

  24. Today is the first time I’ve heard of cazimi. I was born in California on November 14, 1950 at 8:55 am. My sun is in Scorpio 21.46 and my Venus is 21.57 Scorpio. I believe that is a cazimi. Mercury is 29.21 which would be a combust, right? My sun and Venus are in the 11th House, but Mercury is in the 12th. Uranus and Mars are in close opposition in Cancer (9.06) and Capricorn (6.22). I’ve thought this opposition has been a factor in the more abrupt and stressful changes in my life. I have had a satisfying career as a literature and writing teacher, but have also felt a strong desire to be an interior designer. Sometimes I just think to myself: Maybe next lifetime. I’ve had an interest in spirituality, however unconventional but always benign, for almost as long as I can remember. If you have any thoughts or guidance you can give me, I would love to receive them. Thank you!!

    • Hi Janet, thank you for sharing, my apologies for lateness, I usually reply to all my messages towards the end of the month but missed it last month. You got all the analysis part right – cazimi Venus, combust Mercury.
      Is this a Sagittarius rising chart, or is that sign intercepted in the 12th and Capricorn is the rising sign? Either way I am guessing Mars is in the 1st? Since this is a day chart, Mars is the traditional troublemaker (because he is made even hotter while Saturn is instead warmed up). He is also in his exaltation, so very strong in that opposition to Uranus. This could easily be the major cause of a lot of instability, upset and upheaval in life that we might call violent or dangerous at times. The strong desire nature of an exalted Mars will often be involved in these.
      The Capricorn time is approaching. If you are interested in changing the way this dynamic opposition manifests, this is the golden time of year in which to do it. The Capricorn time each month with Moon in Capricorn is also a key time.

  25. Thank you for this post! Super informative. Just to clarify…

    I have Mars/Sun/Pluto in my 4th House (Scorpio) at 18/19/20 degrees respectively.

    Am I understanding correctly that both Mars and Pluto are combust my sun because they are each one degree away?

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  27. Hi, tnx a lot for this post, I have a question that’s been on my mind regarding my natal chart. I have cazimi Jupiter – 7 minutes away from the Sun in the 12th house, sign Virgo. I’m struggling with the interpretation. Would appreciate some help, tnx!

  28. hello! i learnt a lot from this post! it’s interesting because i have sun in capricorn conjunct uranus and neptune, and uranus is cazimi (0°06′ away) but neptune is combust (0°26′ away). have only just realised that these two planets might be operating differently! if you had any insights i would love to hear, but i’m grateful for the post alone. thanks so much!

  29. Hi! Do chart points like the MC apply in the cazimi concept? My sun is in scorpio 5’27 and my MC is scorpio 5’30. I also got a big chunk of asteroids right there (including my name asteroid which is weird!) but I know you already said asteroids don’t count.

    • Great question! Sorry for the delay in answering, it slipped under my (blitzed!) radar. No, cazimi does not apply to the asc or MC. They are basically always invisible anyway! However, this will put several !!!!! over the zodiac sign involved – in your case Scorpio, objectively the best sign 😉

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Exact aspects to within one degree means there’s something very obvious and universal about your Sun on the MC. Like being a teacher, for example.
      The asteroids conjunct the MC describe your cerebral approach to career matters and public appearances which again links to being a good teacher. People are impressed by your articulate mental skills and your passionate display of knowledge which you happily share with others.

  30. Hi, I was born with a six planet Stellium Solar eclipse birth Virgo Sun 19°24 Pluto 24°43 Moon 25°25 2nd house , Third house Uranus in Libra 3°27 Jupiter 10° 31 and Mercury 14°00.

    My grandfather died three days After my birth he was a major patriarch of our whole family I am a gypsy woman 100% I was his first grandchild. About my life I have been destroyed sometimes with self-destruction and rebuilt again many many times. I have a very strong willed with no fear of change. I’ve been married several times 22 years married to the man of my dreams he died almost 4 years ago. I have no desire to remarry. I do believe I am combust up to Uranus at 3° 27 , but it’s conjunct Jupiter and mercury. Just wondering how the solar eclipse birth Reacts to combustion with Pluto and the Moon or is my Jupiter and mercury affected by the combustion of the sun that far away. I’m very excited to hear your response. Thank you.

    • I made a reply to this earlier but it appears to be lost so I will attempt to recreate it. Apologies if my original answer should appear and you get the same answer twice. Thank you for this very interesting technical question. Before answering I want to remind us all that the universe is not a clockwork mechanism, that nature is infinitely creative (meaning, messy) within the natural laws. We know this as astrologers because we can observe that (for example) just because the Saturn square Uranus is exact on a particular day and at a specific second, we should not expect its manifestation to show up exactly at that moment. Asking astrology to be this responsive is like asking a weather person to tell us when and where the first drop of rain will fall. Aspects are the same, meaning the orbs we use to measure things, including cazimi and combustion, are just our best approximations. We must be guided by what IS first and then match the astrology to it. If you feel that your Uranus is combust, go with that.
      Technically, though, the chart shows Sun in Virgo with an eclipse Moon and Pluto combust, and Uranus in Libra under the sunbeams, slightly away from the hotter zone that Moon/Pluto are in. Mercury and Jupiter in Libra are unaspected by the Sun. However, there is a connection to the Sun via Uranus, which is in that wide under the sunbeams conjunction, thus forming a bridge to Mercury/Jupiter (like a heatwave). We see this in the rulership chain as well, which is what gives Uranus in Libra so much pop in your life story. Uranus in Libra is ruled by Venus, who is at the throne of the chart on the ascendant (and in Leo!), and also in a tight square with the ruler of the 7th, Saturn in Taurus, at the highest point of the chart looking down over it all on the MC. Notice that she sextiles Mercury/Jupiter, trying to lend them aid. And who is the ruler of that powerful and challenged Venus in Leo? The Sun in Virgo, taking us back to the combustions and the eclipse.

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